20 Top Consumer Service Jobs | 2023 Job Tips

The key difference between service today and service ten years ago is that customers demand premium service to be built in from the initial sales or marketing engagement and continue through the moment they ask for help, post-purchase, and back again.

Almost 3 million individuals worked in customer service positions in 2020, working with consumers to resolve complaints, process purchases, and answer questions.

Customer service is a vast and rapidly expanding industry. A career in consumer service allows you to develop skills that you can transfer to practically any business, with roles available at all levels of experience and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

There are several employment opportunities available for people interested in a career in consumer service. These jobs are accessible in nearly every sector. Call centers, brick-and-mortar, and online merchants, credit card firms and agencies, insurance businesses, and financial institutions are among the top employers.

Are you interested in finding out the best consumer service jobs for selecting a career path or a career change? 

This article highlights everything you need to know about the best consumer service jobs available.

What are Consumer Service Jobs?

They mostly referred to consumer service jobs as customer service. Careers in consumer service focus on consumers and support them by responding to their queries and complaints.

Employees in the Customer service sector offer consumers information about services and goods. They receive orders and handle returns and refunds.

Having competent customer service agents may boost an organization’s sales and customer retention since they assist consumers in grasping the organization’s offerings.

Providing an exceptional client experience causes a unique combination of talents and a personal touch. Those who can remain calm, cool, and collected in high-stress situations are most suited for the job.

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Skills and Qualifications Needed in the Consumer Service Sector

Most customer service occupations demand a high school diploma and computer experience. Many businesses will offer on-the-job training.

In many circumstances, prospects for work growth and progress may not cause more schooling or training.

A college degree or experience is often essential for managerial jobs, as are outstanding communication skills and client focus.

An excellent candidate for a job in customer service should be good at problem-solving, documenting information, resolving disputes, evaluating information, creating connections, and multitasking.

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Benefits of a Career in Consumer Service

As one of the largest job categories in the United States, the consumer service business offers several opportunities for advancement and success.

If you’re thinking about a job in customer service and want to learn more about the perks, we’ve compiled a list of some of them here:

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1. Lucrative

They sometimes misunderstand customer service professions as being low-paying, although this is not always the case.

If you perform well and work hard, there is plenty of room for advancement into senior positions and the possibility of going into other industries, such as sales and marketing.

Some businesses even provide bonuses or commission-based compensation plans.

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2. Develop Core Problem-Solving Skills

Whether you’re looking for your first job or a long-term career in customer service, it’s a given that problem-solving is essential to success.

The ability to solve problems quickly, successfully, and compassionately is a valuable talent in any industry, and you’ll almost surely hone it while working in customer service.

This will put you on the right course for success, regardless of your chosen job path.

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No Prior Experience Is Necessary

Most consumer service positions do not require a degree or previous employment experience to begin, which is excellent for someone trying to get their foot in the door.

Best of all, you can expect extensive training and staff to rely on for help.

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List of 20 Top Consumer Service Jobs

Below are the top 20 consumer service jobs that pay considerably above the minimum wage to help you locate the ideal opportunity.

1. Medical Receptionist

This is one of the most important consumer service jobs available. Medical receptionists work in clinics, hospitals, and private offices.

They take calls, book appointments, provide appointment reminders, and meet and greet patients. They also do data entry and bookkeeping, among other clerical tasks.

2. Cashiers

They task cashiers with entering sales into a cash register to determine the total amount owed by a customer for their purchases. They respond to consumer inquiries and fix concerns made by the customer.

Being instrumental in consumer service, they may bag purchases and accept cash or checks. They may also operate credit card systems if that is the chosen payment method for the consumer.

 3. Receptionist

Also known as a front desk associate, a receptionist role is a fantastic choice if you have great interpersonal skills and the ability to handle in-person and phone conversations.

In a business context, you will most likely work a 40-hour week.

Working nights, weekends, and holidays at a hotel, resort, or other hospitality institution will almost certainly cause more hours.

4. Member Services Representative

Member services representatives are popular choices for consumer service jobs. Opting for this career path means that a bank, insurance firm, fitness club, or other membership-based institution can employ you.

They welcome visitors, answer phones, receive inquiries and complaints, send guest comments to senior workers, and teach members about the organization’s perks, policies, and procedures.

They may also be in charge of upselling and cross-selling services and executing financial transactions.

5. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives perform a variety of customer service tasks.

Basically, customers are interacted with to process orders and offer information about the company’s products and services.

Complaints about the company’s products or services are resolved by defining the customer’s issue, determining the cause, and proposing remedies.

6. Concierge

A concierge can assist customers with information on hotels, transportation, restaurants, and other amenities in a particular city or area.

Hotels often employ concierge personnel to assist visitors with making bookings, arranging transportation, and suggesting activities.

They can also act as a virtual concierge, executing the same responsibilities over the phone or the internet using a message system or email.

7. Call Center Representative

As a call center agent, you might work in a physical call center or from home at a virtual contact center.

The general responsibility of call center representatives, regardless of where you work, is to respond to clients’ email and phone inquiries.

Call center representatives who have outstanding communication and problem-solving abilities handle customers’ questions.

They may also place orders, handle other client difficulties, or schedule customer appointments. Call center agents to handle many calls.

8. Client Services Coordinator

A client services coordinator ensures task completion. They may manage orders, set up and arrange service delivery, track deliveries and installations, and answer any client difficulties, depending on their function.

Strong phone skills and the ability to manage many activities concurrently are both necessary for success in this profession.

9. Account Coordinator

Marketing firms usually employ account coordinators and provide senior client service personnel administrative support.

Contracts and other paperwork are prepared and filed by them. They maintain corporate databases, plan meetings, and generate account performance reports.

10. Technical Support Representative

Technical support agents work for cable and internet providers and consumer electronics businesses and operate remotely or in contact centers. They’re in charge of dealing with client technical issues by phone, email, or chat.

These experts are to evaluate, debug, and resolve technical problems and select future measures. Customers’ transactions, such as purchases and refunds, may also be handled by them.

11. Member Services Specialist

Members receive excellent support from member services professionals. Member service specialists can work with a   premium credit card holder or a bank or insurance business client. 

Answering queries, delivering services, and explaining benefits to members are all responsibilities of this position. Depending on your job, your work hours and income may differ.

12. Flight Attendants

Private and commercial airlines both hire flight attendants.

They are to greet passengers, assist in the seating of passengers, assist in the stowing of carry-on luggage, ensure safety compliance with safety equipment demonstrations, serve food and refreshments throughout the flight, and offer emergency instruction.

Flight attendants also assist with the testing of emergency devices.

13. Help Desk Support

Help desk assistants can readily troubleshoot problems and either rapidly address them or propose alternative potential solutions to customers on a range of platforms.

14. Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and servers work hard and are pleasant to be around. They know how to tailor their strategy to a wide range of hungry individuals.

They are the food industry’s foundation.

15. Bank Teller

Knowing how to balance a cash drawer and appropriately disburse funds is just one qualification needed in a bank teller.

A bank teller should always be Prepared to identify consumers correctly and cross-sell products and services.

16. Patient Coordinator

Hospitals and long-term care institutions are the most common employers of patient coordinators.

They visit with patients and their families to discuss treatment plans and give educational information about drugs, surgeries, and therapies.

Patient care coordinators communicate with patients and their families throughout their treatment and evaluate and report on their progress.

17. Client Relations Specialist

Client relations professionals develop and maintain relationships with their company’s most significant customers.

These employees work with individual clients to guarantee that they are happy with the company’s products and services.

18. Help Desk Analyst

A help desk analyst is an IT specialist who assists customers or internal users (such as coworkers) with technical hardware and software difficulties.

Requests can be made via phone, email, in person, or through live support software.

19. Service Advisor

A service adviser works at an auto dealership service facility and is the point of contact for clients and technicians.

Customers are informed about car issues and repair timetables through scheduling maintenance and service appointments, checking vehicles in, and communicating vehicle issues and repair timelines.

20. Account Manager

Account managers, who focus on sales and process management, are well-versed in upselling and know how to keep clients by following up with emails and phone calls.


Positions in customer service are critical to a company’s success, as these individuals ensure customer satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty.


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