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Morgan Franklin Consulting Review 2023: All You Need to Know

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Even though every organization faces obstacles on a regular basis, the most prosperous ones turn obstacles into chances for change and expansion. 

A consulting company with headquarters in Washington, DC, Morgan Franklin Consulting LLC is dedicated to assisting businesses in transforming for the better in the face of technological, financial, and competitive obstacles. 

A wide range of strategic and execution-focused services are available from MorganFranklin to help businesses get and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Working at Morgan Franklin Consulting allows ambitious consultants with different skill sets and interests to improve their consulting careers due to the company’s wide range of services applicable in almost every industry. 

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about MorganFranklin Consulting. 

About Morgan Franklin 

The MorganFranklin history began with the company’s establishment in McLean, Virginia, in 1998. The company has been at the forefront of strategy- and execution-focused consulting since its inception. 

While Morgan Franklin had to make over 100 layoffs due to the 2008 recession, the company has generally expanded steadily and swiftly, virtually tripling its workforce in the last five years from 200+ to 600+.

Accounting and auditing, corporate investigations and dispute resolution, divestiture advice, due diligence, enterprise information management, enterprise and operational risk management, enterprise resource planning, financial transformation, governance and compliance, IPO readiness, IT portfolio and project management, operational assessment, post-transaction optimization, process improvement and reengineering, technology risk management, and valuation are some of the services offered.

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Why should you use Morgan Franklin Consulting?

Knowledge and Expertise

MorganFranklin Consulting contributes a plethora of experience and information. Their staff is made up of seasoned consultants with a thorough understanding of numerous sectors and company issues.

You can get a new perspective on your company and make wise judgments using their insights.

Personalized Solutions

MorganFranklin Consulting is aware that no two companies are alike. They take the time to comprehend your unique demands, difficulties, and objectives.

They can address your specific needs and assist you in achieving the greatest results for your organization by providing customized solutions.

Problem Solvers 

MorganFranklin Consulting is an expert in solving problems involving operational difficulties, strategic conundrums, or market uncertainties.

They have a proven track record of locating bottlenecks, developing creative solutions, and assisting organizations during trying times.

Development and Widening 

Morgan Franklin Consulting can be your ideal partner if you want to grow your company or branch out into other industries.

They have experience leading businesses through development stages, and they can help you create effective expansion strategies.

Resource availability

When you work with MorganFranklin Consulting, you have access to some resources. These materials help strengthen your decision-making process and give you an advantage over the competition, from benchmarking data to market research and industry insights.

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Risk Reduction

Risks are a part of running a business, but you can reduce them with MorganFranklin Consulting. Their knowledge of risk assessment and management can assist you in making well-informed decisions that safeguard your company from unneeded dangers.

Greater Efficiency

MorganFranklin Consulting can assist you in streamlining your workflows by examining your operations and processes.

This results in increased productivity, decreased costs, and higher efficiency, ensuring your organization runs as efficiently as possible.

Objective Viewpoint

Businesses can occasionally become closed off, making viewing the big picture challenging. Thanks to MorganFranklin Consulting’s objective viewpoint, you can do strategic planning and reviews without bias.

Consistent Assistance 

MorganFranklin Consulting provides more than simply one-time fixes. They are dedicated to establishing enduring relationships with their customers.

As your company grows, you can count on their ongoing assistance and direction.

Competitive Advantage

Keeping up is essential in the quick-changing and frantic business world of today. You may build a lasting competitive advantage, find opportunities, and stay current with the support of MorganFranklin Consulting.

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Morgan Franklin Careers

Let’s now examine all the information you require regarding MorganFranklin careers so you can determine whether working there would be a wise choice for you. Visit the careers page of MorganFranklin for more details on available positions.

MorganFranklin Internship

There currently needs to be more information available regarding internships offered by Morgan Franklin. You may find an article regarding a summer internship given in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 on the company website. 

You can still find job listings for a Cybersecurity Intern from 2022 on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed. The title of Talent Acquisition Intern appears on the most recent MorganFranklin consulting internship posting, which is one month old. 

Previous interns at MorganFranklin have generally had favorable things to say about their experiences there, including the pay, which Glassdoor estimates to be between $48,000 and $60,000.

Practice Areas 

 MorganFranklin offers a range of corporate, financial, and technology advising services, particularly in business transformation. The key practice areas for MorganFranklin are as follows:

  • Accounting & Risk Advisory
  • Technology Enablement
  • Cybersecurity
  • Transaction Services
  • Strategic Transformation & Program Execution
  • Supply Chain & Retail Management

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To enter and stay competitive in today’s markets, businesses must invest in technology. As a result, Morgan Franklin services a diverse range of sectors. The primary industries served by MorganFranklin are listed on the corporate website as follows:

  • Financial Services
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Technology, Media, & Telecom
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Private Equity
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Energy & Construction
  • Nonprofit

MorganFranklin Consulting Locations 

There are eight MorganFranklin consulting locations:

  • MorganFranklin Washington, DC
  • MorganFranklin New York, NY
  • MorganFranklin Atlanta, GA
  • MorganFranklin San Francisco, CA
  • MorganFranklin Los Angeles, CA
  • MorganFranklin Charlotte, NC
  • MorganFranklin Raleigh, NC
  • MorganFranklin Nashville, TN

Career Path 

Many other consulting firms’ career paths resemble the Morgan Franklin career path framework. Following are the many MorganFranklin Consulting careers, listed in escalating pay and hierarchy order:

  • Associate Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Senior Associate Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Consulting Manager
  • Senior Consulting Manager

Exit Opportunities 

Employees at MorganFranklin Consulting can gain knowledge and expertise in various industries and practice areas because the company operates as something akin to a “one-stop shop,” serving the business advising needs of such a wide range of clients.

This implies that the exit opportunities for MorganFranklin could be very lucrative.

Employees leaving Morgan Franklin will be prepared to look for work in other consulting firms.

As an alternative, workers of MorganFranklin might pursue careers working directly for various businesses in the many industries MorganFranklin supports.

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Diversity Programs

Through the company’s IDEAS initiative, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship, and Social Justice, there are numerous diversity programs at MorganFranklin. IDEAS aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

Reverse mentoring is one of the key initiatives offered by the IDEAS initiative, in which a staff member from a different generation, color, or gender mentors corporate leadership. 

The IDEAS Learning Series encourages constructive action and change by providing educational resources and having open discussions.

The Women’s Initiative is yet another Morgan Franklin diversity initiative. The Women’s Initiative encourages women’s mentoring and professional progress through community involvement, networking, and educational opportunities.

MorganFranklin Culture

The corporation describes the Morgan Franklin culture as being centered on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and honesty. 

The company website upholds corporate responsibility as a major value, and many leaders and workers get active in nonprofits and neighborhood projects. 

Additionally, the company clearly adheres to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in its consultancy work and internal decision-making.

Most current and former workers have positive things to say about the MorganFranklin culture. They emphasize the welcoming and polite atmosphere and the harmonious interplay between a strict work ethic and a feeling of fun.

MorganFranklin Interview

You must first prepare for and ace the MorganFranklin interview if you are interested in working there. Let’s look at what to anticipate.

The MorganFranklin business interview procedure will only present many shocks if you are accustomed to consulting firm interviews. 

An HR representative often conducts a first screening during the MorganFranklin interview process.

Afterward, candidates move on to up to three one-on-one interviews with executives from various levels of the business, each interview typically lasting 45–60 minutes.

The interviews often consist of inquiries regarding prior experience, behavioral fit, and technical proficiency.

While some prior applicants claim to have had to complete a case study, the majority do not. MorganFranklin is clear that it wants candidates who can show their knowledge.

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What is the MorganFranklin Consulting Salary?

Particularly at the starting level, MorganFranklin Consulting’s pay is competitive with those of many other premier consulting companies. According to Glassdoor, the typical income for each consulting position at MorganFranklin is:

  • MorganFranklin Associate Consultant Salary: $92,000
  • MorganFranklin Consultant Salary: $107,000
  • Morgan Franklin Senior Associate Consultant Salary: $139,000
  • Morgan Franklin Senior Consultant Salary: $156,000
  • Morgan Franklin Consulting Manager Salary: $174,000
  • Morgan Franklin Senior Consulting Manager Salary: $183,000

The Morgan Franklin consultant salary of $107,000 is roughly on par with the consultant salaries for the Big 3 firms, which typically range from $110,000-112,000.

Approach At MorganFranklin Consulting

Detailed Analysis

They begin their strategy by thoroughly analyzing the client’s operations. They examine the firm’s advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and dangers.

Also, they can pinpoint problems and unrealized potential by developing a thorough awareness of the client’s existing position.

Coordinated Planning

Teamwork and collaboration are values held by Morgan Franklin Consulting. They involve their customers in the planning process and value their opinions. Together, they establish attainable objectives and lay out a strategy for achievement.

Thanks to this collaborative approach, the recommended solutions are guaranteed to align with the client’s vision and values.

Individualized Solutions

Morgan Franklin Consulting doesn’t believe in one size fitting all. On the basis of their research and preparation, they develop unique strategies and solutions for each customer.

Thanks to this customized approach, the recommendations are practical and pertinent to the client’s specific circumstances.

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Expert Direction

MorganFranklin Consulting offers knowledgeable advice in various business fields, including operations, marketing, finance, and technology, with a team of seasoned specialists.

Their experts can provide helpful insights and best practices because they have extensive experience in various industries.

Continuous Support

Morgan Franklin Consulting doesn’t only provide advice and go. They value establishing enduring connections with their customers.

Also, they offer ongoing assistance as the plans are put into practice, helping with any problems that crop up and making the required adjustments as they go.

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In the end, the outcomes are what determine whether their strategy was successful. Morgan Franklin Consulting is committed to producing observable and quantifiable results for its clients.

They keep track of developments, evaluate important performance indicators, and guarantee that the solutions put into practice have the expected effects.


Given the ongoing changes in the business environment, MorganFranklin Consulting is aware of the necessity of adaptation. Because of their flexible approach, they can adapt their strategy in response to shifting market conditions and customer demands.

Ethical Conduct

The strategy taken by Morgan Franklin Consulting is founded on ethics and integrity. They operate their company with integrity, openness, and dedication to doing what is best for their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is Morgan Franklin Consulting’s headquarters?

MorganFranklin Consulting is located in Mclean, Virginia, United States.

How much funding has Morgan Franklin Consulting raised to date?

MorganFranklin Consulting has raised $5.2M.
When was the last funding round for Morgan Franklin Consulting? MorganFranklin Consulting closed its last funding round on Jun 23, 2014, from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

Who are Morgan Franklin Consulting’s competitors?

Alternatives and possible competitors to MorganFranklin Consulting may include MRL Ventures Fund, MassMutual Ventures, and Lohman Company.

Who are Ekkiden’s competitors? 

Enterprise Blueprints, Sund Technologies, and Fast-Detect are potential substitutes and rivals to Ekkiden.

Who is MorganFranklin’s managing director?

In addition to Annabelle Pykalo being made an executive director, Beau Hammond, Jawad Hussain, Scott Jones, and Asela Wijesiri have been designated managing directors. According to Chris Mann, managing partner of MorganFranklin, “each of these leaders has had a significant impact on our people and the strategic levers driving our growth.”


MorganFranklin Consulting is a very alluring choice for prospective consultants thanks to its good pay, a demanding but enjoyable work environment, and the opportunity to get expertise in various business advising services.

Consider applying at MorganFranklin right away if you’re interested in offering cutting-edge transformational services to businesses experiencing difficult problems.




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