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In Utah, as in most states of the nation, residential solar panels are growing in acceptance. The state is currently one of the country’s top solar energy producers, and future growth is only anticipated to be positive. Therefore, finding accessible and affordable solar panels for your home in Utah is simple.

Most customers who choose solar in Utah experience energy savings that, on average, result in long-term savings of thousands of dollars. Utah is a great state for solar. Residents enjoy about 238 sunny days annually, which is nearly 10% more than residents of all other states, and the state is ranked 12th in the nation for solar adoption.

Since Utah’s solar companies are expanding quickly, there are many solar companies to choose from, which can easily lead to decision paralysis.

Are solar panels something you’re thinking about adding to your house? Learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of solar energy in Utah and how to decide if it’s a good investment for your house by reading on.

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Are Solar Panels in Utah worth it?

Yes, solar power is worth considering in Utah. While Utah may not receive as much sunlight as some states, it still gets enough sunlight to make solar energy viable. The state has an average of 222 sunny days per year, more than enough to generate significant amounts of electricity.

In addition, Utah has some of the highest electricity rates in the country, making solar energy an attractive option for homeowners and businesses looking to save money on their energy bills.

Installing solar panels can help reduce or even eliminate electricity bills, depending on the size of the system and the amount of electricity used.

Furthermore, Utah offers various incentives and programs for those who install solar panels, including net metering, which allows homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the grid, and the Utah State Tax Credit, which provides a tax credit of up to $2,000 for those who install solar panels.

Overall, abundant sunlight, high electricity rates, and incentives make solar power an intelligent investment in Utah. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as the orientation and shading of your roof and the upfront installation costs before deciding.

Some of these factors are listed below:

 #1. If your property belongs to you

Before installing a solar system, tenants or company owners without property should contact the owner.

#2. Electricity costs a lot of money

Your solar panel system will save you money faster the more expensive your power rate is. Modern solar buyers “break-even” on their investment in solar in seven to eight years.

#3. Solar energy is reasonably priced

On the EnergySage Marketplace, a typical 10 kW solar panel system will cost roughly $20,020 in 2022. You can be sure you’re receiving a decent bargain because the 9pricing on EnergySage is frequently cheaper than market rates.

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What Factors affect Utah solar panel pricing?

Many factors affect the cost of solar panels in Utah, including:

#1. System size

The cost of a solar panel system increases with size. The average cost of solar energy per unit falls as system size rises.

#2. Panel quality and brand

The quality of solar panels can vary depending on the brand, just like any other product or equipment.

#3. Panel design

The general calibre of your installation depends on the type of panel you install (usually monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film). Prices rise with quality.

#4. The Roof

The price of installing solar panels includes more than simply the hardware cost. The solar contractor will also charge for the difficulty of the installation, so if the roof is complicated, the system may cost more.

#5. Installation firm

The labour prices charged by various solar providers vary. They can spend more for a reputable business with better ratings and a quicker installation schedule.

#6. Getting permission and connecting

Paying for permits and connection fees to the grid adds a small amount to the solar installation’s final cost, albeit insignificant.

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15 Best Solar Companies in Utah

Here is a list of the 15 best solar companies in Utah.

  • Es Solar
  • Smart Wave Solar
  • Solcius
  • Suncatcher Energy
  • Intermountain Wind & Solar
  • ION Solar
  • Platinum Solar LLC
  • American Solar POWER 
  • Gardner Energy
  • Blue Raven Solar
  • Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy 
  • Creative Energies 
  • Legacy Energy
  • Mynt Solar & Roofing
  • SunPower

#1. Es Solar

 Es Solar is a knowledgeable solar company in Layton, UT, United States, recognising the importance of selecting renewable energy. This company has years of experience providing impartial solar information.

Es Solar is renowned for being cost-effective in all of Utah. It builds a solar collecting system tailored to each home using top-tier components and technology. Es Solar is one of the best choices for cost-effective home upgrades. Each client’s financing and payment options are considered.

Additionally, Es Solar offers solar panel installation all around Utah.


  • Representatives are authorities on regional laws.
  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship
  • Excellent customer care 


  • No PPAs or leases
  • Only accessible 12 months after installation, energy audits.


#2. Smart Wave Solar

Smart Wave Solar strives to satisfy its clients’ energy needs with the ideal solar system for each customer’s home. It answers all of its customers’ questions, including everything from predicted savings projections to talking about the best possible financing and purchase options.

Every customer’s priorities are essential to them as well. Smart Wave Solar is in Bluffdale, UT, United States, and they are dedicated to collaborating with customers to create the ideal system to suit their needs.

They use the best components and technology available in the market in solar installations. Smart wave solar has several advantages, including;

  • protection from rising energy prices
  • enhances the value of properties
  • Increase employment and the local economy


#3. Solcius

LOCATION; Provo, UT, United States

 With various financing and ownership choices, Solcius creates, distributes, installs, and maintains best-in-class solar systems, including their standard black-on-black panels.

Because Solcius is aware that solar energy benefits everyone, it is passionate about what it does. Homeowners experience significant long-term cost savings and energy independence, and everyone benefits from the environmental effects of using sustainable energy.

Going solar is as simple, clear-cut, and transparent as possible, thanks to Solcius. Every step of the procedure is handled for each client, and they are always kept informed.

Because of its continued dedication to producing high-quality work, prompt customer service, and an ethical workplace environment, Solcius has developed into one of the leading residential solar providers.


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#4. Suncatcher Energy

LOCATION; Sandy, UT, United States 

Most of Suncatcher Energy’s customers are homeowners who want to profit from using sustainable solar energy to power their houses.

Suncatcher Energy is delighted to provide one-day installation for most of its residential solar installations so customers can take advantage of their new greenhouse as soon as possible.

Because of its capacity to offer its customers a superior level of customer care, Suncatcher Energy is one of the best solar firms in Utah.

The group of regional solar contractors is among the best qualified in the field and dedicated to Suncatcher Energy’s work.


#5. Intermountain Wind & Solar

LOCATION; Centerville, UT, United States

With customers throughout Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon, Intermountain Wind & Solar is the top provider of solar panels in the Intermountain West. It offers one of the best cost-per-watt pricing options in the area by fusing knowledge with community activities. Customers can save a ton of money thanks to the price and federal and state incentives for renewable energy.

The transition to solar is simple and practical thanks to Intermountain Wind & Solar. With solar financing, customers can cover the upfront cost of installing solar panels in Utah.

Solar power specialists at Intermountain Wind & Solar are prepared to assist you in generating free energy, from panel system design and installation to system monitoring and ongoing services, whether the client is in Reno or Salt Lake City.


#6. ION Solar

LOCATION; Provo, UT, United States

ION Solar handles the entire process of transitioning to solar. Their devoted support staff is with clients at every step, from their in-house designers, surveyors, installers, and more to their custom-developed system employing the most excellent quality equipment.

Solar conversion shouldn’t be difficult. Other businesses may promise simplicity but aren’t designed to deliver it. A full-service solar firm is an ION. Customers get the solar experience they deserve from ION thanks to its committed support staff, skilled installation crew, and dozens of other solar specialists, ensuring a smooth changeover to solar.

For the unique solar system, ION only uses the best solar and electrical components, including some of the best-rated panels and inverters on the market.


#7. Platinum Solar LLC

LOCATION; Logan, UT, United States

Utilizing solar energy is important since it is a powerful and infinite resource. Platinum Solar LLC offers households in Logan, UT, and the nearby areas access to inexpensive, sustainable energy.

Platinum Solar LLC has over 16 years of experience in the solar energy sector. Additionally, the company’s founder, Cameron Christensen, has extensive expertise in running one of the country’s biggest privately held solar enterprises. This solar company uses its experience to offer its customers superior solar services.

Platinum Solar LLC has invested years in the sector to boost its reputation and offer customers the highest quality services. It is a Utah-licensed solar contractor.


#8. American Solar POWER 

LOCATION; Logan, UT, United States

American Solar is dedicated to installing solar panels around the US to hasten the country’s transition to net-zero emissions goals.

This Solar company offers innovative technology to ensure that American homeowners may quickly,, and affordably join the solar energy revolution, go energy-independent, and save a lot of money over the long term.

American Solar collaborates with the top regional installers that provide the most excellent craftsmanship and equipment guarantees. Our top priority is protecting your investment from start to finish.


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#9. Gardner Energy

LOCATION; West Haven, UT, United States

New technologies are developed daily with the potential to improve the quality and resilience of life. However, it might be challenging to keep up with new technology alone. Gardner Energy serves the residential and commercial energy markets.

Gardner Energy is at the forefront of utilizing tried-and-true, dependable technology to enhance its customers’ lives, homes, and businesses. When the solar business started, Gardner Energy was a key player in its foundation, and it will still be available to help its clients as the sector develops.

The skilled staff at Gardner Energy is highly motivated to offer solutions for the present while keeping the needs of its clients in mind. At Gardner, system adaptation, flexibility, and lifespan are crucial.


#10. Blue Raven Solar

LOCATION; Orem, UT, United States and Murray, UT, United States · 

 Blue Raven Solar, a SunPower company, collaborates with Give Power to improve the world. It is one of the nation’s fastest-growing nonprofit solar companies globally.

With one aim in mind, Blue Raven Solar was founded to give American homeowners an easy and cost-effective option to receive the best solar technology. It offers people simple ways to install solar power while reducing utility costs.

By lowering homeowners’ energy costs, increasing their reliance on clean, plentiful renewable energy, and delivering a world-class customer experience through a dependable sales process and a quick, high-quality installation, Blue Raven Solar seeks to improve the lives of homeowners.


#11. Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy 

LOCATION; Clearfield, UT united states 

Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy is about more than simply solar energy; it’s also about the people and lives that solar energy positively influences daily. Its team devotes to empowering customers to take control of their energy destiny, and it prioritizes integrity and quality while offering cutting-edge technology. 

Since 2010, Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy has been involved in the solar industry. It has seen and done everything over the past ten years and shares that knowledge and value with everyone.

This solar firm is dedicated to offering customers a solar solution with the most significant goods available in the market, excellent customer support, and total satisfaction. Because of its emphasis on safety, value, and honesty, customers don’t need to worry.


#12. Creative Energies 

The mission of Creative Energies is to guide localities toward a clean energy future. It has achieved this goal for over 20 years by installing solar for individuals, companies, and organizations across Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho towns.

Mountain communities are important to Creative Energies because they are where it works, plays, and lives. This solar business employs daring solar artisans; many of its employees have solar panels on their houses.

As a Certified B Corp, Creative Energies is committed to protecting the environment, the local community, and its clients. It works out of net-zero energy offices that use solar power and passive energy-saving architecture.


  • Licensed B Corp
  • Excellent client service
  • Extensive experience
  • Many goods and services 


  • No PPAs or leases
  • A little pricey


#13. Legacy Energy

LOCATION; Clearfield, UT

Presently, Legacy Energy installs both the Tesla Solar Roof and the GAF Timberline Solar Roof. Both are made to be simple to install. Only the installers’ reliability determines how well these roofing products perform.

The home’s specifications find each solar panel system. The Legacy Energy contractors know that every installation is unique to each home.

Modern solar power systems are available from Legacy Energy, including stand-alone off-grid, grid-tied, and battery backup systems. Whichever a customer invests in, Legacy Energy performs well.

 Legacy Energy is one of only two Utah roofers who have achieved GAF Master Elite Status and is a trusted solar energy supplier.


#14. Mynt Solar & Roofing

LOCATION; Lehi, Utah

One of the few solar businesses in the nation that don’t prioritize door-to-door sales is Mynt Solar & Roofing. Instead of being a summer sales company, Mynt Solar & Roofing concentrates on solar contractors in California, Nevada, and Utah.

With its clients, it thrives on accuracy and openness. These fundamental ideas contribute to low prices. The knowledge of Mynt Solar & Roofing, along with its dedication to understanding and listening to its clients, ensures the most significant solar installation or roof in the business.

Customers’ homes become more energy efficient, and their electricity cost is eliminated when they go solar. Including a battery to protect against future grid issues. Families can save more money with solar while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, the power company, and the environment.


  • Excellent client service
  • Fast and effective installs
  • Representatives are authorities on regional laws.


  • Relatively young company
  • Limited power production warranty


#15. SunPower


SunPower by Custom Energy focuses more on the benefits of solar energy than on increasing sales. Thanks to advanced solar technology, they can provide Utah households with practical renewable energy alternatives, including solar panel installation services. SunPower goods are of the highest calibre, from solar panels that produce 55% more energy than other brands available in Utah to the most resilient solar cells in the market.

SunPower works to empower local communities to create a sustainable future jointly and believes everyone should have access to clean energy. Giving Utahns all the knowledge and tools they need to power their homes and businesses with solar energy is a crucial component of their service.


  • Most effective panels available
  • Nationwide exposure
  • Excellent warranty coverage Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification 


  • Customer service is expensive and varies by a local dealer.


Utah’s Solar Energy Costs and Benefits

With a median system cost of $25,615 and a median system price per watt in Utah of $3.81 and 6.7 kW, respectively. You might recover your costs in as little as six to nine years because of state and federal financial incentives and important energy savings.

Thanks to solar energy in Utah, you’ll never have to waste time driving around looking for street parking again. Your car can travel 200–600 miles on a single charge, eliminating the need for expensive gas.

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Here are a few explanations why choosing a Utah solar firm is a fantastic investment.

#1. Renewable energy

Solar power is a cost-effective way to generate clean energy that will never run out. Solar energy in Utah gives people energy causing no pollution.

#2. Utah tax incentives for solar energy

Whether you are cooling or heating your house or place of business, solar energy helps you save money on your utility costs.

PACE, or the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, covers the cost of the solar incentives offered in Utah.

#3. Utah is a no-brainer for solar

People that install solar on their homes in Utah are eligible for incentives worth $1 for every watt that they do so.

The state even used to pay for you to go solar, but that has since been stopped, so people now have to find other ways to help pay for their system.

What are the Solar Panels Prices in Utah?

After applying for the current 30% federal solar tax credit, the average cost of solar panels in Utah as of December 2022 is $2.66 per watt, making a typical 6000-watt (6 kW) solar system $11,159.

This is less expensive than the $3.00 per watt national average for home solar power installations.


How many solar companies are in Utah?

Utah has over 60 solar companies, including a mix of regional and international installers. Smart Wave, Blue Sky, and Intermountain Wind and Solar are a few of the best installations in Utah.

Is Utah a brilliant place to invest in solar energy?

Solar panels might be a significant investment, but not everyone should use them. Consider your energy usage trends and local weather patterns to decide if solar panels are the correct choice.

How much money could I save if I bought solar power?

With an average monthly payment of about $81, Utahns have some of the nation’s lowest energy costs. There are still a lot of opportunities for savings, though. Even the typical resident may save around $880 annually.

Where in Utah can I locate a reliable solar panel installer?

Due to Utah’s reputation as a top state for solar installations, the state is home to many skilled solar panel installers. Similar to how you would select any other home improvement contractor, explore your options and carefully review all contracts before hiring an installer.

How is solar energy beneficial to the environment?

Solar power doesn’t release carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the atmosphere like conventional electricity generation. Solar energy is also a renewable resource.


Solar power has grown increasingly essential in a world that depends increasingly on electricity.

It provides clean power that can be utilized anywhere in your house or business and is more affordable. Installation is unnecessary.

There won’t be any issues once it works because Utah solar companies offer everything from roof panels to whole-house systems and maintenance services!



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