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What is a Marketing Specialist? Job Description, Pros & Cons, Salary

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Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (AMA Approved definition 2017). And whoever is practicing all these can be called a Marketing Specialist.

While a lot of people might have an idea of what marketing is all about, most times, they really can’t differentiate between a marketing specialist and a marketing coordinator. Most people also may not know how to go about becoming a marketing specialist.

For this set of persons and more, we’d be discussing ” What is a Marketing Specialist? Job Description, Pros & Cons, Salary”. And we hope that by the end of the article, you’d have understood the steps to take in the journey to become – become a marketing specialist.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at our table of content for an overview of this article.

What Is A Marketing Specialist?

Marketing specialists assist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of marketing campaigns across a range of platforms.

Their responsibilities include market research, trend analysis to aid in the development of the organization’s marketing strategy, and recommendations on how to best reach the target market.

They help you understand what is selling, the kind of people buying, and the kind of product they are buying. They also help you spot out market gaps and suggest how best to fill them.

Marketing professionals create marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness, improve a company’s reputation, promote products, and increase sales. Most workers in the field operate as part of a team that creates and implements marketing campaigns in collaboration with internal departments – and, in some cases, external organizations.

Marketing specialists may also assist with the coordination of events such as trade exhibitions or conferences, depending on their job.

For one to boldly say, he or she has become a specialist In marketing, such a person or group of persons must have a number of years In the Industry.

Additionally, they must have and show a deep knowledge and understanding of the niche client markets, B2B environments, and business relationships.

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Where Can a Marketing Specialist Work?

As a marketing specialist, you can work virtually anywhere, no form of business or organization doesn’t need a marketing specialist.

You might be able to apply for entry-level specialized tasks (such as social media coordinators, junior text writers, email marketing assistants, and more) in some in-demand roles – notably in major firms.

If you have relevant experience through coursework, specialty degrees, certifications, volunteering, job-related internships, freelancing, or working on marketing for your side hustle, you will be well-positioned for these types of specialist employment early in your career.

However, many new marketers begin their careers in a general support position (known as a “Marketing Coordinator”), which entails working on a number of projects as part of a larger marketing team.

Gaining this breadth of experience can expose you to a wide range of potential majors.

As the field of digital marketing has grown, so has what marketing professionals have learned.

Social media, online marketing, predictive analytics, and other market research are now included in the responsibilities of marketing specialists. As a result, their job description changes depending on the market, industry, firm, and type of the items and services being promoted.

While many marketing specialists work for one organization full-time, others work as independent contractors on specialized projects.

How To Become A Marketing Specialist

To become a Marketing Specialist, you must take certain steps In certain directions to achieve such a fit. We’d be discussing these steps below.

#1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as marketing, business, or advertising, is typically required of marketing professionals. There are many colleges offering Marketing or related courses degrees. Find one that suits you and acquire the degree.

Getting a degree will teach students the essential skills needed to succeed as a marketing specialists, allowing them to enter the field with the confidence, persuasion, and digital savvy needed to create successful marketing campaigns and promotions.

These courses, when completed, will help students to build an understanding of basic marketing, communication, and advertising principles, regardless of their major.

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#2. Gain Work Experience

Employers often search for applicants with several years of experience in the marketing area; thus, gaining relevant work experience is a crucial part of becoming a marketing expert.

The marketing professional’s contributions to brainstorming sessions, presentation meetings, and presentations are reinforced by experience. Internships and entry-level work can be used to get marketing experience while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Marketing experts may qualify for roles with increased responsibility as they develop experience in direct marketing.

#3.  Obtain professional certificates

Earning certifications in SEO / Search Engine Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, and Business Administration can help prepare you for the responsibilities of a marketing professional.

#4. Prep Your CV

Make sure you include your highest level of education, relevant certifications, and level of experience. Your employment history section should include the company name, employment dates, and a summary of your responsibilities, experiences, and accomplishments. Preparing a premium professional resume with related information and credentials can help you find the job you want.

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#5. Look For a Job

Check current job listings in your region after finishing the requisite education, professional certifications, and acceptable work experience. Apply for jobs that you are qualified for based on your degree and experience. Employers value specialized knowledge, a diverse set of talents, and the will to take on all of the role’s obligations.

Job Description OF A Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, you’d be in charge of doing the following things:

  • Conduct market research and analysis, including market trends, pricing tables, competitor offer product specs, and demographic data.
  • Provides results to marketing teams to assist in directing the department’s direction and activities.
  • Creating innovative marketing campaigns and tactics based on in-depth market research
  • Collaborate with creative teams to develop branding concepts, ad content, graphic designs, and marketing materials.
  • Determine the best media channels for distributing marketing materials for each product or service to the general public.
  • Maintains brand marketing guidelines across all products to ensure that each campaign has a consistent look and feel.
  • Throughout each project or campaign, provides experienced advice and insight to marketing personnel.
  • Serves as a go-to resource for the most up-to-date market research and data.
  • Keeps a careful eye on the results of marketing strategies and produces extensive reports that include data analysis and other feedback.
  • Responds to data tracking activities by adjusting marketing plans as appropriate.
  • Senior management and line managers are informed of the outcomes.

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Salary Outlook Of A Marketing Specialist

According to, The average Marketing Specialist salary in the United States is $71,627 as of July 28, 2021, but the range typically falls between $61,129 and $82,146.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.

However, there are disparities with this report above, according to an article by

Here’s what they say:

Based on 363 salaries, a junior marketing professional with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average gross income of $ 44,341 (including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay).

According to 5,592 salaries, a senior marketing professional with 1-4 years of experience gets an average gross income of $ 49,977. Based on a 2,311 salary, a mid-career marketing professional with 5-9 years of experience earns an average gross compensation of $ 55,819 per year.

Based on 832 salaries, an experienced marketing professional with 10 to 19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $ 59,801. In their later careers (20 years and over), employees receive an average total compensation of $ 66,428.

Pros and Cons Of Becoming A Market Specialist


  • High earning potential (average yearly salary in 2021 is $82,146.) This salary range is, however, dependent on the organization the specialist works for or with.
  • Degree programs are readily available (584 schools with a marketing major in 2012)
  • Work in a comfortable environment
  • Can work in virtually any industry (pharmaceuticals, technology, entertainment, etc.)

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  • High competition for jobs
  • Typically involves long hours (about 20% worked more than 40 hours per week in 2012)
  • Stressful work environment
  • Pressure to meet deadlines


Becoming a Marketing Specialist begins with a step. Once that step Is taken, It’s only a matter of time before you’d become. This article has helped you explore those steps and more.

If you’ve read to this point, then I’d say you have learned what It will take to become a Marketing Specialist. If you’re still not sure or convinced, feel free to drop your comment below.




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