Last Dollar Scholarships 2021-2022

The Philadelphia Education Fund is currently accepting applications for the Philadelphia Scholarship Program to help meet the needs of high school students. This Last Dollar Scholarship 2021 is a need-based award that closes the financial gaps that prevent students from advancing to college

It is awarded if the expected contribution of the family and the total financial aid package are lower than the participation costs.

Also, the Philadelphia Education Fund administers the latest dollar scholarships for the high school entrance program and for partner schools that have demonstrated an unmet need between $200 and $5,000 during an academic year.

The scholarship program must Consider the student’s total cost for the college visit (COA), including tuition, books, accommodation, and meals, as well as other educational expenses, such as transportation costs required for health insurance, etc.

To qualify for this award, you must complete a scholarship application, be admitted to a two- or four-year accredited college, prove your financial need, and submit a FAFSA. Scholars can apply again for up to six years after graduation.

About the Sponsor: Philadelphia Education Fund

The Philadelphia Education Fund is seeking mentors to support and encourage students of its Scholars Program as they embark on their college journey.

The Education Fund (Ed Fund) has been a leader in education for three decades, using data-driven best practices that continue to deliver exceptional results to all students and teachers in Philadelphia.

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Also, The Ed Fund is the most comprehensive educational organization in the city. Their innovative programs are changing the way education is delivered in Philadelphia. This US educational organization eliminates the obstacles to student study and professional success.

They also offer a full range of research-based programs and services developed and implemented by its experienced team. And they promote STEM education in the region as well.

More About the Last Dollar Scholarships 2021-2022

Last dollar scholarships, as provided by private scholarship providers, solve students unmet needs or the difference between the cost of a student and the financial resources to University.

To accurately determine the value of the cash prize for the last dollar, a scholarship program must be created to collect information about the student’s costs and resources.

Host Nationality

Last Dollar Scholarship is provided by The Philadelphia Education Fund and hosted in the USA.

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Eligible Nationality

This Philadelphia Scholarship Program for high school students is available to USA students.

Aside from the Last Dollar Scholarship 2021, there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Last Dollar Scholarship Worth

Last Dollar Scholarship is determined by subtracting the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and Financial Aid package from the student’s college total Cost of Attendance. Thus, the annual award of the Last Dollar Scholarship will range from $200 to $5,000 depending on need.

Eligibility for the Last Dollar Scholarship 2021

To qualify for Last Dollar Scholarships application you must meet the following criteria:

Be high school graduates who participate actively in the Philadelphia education fund college program at any of the following schools :

Be graduating high school seniors at the partner schools listed below, for which receipt of the award depends on available funding:

  • Thomas a. Edison High School
  • Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Kensington health sciences academy
  • Kensington international business/finance & entrepreneurial High School
  • Lankenau High School
  • Mastery Charter at Simon Gratz High School
  • Northeast High School
  • Parkway West High School
  • Paul Robeson High School
  • William l. Sayre High School
  • Strawberry Mansion High School

Furthermore, you must have at least a 2.3 unweighted GPA in high school and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 in college coursework, completing at least 67% of credit hours attempted each semester. file a FAFSA annually and complete the BCC scholarship application.

If you are interested in studying an accredited program online, see these 20 Free Accredited High School Diploma Online with No Cost

How to Apply for the Last Dollar Scholarship 2021

The Last Dollar Scholarship application has four aspects which you must complete. The Last Dollar scholarship committee will not consider partial applications.

So, the aspects of the Last Dollar Scholarship includes the following:

  1. The “ Last Dollar Scholarship Checklist” which a parent or guardian must sign for you. Also, you should accompany the checklist with a school official certifying cumulative GPA.
  2. A scholarship application including a personal statement.
  3. A copy of the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) with the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) circled. The SAR can be reprinted by going to and clicking “View your Student Aid Report (SAR)” under “Returning User?”
  4. A copy of the financial aid award letter/email from the college you plan to attend, if available.

Last Dollar Scholarship 2021 Application Deadline

The Last Dollar Scholarship application is ongoing and there is information about the application deadline. Therefore, you should treat this scholarship application as URGENT and apply as early as possible.

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Please contact the Philadelphia Scholars office at if you have general questions about the Last Dollar Scholarship.

Meanwhile, you can visit the official scholarship website below.


How Long does the Last Dollar Scholarships Last?

The Last Dollar Scholarship lasts for just an academic year but you can renew it every year for six (6) consecutive years. Meanwhile, if you’ll be renewing the Last Dollar scholarship, you will have to maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to renew. You must also participate in ten (10) hours of Community Service each academic year.

What Kind of University program does the Last Dollar Scholarship Cover?

You can apply the Last Dollar Scholarship to a freshman university program in any field of study.

Is the Last Dollar Scholarship only for Philadelphia Students?

To be eligible for the Last Dollar Scholarship, you don’t necessarily have to be a Philadelphia student. You only need to be a graduating senior attending any of the listed high schools and participating in the Philadelphia education fund college access program.

Can I apply the Last Dollar Scholarship towards a Master's Degree?

No, you can’t apply the Last Dollar Scholarship to a Master’s degree program. The scholarship only covers Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Meanwhile, you must be enrolled for full-time study in the university or college.

Can I use the Last Dollar Scholarship in a Vocational School?

No, you can’t apply the Last Dollar Scholarship to any non-traditional institution offering careers in nursing, vocational-technical, automotive mechanics, etc.

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