15 Best Solar Companies In New Hampshire | 2023 Careers, Location

New Hampshire is home to some of the best solar companies in America. With a population of nearly 600,000 people, the state has a lot of potential for solar companies to thrive.

The state has generous tax credits for going solar and other incentives that help make it worth your while. Solar power is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to save money.

Are you trying to find some of the best solar companies in New Hampshire? Keep reading as we review some of the best in the industry.

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Solar Companies in New Hampshire

Many different solar companies are operating in New Hampshire. Some are well-known, while others are new to the market and just starting.

It’s important to note that each company has a different approach to getting customers solar power—and it can make a difference in how successful they sell you on their services or products.

There are also many types of solar panels available. Some companies specialize in one kind, while others offer a more comprehensive range of options.

It’s essential to take the time to compare these various options before deciding on a solar company and what panels they will install on your home or business. Consider the warranties offered by each company. While all solar panels come with a warranty, some can be more extensive than others. 

Another thing to consider is whether the company offers financing options. If they do, this can make solar panels more affordable since payment won’t be upfront.

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Why You Should Consider Going Solar in New Hampshire

With solar being a major proponent for safe energy, below are some reasons you should go solar:

There Are Tax Credits For Going Solar

When you go solar, your investment will pay itself back in the long run and provide you with energy savings. You can use these benefits in two ways:

  • To reduce your taxable income by lowering the amount of taxes that you owe
  • To qualify for a federal solar tax credit.

You’re Greening Up the Earth

You’re doing your part for the environment. Did you know that by going solar, you’re reducing pollution? With the air pollution caused by vehicles and industry, it’s no wonder that solar companies in New Hampshire are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By using fewer fossil fuels and reducing their consumption, these businesses are also helping reduce climate change’s effects on our planet.

Solar Power is More Reliable Than Ever Before

Solar power has become more reliable than ever before. Currently, solar panels are now more efficient and last longer, making them an attractive option for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes more energy-efficient.

Besides being cheaper than ever, you can now install solar systems in a variety of locations across New Hampshire—and they’re even more accessible than they used to be!

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Best Solar Companies In New Hampshire

Solar companies in New Hampshire offer several options for cutting down on pollution while reducing costs at home or work. Below are some of the best Solar Companies in New Hampshire:

#1. Solar Source

Solar Source is a local solar energy company that offers a variety of solar solutions for residential and commercial clients. They are one of the best solar installation companies in New Hampshire, offering affordable solutions to homeowners looking to reduce their electricity bills by installing solar panels on their homes.

Solar Source has been providing quality services that have helped thousands of people get off fossil fuels to save money on their monthly bills. Their team has years of experience working with other companies within the industry, so they know how to deliver high-quality work at reasonable rates while remaining competitive with different companies’ prices.


#2. ReVision Energy

ReVision Energy is a solar power company that offers professional solar electricity, solar heat pump, and EV charger installation services for homes and businesses in New Hampshire. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

ReVision Energy’s branch office in Brentwood, NH, offers professional services for residential customers looking to install or upgrade their existing systems. Their skilled team works with you to ensure that your home or business’s energy needs are met by installing new equipment that can save you money on energy bills over time!


#3. All-Energy Solar

All-Energy Solar is a premier full-service solar energy provider. They focus on transitioning to solar energy easy for property owners of all kinds — residential, commercial, agricultural, and government.

They have installed over 1000 systems in New Hampshire and offer solar system design, installation, and financing. With one of the best payment plans available and glowing ratings from customers who have used them, you can see why they are on our list of best solar companies in New Hampshire!


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#4. ACE Solar

Generally, ACE Solar is a leading provider of solar installation services for residential, commercial, and utility-scale customers.

ACE Solar has made a name for itself by remaining customer-focused, listening to clients, and providing the best value possible. It was ranked the #1 Solar Contractor by Home Energy Magazine and one of the top solar contractors in the country by The Narrows Group/Renewable Energy World (REG).


#5. NuWatt Energy

NuWatt Energy is a New Hampshire-based solar company that promotes Real Energy Independence, and Energy Efficiency with quality systems installs. Its ethic to select only quality products makes it one of the best Solar companies in New Hampshire.

With NuWatt Energy, you own the solar system installed on your home, and you get the upside value – not some third party or utility company!


#6. Patriot Solar Energy

Patriot Solar Energy is a leading provider of solar solutions in New Hampshire. It offers the best alternative home energy solutions, commercial solar power options, and residential photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Choosing a company to install solar panels on your roof can require clarification. Hence, Patriot Solar ensures clients are always informed about their options before deciding how they want their system installed or financed. You don’t need an engineering degree or fancy tools! 


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#7. New England Clean Energy

When it comes to solar energy projects, New England Clean Energy is one of the best solar companies in New Hampshire. They offer solar installation, Industry-leading Warranties, and an enjoyable, no-hassle sales process.

Their approach has earned high customer satisfaction among all other New England solar panel companies. Today they continue to offer these same high-quality products at competitive rates while maintaining their reputation as one of America’s top retailers of eco-friendly products.


#8. Venture Solar

Venture Solar is a solar installation company that provides customers with the highest quality system available—based on performance, aesthetics, unmatched service, and a 25-year product warranty.

The company ensures each system is customized and tailored to your needs while ensuring you get the best value. The team also works with you every step of the way, from your free consultation to follow-up service. Providing the most efficient, durable best, looking home solar systems on the market, Venture Solar is easily one of New Hampshire’s best Solar Companies!


#9. Sunergy Solution

Sunergy Solution is a leading solar company providing safe and reliable solar power solutions for residential and commercial property owners. They offer customers various incentivized solar system programs to harness solar to save money and the planet.

Sunergy Solutions has accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and was ranked #1 on their list of Top 10 Firms in New Hampshire for Solar Installations.

All equipment has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, double that of most competitors’ warranties. The 20-year quality warranty is also more extended than most other companies – making them an attractive choice for any homeowner looking for long-term reliability from their next solar installation project!


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#10. 603 Solar

603 Solar is a New Hampshire solar company that helps homeowners understand their needs and how much solar production they will need to offset their electric bill.

The company assists in calculating how much solar you will need, designing precisely how the system will lay out, and handling all the applications and permits required to approve a solar installation. Once approved, they coordinate the installation and inspection of the system, and once ready, the system is ready to start collecting energy for you.


#11. New Hampshire Solar

New Hampshire Solar is a solar company offering installation services for residential and commercial customers. Their services include solar panel installation, solar energy financing, and solar power system design.


#12. Sundial Solar

Sundial Solar is a turn-key Solar Design & Installation company serving Central and Southern New Hampshire. It uses exclusively cutting-edge products at rates unmatched by competitors. It is one of the best solar companies in New Hampshire by exclusively using these high-quality components.


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#13. Pfister Energy

Pfister Energy is a commercial solar energy service provider. The end-to-end solar services benefit various organizations by reducing operating costs and hedging against future rate hikes. With a proven track record, Pfister is one of the best solar companies in New Hampshire.


#14. Big Sky Solar

Big Sky Solar has been helping people save money on their energy bills with clean, efficient, and abundant solar energy since 2008. With nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry and 15 years of solar installations, it is one of the best solar companies in New Hampshire.

They have been recognized by the NH Energy Research and Development Center for their work in energy efficiency. From start to finish, their full-service business covers design, sales, and installation, along with system monitoring from start-up through post-installation services such as warranty checks or replacements if needed.


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#15. Granite State Solar

Granite State Solar is an award-winning solar panel installation company, in business since 2008. This solar company has been among the Best solar companies in New Hampshire for four years, including in 2023. You’ll get leading-edge products with innovative, custom, resilient energy system designs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solar worth it in New Hampshire?

Yes, solar panels will save you some money in New Hampshire.

What is the best solar company in New Hampshire?

Venture Solar has one of the best ratings of solar companies in New Hampshire. 

How much do Solar Panels cost in New Hampshire?

Solar panels in New Hampshire cost an average of $3.56/W

Does New Hampshire have a solar tax credit?

Yes, a tax credit of up to 30% is available for qualifying homeowners. 

Do Solar Panels increase property taxes in New Hampshire?

No, the state of New Hampshire exempts additional property taxes on any other value solar adds to your home. 


Solar energy is the future, and New Hampshire is a great place to invest in solar power. This article has given insight into the great variety of solar companies in New Hampshire. We are confident that if you choose to work with one of these companies, they will meet your needs at the best quality available!


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