15 Best Recruitment Agencies In Dubai | 2023

We have the Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai. You know dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the UAE. People move there in droves not just for its attractiveness alone but for better opportunities.

The job market in the UAE is extremely competitive, and they offer the best salaries globally. Dubai has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, which means more people will vie for the same position.

Most of the workers and employees in Dubai are foreigners seeking better opportunities. You need to focus on a career part, and go through recruitment agencies for easy employment in Dubai.

In this article, we’ve simplified your search by providing you with the best reliable recruitment agencies in Dubai to help you get a job quickly.

What Are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment Agencies are organizations or companies that match employers to employees.

These are independent firms that find suitable candidates for employers.

Employers hire recruitment agencies or human resources to find suitable candidates for vacant roles in their organizations. 

What Is The Benefit Of Using Recruitment Agencies?

There are several benefits attached to using recruitment agencies.

One of the major benefits of using recruitment agencies is that they possess valuable skills in hiring great candidates.

Recruitment agencies can easily pick out and avoid poor candidates. Since they know the job description and what your company requires, they can easily identify suitable talents for the position.

Recruitment agencies help advertise your company’s job vacancies both offline and online. They can professionally help you negotiate salaries with your potential employees.

These agencies can also help you interview the candidates. Using recruitment agencies saves is cost-effective and it also saves time.

What Are The 15 Best Recruitment Agencies In Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited countries in the world and they make lots of money from tourism.

One of the country’s most attractive cities is Dubai. The city is known for its state-of-the-art buildings, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife.

Most people would love to live and work in Dubai but fear the high number of fake recruitment agencies.

To avoid getting scammed, you’re advised to thoroughly research a recruitment agency before choosing it.

We’ll be looking at the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. 

  • Michael Page
  • Manpower Group Dubai
  • Adecco
  • Decision Management Consultant Dubai
  • Robert Half Recruitment Agency
  • Ultimate HR Solution
  • Chartered House Middle East
  • Jivaro Search
  • BAC Executive Recruitment
  • NADIA Gulf Recruitment Consultancy
  • Hays Recruitment Agency
  • Agile Consultants
  • Budge Talent
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency
  • ANOC

#1. Michael Page

Michael Page is an international recruitment agency that was founded by Michael Page.

The firm has branches all over the world, with an accredited recruitment agency in Dubai. The recruitment agency comprises 25 disciplines, each providing a service to a specialist part of the economy.

The recruitment agency recruits temporary, permanent, contract, and interim job opportunities. They offer services to clients ranging from SMEs to global big chip organizations.

Michael Page Group Dubai has assess to large databases of candidates, local market knowledge, and management professionals.

The professionals at the recruitment agency are fluent in over 10 languages making it easy for candidates with diverse cultural backgrounds to apply for jobs.

Some sectors Michael Page specializes in are Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Technology, Retail, Digital, Construction, Healthcare, Banking, Engineering, Human resources, and more.

#2. Manpower Group Dubai

Manpower Group is an international recruitment agency that started from one office in Milwaukee in 1949. The recruitment agency provides workforce solutions to businesses, they connect potential talents to employers.

Manpower Group has a branch in Dubai. They have clients from both small businesses and large corporations. The recruitment agency provides primary services, Manpower Group Solutions, Experis, Manpower, and Right Management.

 Today, the recruitment agency caters to over 400,000 clients. You can search for positions that suit your skills on their website.

#3. Adecco

Adecco Middle East is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai. The manpower agency operates in 60 countries with over 5,000 branches, with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The merger of the French company Ecco and Adia intern, a swiss company found Adecco in 1996. The recruitment agency in Dubai provides various services, such as the Adecco job app, and Adecco customer grievance support.

They also provide internship programs where an intern becomes the recruitment agency’s CEO for a month. The essence of this program is to aid the interns in gaining new skills.

Adecco has over 35,000 employees and offers services to more than both large corporations and small businesses.

#4. Scancruit

Scancruit is a Dubai-based recruitment company with more than eight years of expertise assisting clients with their recruitment needs not just in the UAE but also in Denmark and Spain.

By linking job seekers with the appropriate employers, they are also committed to helping them locate the perfect opportunity. They have a sizable list of openings in numerous fields in their job database, and you may apply for any of them by by submitting an application form.

Also, you can register on their website in just two simple steps for the chance to be informed when new positions become available that properly match your skills. You only need to give them your best practices CV and some basic details.

#5. Robert Half Recruitment Agency

Robert Half is one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. The international recruitment agency has branches in different countries around the world.

Robert Half was established in 1948, the company has helped businesses in different sectors to recruit talented people internationally.

The recruitment agency also recruits talents remotely. They offer services in sectors such as Accounting, Technology, Customer Support, Legal, and Marketing.

If you’re interested in using Robert Half, you can submit your vacancies on their website or visit any of their branches close to you.

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#6. Ultimate HR Solution

Ultimate HR Solution is another recruitment agency in Dubai. It was founded in 2001.

The recruitment agency is one of the certified leading recruitment and HR service providers in the UAE. They mainly recruit candidates for clients in the IT sector.

Ultimate HR Solution team is also equipped to help you get prepared to work in top organizations if you don’t meet up with the requirements.

The recruitment agency services include talent acquisition, temporary staffing, contract staffing, employee outsourcing, etc. They also handle HR functions like PRO services, payroll management, Visa solutions, and more.

Ultimate HR has contracted over 30,000 employees from over 90 different countries. They’ve provided HR services to over 300 clients.

#7. Chartered House Middle East

Chartered House Middle East is another top recruitment agency in Dubai established in 2003 in Australia. The recruitment agency opened its Dubai office in 2004. They recruit and consult for top companies.

Charterhouse has helped people add value to their careers or enter the Middle Eastern job market. The recruitment agency focuses more on Emiratisation. This a private-sector employment for Emirati Citizens.

They provide services in sectors such as accounting and finance, IT, HR and talent agency, architecture and design, real estate, management consultancy, retail, marketing, hospitality, facilities management, and more.

You can search for jobs as well as advertise job vacancies with them.

Jivaro Search is one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai. The firm founded in 2010.

The recruitment agency helps companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region get the best talents.

They specialize in connecting talents with job opportunities in the Middle East for companies in the marketing and communication sector.

Jivaro Search provides talents for job openings across PR, digital, advertising, events and planning.

They also help in the recruitment of creatives such as (copywriters and graphic designers), planners such as(strategic planners and planning managers), and suits like (account executives and account managers).

#9. BAC Executive Recruitment

They established BAC Executive Recruitment in 1979. It is one of the longest established professional recruitment agencies in the UAE.

They help companies in the Middle East and North Africa to find the best talents to match their requirements. BAC offers professional, cost-effective services to top corporations for any level of employment.

They recruit talents to fill junior, mid, and senior-level management positions in various sectors including management, sales, legal, IT, supply chain, hospitality, construction and architecture, engineering, oil and gas, design, media, consulting, and more. 

#10. NADIA Gulf Recruitment Consultancy

NADIA Gulf Recruitment Consultancy is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the Gulf and the Middle East. The recruitment agency established in 1983, with over 40 years of experience helping employers and job seekers.

NADIA has successfully recruited thousands of talents across the world into influential positions across various sectors in the MENA region.

They source, recruit, nurture, and keep talents for employers. They also provide training programs and certifications.

The recruitment agency services include recruitment and management consulting, recruitment and executive search, advertising, screening campaigns, etc.

They provide talents for finance sectors, advertising, education, customer service, healthcare, sales, and more.

#11. Hays Recruitment Agency

Hays is one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai. They have branches all over the globe.

The recruitment agency has experts working and helping them recruit the best candidates into positions for the past 15 years. They offer career and hiring advice for consultants. 

They also recruit candidates for companies in the following sectors architecture, finance, engineering, marketing, accounting, legal, IT, HR, supply chain, logistics, oil and gas, and more.

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#12. Agile Consultants

Agile Consultants is one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. They have strong employee retention. 

The recruitment agency knows how important it is to get the right candidates for the jobs, so they ensure they use the best approach to get the best candidates.

They use the best expertise, local knowledge, and network to provide the best-customized services to both clients and candidates. You can get the best jobs in UAE on the website and apply.

#13. Budge Talent 

Budge Talent is a leading recruitment agency covering the construction, real estate, and asset management sectors in UAE and across the Gulf Corporation Council.

They established the recruitment agency in 2003 with offices in Dubai and the United Kingdom. They are nearly 15 years of local knowledge working with professional consultants.

Budge also has an extensive network of clients and applicants from across the globe.

#14. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is another leading recruitment agency in Dubai.

The recruitment agency is a global recruiting, staffing, placement service, and HR service provider for international corporations and startups in Canada, India, the USA, UAE, and the UK,

Alliance has a wealth of experience and understands the local and global market, and employment trends.

They have helped in connecting talents to top corporations globally. You can check out and apply for various jobs that suit your skills on the website.

#15. ANOC

ANOC is a recruitment agency and business consulting firm headquartered in Dubai.

They have branches in UK, India, Canada, and Oman. The firm comes under the banner of the Al NAHDA Group. The recruitment agency has over 23 years of experience providing professional services to both clients and candidates.

ANOC has partners in industries like traveling and tourism, trading, e-commerce, and contracting.


How Much do Recruitment Agencies Charge in Dubai?

A Dubai recruitment firm will often receive payment in the range of 15 to 25% of the new candidate’s first year’s salary. Once the chosen candidate has held the post for a few months, their client is responsible for paying this cost. You must refuse any fees that an employment consultancy in Dubai offers.

What is the Largest Recruitment Agency in Dubai?

The leading executive search and recruitment company in the Gulf and the Middle East, NADIA is based in Dubai.

How to Start Recruitment in Dubai?

Opening a Career Consultancy in Dubai: Step-by-Step Guide
Decide on a company name.
Send in the paperwork needed by all Dubai-based recruitment agencies.
Register for a visa.
Take note of the Price to Be on the List of Dubai Recruiting Agencies.
Make a business bank account available.

What are the legit agency in Dubai?

Best Employment Agencies in Dubai, UAE
Middle East Adecco.
Agile Advisors.
Agency for Alliance Recruiting.
Middle East BAC.
Adapt Talent.
Charterhouse, Dubai recruitment firms.
Cooper Fitch, Dubai employment agencies.


Recruitment agencies in Dubai are precious human resource firms you can use to find your dream job in Dubai. Most large corporations use recruitment agencies to advertise job vacancies in their companies.

There are lots of fake recruitment agencies in Dubai, and to avoid getting scammed. Thoroughly research and understand how recruitment agencies in Dubai operate before using them.

To help you get the best out of your job search in Dubai, we have listed and explained some of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai above.



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