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20 Best Online Jobs For Cosmetologist In 2023

Online Jobs for Cosmetologists are making more cosmetologists independent and their bosses. This is why we’d be looking at this industry’s 20 best online jobs. This will help talented and skilled newbies in the industry find their feet early.

Being the one who assists someone in changing their physical appearance can be a difficult job. Customers in this industry want a steady hand, a thorough understanding of beauty procedures, and up-to-date fashion knowledge.

But sometimes it takes more than that — after all, you’re not just dressing someone up how you believe they should look. You’re assisting them in looking beautiful while providing whatever they request as they walk through the door.

It’s a deal you’re used to, having either attended beauty school or worked at a salon. But where do you go for a career in cosmetology now that you’ve decided you’re ready?

The internet is a great great place to hunt for these jobs

In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the 20 best online jobs for cosmetologists in 2023

Please read this post to the end because it’ll be super helpful.

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What is cosmetology?

The science and art of beauty are referred to as cosmetology. Cosmetology students use a variety of cosmetic treatments on the nails, skin, and hair. These professions assist people in feeling good about themselves by considering each client’s aesthetic goals and self-esteem.

There are many different fields of cosmetology to select from, so you can concentrate on the one that interests you the most. Cosmetologists, for example, might concentrate on Skincare, Hairstyling, Hair and skin cleaning, Manicures and pedicures, Makeup, and Hair removal.

What Is An Online Job All About?

Online jobs are simple jobs that need an employee to perform certain chores or job responsibilities through the Internet in exchange for payment at the end of the job or task.

Such tasks can be completed in minutes, hours, weeks, or months, and they do not always necessitate the employee physically interacting with the employer.

Online jobs are sometimes referred to as freelance jobs, and they are the greatest form of jobs since they allow you to regulate your schedule and decide how often you want to work or rest.

Best Online Jobs for Cosmetologists

1. Online Beauty Advisor Jobs

A corporation will not employ you. You’ll be starting your own company and giving guidance to others. An online beauty advisor or consultant works one-on-one with customers to answer questions and recommend products.

Make a private Facebook community for your company where people can ask you questions. as well as receive feedback. Then, when they’ve had a chance to appreciate your assistance, ask them to tell their friends.

Consumers could also be charged per project. For example, if someone only requires cosmetic guidance before a wedding or a major interview, they can pay for this one-time assistance.

2. Beauty Writer

The beauty writer is the next beauty job you can do from home. When someone who doesn’t know anything about makeup and beauty tries to write about it, it’s clear. This could be the ideal career for you if you enjoy writing and are well-versed in cosmetics.

You have complete control over how busy you are and how much money you make. This is a wide-open field with numerous chances.

The amount you can earn is determined by the publication’s size, your expertise, and the writing you produce. Independent beauty bloggers will be paid less than print magazines like Cosmopolitan. Most places will pay you per word, with an average of $0.05-$0.15 per word.

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3. Online Cosmetology instructor

The national average hourly wage for a cosmetology instructor is $17.57. Cosmetology instructors are in charge of instructing pupils on how to work in the business. This can be done online, too, since lots of cosmetology schools now have online classes. Instructors may focus on certain aspects of cosmetology, such as skin and hair care.

They frequently work at beauty schools, providing hands-on training to help others become certified cosmetologists. All you have to do is instruct classes online, and you get paid. Cosmetology instructors are knowledgeable about the industry and how to educate others about it.

4. Sell Makeup from Home

This next job is self-evident, but it must be stated. You can sell things for a variety of organizations. They’re becoming increasingly popular, and marketing them on Instagram and other social media platforms is easier than ever.

When you sell makeup, you might profit from inquiries like, “I love that hue of lip gloss; what brand is it?” It’s awe-inspiring! Because each organization has its compensation system, determining how much you will earn is more complicated.

Some companies will pay you extra if you assemble a team of consultants. Inquire about the income structure of the makeup you’re considering selling.

5. Beauty Vlogger or Influencer

This category is becoming increasingly popular! And if you sell things from home, you might as well strive to expand your tribe online while earning money from commercials.

It’s not difficult to become a beauty influencer or YouTuber, especially if you already enjoy talking about makeup. All you need is a basic lighting setup.

You can record videos with your phone; you don’t need video editing knowledge because there are apps. After you hit the minimal level for joining the YouTube Partner Program, you can start running advertisements on your videos. These advertisements will pay out a certain amount for every thousand views.

6. Online Nail technician

Manicures and pedicures are performed by nail technicians, who can also create intricate designs on their clients’ nails. As an online nail technician, you’ll coach people by using videos, blogs, or podcasts.

You’ll keep up with the latest nail trends and adhere to health and safety guidelines to ensure each client’s nails are satisfied. To captivate clients who visit their online salons and spas, technicians must acquire artistic skills.

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7. Online Hairstylist Coach

As an online hairstylist coach, you will teach students how to make and style hair, cut hair, treat hair, and color hair.

Stylists not only cut hair, but they also style it in unique fashion for special occasions like weddings and school dances. You can get your audience from different platforms and earn money.

The independence that this job gives is why it’s on our list of online jobs for Cosmetologists.

8. Hair color specialist

The beautiful thing about being a specialist is that you can easily set up your practice wherever you want. Hair color specialists understand the technical components of coloring hair. Permanent and semi-permanent dyes are applied to hair using various procedures.

You can make videos and courses online that people will pay to access. They also offer highlights and lowlights to assist customers in discovering a look they prefer.

Salons and spas employ color specialists, among other establishments, which is why it makes it to our Online Jobs for Cosmetologists.

9. Product Tester from Home

This is more of a side gig than a full-time job. Some businesses will send you things to evaluate before making them available to the general public.

With your knowledge of cosmetology, you can give advice and try out new products. You can make a modest amount of money; some companies even pay for gift cards.

10. Makeup Personal Shopper

Another way to start a small business is to work as a personal makeup shopper. You’ll work with clients one-on-one to choose and purchase their cosmetic items. Some folks prefer to shop on their own. Others will expect you to accompany them to the store and assist them in selecting items.

As a personal shopper, your payment model can be as exact as you want. Most personal shoppers will calculate their costs (gas, time spent researching, and purchases for their clients) and then charge a monthly fee.

This made it to our list of best Online Jobs for Cosmetologists.

11. Product representative

Product reps provide hair care and beauty supplies to various businesses, including spas and salons. Businesses are encouraged to market these products to their customers by representatives.

They can work at an office, home, or on the road. Product reps should be able to communicate effectively and sell their products.

12. Stylist

Stylists work with a client’s hair, nails, cosmetics, and clothing to create a style that meets the designer’s, promoter’s, or client’s aims. For example, they might get a model ready to walk the runway or a bride ready to walk down the aisle.

Fashion shows, weddings, and private clientele are all possibilities for stylists. A bulk of these duties can be completed online. This requires a lot of creativity since you’ll be the one to pick and dress clients.

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13. Online Massage Therapist Coach

Some certified cosmetologists go on to become massage therapists after completing school. These experts make use of therapeutic and pharmaceutical procedures to their advantage.

Massage therapists frequently specialize in one type of massage, such as sports, deep tissue, or Swedish. Showcasing your skills online could bring extra cash for you.

14. Beauty Brand Ambassador

Another approach for a beauty influencer to make money is to become a beauty brand ambassador. You help companies promote their items online by collaborating with them.

Invitations to events, photoshoots, and product advertising on your social media channels are examples.

Marketing and public relations firms use this phrase in a variety of ways. Some people develop “brand ambassadorship” programs, but they’re unpaid, and the only way to make money is through affiliate sales.

15. Freelance Makeup Artist

You can work as a freelance makeup artist if you enjoy working with people and makeup. Becoming best friends with a successful photographer is the best method to make a living this way.

Wedding and boudoir photographers frequently sought makeup artist recommendations. Networking is critical in this field.

Consult with hair and beauty salons in your area. Set up a table at bridal shows. Check with the local bridal boutique to see whether you can leave business cards.

According to Glassdoor, freelance makeup artists earn around $35,000 annually on average. Most persons in this field charge per project, with a minimum deposit expected upfront.

16. Skin Specialist

You can set up an online presence to advertise your skill as a skin specialist. You might eventually have to meet up physically with clients, though. Skin specialists beautify and wash their clients’ faces and bodies to improve their appearance.

They do facials and skin treatments, sanitize equipment, exfoliate clients’ skin, and remove makeup. If the specialist discovers major skin problems, he or she can refer you to a dermatologist.

17. Online Barber Coach

Barbers groom men’s hair, including beards and mustaches, by styling, coloring, cutting, and grooming it. They shave their clients and help them achieve their aesthetic goals, such as reducing shaving irritation.

Barbers work in barbershops and salons and are usually licensed by the state, but you can create an internet presence where you’ll take classes and coach people. This will bring an extra case on the side for you.

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18. Cosmetic Affiliate Marketer

As a cosmetologist, you can create affiliate links for cosmetics products online. You’ll be in the right position to do this effectively because you have an in-depth knowledge of cosmetology.

19. Online Esthetician Expert

Estheticians are state-licensed skincare experts that promote skin attractiveness and wellness. These professionals may offer eyebrow waxing, face peels, and microdermabrasion services. You can provide skincare and routines for clients with various needs and aesthetic goals online and get paid well.

20. Online Representative

As a cosmetologist, you can work as an online agent for companies. You’ll be required to answer clients’ questions regarding skincare or beauty therapy. This will be quite easy for you since you have basic knowledge of cosmetology and you’ll be working from the comfort of your house.


Cosmetology is a fast-growing career path, and the internet is giving it a new turn. 

We hope you found this post on online jobs for cosmetologists very helpful. Please feel free to let us know what you think.


Why is the cosmetology business important?

One of the fascinating career opportunities in the beauty business is cosmetology. It necessitates extensive research to comprehend consumer needs and apply certain abilities to solve an issue. Cosmetology is a unique discipline in which women and men can succeed.

What are the job prospects for cosmetologists?

Barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists are expected to expand by 19 percent in employment between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the average for all occupations. On average, 85,300 job opportunities for barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists are expected over the next decade.

What are the required qualifications for a cosmetologist?

Diploma from CIDESCO. A CIDESCO diploma is the highest qualification in the beauty and spa sector and the only internationally recognized qualification.

To become a job-ready cosmetologist, you must pursue an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology.

On the other hand, beauty therapy is more scientific and includes procedures such as laser treatment, dermabrasion, peels, botox, and fillers. The majority of beauty treatments are irreversible and have long-term consequences.

What are the challenges of a cosmetology job?

Low pay, long hours, and tough clientele are drawbacks of working as a cosmetologist. It’s also a job that isn’t right for everyone who wants to work in the beauty industry — alternative careers may be a better fit for some people.

What are the benefits of working as a cosmetologist?

You can be proud of your work as a cosmetologist. Professionals in the cosmetology sector may be able to deal with a diverse range of people, which can be rewarding.

Many cosmetologists form lifelong friendships with both their coworkers and their clients. Cosmetology is both an art and an inspiring trade skill.

How do hairstylists dress?

Many hairstylists dress in black since they frequently use chemicals like hair dye, which may readily stain garments.

Materials spilled on black clothing are far less noticeable, giving hairstylists a cleaner and more professional appearance, even if a disaster occurs.

Can I make six figures as a cosmetologist?

Making six figures as a stylist is entirely achievable, but it will take a lot of discipline, hard work (yes, tougher work than you’re doing now, which sounds impossible), and a lot of drive.




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