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Low Tuition Universities in South Africa  [UPDATED]

Africa is coming up on the world stage of Best Universities with Universities in South Africa Making waves. Today, we have the privilege to put down the Cheapest or Low Tuition Universities in South Africa 2023.

In recent times, Africa was not been well known by international students as a good study-abroad destination. But in the just concluded world universities’ ranking, many African universities have been featured. Most of these African universities in the world list are found in South Africa.

Gone are the days when study abroad programs meant sticking to the West. Nowadays, you can revolutionize your education just about anywhere in the world. That’s why South African study abroad programs are one of the newest, but hottest ways to do international study.

If you want to experience life in one of the most diverse and complex countries in the world, you may choose to study in South Africa.  

The country excels in many areas, offering some of the world’s most striking natural scenery and wildlife, diverse and dynamic cities, and towns – and a strong selection of leading universities with an international outlook. That is why we have put together a list of Low Tuition Universities in South Africa.

A Quick one About South Africa

South Africa with a population of 50.58 million people has a rich mix of culture, languages, and religious beliefs. The country is a nice place to be and has people from several nations, races, and religions. The majority of the people living there are Africans who make up 75.5 of the population.

In today’s article, we are going to see the best low tuition Universities and Colleges in South Africa that are good for international students, the cost of living as an international student, admission requirements, and how to apply for admission to South Africa’s best universities.

It might interest you to know that South Africa has made noticeable progress in developing a more democratic country, in which diversity has played an important role in its national identity.

There are more than eleven official languages in South Africa.  The country is popularly nicknamed the “rainbow nation” symbolizing its unique multicultural and racial attributes.

The following are universities considered to be the best for international students both because of their low tuition fees and quality of education.

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Why Universities In South Africa Is A Good Choice For International Students.

There are several reasons why people should study in the lovely country of South Africa. They include the following: Cheap universities in South Africa for international students:

  • South Africa is one of the leading countries in Africa through education! It also offers a great variety of languages! You can choose one out of ten languages to study in South Africa. South Africa also has great teachers who can ensure their knowledge. Cheap universities in South Africa for international students.
  • The cost of living in South Africa is also cheap. You can survive in South Africa even if you have as much as $400 in your pocket. It will be enough to cover expenses for food, traveling, accommodation, and utility bills. According to the Low Tuition Universities, the undergraduate programs in South Africa will cost you $2,500-$4,500. At the same time, the postgraduate programs will cost you about $2,700-$3000. The price is for one academic year.
  • South Africa has great colleges and universities that are doing their best to obtain the higher education requirements of students worldwide who want to study English.
  • South Africa has about 10 languages from which students can decide to enroll in the academic program they want.
  • Apart from a conducive environment for learning, South African universities have highly-rated teachers.
  • The cost of living and education in South Africa is affordable courtesy of the low exchange rate.

Cost of Living in South Africa

Living in South Africa can cost an individual about 400 dollars a month which can be used to cover expenses like food, utility bills, accommodation, and travel costs.

Tuition Fees in South Africa

Tuition fees for international students in South Africa are quite cheap and affordable when compared to those in most developed countries. The standard of learning is high class despite the low fees. It is approximately $2,500 – $4,500 for undergraduate programs and $2,700 – $3,000 for postgraduate studies per academic year.

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Academic  Calendar in South African Universities

Usually, the academic calendar in South Africa consists of two semesters. The first semester starts at the beginning of February and the second semester starts at the end of July.

Applying for a South African Universities

Applicants or candidates have the choice of either applying through the internet or through admission agencies. For those interested in applying through the internet, the following steps should be adhered to:

  • Applicants should visit the web portal of the university they have chosen and make a request for an online application form.
  • Applicants should fill out the form with the right information and upload the necessary documents
  • Once done with the form, applicants should send it to the admission department of the university or send it to the address stated on the form
  • Once the applicant’s form has been considered he or she will be sent an offer by airmail or Email
  • After applicants have received the offer they should ask for a visa pack from the school so they can start processing their visa
  • At this point, you are ready for your enrollment

How Many Universities are in South Africa?

There are 26 Non-profit Public Universities in South Africa. These Universities offer International Students the Opportunity to study in South Africa. They Offer Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. degrees in various Courses Obtainable in any part of the World.

Here is a list of those Universities in South Africa

  • The Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town
  • The Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein
  • The Durban University of Technology in Durban
  • The Mangosuthu University of Technology in Durban
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Port Elizabeth
  • North-West University Potchefstroom
  • Rhodes University Grahamstown
  • Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University Pretoria
  • Sol Plaatje University Kimberley
  • The Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria
  • Universiteit Stellenbosch Stellenbosch
  • Universiteit van die Vrystaat Bloemfontein
  • The University of Cape Town in Cape Town
  • University of Fort Hare Alice
  • University of Johannesburg Johannesburg
  • The University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban
  • The University of Limpopo Mankweng
  • University of Mpumalanga Nelspruit
  • University of Pretoria Pretoria
  • The University of the Western Cape Bellville
  • University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg
  • University of Venda Thohoyandou
  • The University of Zululand Kwadlangezwa
  • The Vaal University of Technology Vanderbijlpark
  • Walter Sisulu University

Which Universities are Affordable in South Africa?

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Fort Hare
  • North-West University
  • Rhodes University
  • Stellenbosch University

Let’s begin with the list of Cheap Universities in South Africa. The Opportunity has been

#1. Rhodes University

This university is one of the oldest in Africa! It was established in 1904. Today, it has over seven thousand students. There are six faculties at the Rhodes University of Africa: – Рharmacy; – Education; – Science; – Law; – Commerce; – Humanities.

Rhodes University has two basic types of fees. The first fee is the tuition fee which ranges from R29,200 ($2174) to R50,700 ($3.775).

This payment is for undergraduate programs at the university. You will also need to pay the residence fee which ranges from R51,900 ($3864) to R54,500 ($4058). Registration fee costs R4,400 ($328).

Official Site:

#2. North-West University: 

It will cost you just R150 ($11). Still, do not forget to have the R500 ($37) for the application placement fee which will also be required!

According to the tuition fees from the previous year, you will need to pay an estimated fee of  R31,000 ($2313) to R47,000 ($3507) for undergraduate programs.

You will also need to pay residence fees to stay at the university. You will need to pay R17,630 ($1315) for a standard room and R18,280 ($1364) for a single room

Official Site:

#3. University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town It`s also one of the best universities in Africa. According to the list of payments from the official website of the University of Cape Town.

The international student may be required to pay R90,000 ($6716) for full-time undergraduate programs and R60,000 ($4478) for Master`s programs. You will also need to pay the residence fee of R28,000 ($2089).

If you want to get a Ph.D. degree at this university, then you will need to pay the full Master`s Degree Fee plus R3,750 ($279).

Official Site:

#4. Stellenbosch University

With about 30,000 students from over 100 countries, Stellenbosch University is another key player in the South African university scene. Planning for a career working to improve medical access for the underprivileged?

Then you’ll feel right at home at Stellenbosch; the university is pioneering tuberculosis research. Stellenbosch has ten “faculties” (the South African term for schools).

You can study anything from African studies and the arts to political science and theology. On top of its strong educational foundation, the university is located in Stellenbosch town—a community known for its sprawling hills of Western Cape Winelands. *clank clank* And whenever you’re ready for some city livin’, you’ll be just 30 miles outside of Cape Town. Never too far from all the action!

Official Site:

Know More About Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Tuition Fees, Courses, Admission, Ranking, Application Forms

#5. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Whether you’re considering formal studies for the first time, wish to obtain a qualification in a different career field, or just want to further your interest, our wide range of undergraduate programs should serve your needs.

NMMU offers 254 undergraduate programs in more than 130 major career and study fields – of which each represents a broad group of jobs related to each other requiring different levels of skills or types of specialty.

Official Site:


Low Tuition Universities in South Africa have programs that can equate with any world’s finest University. 

The Notion that it is a Cheap University in South Africa Should be that the University is a non-profit University owned by the Government to help students achieve their Dreams. You’re one Step Closer to beginning your Academic Journey in South Africa.



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