High Paying Jobs You Can Get With A High School Diploma In 2023

Some may ask if earning a high school diploma is that important to their future. Well, the short answer is “yes.” Statistics show it matters very much. 

Let’s face facts, the world economy is competitive and employers aren’t willing to take the risk of choosing the wrong person when they’re hiring; employees won’t even consider hiring someone who doesn’t have a high school diploma. For you, this may be unfair until you realize that it costs a business both time and resources to hire and train a new employee and the simple truth is a high school diploma will open doors that without it, you may not have access in. 

Many good-paying and rewarding career options exist for individuals with a high school diploma. Many of these jobs provide employees with on-the-job training and do not require specialized skill sets or college education.  

What Is A High School Diploma? 

A high school diploma is a school leaving qualification awarded to high school students at graduating from school. In other words, it means a certificate of graduation issued by the governing body of a school that certifies that a student has met the minimum requirements for graduation from a high school of the school corporation. 

The school awards the diploma in accordance with the local state or provincial government’s requirements. The diploma requirements vary by jurisdiction, and there may be different requirements for different streams or levels of high school graduation. They typically consist of a combination of selected coursework that meets specified criteria for a specific stream and acceptable passing grades on the state exit examination.

Where You Can Get a High School Diploma

There are a few ways to get your high school diploma and they include: 

1. local school

To earn a high school diploma, one can find schools in his or her area to take courses. This can be done by contacting one’s local school board for more information.  

2. Online

There exist many self-placed online courses that someone can enroll in to earn a high school diploma. 

3. Some other means include: 

  • Through an outreach program 
  • A high school equivalency diploma. 

Why You Should Get a High School Diploma?

A high school diploma promises lots of benefits. Below are a few: 

1. It offers lifelong skills

During the study, you will acquire knowledge in fields like chemistry, maths, foreign languages, and many others. In addition to those above, you will gain life experiences, network with people, and build meaningful relationships, all of which will be valuable in the future. 

2. Boosts marketability 

Primarily, your academic background backs up your competency in the labor market. 

Employers’ interest is knowing that an individual has acquired the desirable experiences possible for the high school diploma days. They desire to know that you can deliver in the work and proffer solutions to problems. Also, with a high school diploma, you can gain admission into a college which makes you eligible for more opportunities. 

3. Earning a higher income 

According to a United States Census Bureau report, students with high school diplomas can earn an average of $746 weekly and up to $38,792 yearly. In addition, there’s a reduction rate in unemployability and by 3.7%. Although money alone may not always be the yardstick for saying that one is successful or not, bigger paychecks can improve the quality of living. 

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High Paying Jobs You Can Get With A High School Diploma

Below are just some high-paying jobs a high school diploma will help one secure. 

1. Metalworker

Metalworkers carry out several jobs using metal materials. These include repairs, fabrications, assemblings, and installations using metal products. They carry out various projects that contain metal components, including the sheet metal products construction projects require.

Metalworkers can be privileged to secure employment opportunities across a range of jobs, including roofing and welding. Metalworkers can commence in entry-level apprenticeships, move to higher-paying jobs, and even decide to opt-in for self-employment. 

National average salary: $41,830 per year. 

2. Community health care worker

Community health job is among the jobs with high school diploma and the workers enlighten the general public on health and self-care. They may work in connection with a social worker’s office to provide healthcare information to people who need medical counseling. They dispense their duties to society by working to improve the physical well-being of the community’s people. 


Some community healthcare workers may be required to undergo a standardized training course. Some acquire training through mentoring and working under a professional.  

National average salary: $15.90 per hour. 

3. Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies. They dispense prescribed drugs, and medications to customers. They may package and tag pill containers and instruct customers on using certain medications. Common work environments include hospitals, drugstores, and assisted living facilities. 


Technicians must undergo one year of accredited pharmacy technician training. Most states require pharmacy technicians to be certified, and most employers also prefer this. 

National average salary: $16.03 per hour. 

4. Gaming manager

Gaming management is one of the jobs with a high school diploma and deals with supervising gaming tables, dealers, and customers at casinos. They ensure that both employees and clients follow the establishment’s rules and play each game fairly.  

They manage daily activities like overseeing cash transactions, coordinating with security teams, and attending to customers. 


Gaming managers often secure entry-level positions in a casino in the absence of any training. Most employers make training available to promising employees after they are hired. 

National average salary: $35,630 per year.

5. Mail carrier 

Mail carriers collect and deliver letters and packages to businesses and residences. They usually drive trucks or cars while following a set route daily. They are employed by the government and usually work for the U S. Postal Service. 


To work as a mail carrier, one must be a U.S. citizen, possess a driver’s
license, and have a favorable record of safe driving. He or she will have to
take and pass the written Postal Exam. The career advancement opportunities
available for successful mail carriers are many. 

National average salary: $17.26 per hour.

6. Power plant operator

Power plant operation is among the jobs with high school diplomas and deals with monitoring, maintaining, and operating machinery and equipment in energy production facilities.  

Power plant operators ensure all processes and activities under their control are safely completed and efficient. They are likely to handle nuclear reactors, electric generators, or water turbines based on their employer. 


intending power plant operators can choose to complete vocational
coursework at a trade institution. Professionals who work in a nuclear facility
must acquire specialized certification. Many employers hire applicants with two to five years of experience operating heavy machinery. 

National average salary: $18.14 per hour.

7. Audiovisual technician

Audiovisual technicians are known for professionalism and it is their responsibility to set up equipment that deals with audiovisuals and packing it away at the end of the event. The equipment includes microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, and soundboards. Audiovisual technicians operate and maintain all equipment in shows or presentations involving audio or visual elements.  


Audiovisual technicians are often self-taught. To be eligible for this job
offer, you might have to receive training through job shadowing or from a
professional mentor. The hard skills you need to be an audiovisual technician
can also be learned through courses offered remotely or through

National average salary: $18.36 per hour.

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8. Ironworker

Ironworkers are involved in the construction and installation of iron building materials including girders, beams, and sheet metal. welding and cutting of metals are carried out by them and they engage the use of bolts to secure it in place. 


Ironworkers obtain their training through some years of apprenticeship. They
learn with the tools of the work through practice and mentoring. Being strong
and healthy is a necessary criterion for using power tools. 

National average salary: $20.34 per hour.

9. Equipment operator

Equipment operation is among the jobs with high school diplomas and involves driving and operating heavy machinery.

This could include operating forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, and excavators. They are hired by construction companies, retail managers, and warehouse operators. 


Equipment operators can be trained formally through an apprenticeship or
informally through an experienced operator. Apprenticeships take three to four years. Most employers will look out for you to have a valid driver’s license. 

National average salary: $20.36 per hour.

10. Firefighter

Firefighters respond to an emergency or necessary calls related to fire. They are responsible for putting out fires and rescuing individuals and possibly buildings. They use protective clothing for safety and employ specialized equipment to extinguish fires quickly. 


Firefighters must attend firefighting institutions where they learn and are
trained to put out fires and administer first aid. After a firefighter is hired, individuals receive additional training from their employers. This is one o the jobs with a high school dploma.

National average salary: $44,830 per year.

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11. Construction supervisor

Construction supervisors are among the high-paying jobs you can get with a high school diploma. They are responsible for supervising entire worksites and the construction works that take place on them. They plan, organize and direct construction projects and instruct the contractors and other workers that perform the labor.  

Construction supervisors are also responsible for maintaining and ensuring
safe work environments. To become a construction supervisor, one must gain work experience as a construction laborer and further into management roles. However, all you need is your high school diploma to get started. 

National average salary: $60,676 per year

12. Carpenter

Carpenters install, construct and repair frameworks and buildings. The materials that carpenters usually work with include wood, plastics, and other materials, which carpenters measure, cut, shape, and install for many building projects like molding, windows, door frames, and others Carpenters also inspect and replace any framework that is bad and may take on some supervisory responsibilities when working with other construction laborers. 

National average salary: $53,253 per year 

13. Crane operator

Crane operators employ modern machinery to transport, load, and unload heavy equipment and materials from one place to another and off of big trucks and transport vehicles. Cranes are necessary to lift materials and construction equipment that is very heavy to move with other equipment or in difficult areas. Crane operators normally train on how to use these machines while on the job, gaining enough experience to fill roles like lead crane operator and management roles. 

National average salary: $48,394 per year

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14. Roofer

A roofing contractor deals specifically in roof construction. These work
professionals install, replace and repair the roofs on buildings and structures
and employ materials like metal, bitumen, coal tar, and roofing shingles to
carry out a variety of roofing works, from simple shingle repairs to entire
facility roofing systems. To kick off with the job of a roofer, you can start
with a high school diploma. 

National average salary: $45,180 per year 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the highest-paying jobs for high school graduates? 

Some of the highest-paying jobs for high school graduates include: 
• Transportation, storage, and distribution managers. 
• Elevator installers and repairers. 
• Detectives and criminal investigators. 
• First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers.  
• Transportation inspectors. 
• Postmasters and mail superintendents. 

Can I get a good job with a high school diploma? 

Yes, you can. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many high-paying jobs that you are eligible to apply for with a high school diploma.

What are the highest paying jobs without a high school diploma? 

Some of the highest paying jobs without a high school diploma include: 
• Packer 
• Florist 
• Warehouse worker 
• Security guard 
• Telemarketer 
• Receptionist 
• Gardener 
• Forklift operator 


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