15 Online Jobs for Autistic Adults in 2023

People with autism have challenges with communication and social skills. They often find it hard to have conversations and may not pick up on social cues, making it difficult for them to relate with other people, and making it challenging to be in the workplace.

Working in a safe and supportive environment can give them a new outlook on life and help them learn new skills, as well as earn money, 

And, the secret to finding the best jobs for people with autism is to know your strengths and discover an industry that matches what they can offer and there are several options online that they could take on.

This article clearly describes the best online classroom jobs for autistic adults you can find and will serve as the best side hustle for you.

While you’re eager to learn the best online classroom jobs, there are important facts you need to understand about becoming a teacher to an autistic adult. Hence, we’ll start by defining autism.

What Is Adult Autism?

What is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in adults? Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder. It affects a person’s behavior. And it makes communication and social interactions hard.

Abilities And Strengths Of Autistic Adults That Determine The Jobs That Can Suit Them

Autistic people may display a range of strengths and abilities that can be directly related to their diagnosis, which will help determine the kind of online job that suits them

  • Memorizing and learning information quickly.
  • Thinking and learning in a visual way.
  • Logical thinking ability.
  • May excel (if able) in academic areas such as science, engineering, and mathematics as they are technical and logical subjects that do not heavily rely on social interaction.
  • Having an extraordinarily good memory (being able to remember facts for a long period of time).
  • Being precise and detail orientated.
  • Exceptional honesty and reliability.
  • Being dependable in regards to schedules and routines.
  • Having an excellent sense of direction.
  • Be very punctual.
  • Strong adherence to rules.
  • A drive for perfection and order.
  • Able to concentrate for long periods of time when motivated.
  • A capability for alternate problem solving.
  • A rare freshness and sense of wonderment

What Type Of Online Jobs Are Right For You?

 Everyone has their own set of skills, strengths, and abilities. It’s important that you find work where you can use your strengths and feel confident about doing your job.

Talking with a professional can help you identify your skills and strengths and help you find job opportunities that are suitable for you.


  • What are my strengths? Are you a strong visual thinker with an excellent long-term memory? Are you good with numbers and facts? Think about how your skills and strengths make you a valuable addition to the organization.
  • What tasks do I perform best with? Do you find it difficult to multitask? Do you work best with repetitive tasks that have a clear endpoint? Think about the types of jobs that will empower you to do your best work.
  • What environment do I work best in? Do you function best in a quiet, odorless environment? Do you find social interaction challenging? Think about which types of workplaces would be most safe and supportive for you

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15 Online Jobs For Autistic Adults

An online job is any type of work you do online. Most online jobs allow you to be self-employed, which means you become your own boss!

This usually means you work as an independent contractor for other companies, which allows you to have multiple small online jobs that you work as a freelancer.  Alternatively, you could have one client who needs a lot of work done, so you don’t need multiple jobs.

Most online jobs are entirely remote, so you don’t need to go into an office anytime. These types of employment options are great for people who do not like to stay around so many people.

1. Online Bookkeeper

Are you good with numbers and being organized? Then becoming a online bookkeeper could be the perfect job for you!

The accounts are one part of the business that many business owners are happy to outsource due to the amount of time it takes. Plus they may not enjoy that side of it. A good place to start is finding postings for bookkeeper jobs online. I have also seen people ask for bookkeepers within blogging Facebook groups.

Pay: $20 – $50 hourly

2. Content Writer

Content writer is one of the most sought jobs in this pandemic time. You can write for blogs, magazines, journals that publish their content online. This only job is one of those online jobs that pay well because there is a huge demand for 

If you love writing and are passionate about one subject in particular, then becoming a paid freelance writer might be perfect for you! Finding online writing jobs will come easier as you build up a portfolio to show potential new clients as well.

Pay:  $50 – $500+ per article

3. Blogger

Blogging could be as simple as just writing about your favorite music, food, life, or entertainment. Then, you can start generating money from your blogging site. The best part of the blogging job is that you do not necessarily have to be full time. You can make a great living, even doing this as a parttime job.

Pay: $15-25/hour.

4. Data Entry

Online data entry jobs need you to input alphabetic, numeric data into the computer system. To do this work from home job, you should be able to type fast as possible. However, an online job can pay well.

You can also do the Work whenever it suits your schedule. To consider bolstering your skills in computer programs like Microsoft. The best part of this best online job for a student is that you never become jobless, although you will learn less money.

Pay: $10-$20 hourly

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform typical office duties from home, such as replying to emails, managing calendars, and managing social media accounts. It is an easy online job for a person who can multitask. The best thing about virtual assistant jobs is that you can work as little or as much as you want.

Being a virtual assistant will probably look different for each client, but it will include supporting the business owner in whatever method they need help.

Pay: $15 – $25+ hourly

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6. Graphics Designer

If as an autistic adult, you have an interest in art or design, graphics design is another online job that you can go into. The more you practise designing, the better you become.

Thinking about bloggers, in particular, a lot of graphics go into running a successful blog. The imagery on the site, opt-in graphics, infographics, etc.

These are all things that you can learn and offer your skills. You can even use free sites such as Canva to put them together.

Pay: $25 – $50 hourly 

7. Video Editing

There is an enormous demand for video editors because of the very high growth of video content on the Internet. Most of the Video editors are working online from home and making an excellent income for editing videos.

You need to learn various video editing techniques to earn money from this easy online job to do this job.

Pay$2 to $10 per video minute, depending on the skills.

8. Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is gaining importance all over the world. It plays an important role in the success of a business. Businesses are flourishing and are getting popular just social media strategies they are applying to.

It helps business organizations to reach their potential customers to make them aware of the different services that the businesses offer. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become highly powerful mediums of communication nowadays. It is one of the best options of work-from-home jobs all over the world.

Pay: $12.50–$14 hourly

9. YouTuber

You can easily earn good money by creating and promoting your video on YouTube. Your videos can be on any subject like cooking, teaching, speech, online review, watching game videos, video blogging, etc. as long as it interests you.

10. DropShipping

This is another job to consider if you wish to sell items but don’t want a lot of stock cluttering up your house, and want a more hands-off approach.

If you have a product that you want to sell, then you can set up a website for people to buy from.

It s like Amazon FBA because you won’t be keeping the stock at your house or packing and posting the items.

You can make money with an online store such as Shopify to get started with this excellent online job.

Pay: $15 – $1000 depending on what you are selling

11. Transcriber

You can get paid decent money for typing up audio files into the written word. There is still a high demand for online transcription jobs as many companies need things transcribed as the world moves to become more digital.

You must be good at typing – fast and accurate, and a strong Internet network connection. Companies that you can sign up to for jobs include Scribie, TranscribeMe, and the highest paying of the lot – Rev.

You will often have to pass a typing test upon application to show your skills, so be sure to practice beforehand. Upon successful completion, you’ll be able to begin taking online typing jobs!

Pay: $15 – $36 per audio hour

12. Website Designer

Similarly to being a graphic designer, this is something that you could teach yourself and sell.

There are tons of new websites popping up all over the internet every second, and there are people who don’t have the time or skill-set to put together a nice looking site. This is where you can come in!

Many people wish to have eCommerce sites set up (and they look pretty complicated at first!) – which you could offer as a service, and it is easy enough with Woocommerce and Shopify.

Pay: $50 – $100+ per hour

13. Proofreader

Many online jobs for autistic adults allow you to make money proofreading

Proofreading is less in-depth than editing. Rather than making extensive corrections and suggestions, you work as a second set of eyes, looking for typos, spelling errors, and other minor issues to clean up their papers before they’re submitted for grading.

Pay: $10 to $45 hourly

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14. Amazon Seller

Everyone shops on Amazon these days, which is why you can also make a good income through Amazon.

The concept of Amazon arbitrage is simple, but the process can be tedious. You find discounted physical products at your local stores and sell them at a profit on Amazon.

Though it sounds easy, your profits can quickly decrease because of Amazon’s sellers’ fees, shipping expenses, and time spent. However, this online job might be for you if you already spend time in thrift store shopping or bargain hunting.

Pay: $15 to $100+  hourly

15. Online Seller

You can sell almost anything online. Furniture, unused makeup, old cell phones, and other tech are all viable options.

If you have children, you can easily sell their gently used shoes, clothes, toys, and gadgets once they’ve outgrown them. If you enjoy this type of online job, you can start scouting local yard sales, flea markets, and Facebook selling groups for items to resell.

When you find a used item at a steep discount, you can sell it on a site like Decluttr to flip for a profit. The more often you do this, the more money you can earn.

Pay: $40 to $60 on average per box of items

Where to Find Jobs Online

There are a huge variety of remote jobs online available right now that could be great as a part-time income, or even send you into 6 figures. Plenty of easy online jobs also require no experience to get started.

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For traditional job boards you can find a number of online positions available on the more popular sites:

  • Flexjobs
  • Fiverr
  • We Work Remotely
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Career Builder

Bottom Line

There are several opportunities online for an autistic adult to earn money. There are plenty of options. To find the right one, brainstorm and think about your hobbies, skills, and talents and pick one that works with those. 

The best part about online jobs is that you can make good money from home by doing more than one gig or job at a time. If you want to have a blog and tutor, or you want to have an Etsy store and a YouTube channel and can fit it all into your schedule, you can.

The more you can do to maximize your income to achieve your financial goals, the better you’ll be in the long run.



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