Kenya Ports Authority Internship 2022

Are you looking for an internship position at Kenya Ports Authority? The KPA is currently recruiting suitably qualified candidates to undertake a year-long internship program at its world-class facilities.

The KPA internship program is open to Kenyan citizens with a degree from recognized institutions.

As you read on, you are sure to discover a lot about the KPA internship program including the dates of application, the closing date, how to apply, the application requirement among other vital information.

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Having said that, it is important we walk you through the organization before we go into details about the Kenya ports authority internship program.

Let’s take a brief look into the history of the Kenya Ports Authority.

Brief History About Kenya Ports Authority

Kenya, Seaport has served as the point of entry and exit of cargo for several years. Making the port become one of the country’s highest source of revenue since its inception.

The Kenya Ports Authority was established in January 1978 by the country’s parliamentary body.

The port was founded under an act that made it responsible for managing and regulating proceedings in the Seaport.

The Authority has since managed the Port of Mombasa all other seaports along the country’s coastal line such as the ports of Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Kiunga, Shimoni, Funzi and Vanga.

The authority has undergone a few transformations since its inception, adopting new measures and discarding old and outdated measures.

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Aside from the seaport, the Kenya Ports Authority is also responsible for managing the country’s Inland Waterways and other Inland Container Depots. Some of these depots are located in Embakasi, Eldoret, and Kisumu.

The Mombasa seaport is widely regarded among the oldest and most effective in Africa.

It has served as a place where trades between the East Coast of Africa and the Far East took place for several years.

The port is widely known by the name ‘the city of merchants’

The Mombasa seaport became more busy and important to the country after the construction of the railways between Kenya and Uganda due to its strategic location.

The creation of a new port west of the Island was necessitated by the increase in the Mombasa seaports so as to ease the traffic.

Albeit, the creation of the new port did little or less at easing the traffic at Mombasa seaports.

The Mombasa seaport is known to be the gateway between East and Central Africa making it one of the busiest seaports in the world.

The Mombasa port connects over eighty seaports around the world as well as linking to multiple other hinterlands including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

The seaport contributes massively to the country’s revenue and it is one of the highest employers of labor in the country.

KPA Internship

The Kenya ports authority is inviting suitably qualified candidates to apply for a one-year internship program.

The internship program is an effort by the Kenya Ports Authority in line with the Government Youth Initiative.

The Internship program is an annual program established some years ago to equip youths with modern on-hand experience.

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Also, to prepare and help them thrive in their respective area of specialization.

On a yearly basis, the KPA internship program trains about 50 Kenyan citizens through a paid one-year program.

To stand a chance of being selected for the KPA internship, applicants are required to meet some set criteria as highlighted in the subsequent section below.

Area of Specialization

Prospective applicants are to apply in the following area of specialization as related to their field of study

  • Terminal Engineering
  • Container Terminal and conventional operation
  • Information, Communication, and Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Finance
  • Safety
  • Procurement
  • Port Logistic
  • Human Resources
  • Legal department
  • Bandari College – Kitchen and housekeeping
  • Workshop assistant – Civil, Electrical, Marine and mechanical
  • Project development and Management
  • Insurance
  • Corporate Development
  • Communication/Public relation

Application Requirements

Interested applicants are expected to possess the following basic application requirements;

  • Prospective applicants must hold a diploma or first degree from a recognized and reputable institution in any of the above-listed fields of study. Not excluding accounting, hospitality, food production, and laundry
  • Applicants must be Kenyan citizens and unemployed
  • The applicants must be aged between 20 and 34 years
  • Applicants may not have participated in an internship program before
  • Must not have retired or left a place of employment
  • Must have attended and graduated from an institution and have a certificate as proof (diploma/degree certificate or transcript)

How to Apply for KPA Internship

Applicants who meet the above basic application requirement and wish to take part in the KPA internship program are to send their CV to the Head of Human Resources.

It should include your phone number and supporting document stating your area of specialization through the address;

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Head of Human Resources

Kenya Ports Authority

P.O.Box 95009-80104

Mombasa Kenya


  • Please note that the Kenya ports authority would contact the candidates selected to undertake the year-long internship program
  • Submitting an application does not guaranty your intake for an internship program. The authority receives massive applications yearly and only a handful can be accommodated for the program
  • Please note that the KPA does not demand gifts or gratification. Any applicants caught in such an act would be ultimately disqualified and prosecuted
  • The authority also considers gender, ethnic, disability, and regional balance during the selection of candidates

KPA Internship Application 2022

The Kenya Ports Authority is yet to announce the official date of application for the 2022 edition KPA internship program as of the time of this publication.

We are currently monitoring proceedings at KPA as we expect the authority to release circular about the 2022 internship intake very soon.

Our readers and prospective applicants are advised to disregard any media outlet currently publishing application dates about the 2022 internship program.

We encourage you to keep a date with us and always check back as we are as certain to update this page as soon as the Kenya ports authority releases an official application date.

Or, you can check with the official Kenya ports authority website for more information.

KPA Closing Date

There is currently no closing date for the 2022 internship program. The application deadline would be set when the authority releases circular for application.. The application deadline would be set when the authority releases circular for application.

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