15 Courses On Mandala Color Online | Free & Paid

Drawing mandalas is probably more refreshing than you think. The results are even more gratifying for an experienced artist or a newbie taking mandala color online courses. This is true whether you are drawing the mandalas on paper or digitally.

Mandalas have significant meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are said to represent the cosmos in all of its forms, from the most expansive to the minutest.

Courses on mandala drawing often consist of everything about mandalas, beginning with creating patterns, the basic outline of a Mandala, the meaning behind creating each stroke, and, of course, drawing complex yet meaningful and harmonious mandalas.

In this article, we will be looking at 15 courses on mandala color online from which you can choose.

What Is A Mandala?

The word “mandala” comes from the Sanskrit language, roughly translated as “circle” or “center.”

When we hear the word “mandala,” we think of those elaborate circular drawings that contain colors, forms, and patterns repeating out to the edges. However, mandalas can have a free-flowing, organic, and asymmetrical quality.

They can be precise, accurately measured, geometric, and completely symmetrical. It is common practice to draw mandalas in the shape of a circle. However, you can also draw mandalas in the form of squares.

Mandalas are used as objects of meditation in the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. They are believed to aid in the process of spiritual development. The symbols signify one’s spiritual journey, the cycles of birth, life, death, and the interdependence of all living things.

The imagery shows the universe. Understanding the self with the divine is at the heart of the Hindu religious tradition. Whereas in the Buddhist tradition, the focus is on the enlightenment potential, Buddha nature. The images inside mandalas depict the challenges that one must conquer to grow compassion and wisdom.

Why Should I Draw Mandalas?

When artists design their mandala, they try to imagine it reflecting their internal self. So, when you want to draw and color a mandala, it can be a highly enriching personal experience.

An experience where you look deep within yourself to discover the forms, colors, and patterns that can represent anything from your current state of mind to your most deeply desired wish for yourself, a loved one, or humanity.

You can even draw a mandala to represent a particular mentality you would like to cultivate.

Some other benefits of mandalas are meditation and developing a greater awareness of oneself, and the spiritual rituals of various cultures worldwide make use of mandalas.

When you create your mandala, you choose the forms and colors that you feel are best to convey a sense of who you are and how you see the world.

This gives you complete creative control over the process. And you are free to use your imagination to design a mandala that is one of a kind and represents you in a way that no one else can.

Once you have mastered the fundamental techniques involved in drawing a mandala, you are free to experiment with many new designs and colors whenever you create a new mandala.

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Can I Learn Mandala Color Through Online Courses?

Yes, you can take mandala color online courses to learn the art.

The process is simple since the courses are often flexible and will fit into your schedule. Plus, you can take them with you anywhere, provided there is access to the internet. Also, you can repeat any of the courses to master the craft.

These courses come in fun video modules that lead you through various step-by-step approaches and practices while also expanding your craft knowledge and skills at your speed.

To learn mandala color, check out any of the courses below.

15 Mandala Color Online Courses

#1. A Quick and Easy Way to Create a Freehand Mandala

Price: Paid

In this class, Sacil Armstrong, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), will walk you through the steps required to make a mandala using freehand drawing. If you believe you can’t draw to save your life, you will benefit greatly from taking this class.

By the end, you will confidently wield a pen, draw a dot, a line, a curve, and an orb (which is an imperfect circle), and eventually, build a mandala!

The materials needed for class are simple: blank paper and a pen with a felt tip.

The tutor promises to help you find your “Calm in the Chaos” by combining a passion for Zentangle with interest in various types of art and meditation practices.

#2. Draw a Mandala

Price: Paid

In this first mandala color online course, you will learn how to create a beginner-sized mandala that is 5 inches by 5 inches using black and white ink. And in the subsequent class, you will proceed to investigate the use of color in the creation of mandalas.

You’d do some careful planning and construct a grid out of pencil using precise measurements to get started. This offers symmetry and a framework for you. As you work on the mandala from the center outward, the creative process will grow while remaining contained inside the form you prepared.

Mandalas are easy to draw, and in this class, you be working on a highly portable style of art because it only requires a few essential drawing tools.

#3. Color Wheel Mandala: Part 3 – Complex Flower Petal & Bonus Color Mixing Lesson

Price: Paid

Explore the bite-sized chunks of tips and easy-to-digest advice from this tutor who has spent her entire life sketching, drawing, and painting. The goals of the courses are:

  • To provide advice and methods that facilitate the acquisition of new skills and the mastery of existing skills;
  • Serve as a convenient reference for those who have already participated in previous workshops.

The class is the third and final installment of the Color Wheel Mandala Series. This course will teach you how to build two more flower petal mandalas to add to your collection.

Instead of the limited palette of three pigments, one of each primary color used in parts one and two, you will be utilizing six pigments, a warm and a cool of each primary color. This will allow you to create a wider range of colors.

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#4. Color Wheel Mandala – Part Four

Price: Paid

This class is the fourth and final installment of the Color Wheel Mandala series. A mandala with a six-pointed star will serve as the basis for the intricate design that you will study here.

You will be able to build an incredible color and value variations design using only six pigments, including a warm and a cool version of each primary hue.

You can choose to follow your tutor or use your imagination and put your new knowledge of color mixing to the test.

Also, you will see many different examples of color wheel mandalas and a range of drawings and paintings, done in watercolor and oil, with only six fundamental colors.

#5. Modern Mandala Art: Draw and Color 2 Stunning and Unique Mandalas

Price: Paid

If you want to do some breathtaking mandala artwork today, you should join this class. You will go through drawing and coloring two unique and magnificent mandalas to display on your wall, give as presents to members of your family and friends, or post online.

This is a more conventional art class where you will be using paper and pens. You may also follow along digitally.

During this class, you will learn how to:

  • Get some practice with some fundamental mandala patterns.
  • Draw a simple mandala design.
  • Create a mandala that is increasingly intricate and detailed.
  • Color in the simple mandala using a palette of colors that complement one another.

This session is ideal for artists who are just starting and anyone interested in mandalas and simple therapeutic drawing activities.

#6. Create a Mandala in Adobe Photoshop – A Graphic Design for Lunch™ Class

Price: Paid

The Graphic Design for Lunch™ classes are the ideal duration for your lunch break. You will learn new and exciting Photoshop tools and techniques in each class. And you will eventually learn how to make a mandala in Photoshop and color it using different textures and gradients.

There are also tips to discover ways to rotate the mandala, construct a template for your mandala, and other helpful tricks.

Each class is jam-packed with helpful and entertaining strategies, yet it is brief enough to be completed within a lunch hour.

There are class projects designed for you to draw within one or two lunch periods to reinforce the material being taught. Your assignment for this course is to use Photoshop to create a mandala and then provide an image of the finished product.

#7. Color Wheel Mandala: Part I

Price: Paid

You will learn how to draw a Star Mandala that can also serve as a Color Wheel in this class. This is the first class in the Color Wheel Mandala Series that consists of four parts.

In each session, you will learn the steps of building a mandala using a compass and a straightedge. Then, you will proceed to the wondrous realm of combining different colors.

You will understand the qualities of your pigments and discover that when your palette is limited, you can combine only two pigments at a time.

This way, your colors always look stunning together. You can achieve this by employing a method that involves using a limited palette consisting of only one yellow, one red, and one blue.

Drawing your color wheel mandala will be the project for this class. You may choose to follow the instructions provided in the course or develop your unique star design.

#8. Create a Pentagram Mandala

Price: Paid

When you take the Pentagram Mandala lesson, you will learn to split a circle into five equal parts with a sheet of paper, a pencil, a straightedge, and a compass.

After dividing the circle into five equal sections, you can make a flower with five petals, a star with five points, and any other design with five similar and repetitive patterns.

One of the examples presented in the session illustrates how a simple five-pointed star may be used as the basis for a more intricate pattern. After that, watercolor is added to the pentagram mandala using a limited palette consisting of just three pigments: one red, one yellow, and one blue.

You will then use these three pigments to create warm and cool neutrals, demonstrating how lovely neutrals can let more intense colors sparkle. This session is for artists who have some experience but are not yet experts.

#9. Mandala Design: Secrets and Tips to Create and Ink an Attractive Mandala Drawing

Price: Paid

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop and design a mandala using measuring tools to produce your template. Also, you will learn the procedures required to achieve a visually appealing result.

The tutor also promises to share some of the ideas and tips for creating a mandala.

You’ll learn the process of inking and correcting some mistakes so that you can have an experience that is both fun and amusing.

In addition, as an added treat, you’ll learn the process of using gel pens to ink and color your mandalas simultaneously.

#10. Watercolor Painting For Beginners: Mandalas the Easy Way

Price: Paid

Relax your mind and have fun creating your personalized watercolor mandala with the step-by-step techniques in this mandala coloring online course! The class will be focusing on using watercolor because the intention is not to draw the mandala by using all of your brain’s energy!

So, if you want some therapeutic, relaxing watercolor time where you have fun with the way watercolor pigments mix and seem to have a mind of their own, this is the class for you.

In this class, you will learn how to blend watercolor, the importance of working from the lightest to darker shades, gradually fixing mistakes as you paint, and other helpful tips. You will enjoy this class whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist.

#11. Botanical Mandalas: Get started with Sketching Motifs, Drawing a Mandala Design, and Adding Color!

Price: Paid

In this class, you will learn how to draw and paint a botanical mandala.

A botanical mandala might take the form of a single floral design, such as a rose or daisy, or it can utilize numerous botanical patterns to produce a more structured design.

In this lecture, you will get a step by step lesson on:

  • How to draw your botanical motifs using a Dahlia flower, from the bud to the bloom.
  • Constructing a simple mandala using 8 points
  • How to sketch up your mandala design while using botanical motifs.
  • Adding color with the medium of watercolor

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#12. Quick and Easy Mandala Design – Hand draw your own mandalas using Zentangle® inspired patterns

Price: Paid

In this session, you will learn how to draw your mandalas by hand in just three simple stages using doodles or patterns inspired by Zentangle.

You will produce sophisticated, one-of-a-kind, and gorgeous drawings even if you have never drawn anything before.

In addition to that, you will get some pointers on how to add color to your mandalas and some more ideas for making original mandalas on various media.

To help you in the process of drawing, the materials for the session include many patterns you can use.

#13. Procreate Mandalas: Draw, Paint, and Shade a Mandala on your iPad

Price: Paid

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw mandalas on the iPad using Procreate. Although drawing a mandala is a peaceful activity, with Procreate, you can construct mandalas rather quickly and with relatively little effort.

In class, you will:

  • Start by designing a few different petal shapes and some line embellishments and petal decorations.
  • Learn the steps to create an absolutely symmetrical mandala with eight points. You will also learn how to incorporate perfect circles into your mandalas and add color to mandalas in various ways.
  • Apply shading to your mandalas to give them more depth and dimension.
  • You will start by drawing a less complicated and more compact mandala and then go to more complex and intricate designs.

Because this is a step-by-step lesson, it is appropriate for beginners. However, anyone interested in drawing mandalas using Procreate can benefit from taking it. You will be able to follow along even if you have never used procreate before.

You only need to have an iPad, the Procreate app, and a stylus compatible with the iPad, like the Apple Pencil.

#14. Relaxing Painterly Mandalas in Procreate

Price: Paid

Discover the secrets to making the most stunning, painterly mandalas using the app Procreate! You will first learn how to use the radial and rotational symmetry tool for a sketch, and then you will learn how to use it for the final art. These designs are not only entertaining but also peaceful and calming.

This course does require some familiarity with the program Procreate, but the artistic ability is not a prerequisite for enrollment.

It’s good to have an outlet where you may create art simply to create it, without any particular goal in mind.

Once you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of this course, you will be able to sit down and create intuitively, applying exquisite brushstrokes wherever you have the sense that they are required, and end up with stunning outcomes.

#15. Learn to Draw Mandalas as a Mindfulness tool

Price: $12.98

In this mandala color online course, you will learn how to create your mandala from scratch. With this class, you will step into your daily life more relaxed, grounded, and clear while drawing your mandala.

Additionally, you will learn about mandalas’ meaning, symbolism, and history, the fundamental principles of mindfulness, and how to integrate this practice into the creative process. You will also cultivate the habit of meditation from a different perspective.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in the class. Participants don’t need any prior knowledge or expertise with any visual art or meditation practice to join.

It is appropriate for everyone interested in exploring creativity and reflection. And anyone who wants to learn valuable and practical skills to quiet the mind, thereby achieving mental clarity and tranquility.


You should pay attention to your cognitive skills and development. By enrolling in these mandala color online courses, you will be taking your first step forward in this direction.

Plus, painting a mandala will help increase your concentration levels and help in improving coordination.

Choose one or more of these courses today and experience a colorful and relaxing way to achieve natural beauty.



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