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While makeup is a substantial element in theatrical arts and media presentation, more individuals are increasingly adopting makeup application. Also, people seek makeup artists worldwide for their creative expertise, and Dubai is an excellent location to train to become a makeup artist.

Even the best makeup schools in Dubai provide cheap courses and training to groom you into a fine makeup professional.

Since a makeup career doesn’t sound big, makeup artists are the big shots! Almost everyone in the media and entertainment industry today needs them – from screenplay to news presentation. Makeup is also gaining global acceptance, which means that as a makeup artist, you will be relevant anywhere you find yourself.

If you know these little facts and wonder how quickly you can become a makeup artist, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will share with you the best make up schools in Dubai where you can take affordable makeup courses and even gain certificates.

Why Take a Makeup Course in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirate is an Islamic country, so you may wonder how Dubai, its capital, is an ideal place to take a makeup course. You should know that Dubai is a tourist site and has thriving commerce.

Tourists and citizens still socialize and want to look good when meeting acquaintances or new business partners. Also, Dubai is increasingly hosting music stars, who will need the expertise of a makeup artist. The Bollywood effect and weddings also boost the need for makeup artists in the UAE.

People are looking for professional artists who can do astonishing bridal, Arabic, Bollywood, and even makeup for appearing in the media.

Based on this voracious demand for makeup artists, many makeup schools and academies have been established in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Professionals run these schools from the UAE and other parts of the world, thus, they offer a wide range of professional makeup courses that will groom you to become professionals like them.

The beauty of some of the courses these makeup schools in Dubai offer is certification. Some courses you’ll take in these Dubai Beauty Houses provide you with certification to show that are skilled in a certain area of makeup and cosmetology. Yet, these courses are quite affordable.

How do I become a Makeup Artist?

Like every other kind of art, creativity is paramount to becoming a good makeup artist. Your creativity is the fuel that will make you burn for the profession. It would lead you to explore the internet for videos that will teach you makeup application. These videos, however, will give you the knowledge you need to accomplish little makeup effects. You may even become a makeup artist by learning from YouTube videos on makeup application.

However, formal education and training separate professionals from the novice. You can’t become a professional makeup artist without taking some makeup courses.

The minimum educational background you need to become a makeup artist is an Associate’s degree or training program in cosmetology. However, you may decide to take a bachelor’s degree in theater.

You can also take a cosmetology associate’s degree program at a community college or at an online school. The Cosmetology will teach you a broad range of beauty services including makeup application, hair cutting and styling, skin care treatments, and nail care. You may also learn state regulations, sanitation, bacteriology, and business skills.

On the other hand, the Bachelor’s degree in Theatre is for those who aspire to work as makeup artists for film and theater. These theatre programs incorporate makeup into their curriculum, and some offer concentrations in makeup. You will learn basic makeup application, special effects (like wounds and aging), and corrective makeup from these programs.

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What do Makeup Artists Earn?

What you earn as a makeup artist will largely depend on your education, expertise, and creativity. But whichever level of knowledge you have gained, the job outlook for the makeup artist is on a spiraling high.

Bureau of Labour Statistics projects a 13% increase in employment for Barbers, Hairstylists, and Makeup artists in the US from 2016 to 2026. Furthermore, it places the mean annual wage of the Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance Artist at $69,310.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Makeup Artist?

Again, starting from the informal learning method, it could take two weeks, a month, or more (depending on your desire) to master all you’ve learned from YouTube or magazines.

However, formerly, you could take short courses which last anywhere from one year to two years to complete. You would need to take these short courses to prepare you for licensing. Several states in the US require you to have a license as a makeup artist, especially if you’re going to work with hair too.

Meanwhile, becoming a licensed cosmetologist can take about eight months if you attend school full-time. If you’ll attend school as a part-time student, however, it could take you up to two years; the same time it takes to complete an Associate degree in Cosmetology.

Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in Theatre will take four (4) years to complete, if you’d rather take that line.

In all, job experience is what sets professional makeup artists apart from a budding or regular makeup artist and it takes a couple of years to gain so much experience. Therefore, you’ll definitely need to continue taking short courses on different areas of makeup artistry to become a master in the field.

These short courses to update your knowledge on the art takes a really short period to complete. You can take training and courses in special areas of makeup artistry that lasts from a day to two weeks.

List of Makeup Schools in Dubai

You have learned how important Makeup artists are to our ever-advancing world. You have also learned how lucrative the Makeup career is and how Dubai could be one of the best locations to take a makeup course or training. Let’s answer your next question, “What are the best makeup schools in Dubai?”

There are several makeup schools in Dubai, more schools and academy springing up as the year goes by. However, we’ll save you the task of going through the bulk of makeup schools in Dubai which you’ll find on the internet.

Below is a list of Dubai’s top 15 makeup schools where you can keep taking short courses to build your makeup portfolio and experience. We will briefly describe these makeup schools in the next section, with a sample course the schools offer, the course cost, and the training duration.

  • London School of Makeup Dubai
  • Benton Professional Makeup Training Center
  • Make-Up Atelier Training Center Dubai
  • Makeup Forever Academy Dubai
  • Sara Kamkarian Beauty Makeup and Hairdressing School
  • Paramita Academy of Makeup
  • Kontar Beauty and Training Center
  • Life Secret Training Center
  • FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style
  • Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio
  • The Nail Institute, Dubai
  • Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre
  • Hair & Beauty Academy Dubai
  • Max Factor Academy
  • Alz Beauty Makeup Academy

#1 London School of Makeup, Dubai

Address: Units F26 & F23, First Floor, Block 13, Dubai Knowledge Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 454 7686

The London College of Make-up in Dubai is one of the best makeup schools in Dubai. It is a British Makeup school based in Dubai offering Makeup and Hair Styling courses with International Makeup qualifications in both Certificate and Diploma level.

One of this makeup school’s most reputable course is the Full Make-up Diploma Course which teaches fascinating transformations. At the end of this makeup course, you’ll receive 3 IMA International Qualifications, including a Hair Styling Diploma Course. You’ll also learn Beauty, Fashion, Theatre, and TV Make-up. The next Full Make-up Diploma Course starts 27 of October 2019.

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#2 Benton Professional Makeup Training Center

Address: Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Cluster W, JBC5 Bldg — office 2902 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 442 7834

Benton Professional Makeup Academy is an international makeup academy located in Dubai. It is one of the best makeup schools in the location, owned by a Russian couple. Also, all its trainers are Diploma holders in Makeup Artistry. The makeup academy specializes in Contemporary Makeup and Hair Styling.

Thus, Benton is the place to go to in Dubai to acquire a certificate/diploma course in hairstyling and makeup. Some of Benton’s popular makeup courses include VIP Full Basic Makeup Course for Beginners, Arabic/Indian Makeup Course, and the Full Basic Makeup Diploma Course.

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#3 Make-Up Atelier Training Center Dubai

Address: Millennium Plaza Hotel, Office #1602, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 326 6836

Make-Up Atelier is an international makeup school in Dubai. It holds makeup training to groom makeup enthusiasts into a highly qualified specialist in makeup and hairstyling. Make-Up Atelier brings you UAE best training programs and training experience to prepare you for one of the most exciting industries in the world!

This makeup school’s courses in Dubai are for those who wish to start a career in the beauty industry or wish to upgrade their current qualifications in makeup artistry and hairstyling. Upon completing its makeup course, Makeup Atelier students get French accredited Diplomas and International Certificate. Additionally, students get International Certificate from Makeup Atelier for short courses.

Some of Make-up Atelier’s fine courses are the Professional Make-Up Course, Expert Make-Up Course, Bridal Make-Up Course, and Arabic Make-Up Course.

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#4 Makeup Forever Academy Dubai

Address: Crescent Dr – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 375 0160

Make-Up Forever is a Paris based academy, but it has a branch academy in Dubai. This another of the best makeup schools in Dubai, though their training fee may not be cheap. Dany Sanz, a former sculptor, and painter founded this makeup academy.

The school offers various makeup training courses that last anywhere from two days to six months. Its beauty & Fashion training lasts for one month. This is one of the school’s popular training program. Students master fundamental makeup techniques – including colorimetry, morphology, photoshoot – and get a professional picture of themselves for their work portfolio.

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#5 Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup and Hairdressing School

Address: 2nd of December St, Al Dhiyafa Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 359 9412

Sara Kamkarian Beauty, Makeup and Hairdressing School has existed for 25 years. The internationally known professional make-up artist, Sara Kamkarian founded the school. This makeup school trains students in the fundamentals of make-up artistry, hairdressing and Skin Therapy for the entertainment, fashion, spa, salon, and retail cosmetics industries. Also, the beauty school has two campus – one in Los Angeles and the other in Dubai.

Sara Kamkarian has internationally qualified instructors with years of professional expertise in their respective fields of film, television, fashion and salon industry. Thus, they effectively train students in a variety of subjects and help them discover their own unique style.

At Sara Kamkarian Beauty school in Dubai, you can take the Professional Makeup Course, Blow Dry Course, Hairstyle, Basic Hair Cut, Hair Straightening, and Nail Course.

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#6 Kontar Beauty and Training Center

Address: Office No. 2111, Parklane Tower Business BAy, Dubai – UAE.

Phone: +971 4 2666947

KontarBeauty & Training Centre (KBC) is a very big makeup school in Dubai with its 3 division Beauty Complex. This Makeup school in Dubai traces its origin to 1992 and today, it is one of the best makeup schools in Dubai and other locations in the UAE offering quality makeup courses and training. KBC in addition to providing a wide range of professional aesthetics, quality brands, also strives to provide customized certified training services to suit its customers.

The wonderful thing about Kontar is that it offers a wide array of makeup programs and courses in Dubai which you can specialize in. Some of its training courses include Personal Makeup Course, a 5 Day Makeup Course, Contouring Makeup Course, and Basic Makeup Course.

The 5 Day Makeup Course at Kontar, Dubai offers trainees a Professional International Certificate at the end of their training. Billed at AED 5,500 for five days, this theoretical and practical makeup training in Dubai is quite cheap considering the wealth of experience you’ll be returning home with.

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#7 Life Secret Training Center, Dubai

Address: 6th Floor – Office #603, Lake Central Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 338 0380

Life Secret Traning Centre, Dubai is more than a Makeup School. It is a human development school in Dubai that offers consulting services, training programs, and motivational messages to its clients and students. Its programs are grouped into computer training, technical & vocational skills, children’s skills development, fine arts training, and professional & managerial training.

However, through this programming platform, Life Secret offers makeup courses and training, one of the best in Dubai. It is thus one of the best makeup schools in Dubai to take makeup courses to become a personal or professional makeup artist. One of its popular makeup courses is the bridal makeup course, which provides students Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)-approved certificates.

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#8 FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style, Dubai

Address: 108-109, BLOCK 17, DUBAI KNOWLEDGE VILLAGE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971507002956

FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style is an International institute that provides some of the world’s best fashion design and makeup courses. This International Fashion School’s courses have certification by London College of Style. Furthermore, while the FAD Institute in Dubai offers fashion courses that last anywhere from 1 week to 6 months, its Professional Certificate in Makeup course is among the best in Dubai, UEA. Thus making it one of the best makeup schools in Dubai.

This makeup course by FAD provides training by freelance artists who have worked on projects for big names like Chanel, Paiget, Elle, and Harpers. Meanwhile, the Professional Certificate in Makeup by FAD Institute, Dubai is a London College of Style Certificate approved by KHDA. In this makeup course, you will learn everything about professional makeup application including eye makeup, illumination, and concealing in just one week.

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#9 Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio

Address: Fortune Executive – 402 T – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 50 872 8374

Illumin8 Media Makeup Studio is another big makeup school in Dubai where you can get one of the best makeup course training. This makeup school focuses on grooming you into becoming a makeup professional. Furthermore, in addition to Illumin8’s Pro Courses, the makeup school also gives Pro Workshops, Workshops, Private Lessons, and covers Special Events.

Meanwhile, you can take the complete professional media makeup & hair course, the professional media makeup course, or the professional hair course at Illumin8. These makeup courses in Dubai by Illumin8 take 5 days to weeks to complete.

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#10 The Nail Institute, Dubai

Address: 2nd floor, Eifel Bldg., Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 321 2888

The Nail Institute (TNI) in Dubai may sound like a place to go when you need good manicure or pedicure but it goes beyond that. TNI is the training body of Beauty Connection Spa. So, while the institute majors on nails, it also provides its students popular and holistic beauty training. Also, TNI offers course flexibility by providing students with online and practical learning.

Meanwhile, TNI’s courses are available to students of every level. And these students learn from skilled nail and makeup technicians in small groups to enhance better concentration. While The NAil Institute may not provide Dubai’s best comprehensive makeup course, you can take Basic Facial and Skin Care and Basic Massage courses at TNI. You can also take courses in hair cutting and eyelash extension at TNI.

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#11 Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre

Address: Dubai Knowledge Village, Block 19, office 308; Dubai.

Phone: +971 4 558 7133

Beauty Skin Technology Training Center (BST) is one of the makeup schools in Dubai that offers a wide array of makeup courses. This makeup school offers quality training services through experienced international professional trainers. So, BST offers students sophisticated artistic and scientific education in all aspects of beauty.

Some of Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre’s beauty courses include the Water Color Technique (Podium Makeup) and Tatoo Training of Lips, Eyebrow & Eyeliner. You can also take the Manicuring & Pedicuring course and the Hair Coloring & Treatment & Recovery. There is almost no limit to the kind of beauty training you can get at Beauty Skin Technology Training Centre, Dubai.

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#12 Hair & Beauty Academy, Dubai

Address: Block 11 G-02 – 11 King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 438 0122

Hair and Beauty Academy, Dubai tags themselves as the makeup school that beautifies the world. The tagline is true enough because Hair and Beauty Academy is the makeup school in Dubai where you can grab a US, UK, or KHDA diploma and certificate in makeup. How? Hair and Beauty Academy offers makeup courses by The City & Guilds of London Institute. Thus, taking the course in Dubai is as good as taking it in London.

Also, you can take the makeup courses of Make-Up Designory (MUD) Los Angeles at Hair and Beauty Academy. This Academy aims to help students achieve their dreams. Thus, Hair and Beauty produces hairstylists and makeup artists who meet global employability standards. Hair & Beauty Academy also offers makeup courses, like the Bridal Hairstyling Short Program, which is quite cheap for the 3-day duration.

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#13 Max Factor Academy, Dubai

Address: Dubai Investment Park – 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 50 605 9288

Max the Factor Academy is one of the newest makeup schools in Dubai, but one of the best, nonetheless. Of course, Max Factor Academy is the academy of the makeup brand Max Factor. So, you see, this school is attracting students from around the world into Dubai. In over two years of the academy’s stay in Dubai, it has produced over 200 graduates, some of whom are teaching in the academy.

Meanwhile, Max Factors most requested course is the Max Factor Professional Course. This course lasts 6 weeks and covers everything a makeup artist needs to become a professional. From skin tones and contouring to eye shadow and eyeliner. At the end of this course in Dubai, students receive the KHDA certificate.

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#14 Alz Beauty Makeup Academy

Address: Dubai-Business Bay, Churchill Tower, Level: 34, Office No.: 3410, Dubai, UAE.

Phone: +971 58 809 0823

Alz Beauty Makeup Academy in Dubai that offers professional makeup training that is quite cheap to students who wish to take up a career in beauty application. This makeup school also teaches professionals who want to upgrade their skills in the makeup industry. Alz Beauty Academy’s numbers speak for the academy. The makeup academy has given out over 2,000 certificates and graduated over 800 students, 500 of whom are employed.

Meanwhile, Alz Beauty Makeup Academy’s most requested courses are the Fast Track Makeup Artist Course and the Full Basic Makeup Courses. Both courses are for beginners, and Intermediate make up artists, providing them a solid footing for a fulfilling career in makeup and beauty application.

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#15 Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc., Dubai


Phone: Nil

Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc. is an international standard makeup school with the parent company in Canada. Paramita has expanded into other locations including Dubai and New York to mold all students into professional Makeup Artists. Thus making it one of the best Makeup Schools in Dubai where you can take some of the best makeup courses and training.

Paramita’s programs teach students the techniques to become an artist who is expressive and confident in any field of makeup. Thus, this international makeup school applies classic techniques to their training instead of short-lived makeup trends. Also, Paramita admits students of all ages and from different locations to take its makeup certificate program.

Furthermore, Paramita’s popular courses are the 3-day Condensed “Beauty & Bridal Makeup Artist Certificate Program” and the 3-hour “Personal Makeup Class.” Paramita’s programs may be quite cheap depending on the location you’re taking the course from.

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Dubai may be a Muslim state but it is definitely one of the most incredible locations in the world to study makeup. While the makeup schools in Dubai offers quality makeup training, the market is rife in Dubai. Music stars who frequently visit the commercial city, Bollywood movie industry, and even TV presentation. They all need professionals who will make them look good. So, study in any of our top 15 makeup schools in Dubai and become a professional makeup artist.


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