What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree in 2023?

From various research, having a marketing degree opens different opportunities for graduates. Do you have a degree in marketing, and you don’t know what to do with it? Or you’re wondering why you need to get a marketing degree? Well, you’re not far from getting the answers to your questions. This is an overview of top marketing degree jobs. 

A marketing degree is most often a business degree with a marketing major. If you want a career in the field, here are a few jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

What is Marketing and who is a Marketer?

Marketing is the process of promoting and communicating the value of a business to clients/customers in order to sell services and products.

A marketer is a person who is responsible for executing strategies to promote brands, products, and services for creating an involvement chain between the customer and the product or service offered by the company. 

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Why You Need to Have a Marketing Degree

Marketers are very important in almost every organization out there, they play important roles in the growth and development of a company, whether you are a digital marketer or event manager, being a marketer will help you grow.

Students with a marketing degree are very skillful in communications, advertising, consumer behavior, public relations, marketing strategy, research, and digital marketing.

How To Get A Marketing Degree

Becoming a graduate in marketing can be quite complex, because all the skills that you will acquire, information, and strategies that you have to learn during college make it all serious. In order to get a degree in marketing, you have to: finish high school; apply to a college/university that offers a marketing degree.

The duration for a marketing degree usually takes 3 to 4 years; After college or during your study in a higher institution, you can acquire more marketing skills in order to get a high-paying job.

Academic Requirements For Marketing Degree

The academic requirements needed for a degree in marketing usually vary and are mostly dependant on the institution you are applying to.

Generally, subjects needed to study Marketing in some institutions are A-Level maths, finance, accounting, business-related subjects like commerce, and general subjects like English. 

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Skills Needed To Become A Marketer

To become a marketer, there are certain skills you need to have. These skills go on to set you apart and define your success in the field. Here’s a list of skills needed to become a successful marketer:

  • Communication skills – as a marketing student, you need to be able to communicate with your customers or employers.
  • Creativity and problem-solving skill – you need to have the the ability to use your own initiative and think creatively.
  • Attention to detail skills – you need to have a good Understanding of consumer behavior because it is the foundation of product development, marketing and sales. You have to be attentive
  • Interpersonal skills – every marketer needs to acquire interpersonal skills in order to be able to interact with your clients.
  • Writing skills – you need to be good in writing, especially if you want to be a campaign manager
  • Data Analysis & Analytics skills- you need to have a strong understanding of the various tools and metrics you can use to track, analyze and optimize marketing campaigns.
  • Stress mnagement – marketing is one of the most stressful career options you can choose; deadlines are demanding, and many things can go wrong at the last minute. To be a good marketer, you need to be able to handle stress without panicking.

 Average Salary for Graduates With a Marketing Degree

Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing will create a lot of opportunities for you, and with your marketing degree, you can get well-paid jobs, with various opportunities available in different sectors. The average salary for someone with a marketing degree is up to $40k to $208k a year. This means that with your marketing degree, you can have in-demand careers that pay extra.

Top Marketing Degree Jobs

Having a degree in marketing helps graduates prepare for different opportunities in marketing, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, entrepreneur, and sales. These are a few jobs you can get with your marketing degree:

1. Content strategist

With a marketing degree, you can become a professional content strategist. A Content Strategist is an expert who plans, develops strategies, and develops content for media. They develop a content strategy based on a company’s or client’s business objectives and a customer’s or end user’s needs. 

Duties of a content strategist:

  • A content strategist perform extensive research to gain more knowledge of all customer needs and also make research on consumer thoughts and wants.
  • They create appropriate contents for the brand’s clients.
  • They develop content for media.

2. Copywriter for an advertising or marketing agency

A copywriter creates well-detailed scripts for advertising campaigns and they are responsible for producing slogans, words,  and audio scripts for advertising visuals.

Duties of a copywriter for an advertising agency:

  • Copywriter for an advertising agency produce clear, original,  and credible scripts, and to clients and colleagues
  • They interpret account briefs to clients and also monitor campaign effectiveness and also make research on clients and their competitors and the target audience.

3. Marketing manager

A marketing manager is responsible for the positioning of a brand or the products and services that a company sells also managing the promotion of employees and also oversee a marketing team.

Duties of a Marketing manager:

  • A marketing manager makes Research on  new opportunities
  • They Implement marketing plans and also Perform analyses on marketing strategy..
  • Marketing managers work with a product development team and Develop marketing strategies while creating a budget.

4. Advertising and promotions manager

One of the jobs you can get with your marketing degree is advertising and promotion manager, they usually work with the head of department or staff to have a talk on important topics and make marketing plans. They plan promotional campaigns like giveaways, contests, and coupons.

Duties of an advertising and promotions manager:

  • They plan advertising campaigns and negotiate advertising contracts with clients.
  • An ad and promotion manager also develop pricing strategies for products or services, and also commence market research studies and analyze their findings to understand customer and market opportunities for businesses.

4. Business Adviser

A marketing degree will enable you to apply for the job position of a business adviser, and  Business advisers assist with consultancy services, they are a strategist who works with different companies in order to help with planning, finances, marketing, and development of the business

Duties of a Business adviser:

  • A business adviser helps to develop a strategic network of customers and they help with a wide range of business enterprise. They also have a deep knowledge of the business support landscape and the ability to advise clients on various options available
  • They undertake diagnostic needs assessments with businesses, which include analysing the needs of the business and working with the client to put a business action plan in place.

5. Digital copywriter

They are experts who write exclusively for an online audience, while working on well-written content for web pages, they often work as a freelancer for their businesses.

Duties of a Digital copywriter:

  • They have a real understanding of their audience, they write well researched content for their readers. Digital copywriter carry out project scoping and create a good strategic plan, in order to ensure you understand what the client wants
  • A digital content writer prepares content and style to suit their personal writing assignments relating to their purpose. And also identify key messages.

6. Event manager

As a marketing student, you can become an event manager who plans and organize promotional, business, and social events. As an event manager, you are tasked to organize conferences, seminars and exhibitions, parties, and even corporate incentive trips. 

Duties of an event manager

  • They collaborate with clients to find out their exact event requirements, and also assist with tailored proposals for events such as venues, timelines, legal obligations, suppliers, and more. research venues, suppliers and contractors, then negotiate prices and hire
  • An event manager also manages and coordinate suppliers and all event logistics, and also liaise with sales and marketing heads to  promote and advertise the event to public views.

7. Product manager

A product manager is an experienced position whose main duty is to develop products for an organization.

Duties of a product manager:

  • A product manager makes well detailed research, handle, and prioritize customer needs and wants. 

8. UX designer

This high-paying job position is the process of supporting user behavior through usability, usefulness, and desirability provided in the interaction with a product.

Duties of a UX designer:

  • As a UX Designer, you need to understand all aspects of a product’s development, which includes the  design, usability, function, branding and marketing of a product.

9. Web content manager

With a marketing degree, you can become a web content manager, and the responsibility includes: being certain about all-important content that is available on a website and making sure they are well documented. 

Duties of a web content manager:

  • A web content manager, ensures training staffs on what to deliver when writing and creating content for the web and also properly edit web copies.
  • They research, source, commission and in most case edit images and videos
  • They create policies suits to a company’s web content and also analyse analytics data to learn how users interact with your website. 

10. Marketing specialist

Next on our list of marketing degree jobs is a marketing specialist. A marketing specialist is an expert who assists a company to create designs and examining a marketing project. They are often responsible for coordinating with other marketing and sales expert to carry out innovative campaigns for product launches.

Duties of a marketing specialist:

  • They examine  the performance of a company’s marketing campaigns and plan  through evaluating key performance metrics.
  • A Marketing strategist knows the effective marketing and promotional channels.
  • They collaborate with innovative team head to develop new ideas on branding, graphic designs, promotional materials and advertising copies, and also Create innovative marketing campaigns 

11. Market research analyst

A market research analyst is a professional business person who consults various sets of people or goods while collecting, processing, and translating business-related information for their employers or clients. They often Interpret the data they’ve collected, ​organizing this information into statistical tables and reports.

Duties of a market research analyst

  • Market research analyst table their relevant findings  to executives and clients through charts, graphs, and other visual means to help them make understand certain decisions about product introductions and marketing campaigns. 
  • They provide a view of company trends so as to  predict how products and services will sell in the marketplace.

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12. Publishing rights manager

With a marketing degree, you can become a publishing rights manager who creates and oversees publishing rights for books and similar products, in order to ensure that a publishing company maximizes its profit, While controlling the rights of materials.

Duties of a publishing rights manager

  • They usually manage a small team, and also collaborate with different publishers, editors, and production teams
  • They understand the agreeing rights for foreign editions, updates and co-editions and also negotiate translation rights of their partners.

13. Data scientist

You don’t have to study science to be a data scientist. With your marketing degree, you can become one, and they are analytical professionals who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data in the marketing field.

Duties of a data scientist:

  • Data scientists loots out for patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights, and they also Develop algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes.
  • In most case, they learn the critical aspect of  machine techniques in order to improve the quality of data. They also communicate proposals to other teams and senior staff.

14. Director of digital marketing

A director of digital marketing is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing all the parts of digital marketing strategies and planning and training new stages.

Duties of director of digital marketing

  • One of the responsibility of a director is to, create plans  and also implement  digital marketing strategy, they tanage and train the rest of the team
  • They are  up to date with the latest technology and best practices, and aslo Manage and direct all types of digital marketing channels
  • They Measure ROI and KPIs and also maintain and manage digital marketing budget.

15. Chief marketing officer

This is also one of the top-paying jobs you can get with your marketing Degree,  A chief marketing officer (CMO)  is a C-level corporate executive. They are often responsible for projects and activities in an enterprise that has to do with developing, communicating, and delivering products/services that have great quality for customers, clients or business partners.

Duties of chief marketing officer:

  • A chief marketing officer creates plans and implements a marketing strategy for the organization.
  • They locate opportunities in the market and improve the lifespan of the business.
  • They plan and organize marketing functions and operations for the organization.

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16. Public relations manager

Public relations managers are professionals who deal with media questions and create content for press releases, byline articles, and keynote presentations and also analyze PR results on a quarterly basis.

Duties of a public relations manager:

  • They synchronize all public relations activities while Developing marketing communications strategic plans. 
  • They provide a media relations plan, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media.

17. Public relations specialist

Public relations specialist is an individual who develops and maintains a good public image for their client or employer. They often evaluate the public opinion of clients through surveys, polls, and social media listening. They also write material for media releases, plan and direct public relations programs.

Duties of a public relations specialist:

  • They build and improve relationships with regional and national media outlets on various media platform.
  • Additionally, they arrange for press conferences, interviews, and other media and event appearances for the employer or client. They also write speeches for the client or employer’s representatives.

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18. Sales manager

With a marketing degree, you can become a sales manager. A sales manager is an individual who guides and leads a team of salespeople in an organization. They set sales goals and targets, and also create a sales plan, analyze data, and assign sales training and sales territories.

Duties of a sales manager:

  • It is the duty of the sales manager to set realistic goals and quotas for their enterprise.
  • They make use of effective planning and budgeting.
  • A sales manager mentor the members of his/her sales team.

19. Sales representative

With a marketing degree, you can become a sales representative of a company, and this is someone who displays merchandise and sells a valuable product(s) to businesses, government agencies, or organizations, instead of selling to consumers directly.

Duties of a sales representative:

  • They often posses negotiate persuasion skills in order to meet up with their targets. The assist team members with presentations and also demonstrate products to customers.
  • They organize sales meetings and stock shelves during each store visit.
  • Sales representative contact new and existing customers to meet and exceed sales objectives.

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20. Search engine optimization specialist

An SEO specialist is someone who tests, analyzes, and changes a website so it is optimized for search engines, and the website subsequently ranks higher in the search results on major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Duties of a search engine optimization specialist

  • They enhance copies and landing pages for search engine optimization
  • An SEO specialist makes research and perform ongoing keyword research, such as the discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities
  • They implement content recommendations for SEO projects.

21. Media planner

Media planners are individuals who liaise with creative agencies and also identify the social media platforms that will be good for advertising a client’s brand or product to its target audience.

Duties of a media planner:

  • They help clients and consumers to develop media strategies and campaigns and also work on various projects.
  • Media planner decide on the best platform of media and also make research and analyse data while using specialist industry resources, while they identify target audiences and analyse their characteristics, behaviour and media habits.

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22. Business Development Manager

This s one renowned marketing degree job, you can get with a marketing degree. Business development managers are professionals tasked to develop and implement growth opportunities in several enterprises. 

Duties of a Business Development Manager 

  • They usually identify new business opportunities in order to earn more income, and improve profitability and  the growth of the business.
  • It is the duty of a business development manager to source for fitting contact in an organization and generate profit for clients.
  • They meet with customers/clients and understand their needs.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to earn a degree in marketing?

It usually takes three to four years, depending on the institution and its location.

Do I need any special skills in other to get a job with my marketing degree?

You need basic skills such as communication, the ability to conduct market research and advanced planning and strategic thinking, presentation skills, and others.

Where can I earn a marketing degree?

You can obtain a marketing degree in a college/university.

Will my marketing degree be useless to me in 2023?

Marketers are very important in almost every organization out there, they play important roles in the growth and development of a company, whether you are a digital marketer or event manager.


Not only can you earn more money with a marketing degree, you can also dominate your business from everything aspect. Obtaining a college degree in Marketing comes with a whole lot of goodies and I do hope this overview on “what you can do with a marketing degree” is really answer some of your questions.


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