15 Very Funny Resignation Letters | 2022

Have you ever been on the verge of declaring ‘enough is enough!’ and leaving work? Everybody goes through those times. However, quitting their job was not a pipe dream for some. 

It’s difficult to say goodbye to coworkers and a location that has become a second home. All of the hard events you’ve encountered and the lessons you’ve gained along the road are invaluable. 

However, if you believe the time has come for you to leave and begin a new job, a resignation letter is ideal.

Working for an angry and unprofessional employer can be challenging and you may wish to quit even if the money is good. 

Fortunately, writing a Funny resignation letter to a supervisor who never imagined you’d want to leave is the most effective approach to surprise them. 

Although quitting your current work is rarely amusing, composing amusing resignation letters can be enjoyable, particularly if your employer is rowdy and believes you cannot live without the job.

In this article, you will be shown 15 very Funny resignation letters.

Tips for Writing Very Funny Resignation Letters

The following are some guidelines for drafting an extremely Funny resignation letter;

1. Accumulate your thoughts.

Make a list of the points you wish to make to your employers. It’s beneficial to have a plan in place so that you know what to include in your letter. Collect your thoughts and scribble them down so you will not forget them.

2. Adequate template.

Choose an appropriate template for your letter. Work resignation letters, for example, require a job resignation template. Templates can take on a variety of forms based on their intended use.

A template offers you guidance. As a copywriter, you need: Copywriter Job Description Template

3. Contain an outline of your material.

Find out the components of your letter. Clearly show the contents of each section of your letter.

4. Incorporate Funny and interesting statements.

Incorporate some Funny statements within your letter. When writing, relax and be yourself. Consider conversing with your best friend. 

However, keep in mind that you are still writing to your employers, and your letter should reflect this. Make your employers smile and enjoy themselves while they read your resignation letter.

5. Review.

Always proofread your correspondence prior to submitting it. While making an error is entertaining and adds to the humor of your message, you want to maintain a professional tone with the contents of your letter.

15 Very Funny Resignation Letters

Below are 15 very funny resignation letters;

1. Funny resignation letter


John Doe

ABC Corporation, Inc.

Main Street 100


Respected Mr. Doe,

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the professional connection and leadership you’ve provided have contributed during my time here. I’ve definitely enjoyed working in this setting and you and the company’s management have created an atmosphere.

I’ve accepted a position with another organization. Today marks the end of my job with ABC.

The company will begin operations on Friday, December 15, 1999. My choice to terminate my employment with ABC Company is definitive. I

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me in the past and hope that we may have a positive relationship in the future.

in the future, a pleasant, professional connection.


2. Funny resignation letters

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation notice. I’m appreciative of the job we’ve accomplished.

I’m not sure what we’ve been able to accomplish together at (business name), but I’ve made a commitment to

another group, with whom I intend to begin working in two weeks.

Please be assured that it is my desire to work carefully with you to complete as much as feasible within the

I’m spending the next two weeks ensuring that my resignation goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any recommendations, please contact us.

I hope you will share your opinions with me on how we may best attain that aim.

I’m keen to end on a high note.


3. Funny resignation letters

Later, you can use this template to compose your Funny resignation letter. Continue reading to discover further extremely Funny resignation letters.


Respected Last Name

I am writing to advise you of my resignation, since I am currently utilizing company time and resources to search for a better employment. My employment will end on 17th September, 20XX.

Fortunately, I was offered a better position yesterday, and I will begin working for the new firm on Monday; of course, they will offer me a promotion and a higher income in line with your competition.

I am pleased to state that I have never entered into any arrangement with your organization.


Your Given Name

4. Funny resignation letters

This is more of a guide or a template to use if you’re writing a humorous resignation letter.

Respected Mr Someone,

I am writing to advise you of my impending resignation. I consider the three months I’ve spent working for you to be a complete waste of time, and I see no need to continue.

Your business is the worst-run software I can imagine, and it’s incredible that it continues to exist.

Kindly forward my final cheque to my home address.


5. Funny resignation letters

Luke’s impolite yet Funny resignation letter was clearly planned during his toilet break. He even makes a nice pun in his letter – which he writes on a piece of toilet paper – by announcing that he is about to flush his boss from his life!

As I squeezed out a large one, I realized this place is a dump. As a result, I’m eliminating you from my life… I resigned.


Some jobs would require that you walk through an interview process instead of writing a letter. So, here are: Exit Interview Tips: 5 Questions You Must Answer

6. Funny resignation letters

Mr Cake, Chris Holmes, may have penned the tastiest resignation letter in history when he left his job at Stansted Airport to follow his goal of founding his own bakery. His astute parting letter was not only a touching gesture, but also an excellent opportunity to market his business.

To the Executive Committee,

Stansted Border Force:

Today is my 31st birthday, and as a new father, I’ve realized how critical it is to spend my time doing things that bring me joy.

As such, I am resigning to devote my time and efforts to my family and to my cake business, which has expanded rapidly over the last few years.

I wish the organization and my colleagues the best of luck in the future and remind you that you can purchase further cakes if you enjoy this one.

7. Funny resignation letters

This employee had clearly had enough of his boss Frank always conversing that he scribbled his ideas in a handwritten note.


Your arse is going to need something to give it energy now that you’re going to have to work instead of just standing around and talking all day!!

By the way, she did a better job than you will ever do!!!

Because I’m unable to locate Lon or Adrian, please inform them that I’ve resigned!!

8. Funny resignation letters

Todd was nice enough to send a card to his boss expressing his sorrow. What was the occasion? He tendered his resignation. That is an excellent use for a greeting card!

It is I,

I’ll be gone for three weeks.


9. Funny resignation letters

This individual quit their work due to a lack of time to write and went on to discuss the bad consequences for the firm. This has to be one of the strangest resignation letters you’ve ever encountered.

Dear Sir or Madam,

You are aware of why I wish to resign?

Since I started working for you, I’ve had no time to blog. When I no longer have time to blog, my readers despise me. Readers stop visiting my blog when they dislike me. My hits go down when individuals stop visiting. When the number of hits decreases, I am upset. When I am sad, I will overeat. I will gain weight if I consume an excessive amount of food. When I gain weight, it will have an effect on your business’s image. When your company’s image is harmed, it is detrimental to your business. When your business fails, you feel dissatisfied. When you’re miserable, like me, you eat a lot. I’m scared that if you eat a lot, you’ll end up like me.

As you can see, boss, it’s a self-reinforcing cycle. I did everything for your benefit, boss, because I care about you.

As a result, I wish to resign. Kindly release me, la.

Yours in a cheesy manner.

10. Funny resignation letters

The artist behind this masterpiece penned their resignation letter on the back of a receipt, complete with a dinosaur illustration. Is conventional paper becoming extinct?

Dear Sir or Madam,

Darren (ex-employee)

You are an inebriated pig who lacks vision and commercial savvy. I wish you would perish in a home fire.

I resigned.

11. Funny resignation letters

The artist behind this gem penned their resignation letter on the back of a receipt, complete with a dinosaur illustration. Is conventional paper becoming extinct? The artist behind this gem penned their resignation letter on the back of a receipt, complete with a dinosaur illustration.

Is conventional paper becoming extinct?

This is a dinosaur drawing.

Additionally, this is my two-week notice period.

12. Funny resignation letters

Tom’s resignation letter is not what you’d expect from a former Bank of America employee. Doug, I’m sure, was not impressed with his sloppy penmanship and shaky vocabulary either.


Yyyyeah I’m going to have to submit my two weeks notice. If you could please take note of the fact that my last day here is March 8th, that would be fantastic.


13. Funny resignation letters

This employee was having a bad day. They were attacked first by a drunk employee, and then their manager refused to end them because they refused to cover their shift. As a result, this dissatisfied employee took matters into their own hands.

After all, it appears as though their supervisor will have to cover that shift!

I was assaulted at work by an inebriated employee, and my manager is refusing to terminate him because he is too slothful to work the open shift.

So… I have resigned!!!

Someone will (most likely) arrive shortly.

Have a wonderful day.

13. Funny resignation letters

This resignation letter was undoubtedly well-considered. Indeed, the person’s symbolic use of toilet paper accurately reflects their thoughts about their former workplace and effectively conveys their message.


I chose this sort of paper for my two-week resignation as a metaphor of how I feel this firm has treated me, and strangely, the manner in which it is disposed of reflects how I feel this company is headed.


14. Funny resignation letters

After hearing some disparaging remarks, an anonymous employee decided to provide feedback to their supervisor. Their unapologetic letter is capped off with an even more Funny yet impolite closing remark that only adds salt to the wound.

To Nicky,

I received your e-mail. Do not be alarmed; I am not enraged. I understand why you believe I am “inconsistent” and “not much of a team player.” That time I stepped in for your girlfriend during an emergency? That was completely self-centered of me. And let us not forget that I have called in ill only twice in the last four years… how inconsistent of me! Thus, I understand; I’m sorry you feel that way, but such is life, eh? I’m confident that this store will do much better without me.

Best wishes with everything.


PS. I will not be in tomorrow. As a result, f**k you.

15.  Funny resignation letters

This brazen resignation letter sends a strong message. However, just because an individual quit their job does not mean they will miss the office Christmas celebration!

Whomsoever it may concern,


PS: I will still attend the Christmas party..


Writing a resignation letter to bid your job farewell is one thing; but handing in a resignation letter to not just let your employer know that you are quitting, but also how you truly feel about the company, is another thing entirely. It is easy to write resignation letters.


Start off by saying that you will be quitting the job, and why. Try to stay factual and concise even though you are upset. Finish off the letter by professionally signing and addressing it

Your angry resignation letter format should include a concisely written statement of intent, an explanation of the incidents that led up to your resigning, and any other important details that you wish to include. It can also be a good idea to soften the blow by sharing any positive experiences you may have had.

1. I’m leaving

2. This is the worst company I have ever worked for.

3. You don’t know how to manage people.”

4. No one is happy here.”

5. Other people are getting promoted, and I’m going nowhere, so I’m leaving.”

6. The product is not up to par.

1. Offer a two-week notice.

2. Go in person.

3. Be positive or neutral.

4. Be brief.

5. Offer to assist with the transition.

6. Write a letter of resignation.

7. Say goodbyes to your co-workers

They act defensive because they have a lot to defend.

Your boss knows that the managerial relationship places a strong role in an employee’s decision to leave, so your boss is now having to prove that losing a good employee isn’t that bad after all. Unfortunately, you may get smeared during this defensive act



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