10 Best Moving Companies in Denver | 2023 List

Moving is a fun job that typically opens a new chapter in our lives, particularly when moving to Denver.

However, a lack of planning or a poor understanding of the time and effort needed to complete the task might cause a stressful and upsetting experience.

However, it’s challenging to discover qualified Denver moving firms that fit your budget.

For your next move, you may use a far more dependable and renowned moving company because we have researched and selected the top-rated moving companies in Denver based on evaluations.

What is a Moving Company?

A moving business or company assists in physically moving products from one area to another for other enterprises, people, or families. 

A well-off moving firm can serve the concept of offering secure and convenient transportation for either commercial or private purposes. 

While some moving companies prefer to concentrate on local or close-proximity moves, others provide aid for more involved cross-country or transcontinental relocation. 

Notably, these businesses frequently have more experience managing various freight, cargo, and international shipping requirements.

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How Long Does it Take to Move to Denver?

Despite being less than the national average, the typical commute time in the Denver metro area—22.9 minutes—is slightly longer than most people prefer. 

Thus, a rush hour could be better but also not the worst. This is supported by the fact that, compared to most other cities, only 73% usually commute by car.

Are Moving Companies in Denver Important?

Yes, moving companies in Denver are essential for several reasons. First, they provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals and families to move their belongings from one location to another. This can be especially helpful for people moving to Denver from another city or state who may not be familiar with the area.

Second, moving companies in Denver can help ensure that your belongings are packed and transported safely and securely. Professional movers have the training and experience to carefully handle fragile or valuable items. They can also provide packing materials and techniques that can help prevent damage during transit.

Third, hiring a moving company in Denver can save you time and energy. Packing up your entire home can be daunting, especially if you have many items or are moving long-distance.

Professional movers can handle the packing and transportation of your belongings, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your move.

Moving companies in Denver can provide a valuable service to those planning a move, helping to ensure a smoother and less stressful experience.

What is the cost of Moving Companies in Denver?

When choosing a Denver moving company, the cost is one of the primary decision-making factors—on average, hiring a moving company in Denver costs $436.

The average cost of hiring a professional mover to perform a local move in Denver is about $300–1,500, depending on the move’s size.

The hourly rate for the best movers in Denver ranges from $70 to $120. 

Moving a long distance will cost an average of $2,400 to $5,000, based on the move’s size and length. Moving across the country will be much more expensive than moving to a neighboring state. 

However, the price will vary based on the size of your home, the number of hours needed, and the number of movers required to finish the job.

What are the Best moving companies in Denver?

Here are the top-rated moving companies in Denver:

#1. Cowboy Moving & Storage Inc

4535 S Santa Fe Dr, Englewood, CO, 80110

Since 1968, fully insured Cowboy Moving and Storage has assisted individuals in moving around Colorado and inside the Denver metro area. 

In Denver, Englewood’s local moving companies focus on residential, commercial, and specialty moves for bulky, delicate, and expensive items. 

In addition to secure, short- or long-term, climate-controlled storage options, it provides end-to-end moving services. Cowboy Moving and Storage is highly regarded by its clients for its dependable and individualized service and takes pride in its qualified staff. 

They are professionally trained to securely negotiate stairs and other tricky architectural problems in your house or business for a quick and hassle-free transfer.

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#2. Local Moving LLC

300 W 53rd Pl g, Denver, CO, 80216

Local Moving LLC is a go-to moving business for statewide relocation services in Colorado and takes pride in its many five-star evaluations. 

The business has its local headquarters, which also serves as one of the best moving companies in Denver. It started in 2011 and has since grown to accommodate all locals’ needs. 

The organization offers residential and commercial moves, storage, packing, labor, and reasonably priced moving and packing supplies. 

Local Moving LLC places safety and effectiveness first in moving, taking extra care to pack and move your belongings fast and expertly.

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#3. Movemasters, Inc.

300 W 53rd Pl g, Denver, CO, 80216

Movemasters, listed as one of the best moving companies in Denver, is said to have been providing local and statewide client service for almost 40 years and prioritizes trust, reputation, and outcomes. 

It has become the go-to moving company for homeowners, designers, curators, and collectors for quick, efficient, and meticulous moves. 

It offers packing, moving, designer receiving and delivery services, and temperature-controlled storage facilities. 

The family-run Movemasters company has won several honors, including ten “Gold Star Awards” from the Better Business Bureau for outstanding client care. 

You can count on Movemasters to complete any task to your specifications, whether you’re moving to a new house or need to transport a delicate work of art.

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#4. Fischer Van Lines, Moving & Storage LLC

2735 S Raritan St, Englewood, CO, 80110

Fischer Van Lines, a Colorado-based company, guarantees customers the best service possible during the moving process thanks to its fifteen years of experience. 

Local moving, long-distance moving, in-house movers, business relocation, loading, unloading, and packing are all services provided by the company’s sites in Denver and Boulder. 

Additionally, Fischer’s employees can move heavy or fragile items like pianos or pool tables with confidence and ease. 

Fischer Van Lines places honesty and punctuality at the top of every task, focusing on client engagement and satisfaction. These are some of the main reasons it is listed as the best moving company in Denver. On every job, you’ll get transparent pricing and thorough information.

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#5. American Moving & Storage

2750 Industrial Ln, Broomfield, CO, 80020

Real estate agents, professional organizers, and apartment managers frequently recommend American Moving as a reliable Denver moving company serving the entire state of Colorado because it is a local interstate agent for Bekins Van Lines. 

It has professional movers who offer full service, including packing and unpacking, white-glove treatment, and concierge services for a professional moving experience. It is fully licensed and insured to handle your residential or commercial move. 

American Moving offers short-term, long-term, or storage-in-transit options for up to 180 days in a secure storage facility. With the assurance that your things will arrive in the same condition they were sent, this service is also available to commercial enterprises.

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#6. Denver Door-to-Door Movers LLC

5686 Logan Ct Unit E, Denver, CO, 80216

Denver Door-to-Door Movers, a seasoned top-rated moving company in Denver offering residential and commercial transfers, is based in Mile High City. 

The family-run company, which began operations in 2016, offers relocation services throughout Colorado. It prioritizes customer happiness and provides a hassle-free moving experience seven days a week at reasonable costs. 

There are no additional fees for elevators, stairs, and the construction and disassembly of furniture. 

Denver Door-to-Door Movers will help you with anything from transferring to a five-bedroom home to moving furniture to another room. Remain calm and leave the problematic lifting to qualified professionals.

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#7. Homegrown Moving Company

2009 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80214

Homegrown Moving Company, a locally owned and run Denver moving company, offers relocation services throughout the Denver metropolitan area, including Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, and the neighboring regions. 

Homegrown Moving Company can do local, long-distance, and interstate relocation and handle residential and commercial moves. 

The business even offers last-minute relocation services for people planning their move immediately. 

Additionally, using its packing services might reduce the time needed for relocation preparations while still being convenient and economical. 

With over 300 five-star ratings, Homegrown Moving has established itself as one of Denver’s top moving companies thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality services at competitive prices.

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#8. The Other Side

2324 Federal Blvd unit a, Denver, CO, 80211

A local Denver company, The Other Side, has been moving and storing since 2015. 

Since then, it has established a solid reputation for dependability and affordability, making it a choice among clients seeking a stress-free moving experience. 

The Other Side can meet your needs for residential and commercial relocation. This organization can assist you whether you’re moving significantly or need a place to keep your goods. 

Its staff is very skilled and capable of managing any size transfer. These specialists approach each client individually because they know relocation can be traumatic. 

This includes inspecting the client’s residence, evaluating the objects that must be transported, and compiling a thorough packing, loading, and shipping timetable.

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#9. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

1288 S Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO, 80223

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving, with its main office in Tampa, Florida, operates 145 locations across North America, including two in Denver, Colorado. 

It has provided services other than local, interstate, and international moving and storage to over 1.3 million satisfied consumers since 2003. 

Along with other practical home and business solutions, College Hunks Denver also offers waste removal, donation pick-up, and other services.

It’s well known for being quick, inexpensive, effective, and proudly green, which is why it’s listed here as a top-rated moving company in Denver

Because College Hunks values your time, you may quickly book online and arrange its services for the same day, the following day, or whenever it suits you.

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#10. Denver Small Moves LLC

2822 Eliot St, Denver, CO, 80211

Denver Small Moves has assisted local and long-distance moves since 2007. This firm is an excellent choice for cross-country movers from Denver because it covers all of Colorado and can handle transfers anywhere in the US. 

Denver Small Moves has become one of the best moving companies in the Denver region over the past ten years, thanks to a commitment to upfront pricing, superior customer service, and technology to make your move as simple as possible. 

Denver Small Moves provides innovative tools and helpful staff to make your move a breeze locally or globally.

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When is the best time of year to move to Denver?

In Denver, early summer is when moving is most popular because of the pleasant weather. We recommend making reservations for you if you want to move in during this season to ensure that you receive the date you choose. 

Because of the potentially hazardous weather, many people choose not to move to Denver during the middle of winter.

However, you could move for less during specific periods because some movers might have differing moving costs during peak and off-peak hours. 

Ask the movers for the date with the most affordable fee if your relocation dates are negotiable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Book My Movers?

Scheduling your movers as soon as possible is recommended. But, most people find this solution to be too straightforward. 
The ideal time to hire movers is at least two to three months in advance. Three to four months in advance is even preferable if you’re moving during the busiest moving season, which is the summer.

Is relocating to Denver a wise decision?

Denver has many positive qualities, including significant and innovative thinking, stunning scenery, an excellent economy with a low unemployment rate, a wealth of art and culture, and year-round professional sports opportunities. 
Denver is also conveniently located near many of the most well-known ski resorts in the world.

Why is housing in Denver so expensive?

Particularly in places with solid demand like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, the value of homes has risen in Colorado. 
Because of various causes, like rising population, falling mortgage rates, and builders focusing primarily on luxury homes, the value of these properties has soared.

How much does hiring a mover in Denver for a local relocation cost?

Depending on the complexity of the relocation, hiring a professional mover to handle a local move in Denver often costs between $300 and $1,500. 
Depending on the size and distance of the move, the typical cost of long-distance moving ranges from $2,400 to $5,000. 
Moving across the country will be far more expensive than moving to an adjacent state, and for example, hiring a mover in Denver typically costs around $286.


If you hire the proper firm, moving to Denver can be exciting and entertaining at the same time. 

Your relocation to Denver should go as smoothly as possible with the help of the information provided here. These movers were all carefully considered and hand-selected as the best moving companies in Denver.

They have a good reputation and can be trusted to offer the best services.



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