15 Online Teaching Jobs in Ohio That Pay Well in 2023

Online teaching jobs in Ohio have become even more popular lately due to the pandemic. In other words, more people are beginning to embrace the benefits of remote lessons. In addition, many people, especially those with a day job who wish to further their studies, can now do it from home.

Thanks to applications like Google Meet and Zoom, organizing a virtual class and achieving the same results is now possible. So, whether you want to adjust to the new normal or wish to try out one of those new technologies, there are several online teaching jobs in Ohio that you can apply for today.

While some of these sites offer full-time virtual tutoring opportunities, others provide gig work on a contract basis. The good thing about online tutoring is that you don’t necessarily need any experience to start working as a tutor online.

Whether your goal is to generate more income to cater to your basic needs or work at your own pace, consider these 15 online teaching jobs in Ohio.

Online Teaching Jobs in Ohio| Concept of Online Jobs

You can do online jobs from the comfort of your home or location. Even though they do not adhere to strict in-office policies, these jobs require seriousness and dedication. Besides, it is essential to understand that working from home requires much self-discipline.

Conversely, online teaching jobs allow you to administer classes via a secure portal through Zoom and Google Meet applications. Although these remote teaching positions do not require physical contact, they may have strict policies and need you to spend many hours online.

The duties of a virtual teacher are the same as those of the in-class teacher. Many online teaching opportunities are time-bound to ensure strict adherence to classes. In other words, they expect you to resume at a specific time and spend a given period in virtual courses daily.

There are different online teaching jobs in Ohio, and they fall under fixed and flexible online teaching jobs.

Fixed Online Teaching Jobs

Fixed online teaching jobs are similar to your physical classes, where you have set class times. The only difference is that classes are conducted virtually instead of in physical classrooms. Fixed online teaching jobs require physical presence for classes to hold.

Also, students are required to resume at the beginning of the session and close at the end. In this case, attendance in class is essential.

Flexible Online Teaching Jobs  

The flexible online teaching jobs usually rely on pre-recorded videos and allow students to study independently. However, many online teaching sites with flexible schedules provide time duration for students to complete their lectures.

The primary importance of a flexible online teaching job is that it allows you to keep your regular job. In addition, it will save you the stress of having to resume online every day. It also provides you with the opportunity to sell your private courses.

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15 Online Teaching Jobs in Ohio to Consider in 2023

#1. Adjunct Instructor – English Teacher

  • Location: Wilberforce, OH (Remote)
  • Salary: $46,000 – $64,000

An Adjunct Instructor is a term-to-term engagement. The Adjunct instructor is responsible for student instruction and course materials. Places like Central State University often have in-person openings for this job. However, it is possible to find online teaching jobs in Ohio as adjunct instructors.

The primary responsibilities of an adjunct instructor include the following:

  • To be responsible for teaching activities following an agreement
  • To ensure the use and preparation of the proper learning materials, assignments, and assessments 
  • The adjunct instructor is also responsible for providing feedback on students’ performance and teaching statistics

The minimum qualification for Adjunct Instructors is a Master’s Degree in English from a regionally accredited college. The eligible age for application is 18 years. A strong written and spoken language command is also essential for this position.

Also, a doctorate and prior experience in instructional tech are added advantages. People who are experts in cutting-edge Education, assessments, and community-based education system are necessary for this kind of job.

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#2. ACCEL Virtual Middle School Teacher—Mathematics

  • Location: Independence, OH (Remote)
  • Salary: Not specified

ACCEL schools provide equal employment opportunities and do not discriminate. Therefore, if you understand what it takes to provide students with cutting-edge 21st-century Education, you can apply for this position.

The virtual middle school teacher is responsible for educating the students per the school’s philosophy and policies. Some of the responsibilities of the Virtual Middle School Teacher (Mathematics) are:

  • The teacher is responsible for teaching mathematics to students in the 6th and 8th Grades
  • Utilizes technology and other modern teaching modalities to teach the assigned course
  • Plan and implement the teaching plan accordingly
  • Adapt and develop the curriculum using various strategies and virtual tools creatively to ensure active student engagement and achievement of Teaching purpose.
  • Create course materials in line with the laid own standards by the educational body.
  • Ensure that student meets their attendance, academics, and behavioral goals.

To qualify to apply for this job, a Bachelor’s Degree is essential. A teaching license in applicable fields is also a requirement. Again, it would be best if you were conversant with the RTI process with high proficiency in computer applications.  

A passion for Teaching and the ability to properly discharge your duties under pressure is an additional advantage.

 Follow the link for more information about ACCEL Virtual Middle School Teaching positions and how to apply.

#3. Special Education Teacher – with License

  • Location: Cleveland, OH (Remote)
  • Salary: $50,000 – $65,000

If you have a passion for student Education, applying as a Special Education Teacher is one of the online teaching jobs in Ohio that allows you to ensure that the dropout rate from schools is minimal. Special Education will enable students to continue and complete their Education at their pace.

While this position is mainly an in-person job opportunity, there is an option to work from home. However, note that students and teachers are required to come into the building on a daily. The students you will meet here range from 15-21 who are looking for ways to recover credits they lost previously or graduate early.

You require a high school diploma or GED to qualify for this position. The good thing about this position is that it comes with some benefits, which include:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Life Insurance, etc.

In addition to a school diploma, the ideal candidate for the job must have a valid SPED license. Team players and self-motivated individuals are more suitable for this opening.

Follow this link for more information about this opening.

#4. Remote Elementary School—Writing Instructor

  • Location: United States (Online)
  • Salary: $44,351

There are many opportunities to earn today from writing, whether as a freelancer or working in an office. Writing jobs are among the most common on freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Therefore, teaching people the correct writing techniques can be a great way to earn online.

From technical writing to business writing and copywriting, there are different types and forms of writing. Today, many people are willing to pay a reasonable amount to learn how to write. Also, several companies require the service of writers today.

Due to the growing need for quality writers, many schools take writing more seriously today. Hence, some online schools constantly seek the services of remote elementary school writing instructors. Therefore, if you understand the principles of excellent writing, you can apply for an elementary school remote writing instructor job.  

Some of the qualities that make up an excellent online tutor include the following:

  • An approachable personality and a friendly disposition
  • An experience in elementary school English
  • You understand and possess the right skill set to work with large groups

Varsity Tutors is currently recruiting for the role of remote elementary school instructors. Visit the official website for more information about the position and application.  

#5. Remote Elementary School—Reading Instructor

  • Location: New Philadelphia, OH (Online)
  • Salary: $46,675

The written and communication aspects of language are different. Only a few writers turn up to become great readers. Hence, if you understand what it takes to become a great reader, you can make a fortune as a reading instructor.

Besides, online education providers like Varsity tutors also have job openings for reading instructors. For more information about the current job opening for a reading instructor at Varsity Tutors, follow the link.

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#6. Teacher Aide—Long-Term Substitute

  • Location: Marion, OH (Online)
  • Salary: $28,751 (or $13.06 per hour)

If you already have teacher aide experience, you can apply for a remote teacher aide position. Schools like Marion City Schools require a teacher aide to fill internal and external openings. Some of the responsibilities of a Teacher Aide include:

  • Assist the teachers in planning for the daily activities of the school
  • Provides support for the teachers and assists in ensuring a conducive learning environment
  • Assist in the preparation of lesson plans and outlines in assigned areas
  • Perform various duties that are relevant to the job
  • Plans and makes available different teaching aids for smooth classroom activities 

A High School diploma/GED is the minimum requirement for a Teacher Aide application. Experience in the related field is also an added advantage for the position. The skills a teacher aide should possess include the following:

  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Understanding and adherence to safety procedures
  • Knowledge of how to prepare instructional aids
  • Ability to ensure that the learning environment is safe for children
  • Ability to ensure that students are safe at all times without obstructing regular classes

Click the link to begin your application for the position of Teacher Aide at Marion City School. Application opens till March 17, 2023.

#7. Teaching Assistant

  • Location: Cleveland, OH (Remote)
  • Salary: $28,528

Teaching Assistant is another online teaching job in Ohio. The position is usually for in-class teachers. However, you can always ask your school if they accept remote opportunities, especially if you are about to retire from active service.

Some of the duties of a teaching assistant are:

  • To support small groups of students and assist in classroom activities.
  • Providing the necessary support for the lead teachers to ensure the classroom is safe and conducive to lectures
  • Ensure the whole development of the child’s mind, soul, and body

As a Teaching Assistant, you must be willing and ready to collaborate with other teachers for effective results. Also, excellent communication skill is a crucial requirement for this position. In addition, you must submit and pass the background check to be eligible for this position.

Start your search for a Teaching Assistant position today by clicking the link and navigating to the Work For Us tab.   

#8. ESL Teacher

  • Location: Cincinnati, OH (Remote)
  • Salary: $40,000 to $55,000

If you have an excellent understanding of the English Language, you can sign up with varsity tutors as remote ESL tutors. The Duties of an ESL tutor include providing assistance lessons to students studying English as a second language.

In most cases, ESL teachers employ real-life contexts to enable a better understanding of the language. Sometimes, ESL tutors guide, liaise and advise families and students moving into a new environment.

The beauty of working as an ESL tutor is that you can work with students and people of all ages. You can adapt the traditional classroom system or work remotely from anywhere.

Follow the link to apply for an ESL Teacher position with Varsity tutors.

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#9. Remote French Teacher

  • Location: Ohio (Remote)
  • Salary: $53,412

 Another online teaching job in Ohio that has good pay is French. You can earn $53,412 Teaching French from your sitting room. If you understand what it takes to teach the language, one of the best places to start is superprof.com.

The website allows you to create your profile and teach French remotely from your preferred location. While understanding the language is fundamental to becoming a French tutor, certification and a suitable skill set will set you apart.

Follow the link to create your private French tutor account today on superprof.  

#10. PRAXIS Core Writing Instructor

  • Location: Online
  • Salary: Unspecified

There are thousands of students today looking for a PRAXIS Core Writing instructor. Therefore, if you understand the nitty-gritty of PRAXIS Core writing, you can apply for a remote teaching position, one of the best places to start your application is by signing up with websites like varsity tutors.

The good thing about signing up with varsity tutors is that you can teach as many students as you want. Also, they offer very competitive rates, and you can receive payment twice a week. In addition, their schedule is flexible, and you can choose when is most suitable for you to work.

Some of the skills you need as a PRAXIS Core Writing Instructor are:

  • A friendly and approachable attitude
  • The ability to work well with groups
  • Exceptional presentation skills

For more information about the company and recent remote job openings, follow varsity tutors.

#11. Primary Teacher (K-12)

  • Location: United States (Online)
  • Salary: Unspecified

If you have experience tutoring K12 students, tutor.com allows you to earn a living by tutoring students remotely. The position best suits teachers who wish to make extra pay besides their regular job. Retired teachers who want to continue doing what they love best can leverage this opportunity.

Online Teaching ranks among the top online jobs in the world today. One of the reasons you should consider tutor.com is that you can work according to your schedule. Also, business development is optional since the site will provide your clients for you.

Currently, numerous opportunities exist for online tutors at tutor.com. In writing, computer sciences, social sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, etc.

Follow the link for more information and notifications about current openings at tutor.com.

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#12. Remote Thesis Writing Instructor

  • Location: United States (Online)
  • Salary: Unspecified

Thesis writing is one area with a continuous influx of new demand yearly. Therefore, if you are looking for an online job in Ohio with a high pay possibility, becoming a remote Thesis writing instructor can be an excellent option.

Sites like Varsity Tutors and Tutor.com provide several opportunities for those who wish to work as remote thesis writing instructors. With the correct skill set and experience, you can make a fortune from teaching students how to write and present their views correctly.

Register with varsity tutors today to create your profile. Start earning from teaching thesis writing remotely.

#13. 3D Animation Tutor

  • Location: United States (Online)
  • Salary: Unspecified

The world of 3D is constantly expanding to incorporate new features and more advanced technology. Hence, if you are conversant with the various aspects of 3D Animation, you can sign up as a tutor on websites like ArtStation.

 Teaching 3D Animation can be arduous, especially when dealing with a novice in the field. Nonetheless, the pay is worth the stress. With the increasing demand for 3D works as both marketing tools and assets for blockbuster movies, you can make a living from the knowledge.

Also, you can sign up as a freelance 3D Animation Tutor and teach people via your blog. Zoom, Google Meet, and Remote desktop are great tools for 3D Animation instructors. Besides, YouTube is also an excellent platform for sharing 3D Animation tutorial videos and earning royalties.   

#14. Teach DIY Craft

  • Location: Remote
  • Salary: $52,230

DIY crafts are trendy, and people are more eager and willing to learn how to do things their way. Many sites today are dedicated to teaching people how to create their crafts. A good example is DIY.com.

DIY Craft making falls under vocational studies, and DIY craft tutors earn as much as $52,230 yearly. There are several things to consider if you want to succeed as a DIY tutor. Consider how your teaching venue and style impact your students. Also, decide the kind of crafts and the availability of the necessary raw materials. 

Remember that craft requires a practical aspect. Therefore, make out time once in a while to meet your students one-on-one. It is the best way to evaluate and rate their progress.

Websites like Pinterest are an ideal space to showcase your crafts. You can also teach your skill on YouTube and earn from ads and royalties.

#15. Online Computer Programming Tutor

  • Location: Online 
  • Salary:  Unspecified

Online programming tutor is one of the online jobs in Ohio with many prospects. With the rise of the tech industry, many industries are seeking the services of programmers. Today, programming is the language of the future.

With the growth in the drive for technical literacy, many people are willing to pay to learn a programming language. Hence, the better you are with the various programming languages available today, the more your chances of landing a job as a programming tutor online.

The most popular programming languages available today include Java, Python, etc. One of the ways you can teach computer programming is by organizing online Bootcamps. You can also sell pre-recorded courses online via your private blog or register as a teacher on websites like teachable.com

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Online Teaching Jobs in Ohio FAQs

Can I teach online from another country?

Successful virtual Teaching is possible from anywhere. Some factors to consider when deciding where to teach are the country’s request for teachers, the available opportunities, and the welfares they offer. Americans usually go for Asian countries because of high pay benefits.

How can I teach online and get paid?

There are many online learning websites you can register, teach, and earn cash.
Some of the top websites you can register on are:
·         Varsity Tutors
·         Tutors
·         Unacademy
·         Superprof
·         Khan Academy
·         SkillShare
·         Udemy

How do I become an online teacher?

Tips on how to become an online teacher
·         Design your classes
·         Prepare and become conversant with technology
·         Build a dependable workstation
·         Start discussions
·         Keep communications regular
·         Encourage your students
·         Request for help and feedback
·         Know what your students need

How can I teach online in America?

A bachelor’s degree is essential to work as an online teacher in the United States. Authorization to work in the United States is also crucial. Also, you must pass the mandatory state exams. Register in a teacher certification program and complete the online core curriculum of the fast-track teacher certification program. Take part in a clinical placement/field experience.

Can I teach online without TEFL?

Note that a TEFL certificate is a requirement for most reputable online teaching jobs.

Is online Teaching in demand?

Yes. Online Teaching has increased the demand for tutoring jobs. According to Indeed, there has been a 41 percent growth in teacher-related job searches since 2016. The highest in 2018-19.


Online teaching jobs in Ohio are among the most sought jobs today. With the pandemic and the drive to stay safe, many people have turned to online Education as a way forward. Hence, the rise in the demand for online teachers.

Besides the few on this list, you can teach almost anything online. From catering to fashion designing and pastry making, the options are limitless.

Once you understand what it takes to be a quality teacher, you can start your teaching channel. It does not require certification to begin your channel and start earning remotely.



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