Restaurant Manager Job Description Template For 2023

Restaurant managers are usually tasked with the vital duty of leading the business. They are tasked to deliver a quality menu and inspire the staff to do better and ensure customer satisfaction. The restaurant manager job description template is mainly used for applying to an online job or career page.

It usually highlights the duties and responsibilities required of the restaurant, eatery, fast food Company, or general chain manager. A well-crafted restaurant job description template is effective in attracting employers. It is essential to state the needs or requirements of the required candidate clearly.

Being the face of the restaurant, the duty of the restaurant manager is not just secluded to ensuring customer satisfaction but branches to proper organization of the work schedule of their staff. A well-crafted restaurant job description template usually begins with the job and company introduction.

Who Is A Restaurant Manager?

A restaurant manager is also known as the restaurant general manager. He/she specializes in the available control of the day-to-day activities of a restaurant.

As the restaurant general manager, you are responsible for ensuring adequate customer satisfaction, hiring skilled and qualified staff, aiding the growth and productivity of the restaurant, and the overall duty of making sure everything is working smoothly as it is supposed to be in the restaurant. 

A restaurant general manager should have the right attitude and diligence to motivate staff to put in their best at all times. Being a good restaurant general manager will test your skill to adequately maintain a steady balance on the restaurant’s revenues, profits, and quality. 

The general manager should also properly allocate tasks to each staff member to ensure a smooth flow of business, especially at busy hours.

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Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

When creating your restaurant manager job description, you must first create a brief of catchy and concise. An example of a restaurant job description intro is 

” Are you a well-trained chef with knowledge on management and effective customer satisfaction? We @ … are searching for a restaurant manager to conduct and control all the proceedings of this magnificent establishment. You must have some experience working in the restaurant business. you must be a good communicator and should be able to keep good and accurate records of all happenings in the business”

Duties and responsibilities

As a restaurant manager, there are several roles you’ll have to perform. Being a restaurant manager comes with many responsibilities, and the bigger your restaurant goes, the more those responsibilities grow. 

Most of the duties and responsibilities of a restaurant manager include:

  • Create an appropriate staff schedule for staff.
  • Ensure continuous customer satisfaction by offering superior services.
  • Processing of payrolls and all important records.
  • Supervision of the staff.
  • Hire and subsequently train new employees.
  • Ensure that the restaurant lives up to all sanitation and safety regulations required.
  • The restaurant manager should be able to adequately control the company’s budget while also minimizing unnecessary expenses.
  • Ensure that all food supplies equipment is available and monitor when replacements are necessary. 
  • Steadily address the needs and complaints of the customers.
  • The restaurant manager should always attempt to improve the restaurant’s image.
  • Keeping an adequate record of how many hours each staff is putting in.
  • Promotion of the restaurant brand.
  • Motivate the staff members to work harder.
  • Creating a positive and safe working environment.
  • Applying innovative methods to boost productivity and sales.
  • Planning of menu for the day.
  • Overall improvements in the running of the restaurant.

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Qualifications and requirements

A restaurant manager job description template should contain the required qualifications and requirements necessary for applying for the position. The various qualifications mainly required from the restaurant general manager include:

  • Most employers tend to favor applicants with a degree in management, hospitality management, business studies, hotel, catering, or any related degree program. It’s possible to climb the echelon of the food business without any degree: this can be achieved by learning under someone in the industry for some time.
  • Have due experience in the restaurant business.

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Skills and basic requirements of a restaurant manager

As a restaurant manager, there are specific key skills you need to possess to help in the proper growth of the establishment. Restaurant managers have numerous responsibilities ranging from hiring staff to keeping track of ways to improve the restaurant. 

Being a restaurant manager goes beyond the degree you hold. Certain personal traits and skills need to be cultivated in order for the business to move forward. Skills that a restaurant manager should be able to master include:

1. Communication

As a restaurant manager, you need to develop efficient communication skills with your staff and the customers to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The restaurant manager should be able to give clear and precise instructions to staff members. 

Communication with customers should be in a manner that does not become too personal but is just enough to show that the establishment values them. The restaurant manager should respond to customer emails and posts, constantly answering questions and clearing up any misunderstandings. The manager should also ensure that the company holds a steady social media communication stage with its customers.

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2. Interpersonal skills

A restaurant manager should have over-average interpersonal skills. This skill is one of the most required skills in the business. For the restaurant to be successful, the general manager should build a healthy and friendly relationship with the staff and customers. When a restaurant manager builds a good relationship with his staff, they can effectively work together as a single system and build the establishment to be ultimately successful. 

Having good Interpersonal skills with people will also aid in customer satisfaction. The best customer services are offered by businesses with employees and managers with good interpersonal skills. The interpersonal skills necessary for the business are active listening, leadership, teamwork, and motivation.

3. Multitasking

With the myriad of duties that a restaurant manager has to perform the restaurant manager has no other choice to achieve all of them but to multitask. Developing the skill of multitasking means being able to divide your attention or focus to more than one activity at a particular time. 

You can go from answering a phone call to clear up an issue with a customer reservation to supervising your staff and checking the menu to be sure all is in order. The ability to multitask is key to staying organized and handling all the roles and responsibilities expected of you as the restaurant general manager. 

4. Time management

Nothing can be achieved without effective planning of time and this applies not just to you as a restaurant manager but in everything, you venture into life. Time management is a process used to increase the effectiveness of all our activities by planning and exercising conscious control of the amount of time we spend performing a particular activity.

 A restaurant manager should be able to control the amount of time spent in all his duties and responsibilities in order to complete all his tasks. Effective time management skills will also help the restaurant manager in scheduling each staff member for shifts in a manner that ensures enough coverage throughout the working hours of the restaurant. Time management skills will help ensure that the right activities occur at the supposed time without any delay.

5. Stamina and ability to manage stress

Managing a restaurant business is not a bed of roses as restaurants are usually demanding and fast-paced especially the good ones. A restaurant manager should have the stamina and the endurance to manage the stress that comes with it. As a restaurant general manager, you might have to stand for hours to ensure the effective productivity of the business.

A restaurant manager is always in the steady process of supervising all the activities of the staff in between ensuring that the customers are having a good time. A restaurant manager might work extended shifts for days staying always alert at every activity going on in the restaurant and ready to swoop in and settle any matter if need be. Having the stamina and ability to manage stress is one of the basic requirements you should try to culture as a restaurant manager.

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How Much Do Restaurant Managers Make?

The average salary of a restaurant general manager fluctuates and is dependent on certain factors like location, type of restaurant, and menu list. The average salary of a restaurant manager is estimated to be $49,755 per annum. More experienced and popular restaurant food chains tend to earn higher.

The average salary of the restaurant managers is estimated to be higher in states like Alaska, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Washington, and Wyoming.


A restaurant manager job description template is the first step to attracting the best restaurant manager to your establishment. A well-crafted restaurant manager should contain all the basic duties and responsibilities of the restaurant manager for the restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions On Restaurant Manager Job Description

Does becoming a restaurant manager require a degree?

Becoming a restaurant manager generally does not require a degree.

Is the job of a restaurant manager a good one?

Being a restaurant manager is a good career if you love working with people.


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