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League of Legends Scholarships

Are you a passionate and avid gamer? If so, the League of Legends scholarships can be what you are looking for to help you in your college education.

In addition to financial support, recipients have the additional benefit of finally telling their parents that out of all the hours they have spent playing video games, something valuable has come out!

They award this Gaming scholarship based on a combination of academic merit and the participation of universities in the online video game community.

Various colleges offer league of legends scholarships; they include but are not restricted to the following:

  • UC Irvine League of Legends Scholarship
  •  Robert Morris University League of Legends Scholarship
  •  Columbia College Scholarship for League of Legends
  •  The University of Pikeville Gaming Scholarships

#1. UC Irvine League of Legends Scholarship

UC Irvine made history by becoming the first public institution to offer scholarships to students playing the League of Legends game.

Scholarship Worth: This scholarship is awarded to ten students for their undergraduate study. Another recipient is called when a recipient leaves UC Irvine or its graduates.

UC Irvine teams will compete against each other and with other schools.

Click here to Apply

#2. Robert Morris University League of Legends Scholarship

The scholarship is open to students interested in or wishing to play League Of Legends.

Host/Eligible Nationality: This Gaming Scholarship is offered by Robert Morris University, Illinois, USA, to the school’s local and international students.

Scholarship Worth: This Scholarship offers successful students up to $19,000 to attend Robert Morris University.

The University offers the opportunity to recruit students interested in participating in sports like many NCAA sports. Applicants can fill in a short online form stating their name, contact information, and other interests. Then you will receive additional information about the selected sport.

Also, students wishing to learn more about League Of Legends and the esports teams will find information about the competition HERE.

#3. Columbia College League of Legends Scholarships 2023

Columbia college formed its League of Legends teams in the fall of 2016. The University recruited a coach and twelve players to assemble their team.

Host/Eligible Nationality: This is one of the gaming scholarships 2023 is hosted by Columbia College, Canada, and is open to local and international college students.

Level/Field of Study: These Gaming Scholarships are available to students who are promising in the field of online gaming.

Students who wish further information on financial support can contact the Director of Electronic Sport by e-mail, whose contact details appear on this website.

The scholarship is renewable as long as students receive at least 2.0 on average. In addition, all students must be enrolled full-time and agree to participate in daily play exercises.

Scholarship Worth: The recipients are currently offered a partial discount on tuition.

Students selected to form the teams compete with other university teams in the US and Canada.

Click here to fill out your Esports Questionnaire:

#4. University of Pikeville 

This college in KY offers several scholarships for League of Legends players. Their program also began last fall, and the University currently offers 20 scholarships for qualified students.

Host/Eligible Nationality: The scholarship is hosted by the University of Pikeville, Kentucky, United States, and is open to both local and international college students.

As a student wishing to be considered for this award, you must contact the University Sports Department. In addition, you must formally enroll at the University and fill out a FAFSA form to be considered.

Level/Field of Study: If you are a student interested in eSports, this scholarship is for you.

For more information on the scholarship and how to apply, Click here.


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