Mother's Day Gifts for Coworkers

20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers | 2023

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The mother’s day celebration is observed all over the world on every first Sunday of May. Most people use this special day is to celebrate all the incredible women in their lives for their strength and compassion.

Women make up more than half of the workforce in the United States. The majority of these women are mothers and they try their best to balance their work and personal lives every day.

These mothers deserve to be celebrated for their tenacity and hard work to balance their lives while positively impacting society. This article contains the best 20 mother’s day gifts for coworkers.

Different Ways Mothers Can Be Celebrated At Work

As a coworker, it is nice if you decide to celebrate these mothers on their special day too. You can celebrate them by getting amazing gifts, and showing them random acts of kindness and love.

If you decide to get them gifts, this article will help you with a list of some amazing gifts that they will appreciate.

Also, you can decide to celebrate them individually or as a group. How you celebrate mothers at work may depend on different factors like your budget and schedule at work.

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Why Mothers Should Be Recognized and Celebrated At Work

The challenges mothers face while juggling their careers and family simultaneously can’t be overlooked. It is an experience full of sacrifices, hurdles, and stigmas.

Recognizing the struggles and important roles of mothers at work helps to reduce their stress, keep them motivated and enhance their engagement.

Generally, employees tend to be more happy and productive at work, when they are recognized or celebrated for their positive impacts at their workplace. This clearly shows that recognizing and celebrating mothers at work is one way of showing them that they appreciate their efforts.

This makes mothers at work feel good about what they do and develop a sense of gratitude and accomplishment which they will carry over their work and home.

Therefore, the aim of celebrating mothers at the workplace can simply be to recognize their struggles, honour and encourage them to put in their best efforts in their career while building a home.

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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

Since the actual day for the celebration is not a workday, you will have to choose any other day within the week preferably the Friday before the mother’s day celebration to celebrate your coworkers.

After you choose a day within the week to celebrate your coworkers, the next step is to prepare the gift you will give them. Below is a list of some mother’s day gift ideas for your coworkers:

#1. Give them a treat

You can never go the wrong word with ordering food for your coworkers on mother’s day. To make it special for them, order some delicious food or give them coupons to their favorite restaurant to give them a wonderful dining experience.

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#2. Basket of goodies

Since physical celebration has been limited due to the COVID19 pandemic, you can choose to deliver a basket of goodies containing chocolates, coffee, etc to your coworker’s home to celebrate them on mother’s day.

#3. Movie Night

You can make your coworker’s mother’s day celebration a good experience by sponsoring them to go see their favorite movies while spending time with their children.

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#4. Caraway cookware set

If you want to give her a kitchen a glow-up then this is a great choice. This sleek ceramic set of pans is just the perfect gift for your coworker who enjoys cooking.

#5. Work essentials and stationery

You can celebrate your coworker on mother’s day by getting them some remote work office essentials and stationery. It will help release their burden of working remotely, especially after the COVID19 pandemic.

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#6. Magnesium body butter (Lotion with Shea butter)

Moms often complain of achy joints and stress especially after they’ve worked for long hours but their life isn’t supposed to be like that always.

A tub of this soothing cream which contains magnesium, lemongrass, Shea, and other pain-fighting ingredients is one nice gesture that a working mom will appreciate.

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#7. SmartSleep sleep and wake-up light

Some moms complain of finding it hard to fall asleep which may be a result of stress, waking up easily or her addiction to scrolling on her smartphone.

Whichever is the cause of her sleeplessness, this light will go a long to help her.

#8. The mental wealth subscription box

Moms are known for sending quotes about mindfulness and urging you to enjoy your life while you work.

This box helps to also remind her that she needs to de-stress herself, ease anxiety and help her learn about mental health.

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#9. Blue pure 411 auto small room air purifier

This helps to keep the air she breathes clean from dust, pet dander, pollen. This will probably turn into her favorite because of the small size, quiet motor, and stylish cover.

#10. EFI Bassi Medi Market tote

This is just perfect if your coworker is the type of mom who loves shopping. This elegant tote is carefully woven with a few details inside that will make her friends ask where she got it from.

#11. Rossie home bed tray with phone holder

This special tray will make it possible for any mom to eat breakfast, read and maybe even do some of her work from bed, which comes with a luxurious feel.

#12. Cradle and newborn supplies

If your coworker is an expectant mother or just gave birth some time ago then, this gift will come in handy for her. Getting your coworker this gift is one way of showering them with love and support for their newborn baby or the one to be born soon.

#13. Bellroy flips case

If you have noticed that her old carrier needs an upgrade to something slimmer, more practical, and long-lasting then go ahead and get her this beautiful flip case.

#14. Velvet tufted desk chair

This is a perfect gift for your coworker who works even when she’s at home. She probably spends a lot of time sitting while checking her emails, using the computer and this special chair will help her a lot.

#15. DIY coffee mug

Coffee mugs with “Too sexy to work”, “I’m a super mom”or some extraordinary message boldly inscribed on them are just the perfect gift for mother’s day. You can even go ahead to use your creativity to make make them feel more special.

#16. T-shirts

T-shirts with “I’m a proud mom” or “I’m a special mom” inscribed on them would make a perfect gift to celebrate your coworkers on mother’s day.

#17. Make a playlist

This is the perfect gift for your coworkers who enjoy music. You can make a playlist of their favorite songs and send it to them or you can pay on the Spotify platform so everyone can groove to their favorite beats whenever they want to.

#18. Memorial Drive (A daughter’s memoir)

If your coworker enjoys reading then, this memoir is a perfect mother’s day gift for her.  The truth is she will go through it during the weekend and recommend it to all her friends.

#19. A batch of specialty cupcakes

A special batch of cupcakes is a perfect gift to celebrate your coworkers on mother’s day to brighten their day at work.

#20. Weighted eye mask

Mother’s day is a great occasion for self-care gifts so getting anything that will make them easy and comfortable won’t be a bad gift. This weighted eye mask will block out light so she can fall asleep or relax. They are designed with acupressure properties so they exert pressure around the eye to aid relaxation. It is also freezable and heated for extra comfort, making it feel like a whole spa experience.

Some Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Respect Non-Hegemonic Family Structures

You don’t want to communicate a wrong message to your coworker while you intentionally want to celebrate them on Mother’s day.

It is important you learn about their family background before you go ahead to celebrate them according to your plans.

Know their Opinion first before you organize a celebration. 

Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on Sundays, and most mothers may not want to turn up at a party at the office or somewhere other than a home that day for a special celebration.

So, you need to know their preference before making your plans.

Avoid Shallow Gestures

Celebrating mother’s day at work doesn’t mean that you are supporting women for the entire year. It is just a step towards building a positive and inclusive workplace for everyone, leading to organizational success.

Providing working mothers with flexible work hours, child health benefits, and emergency family day-offs is important.

Make Plans for the Family

Mother’s day is a great opportunity to invite your coworker’s parents, children, spouses or other relations.

It would be a great experience if some family-friendly activities are involved in the celebration so everybody that would be present will be welcome and entertained.


Finding the perfect mother’s day gift to celebrate your coworkers is no easy task and it can be tricky if you are on a budget.

You want to appreciate them for their efforts but also don’t want to break the bank. You don’t need to spend much on a mother’s day gift to make your coworker feel loved and appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is Mother’s day?

Mother’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May

Is Mother’s day a must do?

When is Mother’s day? Mother’s day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May

How is Mother’s day celebrated?

Mother’s day is celebrated to honor the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.


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