Best Moving Companies in Las Vegas | 2023 List

There are many moving companies in Las Vegas, but how do you know which will make moving easy when you are ready to move? This article explores the 10 best moving companies in Las Vegas to choose from.

The actual move is more challenging than it’s thought. Many relocated individuals have experienced a time when they sit in their present residence, take in their surroundings, and wonder how they could ever pack everything, get it onto a truck, move it, unpack it, and move in.

The task may seem impossible, especially for people who have lived in their houses for a long time. Self-service moving trucks may help people with tiny homes and few possessions. Professional moving services should be used if there are many stairs between the door and the vehicle or if the house has a lot of furniture. 

Finding the best local movers to carry items is essential to ensure safe, easy, and flawless removal.

Thankfully, some residential movers can assist with the cost-effective and meticulous relocation of belongings to new locations.

Moving Company

An organization that provides moving help to other businesses, people, or families is known as a moving company. The goal of a well-off moving company is to provide secure and convenient transportation, whether they are serving commercial or private clients.

Below are the reasons you may need to hire a moving company in Las Vegas:

  • Avoid injuries from movement
  • Cost-effective
  • Safeguards the things you own
  • Skilled help
  • Genuine-time saver
  • Attention to home furnishings
  • Stress relief Quicker packing and unpacking

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Las Vegas?

For a team of two movers and a truck to move a one-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas, the average cost is $412; for a company of four movers and a vehicle to move a four-bedroom house, the average price is $2,474.

Note that These moving estimates for Las Vegas, Nevada, are based on averages throughout the country and figures specific to Las Vegas and Nevada.

How Many Movers Do I Need for My Move in Las Vegas?

Although the number of movers you need for your move in Las Vegas largely depends on the size of your house and properties, most people moving from Las Vegas hire two or more movers to come on a moving day.

Also, other factors that determine how many movers you may need on your moving day include the average amount of stairs inside and the average distance to the truck outside.

How Many Quotes Should I Get From Movers?

Consumer Affairs advises you request at least three moving company quotations. Online quotes can be a fantastic place to start your investigation, but quotes based on in-person conversations are frequently more accurate.

Best Moving Companies in Las Vegas

Here are our top picks on the best moving companies in Las Vegas in 2023:

  1. North American Van Lines
  2. United Van Lines
  3. Family Movers Express
  4. Move 4 Less
  5. Bekins Moving Solutions
  6. Triple 7 movers
  7. Around-the-Clock Movers
  8. Seven Brothers Moving
  9. Two Men And A Truck
  10. Vegas Strong Moving

#1. North American Van Lines

The North American Van Lines is dedicated to making the packing and moving process stress-free. This is because of the team of experts at North American Van Lines.

Whether you are getting ready for a long-distance, cross-country relocation or only need to move to a new house across town.

The company has over 500 agent sites across the United States and Canada, making its Las Vegas office one of the biggest in the moving services sector. Allow North American Van Lines to handle the labor-intensive part of your move to Las Vegas.

Website: North American Van Lines

#2. United Van Lines

A family-run business, United Van Lines is in Las Vegas. This best-moving business in the country offers a wide range of services to meet different needs.

The company offers truck rental and labor for a simple local move, but it also provides full-service packages that involve packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking a home’s belongings.

Website: United Van Lines

#3. Family Movers Express

Family Movers Express is a moving company that has served residential customers in the Las Vegas area for over a decade.

The family-owned and -operated business offers packing materials, wrapping, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and transporting household goods either locally or long distance. Climate-controlled and secure storage options are also available. 

You should use this firm to handle your move if you want to relocate successfully and without stress. The entire staff at Family Movers Express is aware of how vital your relocation is and will go above and beyond to protect your belongings and finish the move on time.

They handle many household removals, including those involving complex apartment buildings with tight hallways. Family Movers Express also handles senior citizens moving to a different house or an assisted care facility and students moving to dorms.

This company has moved families to and from practically any location in Las Vegas and the surrounding area since it started operating in 2004. Family Movers specializes in student moving and senior moving services.

Website: Family Movers Express

#4. Move 4 Less

Move 4 Less Las Vegas, Nevada, is a moving company. It has served residential and commercial customers in the Las Vegas area for decades. The business offers local and long-distance moves with partial to complete packing services for residential customers.

Commercial services include professional coordination and disassembly and reassembly of furniture and cubicles. Move 4 Less also offers long-term and short-term storage options and is equipped to handle heavy and oversized items.

Move 4 Less is a Las Vegas-based moving company that offers long-distance and local moving services. The company aims to lighten the financial burden, as well as the stress, that often comes with moving. Its slogan? “Smile! It’s a moving day!”

Every Move 4 Less move comes with free insurance with 60 cents per pound per article. Most customers end up purchasing third-party insurance for more coverage.

Services Offered: Long-distance moving, local moving, senior moving, moving insurance, and storage.

Website: Move 4 Less

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#5. Bekins Moving Solutions

For over 15 years, Bekins Moving Solutions has provided Las Vegas residents with high-quality office moving, international moving, packing, and storage services.

Thanks to their custom-tailored moving programs, they are among the most reputable names in moving services and storage for households and businesses. How much advance notice must they give? They advise giving your home move at least two to three weeks of planning. 

They can assist with any move size; they can even help pack and carry delicate items like medical equipment, lab supplies, or priceless artwork. Even if some prices vary, there are no additional costs when moving with Bekins Moving Solutions.

Website: Bekins Moving Solutions

#6. Around-the-Clock Movers

Around the Clock, Movers is a Las Vegas-based moving company that offers long-distance and local moving services. It prides itself on being a family-owned business. Services Offered: Long-distance moving, local moving, packing and wrapping services, furniture rearrangement, and furniture assembly. 

Around the Clock Movers also provides handyman services such as TV mounting, patching holes in walls, removing gas or electric washers and dryers, hanging curtains and blinds, ceiling fans, and kitchen renovations. 

Around the Clock comes highly rated by customers online.

Website: Around-the-Clock Movers

#7. Seven Brothers Moving

Seven Brothers Moving offers local moving services in and around Las Vegas. It assists DIY-ers who have rented their U-Hauls or shipping containers with its loading and unloading services.

Seven Brothers Moving keeps costs low but is primarily designed for small moves. If your family of six is moving into a big new house, Seven Brothers won’t meet your needs.

Website: Seven Brothers Moving

#8. Two Men and a Truck

This business has been transporting people’s possessions across the country for over 30 years, and they are the moving industry’s masters.

They offer a thorough service encompassing many relocations, like packing and storage. Their impressive 96% of client referrals merely serve as further evidence of the top-tier service they consistently provide in Las Vegas.

Two Men and a Truck takes pride in having highly skilled employees who are responsible, amiable, and capable of safely transporting your belongings to any location you designate.

Website: Two Men And A Truck

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#9. Vegas Strong Moving

Next on our ranking of the top moving companies is Vegas Strong. Their moving service is excellent, which they provide for you. They are extraordinary in Las Vegas.

They are a good pick if you are searching for a mover who can help you move without incident. Also, they provide relocation services for both homes and businesses for anyone. Vegas also offers Long-distance and local moves.

You may sit back and let them know where to put your belongings while they do additional services like packing and unpacking while they handle the rest.

Vegas Strong will help you sort through your possessions. People with bulky, assembled belongings need to hire a different firm to dismantle and reassemble their specialty products.

Website: Vegas Strong Moving


Is paying a moving company worth it?

But when you employ a full-service mover, you truly get what you paid for. The fees comprise the certainty that comes with knowing that your goods are being maintained and delivered by professionals.

Do you pay movers before or after the move?

The quickest response is that you nearly always pay your movers after the relocation. This denotes the moment they have finished the entire motion. All reliable businesses adhere to this standard.

Do you tip movers individually?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to tip each move separately. This will guarantee that everyone remembers to provide the tip to the team and that each mover receives the precise amount you planned.

How much should you tip movers 2023?

Local moves: Based on the overall cost of the move, 5-20% gratuity. Moving long distances: 5-20% tip, dependent on the number of hours the movers spent moving and their hourly cost. Your moving company needs to separate the hourly rate of the movers from the price of relocating your possessions.

What are the top moving companies in Las Vegas?

Best Moving Companies in Las Vegas:

North American Van Lines
United Van Lines
Family Movers Express
Move 4 Less
Bekins Moving Solutions
Around-the-Clock Movers
Seven Brothers Moving
Two Men And A Truck
Vegas Strong Moving


Moving company services are more helpful than they are expensive. Keep in the hands of the experts if you want to guarantee as much ease and little stress as possible. 

You won’t locate a labor provider in the Las Vegas vicinity that can provide you with better service or more affordable rates than Transportation Movers.

They facilitate the loading and unloading of a rental truck or moving the furniture in your house or place of business. Their solid and dependable team is always happy to help. They always treat client possessions with the utmost care. Whether you need to move for business or personal reasons, you won’t regret hiring moving experts.


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