Traveling for Work: The Best Guide on what it takes to Travel

As fun as traveling and touring around the globe can be, traveling for work especially can be stressful and demanding.

Even though your organization might foot all the expenses, it’s not easy at all. And most times it has a negative effect on personal relationships.

When you think about the hectic meeting schedules and the part you will be away from your loved ones, you might just wish for a rescheduling.

And even when finally make up your mind even though it might not be optional, knowing what exactly to travel for work with becomes the crux of the matter.

That is why it’s expedient while you think of your traveling trips, you consider it is at stake. Doing this at least will help ease the stress traveling comes with and even make it a successful and productive one for you.

So, in this article, we’ve put down the best tips that will serve as a guide to help you with any trip for work you intend to make. You can call it- The Best Guide on what it takes to Travel.

You will also get a list of top travel for work jobs available in the world that aside from the exciting experience they come with, also pay well.

What will it Cost to Travel for Work?

Normally for every work trip, your organization is expected to take care of all expenses. However, it can be hard to figure out what is really a necessity and what is not in each case.

This is why it’s so important that you are aware of what has been included exactly and what not before your trip begins.

To give you an idea, expenses that are normally covered include airfare, car rental, parking, hotel room reservations, Wi-Fi, and meals. Upgrades, baggage fees, and other extras are normally not covered. 

Best Tips for Traveling for Work?

Here is a list of the best tips to follow while traveling for work:

  1. Make Out Time for yourself
  2. Book comfortable Hotel and good Airline
  3. Don’t forget your Loved Ones
  4. Make an effort to exercise.
  5. Practice consistency
  6. Network with People
  7. Get a Travel Rewards Credit Card
  8. Have a Driver
  9. Check in on time
  10. Read Your Company’s Travel Policy

Let’s explore!

#1. Make Out Time for yourself

One of the best tips for traveling for work is making out time for yourself. This is important considering the fact that traveling for work can be stressful ad time demanding. So, instead of working yourself out. Squeeze out time for your rest.

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After spending intense days with clients and trying to seal deals. Upon returning home. Take out time to sleep, read, exercise, and go on a tour. Doing this will help you ease tension and stress easily.

#2. Book comfortable Hotel and good Airline

Another way to enjoy your traveling trip for work is to ensure you get yourself comfortable hotel accommodation.

Staying in hotels that are well-located, reducing your commute, and have a good reputation and reviews is far more important than saving some money.

Nothing is more annoying than having a cold morning shower or poor soundproofing or lack of adequate air conditioning. It can be irritating!

In fact, it can make your journey unproductive. Therefore, it is essential to stay in a place with a no-nonsense check-in process and a consistent and comfortable experience inside. Forget about the cost!

#3. Don’t forget your Loved Ones

This is one mistake most travelers make and I won’t advise you to make the same mistake.

Most times, when you travel for work, you might be tempted to stay away from your loved ones considering the intense busy schedules. All you could is send text messages once in a while especially if you went on a long trip.

And this done repeat can bring that feeling of disconnection from everyone you love, which can have a significant negative impact on your relationship.

So, that is why it’s expedient you make out time for your loved ones. Add them to your work calendar. Make out time to call and chat to stay connected with them.

#4. Make an effort to exercise.

It’s all too easy to acquire unhealthy eating habits while traveling if you eat out three times a day and don’t have fast access to local culinary information.

On a work trip, I’m so busy that finding time to cook or search out healthy food is nearly difficult. Room service and the hotel restaurant are frequently my go-to options.

To combat this, I’ve begun to seek out any opportunity for exercise, such as a sunrise yoga class or an evening spin class, which provides me with a surge of energy when I most need it.

#5. Practice consistency

Being able to put in your best when you’re in a place that lacks some of the comforts you get at home is very difficult.

I’m not saying you should expect it to be exactly like your home, but comfortability should be a motivating factor for you when it comes to productivity.

So, you can take time and explore the hotel. Find out where the lounge is, how late the restaurant’s open, the gym and so on.

#6. Network with People

When you’re traveling for work, practically every interaction is a possible networking opportunity; at the very least, you’re out in the world promoting your company, so you should be interacting.

If a conversation isn’t your thing, practice works and activities you can start that can help network with people.  

#7. Get a Travel Rewards Credit Card

While you’re working hard to save money, get a travel credit card so you can earn registration rewards and redeem your miles and points for free flights and hotel stays.

By accumulating travel credit card points and miles, I get lots of free flights, free hotel accommodations, and free travel allowances every year – and at no extra cost!

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 Today, when you meet the minimum spending requirements, most cards offer welcome offers of up to 50,000 points. This is enough to allow you to fly almost anywhere in the world for free!

If you want to fly for free, sign up for a useful card. If you want a free hotel room, get a hotel card.

Either way, sign up for a travel credit card now and start earning points. As long as you can pay your monthly balance, you can earn free travel points.

You also don’t need to register many cards; Pick one or two and focus on them. Do this the moment you decide to travel. Don’t wait, waiting equals miles lost, which means fewer free rides.

Collecting points and miles (called “trip piracy”) is what all experts do to cut costs and travel longer. It was it that allowed me to reduce costs and kept me on for so many years.

Although the best cards are only available in the United States, Canadians and people from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand still have many options.

#8. Have a Driver

When traveling for work, especially if you will be traveling to the same locations often, you can get a local driver.

Having a specific driver who would pick you up at your request can help ease the stress of jumping from one public transport to another. And even save you the time of waiting for on-demand transportation services.

#9. Check in on time

As easy as this might look, most travelers fall victim to this. Some even end up missing their flight all because they didn’t get to the airport counter check-in on time.

So, it is important that whenever you’re traveling, you make sure you check in as early as possible.

Also, checking in on time will enable you to select where you want to sit that will be comfortable.

Secondly, it saves time at the airport. And it means that I can sleep in a little longer before an earlier flight. (One of the same reasons I also avoid checking in luggage wherever possible!).

Finally, it allows me to keep my boarding pass on my phone, which is always close to my fingertips. This means that it is one less piece of paper that I have to carry. (And possibly lose!)

#10. Read Your Company’s Travel Policy

Every organization or company has a traveling policy where the requirements, rules, and directives on how every work trip ought to be are stated. The policy outlines what every colleague going on any business trip is expected to do.

So, taking time to read your company’s travel policy will help know how to plan and prepare well.

What are the Common Travel for Work Jobs?

There are many travels for work jobs in the world that pays well. And aside from the high pay, these jobs can give you the best job experience you can ever think of. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

#1. Travel blogging

Monthly income: $500 – $20,000

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This is one of the common and most paying travel for work jobs in the world.

Generally, blogging is a dream job for many people who want to travel a lot while earning money. But, as with most things in life, it’s not easy. Making a living from a travel blog is difficult and time-consuming.

A travel blog isn’t the only option, though. Food bloggers, mother bloggers, fashion bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers are some other examples.

Advertising, affiliate marketing, product sales, and influencer projects are the most common sources of income.

But first and foremost, you must create an audience!

#2. Traveling Photographer

Monthly income: $1000 – $10,000

Becoming a professional travel or adventure photographer and selling your photos all over the world is a dream job, but it requires a lot of effort.

You can sell images directly to clients for use in publications, books, brand campaigns, and websites by uploading photos in quantity to microstock sites.

As a traveling photographer, you may also make money by leading photography tours or selling online photography tutorials.

You can start getting hired for compensated “influencer” initiatives if you build up your social media network over time.

#3. Yacht Sailing Jobs

Monthly income: $2000 – $3000

Can you imagine working aboard a wealthy man’s private sailing yacht while traveling around the world? This is a fantastic career that necessitates travel! It’s a fantastic way to travel to new places.

Your meals and lodging are also covered, which is a terrific way to save money.

It’s fine if you’ve never worked on a yacht before; deckhand and steward(ess) positions are entry-level jobs that pay well.

All you have to do is take a quick course and spend some time looking for work in a great yachting destination.

#4. Teach English on the Internet

Monthly income: $1000 – $3000

If you love teaching English, this is one of the best travel for work jobs you will love doing. Currently, there is a demand for online English teachers to tutor students via video chat, such as Skype, in addition to traveling overseas to teach English at a foreign school.

Over the last few years, a slew of online English instruction businesses, mostly headquartered in China, have sprung up.

To be considered for a position, you must have a college diploma, be the US or Canadian citizen, and speak fluent English. A TEFL certificate is also beneficial. Classes last approximately 30 minutes.

#5. Teach English in a Foreign Country

Monthly income: $2000 – $3000

Teaching English in a Foreign land is among the best travel for work jobs you can go for!

So if you know how to communicate in English, English teachers are in high demand all throughout the world, and the income can be good.

You can find teaching employment all over the world, or even teach classes from the comfort of your own home.

A college degree is required for online jobs (essentially teaching using Skype), and a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is also required for foreign-based jobs (these jobs include accommodation too).



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