List of 8 Do On the Spot Interview Test

You may be able be invited for an On spot interview test if you drop off your résumé.

These types of interview test questions can be a blessing or a curse. You obviously don’t have time to prepare because they are on the spot. That means you have a good chance of crashing and burning.

However, if you know what to do, you may demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can perform under pressure.

Participating successfully in an interview for which you were unable to prepare demonstrates to the manager how valuable you would be to their firm.

This isn’t an easy endeavor, but if you follow a few guidelines, you’ll be able to ace any spot interviews you come across.

Read on!

What is on the Spot Interview Test?

An on-the-spot interview test is a form of an interview that occurs when a candidate applies for a job in person and is requested to take an interview test right away.

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Why is the On the Spot Interview Test Important?

For a variety of reasons, you may be recruited on the spot. Before they begin interviewing candidates, some organizations construct a profile of the ideal prospect.

If you check all of their boxes, they might decide that now is the best time to give you a job.

They may do this in particular if they believe you might be a good fit for similar companies.

Another reason why businesses recruit on the spot is that they need to fill a position quickly.

However, in these circumstances, before accepting any employment offer, do some research about the company. Try to figure out why they’re in such a rush to fill this position.

Further, you might also conduct an internet search to discover what prior employees have to say about them.

How To do On the Spot Interview Test

Here are the top 8 Do On the Spot Interview Test you might be faced with when going to submit your resume:

  • Problem-Solving Tests
  • The Ping Pong Test
  • Myers- Briggs and DiSC Tests
  • Creative Thinking Tests
  • The Keirsey Personality Test
  • The Desire Test
  • The Trial Run Test
  • The “Weirdness” Test

#1. Problem-Solving Tests

This is one of On the spot interview test questions you may likely get when you go to submit your job application.

Here, you may be asked to solve a problem. In most cases, you might not be expected to solve all, but your level of expertise and how you tackle the problem will give your employer an idea of how and where you can fit in.

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#2. The Ping-Pong Test

The Ping-Pong test is among the on-the-spot interview test you might face.

Although most companies don’t do this often, the few that companies that conduct this test do that just to help their applicant loosen up and reveal their real character.

During this on-spot job interview test, you kind of unconsciously reveal how you can respond to challenges or successes which will serve as a major determinant in your recruitment process.

#3. Myers-Briggs and DiSC Tests

In these tests, you tend to reveal your attitude, strengths, and weaknesses.

So when you are for an on-the-spot job interview, and you’re to solve Myers-Briggs and DiSc Tests, just know the company wants to know your strengths and weaknesses, including how you react to certain situations.

They want to know if your strengths can help in the actualization of their vision and the devastation your weakness might cause them if allowed.

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#4. The Keirsey Personality Test

In this test, you will be asked to do a Keirsey temperament test before the main interview.

This test aims at revealing your real identity, personality, and attitude which you will try to hide. It is one thing to have a good resume and be good at the job.

#5. The Desire Test

The desired test has to do with answering questions like ‘where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?’ or ‘What do you desire from this job in the next 4-5 years?’.

Your answer to this question will show if you’re fit for the job and how much you know the company, its goal, job position, and vision.
Also, your answer will tell how long you intend to stay in the job.

#6. Creative Thinking Tests

This is one of the common on-the-spot interview tests you can face in an interview. These tests aim at finding out how you can tackle your routine duties or jobs (day-to-day challenges).

You might be asked questions such as:

How would you describe the color yellow to a blind person?’
‘If you could be a kitchen utensil, what would you be, and why?’

#7. The “Weirdness” Test

During interviews, you may be asked, ‘How weird are you on a scale from one to 10?’ Being ‘weird’ or authentic and genuine is something we really value, so this type of question is more of a temperature check than anything else.

This weird interview test aims at gauging how willing you’re to lose guard and be herself.

Most times, companies look out for applicants who answer this question with excitement.

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#8. The Trial Run Test

This on-the-spot interview test is one of the most demanding and pressing tests.

Here, you’re to work as full-time staff for a day, with complete access to resources and the entire team.

Most companies do this test because they want to see the applicant in action—how he works with others, how he thinks about goals, and how he spends his time when he has nothing particular assigned.

Tips to Successfully Pass an On-the-Spot Interview Test

When you’re looking for work, you’ll usually be given a long list of things to accomplish before you walk in for an interview.

They advise you to practice answering questions, research the firm, and know what questions to ask the interviewer.

Truth is, you can’t do all of that, particularly for that role when you have spot interviews.

You can, however, still make some preparations. You may not be able to predict whether or not the interview will be on the spot, but you can prepare for it.

Here are some interview question tips to assist you to navigate these potentially dangerous waters:

Make it Simple

On-the-spot interviews might be difficult to conduct. You don’t have to let them sabotage your job prospects. Simply put, if you’re ready for a standard interview, you’ll be able to manage an unexpected interview.

Even if you don’t know much about the company’s history, you may still come up with fantastic answers to common interview questions.

Make your on-the-spot interviews as straightforward as possible. That implies you should hand in your resumes dressed as if you were going to an interview. Without being overly wordy or vague, respond to the questions as best you can. Maintain a positive outlook.

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Make it Informative and Concise

When you don’t have time to prepare for an interview, all you have to do is recall some common sense interview tips. In these stressful moments, keeping your cool and remaining calm will go a long way.

One of the advantages of on-the-spot interviews is that the employer understands you didn’t have much time to prepare. This indicates that you may have some leeway. That means that you, the individual who has prepared for interviews, will wow the hiring manager even more.

Other Tips to consider include the following;

  • Consider your typical interviewing abilities if you don’t have time to completely prepare for an interview.
  • That means you should respond to queries in a way that makes you appear knowledgeable, professional, and capable of handling the situation.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately whenever you drop off a resume, even if it’s at the neighborhood fast food joint. Even if you don’t have on-the-spot interviews, you’ll want to present yourself well when you first meet your potential employer or new firm.
  • Keep in mind the things you shouldn’t do. Avoid stuttering or adding vocal tics to your responses. Don’t fidget with your hands.



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