Best Plus Size Interview Outfits for Women

Plus size women will definitely agree with me that finding the perfect outfit can be very difficult. Choosing the perfect outfit for an interview as a plus-size is also a hectic task.

Some online boutiques and shops specialize in plus-size interview outfits for women. Being plus size already draws lots of attention to you like a lady. And, if you are going to attend an interview, you want to make a positive impression.

The best way to do this is to put extra effort into dressing up as a plus-size woman. The first step to choosing the best plus-size woman outfit for an interview is to understand your body type.

This article explains in detail great plus-size interview outfits for women and how they can be worn to nail the interview.

What colors are best to wear for an interview?

The best colors to wear for an interview are neutral colors. Neutral colors most often include navy, gray, black, and brown. While choosing the best outfit for an interview, avoid multi colors clothes and very bright colors.

If you are plus size, you should choose colors that are not bright like red, yellow, green, and pink. You can also consider lighter colors like white colors as long as you pair them with other neutral colors. This is best for women with smaller chest frames and bigger butts.

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What outfits look good on plus size?

Any outfit that suits your body shape is good if you are plus size. While choosing interview outfits as a plus-size, choose tops with the surplice, halter, and V-necklines. Such tops minimise your bust.

You should concentrate on tops that take attention off your bust but define your waist. Also choose darker colors like black, navy, charcoal, or chocolate top to gain a flattering look.

Avoid outfits that are baggy and shapeless, ill-fitting gowns or tiny print cloths. Focus on clothes that give waist definition, straight-leg pants, and bootcut. Generally, you should choose clothes that elongate your body and make you look taller.

Always tuck in at the waist to define your silhouette and patronize wrap cloths that flatter your figure.

How should I dress for a plus-size interview?

If you are dressing up as a plus-size woman for an interview, it is best to put on a suit. A modest blouse with a skirt suit or pants suit is the best option.

You can never go wrong with a formal plus-size interview cloth. In fact, it is better to wear formal clothes than attend an interview casually. Also, choose colors that are neutral and that complement your looks.

A very bright color for plus-size women is not a good option for attending an interview. As a plus-size woman, avoid outfits that show too much cleavage or very skimpy skirts.

You don’t want to loose an opportunity because of the way you are dressed.

Best Plus Size Interview Outfits for Women

When choosing an outfit as a plus size woman, this list of best plus-size interview outfits for women will help you.

Basically, you must understand that what appears great on someone else may not be a good fit for you. You should consider your body type, modesty, and general appearance before choosing a cloth.

Whether you are conducting an interview or you attending one, below are some great Plus size interview outfits for women:

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#1. Plus Size Women Power Suit

If you work in the creative industry, a power suit comes in handy for an interview. Because of your job role, creativity and attention-grabbing are essential.

With this outfit, you won the room and reiterate that you are not afraid of attention. You can find great plus-size power suits at Eloqui.

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#2. Flared/Bootcut Pants

You get a complimenting look when you dress up in this outfit. Basically, this outfit makes you appear lean because it doesn’t hug your body too tightly.

Bootcut pants give you an angular look that allows your body to embrace your curves.

#3. Cardigans

You can never go wrong with a cardigan for an interview as a plus size woman. The delicate stretchable material cardigans are made of fits the body well.

Choose a plain or solid colored cardigan for a formal look. It is best when you pair them with a midi skirt or even flared pants. Interestingly, you need just one or two of these cardigans and you can rock it anywhere and anytime because they are so versatile.

#4. Tan Blazer and Black Pants

This pair of an outfit is a perfect fit because it is quite adaptable. You will love this outfit on you especially when you add nice jewelry and nice heels to it.

Instead of black pants, you can complement this look with a black pencil skirt. A solid midi skirt or an A-line skirt worn with shirts or tops with a v-neck can pop this feminine look.

#5. Zipper Top and Black Slacks

Showing up for an interview in a zipper top and black slack appears simple yet professional.

You can rock this attire with black ankle pants and heels to fit. Avoid wearing a black zipper over black pants except you have a way to brighten your appearance. It is an interview, not a funeral.

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#6. Bold Graphic Dress

Plus size women should avoid clothes with tiny prints. A bold graphic dress with neutral colors is one plus-size professional clothing for an interview.

You need to avoid wearing a knee-length gown to an interview. It is a cute interview outfit for plus size women.

#7. Pencil Skirt and Print Top

A print top in a dark color worn over a pencil skirt is a cute interview outfit for plus size women.

Basically, the pencil skirt adds interest and texture, and a print top enclaves your cleavages giving you a cute yet formal appearance. You can style this plus-size professional clothing with short pointed-toe booties or heels.

Best Plus Size Interview Outfits for Women FAQs

What should females wear to a job interview?

Flat, wedges, heels and boots are all good shoes to were to an interview. However, you must match them with the right outfit.

What flatters a plus size figure?

A-line skirts, black pants, and dark jeans are some of the clothes that flatters a plus size figure.

What colors look good on plus size?

Plus size women look great on neutral colors like black, gray, blue which help hide flaws and create a slimming illusion.


Plus size ladies should concentrate on wears that create a slimming illusion or that are quite creative, bold, and attention-grabbing.

This article explains the best plus size interview outfits for summer, as well as professional plus size clothing for all sorts of interviews. With them, you show up confident, attention grabbing, and relaxed.



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