Best Online Jobs For Social Workers At Home | 2023

Working with vulnerable individuals and communities to overcome daily difficulties is the focus of the social work profession.

By assisting people in addressing the issues they encounter daily, social workers provide services to individuals, groups, and communities.

Clinical social workers requiring a master’s degree in social work and state certification can identify and treat emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, and mental illnesses.

In the age of flexible work, the social work sector is advancing. There are several online jobs for social workers at home.

There are other fields, including charitable, healthcare, education, and counseling, where one might find work-from-home social work positions.

In reality, the National Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 12% increase in employment for social workers between 2020 and 2030.

Do you want to work from home as a social worker but are still determining the type of position that would be best for you? If yes, this article reviews and examines the best online jobs for social workers at home, providing vital clarifications. Let’s get started!

Is Online Social Work Possible?

Many healthcare employees, particularly social workers, believe their positions do not allow remote work. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth; ever since the pandemic began, social workers have had a variety of virtual possibilities to interact with and support children and families, and there are increasing numbers of online jobs for social workers at home.

Flexibility and convenience are made possible through virtual work or online jobs for social workers at home. Additionally, it fosters job satisfaction.

Although it didn’t start, the COVID pandemic hastened the development of virtual social work. Many social work professionals converted their professions to online and digital delivery even before the coronavirus isolated us.

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Best Online Jobs For Social Workers At Home

Understanding human growth, behavior, social, economic, and cultural structures, and interconnections is necessary for social work practice.

Professionals in social work who deal with families and institutions have contributed to and advanced the societal impacts. Here are the best online jobs for social workers at home:

#1. International Social Worker

This is one of the high-ranked online jobs for social workers at home. Online and physical international social workers address and resolve global disputes, economic exploitation, violence, and poverty-related problems. 

They defend and advance the privileges of kids and other disadvantaged groups. 

You regularly work for a government, a United Nations (UN) agency, or a non-governmental organization as an international social worker (NGO).

You create outreach and community service initiatives for adoption, education, and health. Job skills, experience, and a bachelor’s degree in social work or a strongly linked discipline are requirements for the career.

#2. Crisis Intervention Specialist

The obligations include providing kids with distant, transient case management services.

They connect assigned families and youth with the proper community resources during the eight-week stabilization period that follows the preliminary crisis management, giving education on crisis preventative measures, and supporting children as they transition through life.

This is one of the widely engaging online jobs for social workers at home. It is necessary to be able to communicate and work with community service providers.

#3. Geriatric Social Worker

A geriatric social worker takes care of elderly clients. They might assist clients with budgeting, employment search, medical benefit applications, dealing with mental health conditions like depression, and finding social activities. 

Whether the client lives in their residence, a hospital, or a care facility, geriatric social work includes making sure there are no indications of abuse. This is categorized among the cardinal online jobs for social workers at home.

#4. Case managers

There are physical case managers and virtual case managers. The virtual case manager job is one of the prominent online jobs for social workers at home. 

Case managers help clients navigate complicated processes during remote meetings, whether they need aid with legal matters, healthcare decisions, or obtaining social services.

Agencies and organizations, such as Anthem Health, Children’s Bureau, and the AIDS Health Foundation, assign case managers tasks. Salary ranges for case managers often range from $40,000 to $50,000.

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#5. Child welfare professionals

Child welfare professionals look out for at-risk youngsters and help families meet their kids’ needs. These specialist social workers can conduct administrative tasks and virtual meetings with parents and their kids.

Both counseling and administrative assistant positions are open at state agencies and nonprofits focused on child development. 

At these organizations, the typical compensation is around $52,000. It is considered one of the most lucrative and fascinating online jobs for social workers at home.

#6. Administrative management

Administrators who plan casework, handle client paperwork and assist physicians in doing it from home offices as offices keep moving online, so it can be referred to as one of the recent online jobs for social workers at home.

Each type mentioned above of organizations, private mental health tech companies, insurance firms, governmental organizations, and nonprofits require administrative help. On average, directors earned almost $65,000 yearly, compared to mid-level administrators’ $51,000 annual salary.

#7. Assistant and adjunct social work professors

To teach remotely online, community, state, and private schools recruit adjunct or tenure-track social work instructors is one role of staff who is engaged in online jobs for social workers at home. 

Among the universities currently employed are Southern Illinois University, UMass Global, and the University of Alabama. Since adjuncts often earn just a few thousand dollars for each course, academic incomes vary.

On the other hand, renowned adjunct social work professors make about $60,039.

#8. Clinical social work jobs

Clients may receive treatment from registered clinical social workers over the phone or through video calls. While the therapist or counselor works from home, a different central office handles other administrative duties, including referrals, medications, and billing.

Employers include regional health centers, state agencies, and private mental health IT firms like Headway and Talkspace. These positions typically pay an annual salary of roughly $80,000.

#9. Contract Social Worker

Your duties as a contractual social worker include providing temporary or autonomous social services to clients online. It is one of the uncommon online jobs for social workers at home.

In this capacity, you may fill in for a permanent social worker when they weren’t there or provide the social services division more help as required.

Besides conducting evaluations for every client or family, your role entails developing or revising treatment plans, assisting clients in resolving problems, and establishing developmental objectives online. A $74,790 annual payment is slated for this.

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#10. Behavioural Health Advocate

This is one of the most demanded online jobs for social workers at home. This calls for experts who can promptly define and accurately identify a mental health emergency or psychiatric crisis, evaluate whether the situation is urgent or sudden, and ensure the call is connected to the proper care solution.

The ideal applicant would have training or education in social work, teaching, behavioral health, or a similar sector. The Behavioral Health Advocate offers non-technical problem-solving in response to customer calls, emails, and chat requests. Identifies issues and informs the client of fixes or needed information.

Uses critical thinking techniques and probing inquiries to understand client needs and assist their journeys for benefits and healthcare.

Independence has classified this position as entirely remote. The incumbent won’t have to come into one of the actual offices to carry out the duties. The annual compensation ranges from $56,000 to $74,000.

#11. Health Coach

Using the member’s benefits, the Health Coach educates and removes any obstacles to adherence to promote medication compliance and diabetes and control of blood pressure in the Medicare population. 

Virtual outreach to pharmacists and doctors may be part of this. The Health Coach involves, educates, and promotes/influences members in decisions about reaching and maintaining optimal health status through a collaborative evaluation process, planning, implementation, and coordination.

The annual salary ranges from $43,700 to $97,400.

#12. Entry-Level Social Worker

An entry-level social worker’s employment responsibilities can vary. They might serve as a substance misuse counselor, operate in a group home, or help a provider of mental health services. 

Gaining clinical experience to become a licensed clinical social worker is frequently the focus of entry-level social worker services (LCSW). An LCSW may represent a private client, work for social services, or coordinate family cases. To qualify as an LCSW, you must have a master’s degree in social work.

$45,083 is the annual salary payment.

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#13. Adult Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

This is also part of the online jobs for social workers at home.

You will work as part of a seasoned national team that provides people with help, counsel, and advice. This responsibility also includes working for adult services. To ensure service users have a smooth journey as they are guided through their Adult pathway.

#14. Parent Advocate

To be a parent advocate is among the online jobs for social workers at home that you can get in recent times.

You are expected to create a therapeutic alliance with caregivers or parents whose children have been sexually exploited to help satisfy their unique needs. Coordinate and facilitate Parent Empowerment Program groups.

#15. Care Social Workers

The Care Social Worker overseas patients and important clinical partners using telephone and virtual outreach techniques to help deliver high-value, reasonably priced healthcare. 

The social worker will assist with Care services such as advanced care planning, psychological counseling, and behavioral health evaluations designed to meet clients’ varied requirements in various marketplaces. 

Social workers may offer cross-program coverage, which may need licensing in multiple states to satisfy business requirements. To give clinical staff educational training, these employees may be contacted.

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What Is the Role of a Home-Based Social Worker?

As a social worker who works from home or has been employed in any of the online jobs for social workers at home, one of your responsibilities is to offer home-based help for every client or situation you are given.

You may use your cellphone, mail, or even other online platforms to contact families in this remote position. 

You must speak up for your client’s needs, support families or people in obtaining and utilizing the available resources, and provide other assistance as required.

Whereas other social workers offer direct help and support, some distant social workers focus on crisis intervention, which involves little or no direct client contact.

How to be a Home-Based Social Worker?

Do you wish to undertake any online jobs for social workers at home? You normally require at least a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or even a closely related discipline, as well as necessary experience, to operate remotely as a social worker. 

Some employers, however, demand a master’s degree. For some roles, local travel may also be necessary.

Great interpersonal, interaction, and critical reasoning abilities are also required, as are dependable phone and internet connections. Being bilingual and having a flexible schedule are also advantages.

Can social workers work effectively remotely?

The field of social work includes a broad range of jobs in varied contexts. Depending on their area of expertise, social workers can work remotely. 

Certain social work positions, such as case managers and mental health counselors, can be completed using Zoom, a smartphone, and email.

However, some social work roles are not seen as online jobs for social workers at home; rather, they necessitate physical presence to carry out the duties of the position effectively, such as running a homeless shelter or perhaps an inpatient substance treatment program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes social workers to quit their jobs?

Because of caregiving obligations, unhappiness with their education, the efficiency of the practice, and professional principles, social workers have left or intend to leave the field.

Is social work mentally taxing?

While social work can fulfill, uplift, and motivate, it can also be physically and emotionally taxing.

Do social workers ever face a threat?

Social workers may face threats, verbal abuse, and physical and emotional assault at work, even though the profession can be gratifying. It’s crucial to understand the potential risks associated with the occupation.

What is the social worker’s retirement age?

Considering increased expectations that pension contributions would rise, Community Care can reveal that two-thirds of social care workers expect to continue working past the present retirement age of 65.

What are the most pressing problems in social work today?

With its high-stress levels, heavy caseloads, issues of hot-decking, need to fill in for sick coworkers, and lengthy processes and deadlines, social work is still a challenging career.


The advantages and disadvantages of virtual social work vary depending on the position. Not having to travel to an office daily is a massive benefit for social work admins who don’t need to be in a particular location to finish their job as long as they possess a computer, cellphone, and internet service.

If you are a social worker and have carefully read this article, refer to it whenever necessary to ensure that you are selecting the optimal option.



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