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Structural Engineer Salary 2023 | How Much Does a Structural Engineer Make?

It is not enough to know how much a structural engineer makes without even knowing who this individual is in the field, what he does, and probably how to become one yourself.

A structural engineer creates structures that must withstand strains and pressures imposed by humans and the environment. From the design process to the selection of building materials, down to inspection of the construction work and then, verification, you have a structural engineer fully involved.

This article will cover a structural engineer’s salary and factors that could affect the salary positively or negatively.

What does a Structural Engineer Do?

Basically, a structural engineer is concerned with designing and creating structures that are both safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they are exposed as well as improving the structural integrity of existing structures.

Below are other responsibilities of a structural engineer.

  • Prepares documents, such as reports, designs, and drawings
  • Calculates the pressures
  • Considers the durability of construction materials before deciding
  • Gives technical guidance on how to build and design safe structures
  • Gets approval from the planning department and the building department
  • Analyze the configurations of a structure’s basic components
  • Consults with experts such as architects and engineers
  • Ensures structural soundness, monitors and inspects all work done by contractors
  • Manages contracts and projects as a contract administrator
  • Examines properties to determine their current state and foundations
  • Uses computer-aided design technologies for simulating purposes

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Earn?

The salary of a structural engineer in the US ranges from $71,518 to $108,081, with an average of $87,2111. This is according to several pay aggregate websites. posits that the average salary for a structural engineer is $99,918 while the average bonus is $3,179 or 3% f their annual pay with 97% f workers stating that they receive a bonus every year.

The following are the base salary for structural engineers as of June 2023:


What are the Factors that Affect a Structural Engineer’s Salary?

A structural engineer’s income is determined by a number of criteria, including experience, education, and location. We’ll look at how these elements affect your pay in this article.

Years of Practical Experience

Salary increases are usually linked to your level of experience. The longer you work as a structural engineer, the higher your salary will be.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey, your experience will influence your salary.

Level of experienceSalary
Entry-level (less than 1 year)$57,423
Early career (1 to 4 years)$68,375
Mid-career (5 to 9 years)$85,294
Experienced (10 to 19 years)$105,185
Late career (20+ years)$132,325

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Where you live also influences the amount you make as a structural engineer. Working in a large metropolitan location is usually associated with a higher wage and a higher cost of living.

According to the BLS, here is a list of some important cities and their related average structural engineer salary.

CityAverage Salary
New Orleans, LA$115,054
San Francisco, CA$109,526
Los Angeles, CA$102,371
New York City, NY$98,725
Dallas, TX$95,262
Atlanta, GA$75,935
Cincinnati, OH$74,811
Detroit, MI$74,610
Milwaukee, WI$74,318
Salt Lake City, UT$70,836

Strategies to Increase your Structural Engineer Salary

Now that you have a clear picture of how much a structural engineer makes, here are some winning strategies to get a raise.

Improve your Skills

Developing and honing in-demand talents might help you compete with promotions and higher-paying jobs. Such skills include:

  • Create 2D and 3D designs with AutoCAD, a computer-aided design program.
  • Revit: This BIM software is used to build structural models and construction papers.
  • Structural Analysis: Analyze the lads n a structure and calculate its strength using engineering concepts.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of reject management, such as scheduling, budgeting, and safety, is essential
  • Building Regulations: Be familiar with local, state, and national building regulations

Recognize your Worth

It’s important t understand your worth during negotiations. Do some research into what other structural engineers in your area are doing and bring that information to the table. Prepare yourself to explain why you deserve a bigger wage and to bargain.

Return to School

If need be, go back to school to get a higher degree as this will spur a salary increase. While it may not be realistic for everyone, it works. A master’s degree or even a PhD can lead to a much higher wage.

If you’re thinking about going back to school, do your homework on the potential return on investment and make sure it’s something you’re truly passionate about before committing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Structural Engineer Salary

How much does a structural engineer make?

The salary of a structural engineer in the US ranges from $71,518 to $108,081, with an average of $87,2111.

What does a structural engineer do?

A structural engineer is concerned with designing and creating structures that are both safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they are exposed as well as improving the structural integrity of existing structures.

What strategies can I apply to increase my salary?

Strategies you can employ include: Knowing your value, going back to school, and improving your skills.

What are the factors that can affect a structural engineer’s salary?

Factors that can affect your salary as a structural engineer include the level of experience and location.


This is all there is to know about a structural engineer’s salary. I hope you apply the strategies listed above to help you get a raise as and when due.




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