10 Best Answers to “What are you passionate about ?” Question in an Interview

Doing what you like is quality advice. However, it is not complete without addressing some key fundamentals.

When you seek to do what you’re passionate about, getting a job in that line is important.

As many hiring managers seek to hire people passionate about their job, a popular question they all ask is “What are you passionate about?”

A lot of job seekers make a complete mess of this question introducing answers that have no relevance or don’t fit the question.

In this article, you will find a lot of amazing responses to the question “What are you passionate about?”

Why You Need Passion For Your Job?

Having a passion at work is a perfect way to eliminate work stress. This is because when you perform monumental work, you don’t feel so much stress. After all, you find it fun and interesting.

Indeed, when you work with passion, you do your job with complete precision. You perform so well in it as surely you do not want another person to perform better than you in the work that is of your interest.

Hence, instead of feeling stressed after completing the work, you are relaxed, happy and satisfied with what you did the entire day.

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Benefits of Being Passionate About Your Job

If you desire to turn your passion for cooking into a profession, you might end up running your own restaurant while getting worried about its commercial success. The bottom line here is that passion is an important factor to consider when choosing a job, but it’s not the only factor.

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But, when you’re passionate about what you do, there are many advantages, some of which include:

  • Puts Your Attitude Straight
  • Intensifies Your Personal Development
  • Feeds Your Creativity and Innovative Spirit
  • Sets You Apart and Defines Your Path
  • Gives You Spike in Productivity
  • You Voluntarily Offer Extra Hours
  • You Find Joy in What You Are Doing
  • Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace Becomes Easier

10 Best Answers to “What are you passionate about?” Question in an Interview

There are a unique number of ways to answer the question “What are you passionate about?”, and this section will fill you on a few of the best responses you can give. These responses include:

1. For Software Development

“As a software developer, I’m strongly interested in creating truly beautiful, efficient digital products to make people’s experience with technology memorable. One of the things I loved about my last job was seeing first-hand the results of my team’s code update and watching as our months of work brought positive user feedback. Having the opportunity to lead projects from ideation through launch was one of the reasons I was so excited to apply for this role.”

2. For Health

“One thing that I’m passionate about is healthy living and healthy eating. I think it’s something I learnt from my parents at a young age. So that’s why I enjoy working in the fitness industry. It allows me to combine my personal interests and passions with my career. I feel like I’m spending my time working on helping people with something important, and that motivates me to do great work.”

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3. For Technology

“My biggest passion is knowing more about software and technology. I was fascinated with computers from a young age, so I chose to study Computer Science in college and I’ve moved in that direction since graduating. It’s been a perfect choice for me! As a front-end software developer, I get to determine how the internet is progressing and how websites are evolving, and that interests me.”

4. For Self Development

“One area that I have a serious passion for is self-development and self-improvement in my personal life. I’m keenly interested in challenging myself and learn new things. For this cause, I enjoy working in customer service; I’ve learned great communication skills, listening skills, and problem-solving skills that aid me in my day-to-day work but also in my personal life in terms of confidence, communication, etc.”

5. For Leadership

“I’m very passionate about working within communities, especially within neighbourhoods that desire help. My work has helped me raise money to build a facility for the community. Building community and nurturing our society are things I’m strongly passionate about. It is absolutely a passion of mine to help those in need.”

6. For Teamwork

“This year, I’ve been playing in a soccer league. As I work with my teammates to ensure we hit our goals, it’s always an interesting venture for me. It’s a passion of mine to play soccer, primarily for the teamwork and discipline it demands.”

7. For Volunteering

“I’ve been very passionate about executing activities at nearby educational institutions. I volunteer and coach a team that participate actively in after-school activities. I am very particular about how I can teach young people that they are better off working together than working against each other. This is definitely a passion of mine.”

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8. For Philanthrophic Desires

“For many years, I’ve spent a large part of my time on fundraising efforts. This has strongly been for those in need in our housing community. Last year, someone was diagnosed with diabetes. And I was in charge of scheduling the events which helped us raise over $15,000 for the donor. If someone were to ask me “What are you passionate about?”, this would be my answer.

9. For Helping

“Last year, the poultry in the area needed someone to fix it. They were understaffed, and the animal living conditions kept deteriorating. I started a Facebook group and invited more than 20 volunteers to sign up and help with efforts to clean up the animals’ habitats. Helping animals is a passion of mine.”

10. For Offering Assistance

“My biggest passions are actually helping my family. I know it is strange, but I’m very close to them, and we all help each other frequently. From rebuilding decks to walking each other’s dogs. We act as a family unit, and spending time with them is a passion of mine.”


There are a lot of befitting responses to the question of “What are you passionate about?”, but the answer would depend on the context of the conversation.

Indeed, this article created different case scenarios for this question with well-detailed answers that leave no loopholes.

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