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Short Notice Resignation Letter Samples | 2023

Resignation letters must be written when a worker wants to quit his or her position. A professional resignation letter should be written even if you must leave on short notice.

If you need to leave on short notice, what should you do? You are expected to provide your employer with two weeks’ notice before resigning from your position.

It is termed “short notice” if you provide less than a week’s notice, a few days’ notice, or leave immediately. If you give your manager enough notice, he or she can prepare for your leave, begin the hiring process, and ensure your tasks are handled.

You can also use this time to complete ongoing work or find someone to take over your obligations if you are unable to do so.

Samples of short-notice resignation letters are included in this section, as are guidelines for preparing a letter with short notice.

What is a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

In the event that an employee wishes to resign with less than two weeks’ notice, a short notice resignation letter must be sent to their employer.

Most companies request a minimum of two weeks’ notice to prepare for your departure and begin the hiring process.

However, you may be forced to submit a resignation letter with only a few days’ notice if the situation warrants it.

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How to Write a Short Notice Resignation Letter

When writing a short notice resignation letter, you should take the following steps to ensure that your connection with your employer remains positive:

1. Notify Your Immediate Supervisor First

If you can, meet with your manager face-to-face or over the phone before submitting your resignation letter. As a kind and personal gesture to your manager, this can help ease tensions between the two of you.

You can also ask any last-minute questions about your departure, such as about your pay and benefits.

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2. The Business Letter Format Should Be Used

As a professional document, your short notice resignation letter should follow the proper format of a business letter.

As a result, your resignation letter is easier to read, and it demonstrates the professionalism with which you resigned.

The header of a business letter should include the recipient’s first and last name, position, address, and the date you are sending the letter.

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3. State Your Resignation And The Date On Which It Will Take Effect

In your letter of resignation with short notice, including a statement of resignation as early as possible.

When you write your letter this way, the recipient will know exactly its goal and will be more likely to read it.

Before moving on to the following section of your letter, double-check that your effective date of resignation is right.

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4. Explain Your Hasty Resignation

If you have a good reason for quitting so suddenly, be sure to include it in your resignation letter. If you’re leaving a company, explaining why is best practice.

Short notice resignations can be triggered by a family emergency, a move, or a new job that requires you to start immediately.

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5. Gratitude Should Be Expressed

Consider ending your letter by expressing gratitude to your employer for the experience and knowledge you received while working for them.

You can mention specific projects you were grateful to have been a part of or appreciate the entire experience of being a part of. It doesn’t matter whether you were dissatisfied with some aspects of your job.

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6. Sign Off With Your Initials

Finally, you must sign your name on the page to complete the resignation letter on a short notice basis.

If you’re writing an email, you should always include your name at the conclusion of the message.

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How to Write a Short Notice Resignation Letter (email)

Additionally, you can send your resignation notice via email. This is a particularly good option if you need to notify your employer of your resignation immediately.

Even if you resign by email, you may want to consider mailing a follow-up letter to your employer for their records.

Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to send an email message:

1. Use an Unambiguous Subject Line

The subject line should succinctly communicate your objective for writing, ensuring that your employer immediately reads it.

You may also provide your name. For instance, your subject line could be “Firstname Lastname – Resignation Notice” or “Firstname Lastname – Resignation on MonthDay, 20XX.”

2. Keep it Succinct

As with a resignation letter, your email should be brief. Simply explain your resignation, the date of your departure, and attach a brief thank you and offer of assistance throughout the transition (if possible).

3. Review and Edit

Individuals frequently overlook the importance of proofreading emails like they would a written letter.

As with a resignation letter, thoroughly proofread your email for spelling and punctuation issues. Additionally, ensure that the typeface is legible and large enough.

When do you need a Short Notice Resignation?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to give the standard two-week notice. If you have a personal crisis or job conditions are unbearable, you may need to quit immediately.

Alternatively, you may have received a job offer from a new employer, and they want you to begin immediately. The sooner you inform your employer of your plans to leave, the more likely they will appreciate it.

Consider using the sample resignation letters below if you need to leave with short notice. One is a formal business letter; the other is an email. The other is a message sent by email.

Short Notice Resignation Letter Samples

Below are the samples for short notice resignation letters;

Sample 1

Subject: Effective October 15, 2021, Resignation

To Bob,

Kindly accept this letter as notification of my resignation from the XYC firm. Regrettably, I will be unable to provide the standard two weeks notice owing to health considerations. This Friday, October 15, 2021, will be my last day with the company.

Please accept my apologies for the short notice. I’ve had a great deal of fun working with you and have learned a great deal from your management. Kindly advise me on what I can do over the next three days to assist with the changeover.

I appreciate your understanding.



Sample 2

346 Sundown Place Downton, MA 07234 Carline Jennings


18 October 2021

The Hon. Janaya Campbell

Manager of Human Resources

The ABC Corporation

Allerton Road, 123

Cambridge, Massachusetts 07314

Respected Ms. Campbell:

Please accept this letter as formal notification that on Friday, October 22, 2021, I will be quitting from my position at ABCD Company. As far as I am aware, two weeks’ notice is usual. However, due to personal circumstances, I need to resign from this company by the end of this week.

I would be delighted to assist you in any way I can during this time of transition.

Thank you for providing me with professional and personal development opportunities over the previous five years.

I’ve loved working for the agency and I am grateful for the support provided during my employment.


Signed (hard copy letter)

Jennings, Carline

Sample 3

26 January 2020

Countess Kate Spinner

Manager of Stores

Farm Table, Incorporated

Sunshine Lane, 20345

Elite, Tennessee 10046

Greetings, Ms. Spinner.

Please take this letter as my formal resignation as of Monday, February 3rd. If I could, I would have given you at least two weeks notice; unfortunately, I accepted a job offer for an immediate start. I hope you will excuse the short notice.

I appreciate you offering this chance and assisting me in developing new leadership methods.

Kindly notify me if I can assist you with this transition. I’ve begun compiling notes on critical projects I cannot accomplish before departure.


Tarte de juin

Sample 4

15 May 2019

Caleb Schuster, Jr.


Windows of Sweet Water

Ln. 5555 New Address

Minnow, New York

Respected Mr. Schuster,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from the office manager position at Sweet Water Windows. Regrettably, I am unable to submit the needed notice due to recent events that have caused me tremendous worry. Wednesday, May 19th, is my last day of employment with Sweet Water. I regret the short notice, but I have been working with Human Resources to resolve the issues causing me significant stress; nevertheless, no action has been taken to resolve these concerns. I am compelled to depart.

I’ve enjoyed working with you and my colleagues and significantly benefited from your counsel. I am willing to assist with the transition in the days leading up to my departure.

I am extremely appreciative of your understanding.

Warm regards,

Duran, Leslie

Sample 5

December 8, 2019

Ms. Linda Rim Sunglass Shack Manager

1111 Tully Ct 1111 Tully Ct

Lexington, Kentucky

Respected Ms. Rim

Kindly take this letter as my formal resignation, effective immediately.

Due to personal reasons, I am leaving my work as a sales associate. I enjoyed my time here and have no ill will against the company or anyone who works here. If I had been able to, I would have supplied the requisite notice.

I appreciate this opportunity and hope that if I am able to return to this organization in the future, you would accept me.

Kindly notify me if I can assist you with this transition. I will be accessible to assist you via phone or email for a few weeks after my departure.


Storm, Jessica

Sample 6

Your given name

Your complete address

Zip code of your city, state

Your contact information

Your email address


Name of the supervisor


The company’s name

Complete address

Zip code for city and state

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to inform you that, effective immediately, I cannot perform my obligations as a (your function) at your organization (date). I’ve been offered a position at one of my chosen companies, and they require me to begin immediately.

I hope you will accept my resignation in exchange for the exciting opportunity that awaits me at my following organization. I’ve enjoyed my time at this organization and am appreciative of the exposure the management has provided in helping me grow my professional coding skills.

Kindly notify me if I may assist the post’s replacement employee. I would do everything possible to get her up to speed on the procedures. Additionally, I’ve put my contact information below.

Kindly take the necessary action.


Your given name

Your contact information

You are positioned.


So, now that you have been through ample short-notice resignation letter and email samples, do not forget the pointers.

Good luck!


How do I write a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

In the first paragraph of your letter, make a simple statement that you are resigning. Include the date you intend to quit, or the last day you will work. Your employer should be grateful that you’ve been able to join their team. Help others.

How do I resign after a short time?

Resignation letters with a notice period of fewer than 24 hours are feasible, but they are not the standard. People should avoid resigning within 24 hours after starting a new job.

What is the sign that it’s time to resign?

Signs that it’s time for you to leave your current position are as follows:
You’re not learning (even though you’d like to)
You’re acquiring coping methods rather than actual abilities.
The way you feel about yourself is affected by your employment.
You’re torn on whether or not to hire.
Your employment is causing physical harm to your body.

How do I resign without telling the reason?

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused any of my coworkers, and I hope you can appreciate that I cannot extend my notice of resignation at this time.

How do I submit my resignation letter?

Don’t send your resignation by email; instead, print it out and bring it to your manager in person if possible.




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