When and How To Rescind a Resignation Letter

You just quit your job and at first, you seem to satisfy willing to move in that next new job or focus on your personal or family matter, but what happens next? Your situation changes, your family issue got resolved or that new job isn’t exactly what you expected and now you want back in your previous job. 

Now, write a letter to rescind a resignation because that would be the only option to get back in your position at your workplace. If you believe this can favour you and get you back into the company, there are several steps and tips you can use to maintain your relationship with your team and increase the chance you’ve to keep the job. 

However, to help you achieve this goal of writing an effective letter to rescind a resignation, we have made research and gathered useful details on how you can do this. In this article, we’ll be discussing the steps involved in rescinding a resignation, tips that you can use as well as templates to guide you in creating an effective letter to rescind the resignation. 

What Does It Mean To Rescind A Resignation Letter?

Is it possible to cancel my resignation? Yes, it’s very much possible to cancel resignation from a workplace, this is called rescinding resignation. Rescinding a resignation is when you have a change of mind about quitting your job

In this scenario, you are appealing to your employer to withdraw your resignation. When you submit a letter to rescind your resignation, it is up to your employer to decide whether to allow you to continue working in the organization or sign your resignation letter for you to leave the organization according to your initial notice.

To rescind resignation, you have to clearly state in writing that you want to continue working in the organization, despite your resignation stated date of the department. Plead that your initial statement is retracted and ignored. Also, you should be in contact with your manager or human resources to have a proper record of your rescind resignation.

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How To Rescind A Resignation Letter In Written Form

To rescind a resignation letter from your employer, make use of the steps listed and explained below.

Address Your Employer And HR

The rescind resignation letter should begin with a header that includes the date of retraction, your name in full and your position at the organization. Address your rescind resignation letter to the same person you addressed your resignation letter to. 

This person can be your employer, direct manager, or human resources. Clearly, state who the letter is for and who you want to address your resignation letter retraction.

Make A Retraction Statement

Your first paragraph should talk about how you wish to retract your tendered resignation letter that was previously submitted. 

It will be helpful to include the date you sent your resignation letter as part of your statement in the first paragraph. Also, your primary aim of writing a rescinded resignation should be stated clearly . 

Request That You Keep Your Job

Your second paragraph should contain a request to continue working in your organization. While writing a rescind resignation letter, you should not only include a statement of retraction but also add a statement of request; showing your interest and the fact that you regretted your initial decision. 

This tells the employer that you know that the decision to either accept or reject your initial response is based on him. You can explain with good reasons you need to keep your current role or plead for another position at the company. 

Apologize For The Inconveniences You Might Have Caused By Your Decision

You show that your decision to quit and then resume would affect your team. Apologize for such inconveniences the impact has made on your team and explain that you did not intend to put the team in such a state. This shows humility and respect from you towards the organization and your team.

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Explain Your Reasons

Tell your boss why you choose to rescind your resignation letter. You can tell your employer details why you initially resigned and what made the change of mind. You mustn’t go into details, just enough to help them be more empathetic towards you and your situation and consider giving you another opportunity. Make sure your reasons for retracting your resignation are consistent with your change of mind to stay back.

Give The Benefits Of Accepting Your Rescind Resignation 

You can add a few benefits to why you should be kept back on the team. Include your performance record or any accomplishment you might have gotten in your role. When you list the benefits, it reminds your employers of your positive attribute and why they should take you back instead of getting someone new.

End Your Letter With Thanks

Thank your employer or whoever you’re giving the letter to, for considering your retraction request. Express genuine understanding of their situation towards circumstances like yours. Be sincere and kind, and gracefully let them know you will respect their decision, whether they accept or reject your resignation.

Send The Rescind Resignation Letter

After you decide about staying back at your job, send your letter of rescission right away. This is because the longer you wait, the more resources and efforts your employer would have put in finding a replacement or sharing your responsibilities with other employees in order to adapt to the situation. Therefore, sending your letter quickly can help increase your chances of getting back your job.

Reasons To Rescind A Resignation Letter

So many situations can make one rescind a resignation letter. When you decide to resign from your position in an organization and later turn up asking to keep that position or offering to take a lower position, will put your decision-making skills in question. 

Regarding this, think really hard if rescinding your resignation is truly what you want and have solid reasons to back up your final decision. There are many reasons to rescind a resignation, below are some tips to help you.

Tips To Properly Rescind A Resignation

If you want your job back, then implement these tips to make the process easier. They include:

Read Your Company’s Handbook

Consult your company’s handbook and initial employment contract to have guides on resignation and retraction letters, and how it is being dealt with. Some companies have policies that require you to fill out forms with the human resources department when you want to rescind a resignation. Other companies without policies can simply take a written retraction letter when you want to rescind a resignation.

Know Your Rights If Any

Some individuals have legal protection about rescinding a resignation. This depends on your location or where you live. If you figure out that this might be your case, you can research your local labour laws and find out if you have such rights.

Create A Line Of Communication 

When you create a line of communication, you are making it clear to your supervisor that you will accept different options that would enable you to keep your job or any position was given to you at the organization. Enquire about when you should expect to receive a reply based on the letter and also respect that they would need time to decide and consult other leaders of the organization.

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Talk To Your Boss Or Supervisor Ahead Of Time

Talking to your supervisor before submitting an official letter can help you know the outcome of your letter ahead of time. You can still submit a letter to rescind the resignation, but it gives you the opportunity to convince your employer on why he should take you back in the company and reject your resignation letter. Talking to your supervisor can help you set the tone as well.

Have Solid Reasons And Proof To Back Them

If you applied for resignation and expect it to be retracted, you will need good reasons and proof to back up the reasons. If your proof is very convincing, your boss might see the reasons you made your decision in the first place and why you should be given a second chance. 

For example, if you are quitting your job to pay more attention and take care of a sick family member, but suddenly, the sick person gets better. You might use this as your reason with full backup and medical receipt as your proof.

Keep Performing Well

Notwithstanding the current situation at your place of work, continue working hard in your position and ensure to effectively carry out your responsibilities. When you maintain your high-performance levels and exceed your goals, it gives your employer the impression that you are most suitable for that position and they will find it hard to let replace you. 

This might spur your chances of getting accepted again in the organization. Also, this builds trust with your co-workers and shows how passionate you are about the work you’ve been assigned to do.

Inform Your Colleagues Of Your Decision Afterwards 

Some of your colleagues might have been agitated by the decision you made concerning resigning from the company. Some might probably resent the fact that they wasted their time and energy for basically no reason while trying to accomplish a goal with you. 

Informing them you are staying on the team would really lift this resentment or anger but you should do that when your letter to rescind a resignation has been approved to avoid confusing them again. 

During gaining your team or colleagues’ trust again, be prepared to face wary attitudes from them as you prove your willingness to work and grow the company.

Template To Rescind A Resignation Letter

You can follow these templates to create a statement where you can rescind a resignation letter.

Date of submission

Your name 

Your title

Your employer’s name

Your employer’s title

Dear (employer’s name)

I am writing this letter to rescind my previous resignation which I sent on (date when you submitted your resignation letter), wherein I wanted to resign from my previous position as (job title). I no longer have the intention of resigning and would like to request to keep working in my current position in the company.

I understand the inconvenience my previous decision might have caused and I believe my commitment to improving the organization can overcome these inconveniences. I resigned from the company because (state your reason for resignation). The circumstances surrounding my initial decision have changed and I can now continue working in this position because (a reason you want to stay).

If you consider keeping me on your team, I will continue to work hard and help the organization attain its goals by (example of your past achievement). My connections and expertise in this role and company can be of value to the company. I plan to grow this influential organization in whatever way possible. 

Thank you for considering my request to retract my resignation as a (position). I appreciate the consideration and will respect any decision you make towards this letter.

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Your name

Example of a letter to rescind resignation

Here’s a rescind resignation letter sample you can use as a guide to writing your letter.

Feb. 01, 2022

Isaac Luke 

Sales Manager

Bethel David

Director of Sales

Dear Bethel,

I am writing this letter to rescind my previous resignation letter, sent on Jan. 29, 2022, wherein I resigned from my role as the sales manager. I no longer wish to resign and ask that you consider reinstating me in my current role.

I apologize for the inconvenience my decisions might have caused and hope to compensate for it. I originally resigned to take care of my sick wife and give more attention to her at the hospital. However, the doctor in charge has declared her healed and healthy, and I can now continue working in this position since she can now take care of herself and fully carry out daily activities.

If you consider reinstating me, I will continue to bring success to the organization by increasing my consistent sales goal and achieving it. Now, I have no reason to quit my job, I would be honoured to continue working in my position as a sales manager.

Thank you for considering my request to rescind my resignation and continue working in the company. I appreciate the consideration and will show my hard work in supporting my team for as long as I am allowed.


Isaac Luke.

Frequently Asked Questions On When And How To Rescind A Resignation Letter

Is it ok to rescind a resignation?

It’s okay to rescind a resignation but whether you are accepted back or rejected depends on your employer and how much you can present convincing reasons towards the situation.

How long do you have to rescind a retraction?

Once an employee resigns, it cannot be reversed unless the employer agrees to it. There’s no time frame or obligation when an employee can rescind a resignation but its better you rescind the resignation immediately you decided.

Can I retract my resignation during notice period?

Some nations have held that an employee can withdraw a resignation during the notice period and is entitled to consequential benefits from the organization if he’s not allowed to work.

Can an employee resign twice?

Yes, an employee can resign twice and not even the employer can hold them against their wish.

Can I apply to the same company after resigning?

You can apply to the same company after resigning only if you are on good terms with your director; contact them to let them know of your interest to come back to the company. You can also contact a colleague that might have insider information about how to get back on the job if your director is no longer in the department you wish to go back to.


Before you decide to resign from your position at an organization; you should make your researches and carefully give it time before submitting your letter of resignation. Rescinding a resignation does not guarantee that you will be accepted back into the company. It just helps improve your chances of getting accepted back, so yes, we all want to try it and hope it works out.



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