Best Summer Jobs for High School Students with no experience 2022

Best Summer Jobs for High School Students 2023

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For teenagers, summer is a unique time to make money and gain valuable experience while having fun. But figuring out what kind of work you want can be challenging. And if you are inexperienced, you may think you lack the experience to land a good job.

The truth is that there are plenty of opportunities for high school students and college students with almost any kind of interest. The U.S. Department of Labor website has much information on your work eligibility as a minor, but you can also ask your high school guidance counselor to point you in the right direction.

Jobs for high school students are great ways to show admissions counselors you have the drive to succeed. First, though, you might need to fill out some paperwork to be eligible for work, depending on your state and age. 

Before deciding on which job it is, you need to answer some questions; 

What Are Your Goals for the Future?

Do you think about career or college options? Spend some time this summer working on adding to your resume.

Can you find a part-time job or internship? You may also want to consider taking some classes or auditing a class to strengthen your transcript. 

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

You should spend your summer doing something that you enjoy, and that will make you happy. Do you enjoy certain extracurricular activities, such as a club or sport, and want to continue over the summer?

Is there a summer job that sounds interesting or fun? Try to find activities that will be both useful and enjoyable for you. 

Best Summer Jobs for High School Students 2023 | How Busy Do You Want to Be?

There are several things you can do over the summer. If you would like to take part in multiple activities, pace yourself.

If you will participate in multiple activities, you mustn’t be so busy or overworked that you become exhausted and burned out when classes resume. 

Summer intern

With entry-level jobs, summer internships may be the best bet for teenagers looking to cash in on their youth.

Most interns help their companies thrive, while others consider the experience a chance to learn about industries they may want to pursue after school.

The duties of a summer intern vary and can include duties you would find in entry-level jobs in those fields, though the pay is usually near minimum wage—which ranges from $7.25 per hour to $15.00 per hour, depending on where you live—or slightly below. 

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Babysitters are paid according to their hourly rate, which can be as high as $14.42.

However, that can vary depending on the number of kids, their ages, and other responsibilities you take on. 

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Camp Counselor

Many day camps and overnight camps hire teens to keep an eye on younger children.

It’s a great option for teenagers who enjoy being outdoors and have some leadership or teaching skills. Many of these positions are specifically summer-only, making them one of the higher-paying summer jobs for teens.

They pay around 23.58$ per hour. 


Teenagers who are strong swimmers and have passed the necessary safety, first-aid, and CPR courses may want to consider becoming summer lifeguards.

The job generally involves monitoring the swimming area and ensuring everyone follows safety rules. But if something goes wrong, lifeguards must act, potentially playing a key role in saving someone’s life.

Completing a few tests to land one of these jobs isn’t uncommon, ensuring you have the right knowledge and swimming abilities. But if you pass, you could be well on your way to making about $12.20 per hour. 

House sitter

Summer is the prime time for house sitting, as families take vacations and require someone to watch over their homes while away. House sitters generally stay at the family’s home, ensuring it doesn’t appear empty while they are away.

Additionally, some light cleaning and caring for plants, and checking the mail can be part of the job. Typical pay rates are $12.61 per hour. 

Golf caddy

Golf caddies assist golfers with their bags between holes. The position is a bit physical, which is great for any teen who prefers being active.

However, it does mean being out in the elements on occasion. 

Dog walker

For dog-loving teens, a summer job as a dog walker can be a great option. You will have the chance to get some exercise while working out with local pups, and you might even make a little extra money.

As of 2018, an average dog walker’s salary is $12.02 per hour. You may make more if you can wrangle several dogs at once. 

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Depending on your location, you can earn anywhere from $7 to $11 per hour cleaning houses.

If you don’t mind spending part of your summer doing hard labor, housecleaning is a great option for teens who want to earn extra cash. 


Teens with strong academic backgrounds can look into tutoring positions during the summer months.

While the wages are modest compared to some summer jobs, at $18.92 an hour, you can make much more than your peers at McDonald’s or the local movie theater. 

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Lawn care 

Lawn care work can be more plentiful in the summertime. This is a boon for teenagers. Whether they want to run a simple lawn mowing business or snag a position with a landscape company, teens can earn some cash by ensuring neighborhood yards look amazing and remain healthy.

The work can be a bit physical, which makes it an excellent option for teenagers who want to stay in shape. Plus, it typically pays around $15.56 per hour, which is respectable. 

Freelance writer 

Freelance writing jobs could be a good option if you are a talented writer and researcher. Freelancer platforms do require that you be at least 18 years old.

However, you may find opportunities independently by posting your services on social media, contacting people in your (or your parents’) network, or using another proactive approach. 

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Pet sitter

Many people pay a pet sitter while they’re away on vacation rather than board their pet. This enables the pet to stay at home, receiving personalized care.

A pet sitter’s responsibilities typically include some combination of feeding, walking, and cleaning the animal’s bathroom.

A typical pay rate is $12.02 an hour. 

Movie theatre worker

When the weather is warm, theaters can see a surge in attendance – so some movie theaters have begun to hire teens for the summer. Drive-in movie theaters, generally open during the warmer months, are attractive for any teenager who loves movies.

The duties of a drive-in theater employee vary, but you may do things like handle ticket sales or clean up after shows.

On average, movie theater employees make around $9 an hour. However, some fun perks – like discounted or free tickets to movies – make it a worthwhile summer job. 

Items flipping

Summer is the perfect time of year to open an item-flipping business. Item flippers purchase items for less than market value and then resell them for profit.

This can be a great summer job as long as you have the necessary skills and a lot of diligence.

While some learn how to run this kind of business from other professionals, plenty of online tutorials will help you get started. 

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Social media assistant

Time for a summer job…or at least a few work hours per week before the school year starts?

Social media assistant could be the perfect position for teen entrepreneurs who love technology and being online.

As a social media assistant, you’ll be in charge of helping your company create posts and sharing, creating hashtags, and other important tasks. You’ll also earn $16.19 per hour (not including benefits). 

Surf coach 

Teenagers who know how to surf and are good teachers can turn their passions into a source of income by becoming surf coaches.

Many tourists want to try surfing but don’t know how to get started, so they turn to coaches who can help them catch their first wave.

How old you need to be for this line of work varies by region, whether you freelance or work for a company, but an hourly wage of $13.00 is possible. 

Frequently asked questions about best summer jobs for high school students

What is the best summer job for a high school student?

Camp Counselor 
Landscaping and Lawn Care Worker 
Pool Cleaner 
Career-Track Intern 
Barista or Restaurant Server 
 Grocery Store Worker 

What is the easiest job for a teenager?

Fast food attendant. National average salary: $9.29 per hour 
Car wash attendant. National average salary: $10.17 per hour 
Kennel assistant. National average salary: $10.54 per hour 
Grocery store cashier 
 Daycare assistant 
Concession stand worker 
 Restaurant server 
Restaurant host/hostess 

How can I get a job at 18 with no experience?

The secret to getting a job at 18 with no experience is leveraging your personal and professional experiences, highlighting your skills and achievements, and honing your job-hunting skills. These options include: 
Part-time work. 
Volunteer work. 


In conclusion, At the end of the school year, many students take summer jobs to earn money for college or to have a little spending money during their time

What is most important is that you like the job that you choose. A good
summer job allows students to get work experience in an area of interest, helps students learn valuable skills, and can be fun! 




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