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Reiki Practitioner Salary In 2023 | How Much Does A Reiki Practitioner Make

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According to the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine, Reiki is “hands-on natural therapy using the universal life force energy.” While it is technically “hands-on,” it is more in that the reiki practitioner places their hands on the patient, acting as a conduit between them and the universal life force energy.

It’s comparable to a massage parlor, but a few essential distinctions exist. With the patient reclining clothed on a massage table in a room (quiet or with soothing music playing in the background), there isn’t a lot of physical contact. Still, the head, torso, and any wounded body areas get the most attention.

It is okay to wonder about a reiki practitioner’s salary for a job this specialized. In this article, we will be looking at how much they make in the USA.

What Does A Reiki Practitioner Do?

The word “reiki” means “spiritual or universal life force energy,” and a reiki practitioner believes he can influence that energy for the better. There are various types of reiki, and practitioners claim that it can effectively heal, if not cure, almost any condition.

A Reiki practitioner conducts stress relief, relaxation, and healing treatments by channeling good energy via his hands and into the patient’s body. He places his hands on the patient’s body and enhances his life flow energy to heal the patient.

A Reiki healer is an alternative medicine practitioner who employs life energy to help people feel better. They work based on the belief that there is a life energy that may promote healing.

With slight pressure, massage, or manipulation, the practitioner softly places their hands above the patient’s “energy regions” in 12 to 15 different hand positions to make people feel better emotionally and physically.

A Reiki practitioner is not a doctor and does not have the authority to issue prescriptions. Anyone receptive to tapping into life force energy to heal others can become a practitioner. Although many reiki masters and practitioners live a natural lifestyle, there are no limitations on who can become a practitioner.

How Much Does A Reiki Practitioner Make?

The average annual income for a Reiki Practitioner in the United States is $97,991 as of May 31, 2023.

A quick salary calculation comes out to be around $47.11 per hour. This works out to $1,884 a week or $8,166 per month.

While annual Reiki Practitioner’s salaries range from $64,500 (25th percentile) to $125,000 (75th percentile) on ZipRecruiter, the majority of Reiki Practitioner’s salaries currently range from $64,500 (25th percentile) to $125,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $145,000 annually across the United States.

The typical compensation for a Reiki Practitioner ranges widely (up to $60,500), implying that there may be numerous prospects for promotion and higher pay dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

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What Are The Top Skills For A Reiki Practitioner?

Firstly, soft skills like interpersonal skills and communication abilities are essential. But there are also other skills, including patient care, meditation classes, yoga, and pain management, you need to acquire.

What Are The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Reiki Practitioner Jobs?

There are ten cities where the average salary for a Reiki Practitioner is higher than the national average. San Mateo, CA is at the top of the list, with Daly City, CA, and Berkeley, CA in second and third, respectively.

Berkeley, CA, outperforms the national average by $17,198 (17.6%), and San Mateo, CA, exceeds the $97,991 average by another $19,235 (19.6%).

With higher incomes than the national average in these ten places, the potential for economic progression as a Reiki Practitioner appears extremely promising.

Now, the average pay in these top 10 cities differs by 7% between San Mateo, CA, and Merced, CA, emphasizing the little opportunity for wage advancement. Regarding location and compensation for a Reiki Practitioner, the possibility of a cheaper cost of living may be the most important thing to consider.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$117,226$9,769$2,254$56.36
Daly City, CA$115,252$9,604$2,216$55.41
Berkeley, CA$115,190$9,599$2,215$55.38
Green River, WY$112,522$9,377$2,164$54.10
Irvine, CA$111,863$9,322$2,151$53.78
Richmond, CA$109,745$9,145$2,110$52.76
Orange, CA$108,735$9,061$2,091$52.28
Oxnard, CA$108,702$9,059$2,090$52.26
Tacoma, WA$108,687$9,057$2,090$52.25
Merced, CA$108,471$9,039$2,086$52.15

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After analyzing similar jobs, here are five jobs relevant to the Reiki Practitioner job category. None, however, pay more than the average of $97,991 for Reiki Practitioner positions. Nonetheless, roles such as Reiki Therapist, Reiki Nurse, or Reiki Director may be worthwhile to pursue.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Director Reiki$88,719$7,393$1,706$42.65
Reiki Nurse$81,283$6,774$1,563$39.08
Reiki Therapist$75,092$6,258$1,444$36.10
Reiki Master$62,961$5,247$1,211$30.27
Assistant Reiki$52,480$4,373$1,009$25.23


What is the annual income of Reiki Practitioner in the United States?

The average annual income for a Reiki Practitioner in the United States is $97,991 as of May 31, 2023.

What are the cities where the average salary for a Reiki Practitioner is higher than the national average?

There are ten cities where the average salary for a Reiki Practitioner is higher than the national average. They are:
San Mateo, CA
Daly City, CA
Berkeley, CA
Green River, WY
Irvine, CA
Richmond, CA
Orange, CA
Oxnard, CA
Tacoma, WA
Merced, CA

What are the best five jobs are relevant to the Reiki Practitioner job?

After analyzing similar jobs, five jobs are relevant to the Reiki Practitioner job category.
Director Reiki
Reiki Nurse
Reiki Master
Assistant Reiki

Is Reiki practitioner a doctor?

A Reiki practitioner is not a doctor and does not have the authority to issue prescriptions.


The job of a Reiki Practitioner is gradually getting more attractive. To become a well-paid Reiki Practitioner, you must first acquire the necessary skills and information and understand how to perform the art like a professional.

Also, it would help if you surrounded yourself with colleagues in the area from whom you can learn.




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