15 Online Jobs in Arkansas That Pay Well in 2023

Online jobs in Arkansas are something you should consider, even if you already have a day job. It is always an excellent idea to have an additional backup financial plan to help you prepare for the rainy days.

Besides, many online jobs allow you to work according to your pace. Therefore, it will not interfere with your regular job.

 With trippling amount of online jobs published on indeed yearly, the chances that you will find an excellent online job that fits your needs and requirements are almost certain. Hence, older adults who may find it challenging to work from the office can now operate effectively from home.

Also, working from home can be an excellent choice for those hoping to retire from regular work soon. Below are 15 high-demand online jobs in Arkansas that pay well in 2023.

15 Online Jobs in Arkansas

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Online Consultant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Virtual Outbound Telephone Fundraising Agent
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  •  Proofreader
  • Registered Nurse
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Technical Writer
  • Tutor  

#1. Administrative Assistant

Average salary per hour: $19.08

With the pandemic, many businesses have become more open to online positions. Hence, there are several open positions for Administrative Assistants today. Also, many remote Administrative Assistance roles are available on job sites like indeed.com and LinkedIn jobs.

Freelancer sites like Upwork, FlexJobs, guru.com, and freelancer.com also allow people to take up gig works as Administrative Assistants. However, freelance sites usually charge fees for the services they provide.

H&R Block, Advantage Solutions, Marriott International, etc., are among the companies that often hire Administrative Assistants.  

Some of the duties of an Online Administrative Assistant include the following:

  • Answering phone calls and responding to emails
  • Booking travels and accommodations for company executives and staff
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Managing the company’s contact list
  • Organizing and managing calendar for company executives
  • Running market research and preparing presentations for the company 

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#2. Online Consultant

Average salary per hour: $48.33

Consulting is one way to keep doing what you love best, even after retirement. Thanks to online consulting opportunities, working from the convenience of your home is now possible. You can find several consulting opportunities on freelance sites and job sites like AARP.

Besides, several offices will be willing to hire you as a consultant even after your retirement. You can also ask your current or former employer if they will engage your services as an online consultant. Some of the essential skills of a consultant include:

  • Good understanding of the particular field
  • Ability to make optimistic projections about the company
  • Ability to identify a potential fault and proffer solutions

Companies like Verizon and United Health Group often require the services of an online consultant.

#3. Customer Service Representative

Average salary per hour: $17.75 

Customer Service Representative is among the online jobs in Arkansas that pay well. Their role is crucial to the growth of any organization.

Besides, many companies receive hundreds of requests about their products daily. In addition, the pressure can be nerve-wracking for the in-office customer service representatives alone sometimes.

 Also, customers often require solutions to specific problems, and every time you waste to provide such solutions can negatively affect the company. Hence, many companies want to ensure that answers come within the shortest time possible

Hence, they deal with the pressure by hiring the services of a third-party agent. Some of the necessary skills you need as an excellent customer service representative include the following:

  • Good interpersonal relationship skills
  • Empathy
  • Proper language understanding
  • Clear communication skills, etc.

Also, the working hours for online Customer Service Representatives are often flexible to allow the staffing of phone lines across various time zones.

Companies like United Health Group, Gap Inc., and Work At Home Vintage Experts are among the companies that often require the services of an online Customer Service Representative.

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#4. Virtual Outbound Telephone Fundraising Agent

Average salary per hour: $15-$16

Today, many non-profit organizations, especially NGOs, require the services of a virtual outbound telephone fundraising agent.

A Virtual Outbound Telephone Fundraising Agent mainly has to raise funds for an organization. They also ensure donors and prospective patrons get information about the organization’s workings. In addition, they provide information on how to make use of the available funds and future funds.

Many companies, especially NGOs, often hire the services of a remote fundraising agent to assist them with raising funds for various projects. One of the ways to become a remote fundraising agent is by signing up with third-party fundraising companies like MDS.

Some of the responsibilities of a remote fundraising agent include the following:

  • Communication with donors and prospective patrons
  • Strengthen the connection between non-profit organizations and donors
  • Secure financial gifts for non-profit organizations from donors and potential patrons
  • Ensure the maintenance of minimum fundraising and output metrics

Some of the things you require to work effectively as a Virtual Outbound Telephone Fundraising Agent include:

  • A good internet connection
  • A quiet corner where you can work free of house chores and distractions
  • Basic computing abilities

#5. Occupational Therapist

Average salary per hour: $39.50

The demand for occupational therapists is among the top 15 online jobs in Arkansas that ay well in 2023. Today, many people hire the services of an online Occupational Therapist, especially those who are learning to start performing physical activities.

Just like numerous other healthcare services that moved online during the pandemic, there are now online opportunities for occupational therapists lately. Working as an online occupational therapist may require more than skill. It also requires a state license.

BrightSpring Health Services and Baylor Scott White Health are among the companies that offer online jobs in Arkansas for Occupational Therapists.

#6. Data Entry Clerk

Average salary per hour: $17.13

One of the core duties of a Data Entry Clerk is typing information from various sources into the company’s central computer. Therefore, the job of Data Entry is one of the best fits for those looking for online jobs in Arkansas.

Some of the requirements of a Data Entry Clerk include attention to detail, accuracy, and sometimes speed. Organizations like YMCA, GoShare, and Aston Carter often require the services of a Data Entry Clerk.

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#7. Digital Marketing Specialist

Average salary per hour: $29.29

The internet has become a market hub for many businesses. Therefore, Digital Marketing is almost a norm for many companies today. Hence, the primary duty of a Digital Marketing Specialist is to provide the required connection between companies and the target clients.

Some of the duties of the Digital Marketing Specialist include the following:

  • Running online ads
  • Preparing marketing emails
  • Sending out marketing newsletters
  • Creating other digital tools like Carousels, stickers, flyers, and banners

The goal of the Digital Marketing Specialist is to keep the customers interested in the products and services a company offers.

Companies like United Health Group, Avis Budget Group, BJ’s Wholesale Club, etc., have open positions for Digital Marketers.  

#8. Proofreader

Average salary per hour: $21.12

If you understand what it takes to create error-free documents—an eye for spelling and grammar errors, online proofreading can be an excellent job for you. There are also several freelance opportunities for proofreaders. Also, companies like Sodexo and TalentBurst are among the companies that hire proofreaders.  

Businesses hire the services of online proofreaders to ensure that their sales proposals and letters are easy to read and provide accurate information. Some of the skills that make a great proofreader include the following:

  • Attention to details
  • Eye for mistakes
  • Strong command of the English language and grammar

#9. Registered Nurse

Average salary per hour: $38.74

In these days of telehealth, the demand for Registered Nurses is continually growing. According to BLS, the need for Registered nurses will see about 194,500 jobs yearly. So, there are many openings available today for online nurses.

In addition, companies like United Health Group and BrightSpring Health Services are among those that require the services of an online Registered Nurse today.

Follow the link to find online jobs in Arkansas for registered nurses.

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#10. Sales Representative

Average salary per hour: $14.71

The main goal of a sales representative is to make sales, increase profit and create more engagement between the customers and the various company products or services. Therefore, their duties are essential to almost any company.

Hiring the services of an in-office Sales Representative is excellent. However, a Sales Representative can effectively carry out his job online with web applications like Zoom and Skype. Some of the skills that make up a great Sales Representative include the following:

  • The ability to build a solid customer base
  • Secondly, The necessary skill to convert a lead to a customer
  • Thirdly, assisting customers and answering product-related questions, etc.

AT&T, Advance Auto Parts, and United Health Group, among other companies, are currently looking for online salesperson services to fill relevant positions.

To find more job openings for online Sales Representatives, follow the link.

#11. Social Media Manager

Average salary per hour: 27.29

The world of social media is fast growing and includes various opportunities for companies to market their products. Hence, many companies hire the services of an online Social Media Manager to manage their social media handles.

Some of the responsibilities of a Social Media Manager include the following:

  • Create media posts for the company
  • Provide up-to-date information about the company’s products and services through posts.
  • Also, utilize tools like TikTok and viral tweets to increase the company’s visibility.

#12. Software Developer

Average salary per hour: $55.14

The need for professional software developers is continually on the rise. Hence, many companies are hiring online content developers to fill the void. Many software developers who graduate from a Bootcamp can easily land an entry position within the first few months.

Also, according to projections by BLS, the demand for software developers will see a 22 percent increment in the next seven years. The average income of a software developer is also very encouraging. They are among the top earners per hourly pay.

If you are new to software development, one of the best ways to acquire the necessary skill you need is by attending a Coding Bootcamp. Nonetheless, several online courses are available on sites like Udemy, Coursera, etc., for both beginners and professionals.

 Companies like General Dynamics Information Technology and Bright Horizons are among the companies that hire Software Developers. You can also find hundreds of Software Development jobs on freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Guru.com.

To be successful as a software developer, you require a blend of tech skills and problem-solving abilities.

#13. Speech Pathologist

Average salary per hour: $44.26

The duty of a speech pathologist is to assist those with speech disorders in understanding why they have issues with pronouncing certain words. Once they identify the case, they help these people learn how to speak clearly. However, many people with this problem find it difficult to get in touch with a pathologist.

Therefore, doing this job from home provides the opportunity to reach people who do not have access to one. Also, it saves you the cost and stress of navigating difficult terrain to reach clients in far locations.

To be able to practice as a speech pathologist in some states, you are required to obtain a license from the relevant authorities. So, if you live in Arkansas, it is best to find out the requirements from the relevant authorities before going into full practice.

Currently, companies like NYU Langone Health and BrightSpring Health Services are among the companies that hire the services of a Speech Pathologist. You can also approach local hospitals within your location to find out if you can work as an online speech pathologist with them.

For more opportunities to work online as a speech pathologist, click here.

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#14. Technical Writer

Average salary per hour: 33.42

With the recent milestone achievements in Technology, technical writing is fast becoming a field of endeavor. So, many people want to understand more about current tech developments, how the industry works, etc. Therefore, many websites today seek individuals who can produce and edit clear and informative tutorials.

Freelance sites also offer numerous opportunities to work as a technical writer. However, some freelance websites will charge a fee for their services. Technical writing is one of the online jobs in Arkansas that will pay well in 2023.

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#15. Tutor

Average salary per hour: $18.91

In this era of Zoom and other video conferencing apps, online tutoring is one area that works fine for those with a passion for teaching. Therefore, online tutoring jobs are available today depending on your core strengths and areas of specialization onlineonline tutoring jobs are available today.

Many companies today seek the services of professionals who can teach foreign languages like French, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Besides you can also set up your private class on sites like Teachable.com and sell your courses online.

Organizations like Varsity Tutors and Preply are among the best places to start your search for online tutor jobs. There are also freelance opportunities available for online tutors.


What is the easiest online job in Arkansas you can get that does not require expereince?

Some jobs you can get without work experience include tutoring, customer service representative, and data entry clerk.

What are the top 5 best-paying online jobs in Arkansas?

Arkansas’s top 5 best paying online jobs include Software Developer, Speech pathologist, Online Consultant, Social media manager, and Digital Marketing Specialist.

What jobs are most common in Arkansas today?

The most common occupation in Arkansas, considering the population, is Driving/Sales workers. Likewise, registered nurses are also very popular.

What is a good salary in Arkansas?  

An average salary of $37,041 per year is good in Arkansas. Entry-level staff in Arkansas earn around $25,838 per year. On the other hand, professionals earn as much as $85,500.

What is the highest-paying online job in Arkansas?

Software developers earn the highest salary online in Arkansas.

How can I get an online job in Arkansas with no experience?

·         Firstly, try to understand the set of skills you need for the particular job
·         Secondly, highlight your transferrable skills in your CV
·         Also, take an online class or attend a Bootcamp to obtain a certificate
·         Next, apply for an internship position in your area of interest
·         Lastly, build your online portfolio and increase your presence


With the internet taking center stage, online jobs in Arkansas can be a way to escape the loop and meet up with daily expenditures. It also provides an additional source of income and saves you from the danger of relying heavily on your regular salary alone.

In addition, an online job allows you to fill up your free time with more gainful activities. If you have a skill that you can exchange for cash but don’t want to quit your regular job, consider working as a freelancer.

Apart from the above-listed opportunities, Graphics designing is also an excellent opportunity to earn a good income online. Landing your first graphic design job starts with a quality Graphics Designer Resume. You can win your first gig as a freelance graphic designer with the proper resume presentation in a few weeks.



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