20 Valentines Gifts for Coworkers | 2022

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for everyone who has a family they appreciate, a good friend, or an amazing co-worker.

Looking for the best valentine’s gift for your co-worker might seem like a daunting task, but this overview will help you decide the best and what to consider when getting a gift for him/her.

Although there is no reason you should wait for valentine’s day before celebrating your loved ones, valentine’s day comes with a different feeling.

Celebrating love and friendship is something you should be eager to do, regardless of what society tells you.

In most cases we see our co-workers more than we see our families, they are like our inspiration for going to work, and when you have a co-worker you have a healthy work relationship with, you should appreciate them.

Why Gift your Co-worker a Valentine Gift?

Gifts are things we give our loved ones without expecting anything in return, whether you’re getting a gift for your spouse, your office crush/lover, your friend, a relative, yourself, or a co-worker, you should always get them something that will be useful to them and also something they will thank you for.

Trying to figure out what your co-worker will appreciate can be a bit tiring, but you can try matching their personality with the gift, if he/she enjoys coffee or tea, you can consider getting them a coffee or tea gift basket. Or if they get stressed easily, you can get them some stress balls.

Some co-workers likes, fresh flowers, pieces of jewelry, chocolate, beauty products, movie night, wine, whisky, champagne, and other beautiful gifts. It is your job to decide the best for your co-worker since you know them better.

We all appreciate gifts especially when it comes from the heart, you can get creative with your gift or just simply order some online. A unique gift will explain more to your co-workers on how much you appreciate their support and their work attitude in the office.

Concluding on what should be the best gift can seem like a big task but this overview will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the best 20 valentines gifts for coworkers.

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How To Make a Colleague Feel Special On Valentine’s Day

Co-workers are our special family at work, and often we appreciate our families. They are like our motivation when under pressure and in most cases, they are our heroes.

Valentine’s day is a unique day to make our coworkers feel special. In other to make your co-workers special, you should consider getting them a lovely and useful gift.

Not everyone gets to receive gifts on valentine’s day, and surprising your co-worker with a gift on that special lover’s day will bring them more joy and also make them feel absolutely good about themselves.

Few gifts you can get your co-worker on valentine’s day will be listed in this overview.

Why You Should Get Your Co-Worker a Gift on Valentine’s Day

Regardless of your budget, you should get your co-worker a beautiful valentine’s gift because they are your support system, and showing them a little affection that you care and respect them is something unique to do.

We see our co-workers almost every day, and some have become important individuals in our lives and we cherish them.

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Getting them a beautiful valentine’s gift might not describe how important they are in our lives but it will express how much we care about them, so consider buying a cute valentine’s gift for your co-worker.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Co-Worker

Here are a few things to consider when getting a valentine’s gift for a co-coworker:

1. Your Budget

Sticking to a budget is very important when getting a co-worker a gift, if your co-worker is very important to you, try getting them an inexpensive but unique valentine’s gift they will cherish.

Avoid getting too hasty when buying a gift for a co-worker, to no make the mistake of buying beyond your budget.

2. Get Meaningful Gifts

Valentine’s day is a special day for celebrating your partner, friend, or co-worker, and while hunting for the best gift for them, consider getting them something that will be well received and something that will have a beautiful meaning to them.

3. Avoid Getting a Wrong Gift

Getting the wrong gift for a co-worker can be easily misinterpreted and things can awkward real quick. A perfect gift is something from your heart and being creative will also help you decide the best gift for your co-worker.

Buying an overly expensive gift doesn’t mean you’re getting them the best, you need to choose your gifts carefully so as not to get something that won’t be appreciated. When getting a co-worker a gift, stick to gifts that will be useful to them, and if you share more than a working relationship, you can go overboard with your gifts.

4. Share Your Gift with a Smile And Add a Card

Buying your co-worker a gift means you care about them, and that is smiling when giving them a valentine’s gift is important.

And that would make them feel more comfortable around you, after the special valentine’s day. It is also important to add a cute valentine’s card, as this will enable you to write how you feel about them.

20 Valentines Gifts for Coworkers | 2022

Here are a few gift ideas for your coworker on valentine’s day: 

1. Jewelry

Getting your co-worker a piece of jewelry for a valentine’s gift is a unique idea. If your co-worker is a lover of tiny earrings, necklaces, or even fancy wristwatches, you should consider getting them one as an addition.

We all love to sharpen our looks one way or another, and if a new cute earring will be bring more happiness to your co-worker’s face, then you should get one for her.

You can also get a cute necklace personalized by adding both your initials and just theirs. You can get a nice set of earrings or necklace for as low as $25 on Amazon.

2. Candy Basket

Candies are a classic valentines gift, and they are very affordable. If you’re not worried about your co-worker’s sweet tooth, you can surprise them with a basket filled with different candies, not only will this create lovely memories, you’ll get them to think about you each time they take a bit of the tasty candy.

You can get creative with the design by customizing it to your taste or get it on Amazon for as low as $39.99 or lower.

3. Cosmetic Bags

Most people care a lot about their face and body, which is a very good thing. If your co-worker is someone who fancies make-ups and everything about cosmetics, you should consider getting them a cute cosmetic bag, they come in different designs, colors, and sizes.

You can get one that matches their taste, and since cosmetic is mostly about the female gender, you can get your male co-worker a slim wallet to help them protect their valuables.

4. Shaving Kit 

Some people love their hairy skin, while some don’t. either way shaving kit is a good gift idea for all gender who are interested in keeping their skin clear.

Shaving kits come with so many tools and they are quite affordable without the need to break a bank.

You can find a shaving gel, cream, razor, oil, and apron to keep stains away. You can get a shaving kit for as low as $25 on Amazon. 

5. Catan Board Game

Catan board game is one the best adult board games. If your co-worker is for board game lover, you should consider getting them one for a valentine’s gift, the Catan board game is quite easy to play and it can be pretty addicting because it is difficult to master and this makes the game more challenging.

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It requires strategies, and this can help relieve work stress and also keep your focus. You can get the Catan board game for as low as $43.99 on Amazon.

6. Wine Lovers Set 

If your co-worker is a wine lover, you can consider getting them a wine set that contains various tools related to wine.

This is a unique gift for wine lovers and you can customize the basket yourself by adding a wine opener, wine aerator, wine stopper, and others, or simply buy the basket on amazon for as low as $49.99.

7. Lavender Bath Gift 

Getting your co-worker a lavender gift basket simply shows you care about their health. The health benefit associated with lavender is without numbers and it is a thoughtful gift for your co-workers.

The Lavender bath gift comes with body lotion, spa products, a sleep mask, essential oil, the set will help reduce stress levels, anxiety, and the sleep mask will ensure a good night’s rest. You can get the set on Amazon for as low as $40.

8. Piggy Bank

If your co-worker can’t seem to save up from their salaries, you get them a piggy bank as a valentines gift. Piggy banks are one of the best ways to save up money, your co-worker will appreciate a piggy bank as a gift.

They are like our mini banks where we don’t need to write an application for loans. They are in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, you can get a piggy bank on amazon for as low as $20.

9. Coffee Mug Warmer 

If your co-worker is a tea or coffee lover and they love their drinks hot, you can consider getting a mug warmer as a valentine’s gift. It helps keep tea or coffee warm for a long period.

The mug is easy to use as you can easily control the mug at your desired temperature, whether warm or hot.

It comes in three colors black, white, and gray, even with its unique feature, it is affordable and you can get it on Amazon for as low as $17.

10. Gym Bag

One of the best valentine’s gifts for both genders is a gym bag. This gift might not sound romantic enough, but it is best for co-workers who take care of body and mind. Gym bags are used to keep clothes, sports shoes, and they can also serve as a backpack for hiking.

If your co-worker has an ugly gym bag, you can consider getting them a new one. Gym bag comes in various sizes, colors, and designs, and they are affordable. You can get a gym bag on amazon for as low as $14.

One of the classic valentine’s gifts are cookie box, whether they’re from the store or you took out time to bake them, cookies are best enjoyed when you share them with loved ones.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift that won’t stress you out, consider getting your co-workers a delicious cookie. You can get a box of cookies on amazon for as low as $15.

12. Customized Cute Pillows

For co-workers who are romantically involved, you can consider getting him or her a cute pillow.

This gift is not limited to office couples alone, you can get your co-workers a love shape pillows they can use in the office.

If you’re good at sewing, you can make this yourself or simply get them from online stores. Customized pillows are inexpensive and they are appropriate valentine gifts.

13. Box of Chocolates

For a perfect valentine’s day, chocolates shouldn’t be missing. Due to the sweetness of the day, chocolate gifts represent care, love, and passion.

Our co-workers are special people we care about and gifting them a box of chocolate will only make them realize how much we care about them.

Chocolate also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of clotting, and many more. They are affordable and you can get them for as low as $12 on Amazon or other e-commerce marketplaces.

14. Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are ideal valentine’s gifts for co-workers, even when they don’t make use of it every time, it is still a good work accessory.

If you enjoy the company of your co-workers and you feel they are like your family, you should consider getting them a lunch box as a valentine’s gift.

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Lunch boxes come in various shapes, colors and designs, and they are pretty affordable, you can get them for as low as $10 on Amazon or other e-commerce marketplaces.

15. Mini Fridge

If your co-workers enjoy having their drinks cold, you can consider getting them a cute mini-fridge for a valentine’s gift.

Each time they take their chilled drinks from the fridge, they get to remember you. Mini fridges are inexpensive and they come in various colors.

They are easy to use and they often last longer than the normal size fridges. You can get mini-fridges on Amazon for as low as $40.99.

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16. Customized T-Shirt

Getting your co-worker a customized t-shirt is perfect as a valentine’s gift. Customized t-shirts can come in various colors and you can decide what you want to be on the shirt.

Your texts on the shirt can be comforting, motivational, funny, or a cute picture of anything you believe they might like to see.

It is important that you get something less awkward and something they can easily wear on any occasion. Customized t-shirts are inexpensive, you can get them for as low as $5-10.

17. Portable Air Conditioner

During warm weather, working can seem frustrating. If your co-worker is the type of person that sweats more than usual, you can consider getting them a mini air conditioner they can easily make use of.

A portable air conditioner provides cool air, although it might not cover the whole office your co-worker will still be much better than being without it. You can get a portable air conditioner for as low as $26.99.

18. Foot Rest Hammock

One of the problems of sitting in a place for a long time is general body aching. Consider getting your co-worker a foot hammock can help support your foot and also help you position your body correctly while sitting.

A foot hammock has a lot of benefits that will prevent foot, back, feet, and hip pains. Foot hammock is a perfect valentine’s gift for your co-worker and you can get it for as low as $21.78 on Amazon.

19. Umbrella

One of the best gifts for co-workers on valentines day is an umbrella. Getting an umbrella means you care about them, at one season in a year, it is bound to rain, so gifting them an umbrella means you care about what would happen in the future.

Umbrella comes in different colors, and some can even withstand heavy rain and hot sunshine. You can get an umbrella for as low as $11.99 on Amazon.

20. Digital Countdown Clock

If your co-worker is looking forward to a big day like a wedding, retirement, graduation, or any important event, you can consider gifting a digital countdown clock that would help them keep track of such an event.

They can make use of the calendar for their day-to-day activities, and it will also make them prioritize their task.

Digital countdown clock comes in different designs and they are quite affordable as you can get them for as low as $14.99 on Amazon.


What is the best valentine's gift for co-workers?

The best valentine’s gift is the one created and given with love.

Is it appropriate to wish my co-worker valentine’s day?

Yes, getting your coworkers a valentine’s gift means you appreciate their support and care.

Can I gift my co-worker a gift card on valentine’s day?

As long as you can afford it.

When is the best time to give coworkers a valentine’s gift?

The best time for gifts are after work, or before the start of the day.


Your coworkers are your friends and partially your families. Celebrating your coworkers on valentine’s day means you appreciate their support and friendship, and if you have an office lover, valentine’s day is the perfect day for celebrating such a special person.

We hope this article gives you the answers to your questions on the best valentines gifts for coworkers.

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