20 Small But Most Thoughtful Thank You Gifts For Co-workers

When most people think of gift-giving, they think of the Christmas season, birthdays, graduations, and so on. Giving a present is usually reserved for special occasions or holidays, but what if I told you that there are so many rewards to giving that you’ll want to do it all the time?

There are many benefits to giving gifts, including the strengthening of bonds, the lifting of moods, and the improvement of general mental and physical health.

This article lists the 20 most considerate and small gifts you may offer your coworkers, especially when you want to say thank you.

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts for Employees?

Expect to spend anything from $10 to $50 per employee, depending on your business and what else you’re doing to show your coworkers how much you care.

Gifts that are used all year (drinkware or tote bags) that say “thank you” every day, such as gifts with the design “Thanks for all you do!” are the best.

If you want to honor CEOs and managers as well, bespoke gifts and a $50-$100 budget are appropriate. 

Why should you Give Gifts to Your Co-workers?

There are several reasons you should give gifts to your coworkers. Some of them are:

#1. It Strengthens Bonds.

There’s a reason gift-giving is one of the five love languages. When you offer someone a present, you felt closer to them, and they felt closer to you as well.

This is because a thoughtful gift can bridge the gap between distant friends or improve relationships among family members. Giving a little but meaningful gift to a coworker is the first step toward forming bonds.

#2. It Makes you Feel Better.

Seeing someone’s face light up with sheer joy or excitement when they get a gift you gave is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

Giving gifts causes the brain to release “feel-good” neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It’s no surprise that everyone enjoys themselves over the holidays.

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#3. Instills Self-Assurance

You gain confidence and a sense of self-worth when you strengthen your connections and become happy.

According to research, persons who frequently choose to donate on their own have higher self-esteem than those who do not.

When you donate to others, it’s difficult to deny that there are real advantages to giving when you’re happy and confident.

#4. It helps to Ease Anxiety.

You become happy when you gift your coworkers. It would eliminate the feeling of indebtedness when you need to say thank you to your coworker.

This is because there is a strong and obvious link between physical and mental health. Giving has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure in studies.

Giving makes you happier, more confident, and less nervous.

#5. Invokes Feelings of Appreciation

It’s no secret that folks who receive gifts are grateful, but did you realize that the donor can also be grateful?

Giving a present is a typical way to communicate thanks, but observing the recipient’s happy reaction elicits the same feeling.

Gratitude has been found in studies to increase pleasant feelings, improve health, and contribute to overall happiness.

If a coworker has done something nice for you, what better way to show gratitude than with a meaningful thank-you gift?

#6. Shares the joy

When one individual gives, it motivates others to follow suit. Even while giving gifts to coworkers is fun, consider giving to a stranger, a neighbor, or someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time so you can inspire them to do the same for others.

How to Give the Perfect Gift; Thoughtful Thank You Gift to your Coworker?

Gifts allow people to express their feelings, show their appreciation for someone, or just spread an act of kindness around the community. If you are trying to find the perfect gift thank-you gift for a coworker, the tips you need are- 

#1. Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to a gift is one of the most effective ways to make your coworker smile. And we’re not simply talking about personalizing a keychain with their name.

Pay attention to what they like, value, or require in their lives, whether it’s a new notebook for their aim of starting journaling or a slew of accessories from their favorite fandom.

#2. Make it Practical

It’s a bummer to get a present you know you’ll never use. So, don’t be that person that delivers a useless present.

We understand that choosing a valuable present for someone can be difficult, especially if you don’t know them well or if they have unwavering practical tastes. Consider items that you use on a regular basis.

Phone accessories such as superchargers and fashionable phone cases, bathroom supplies and toiletries, face masks, and even meals are all popular choices.

#3. Incorporate Sentimental Value

Nine times out of ten, the most treasured gifts are those that are sentimental. Perhaps it’s a scrapbook of recollections or a painting of a pet who died the previous year.

Whatever it is, if it touches their hearts, they will treasure it for years to come.

#Don’t go overboard with your spending.

Don’t get us wrong: an expensive present can be wonderful, but the occasion must be considered.

If you’re giving something simply “because,” a thank-you gift is a way to go. You don’t want to give someone an excessively generous donation, do you?

The simplest and least expected gifts are sometimes the most appreciated.

20 Small but Most Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

#1. Bentgo Fresh Lunch Containers

Upgrade their brown bag lunch with a leak-proof, compartmented covered box to keep their dressings and sauces organized.

They come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so everyone may have their own color to avoid accidental lunch theft from the office refrigerator.

This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers. 

#2. Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

This small Bluetooth keyboard will help your coworkers improve their WFH (or work from any place) setup.

It is ideal it’s for taking notes or making memos on the fly even on their tablet or smartphone. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers 

#3. Notepads for Good Dogs Papier

This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

These beautiful dog notepads will add a splash of color to their desk. They come in a pack of three and can be customized with the name of your coworker.

#4. Beach Zen Garden kit

With vivid blue sand, stingrays, and lighthouses, this unique twist on the Zen garden will brighten up their workstation and their days.

This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

#5 Pure Essential Oil for Breathing Tabs for Aromatherapy Inhalation

Help your coworkers relax after a long day by placing these aromatherapy tabs within their masks, on their chest, or on their pillows, allowing them to breathe in the perfume.

Choose scents that promise to relax you, help you sleep, energize you, or boost your overall health.

#6. Worker Bee Travel Mug

This popular travel mug will add a splash of color to their morning cup of coffee or tea. To enjoy the present, including a pack of their favorite brew. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

#7. The Office Dundie Awards

Award a Dundie to the individual who can quote practically every episode of The Office. You may choose whether they get the “Whitest Sneakers Award” or a basic Dundie with six different plates to swap out.

This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers.

#8. Candy Cane Twist Candle

These ingenious candles don’t require holders because they’re twisted to stand precisely upright on their own.

They’re also a great present for coworkers who have a lot of allergies or other challenges that make giving food and other traditional gifts difficult. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

#9. Dr. Jart+ 10 Mask Must-Haves

Whether they’re seeking to decrease wrinkles, brighten their complexion, or improve acne, this package of beloved Korean masks will assist seal in the serum.

#10. Free Rain Sparkling Water

Do you want to give a bubbly yet non-alcoholic gift? Ingredients like ginseng and ashwagandha help increase attention and performance in these delectable sparkling waters while tasting delicious.

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#11. Tartan Blanket Company’s Self-Care Gift Box

Gift boxes can be hit or miss, but you don’t have to worry when they’re entirely personalized like this one.

Tartan Blanket Co. is a Scottish company that specializes in making sustainable and incredibly soft wool scarves and blankets.

This gift box features a selection of incredibly cozy goods, as well as your choice of locally sourced products, such as sweets, drinks, mini-bouquets, and ceramic mugs, for the holidays.

#12. 100 Ways to Improve Your Health

With this charming poster to hang next to their computer, remind everyone on your team that maintaining a good work-life balance is more vital than ever.

A delightful pastime awaits them behind each scratch-off square to help them relax and unwind. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

#13. Small Coffee Plant

Do you have teammates who work from home all around the country? Instead of a coffee gift card, consider this easy-to-maintain coffee plant.

The Sill’s corporate gifting program makes it easy to present everyone on your list at once: they’ll deliver a new home office plant right to their door.

#14. Fidget Toys

This holiday season, fidget toys are back, and they’re more fun and colorful than ever. These soft silicone shapes re-create the addictive sensation of popping bubble wrap, and they’re ideal for keeping your hands occupied during long Zoom sessions.

#15. The Original Buddha Board

This ingenious drawing board is the ideal desk companion for employees who need a vacation from their computers.

It comes with a brush, and all you need is water to create a plethora of stunning works of art: whatever you draw will just fade away as the water dries, so the possibilities are limitless.

#16. Movie Night Popcorn Set by Urban Accents

Instead of microwaveable packets, this unique popcorn kit comes with three types of kernels and five fun flavor options: Sriracha, White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Sour Cream & Onion, and Cinnamon Toast.

If they have a popcorn popper, that’s fantastic, but if they don’t, they can easily cook their movie snack in the microwave. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

#17. Greek Key Ceramic Catchall

With one of these attractive rainbow catch-alls that can also be personalized with their initials, let a coworker or boss collect paper clips, lost coins, or thumbtacks in style.

#18. Office Desk Pad

This stylish double-sided desk mat will brighten up their workstation and accommodate a laptop, keyboard, mouse pad, phone dock, and more.

The back of this eco-friendly mat is composed of natural cork, and the front is made of soft, easy-to-clean leather.

It’s available in 11 various colors and three different sizes, all packaged in a stylish tube that’s perfect for gifting.

#19. Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set

This is the gift for your boss who enjoys a good cocktail hour. Casamigos, George Clooney’s tequila, and mezcal label put together this elegant drink inspiration kit with three different flavorful mixers that they haven’t tried yet, as well as two fun salty and sweet mixes for rim decorating their cocktail creation.

#20. Camera Dispenser for Pop-Up Notes

This amusing note dispenser for her desk will be a hit with your colleague. It dispenses sticky notes instead of Polaroids and livens up a humdrum desk full of office supplies with a faux shutter and flash.

45 sheets of Super Sticky Post-Its are included with the camera although you can buy a few refills to keep them going for the rest of the year.

It’s also weighted, so it stays on while she grabs sticky notes on her way to meetings. This is one of the thoughtful thank you gifts you can give your coworkers  

FAQs Most Thoughtful Thank You Gifts For Co-workers

Should gifts be inappropriate?

No. The present should not be risqué and should be appropriate to display in the office. Individual gifts are excellent if you work in a small team, and it’s fine to get the same thing for everyone, such as an ornament or a box of chocolates.

Are food gifts appropriate for coworkers?

Food gifts, such as food baskets or candy boxes, are also appropriate coworker gifts, though it’s a good idea to check if the coworker has allergies or avoids particular foods. Coworkers will appreciate personalized mugs or picture frames as well

What is the average amount you can spend on employee gifts?

The average amount you can spend on employee gifts per person per occasion varies depending on the event and the gift recipient.

How do I express appreciation for coworkers?

Listen, say thank you, don’t fake it, discover your teammate’s interests, check in, be precise about what you value in a coworker, make it timely, and provide a personalized gift are nine ways for expressing appreciation.


It’s simple to provide the most considerate gifts. Consider that for a moment. That is all there is to it. But you’ve been scratching your head and coming up with nothing; the items on the list are suitable for your coworkers.



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