St. Mary’s University Scholarship 2022

St. Mary’s is a University that offers a wide variety of scholarships known as Mary’s Scholarship. Scholars are highly valued at St Mary’s. They make an active and quality contribution to the rich life of the school and act as role models and leaders to other pupils and as ambassadors for St Mary’s.

Scholars are encouraged – and expected – to make the most of the opportunities available to them to expand, expand, and strengthen their skills and skills and gain valuable experience that will place them in a good place for the future.

St. Mary’s University reserves the right to replace your scholarship with other gift aid sources in the same amount. If you are eligible for more than one St. Mary’s University academic scholarship, only the scholarship of the highest value may be awarded.

These Mary’s scholarships are also renewable and can be applied to tuition only. To maintain academic scholarships, you must be enrolled full-time (taking a minimum of 12 hours per semester and maintain a cumulative grade point of an average of 3.0.

Mary’s Scholarship value / benefits

  • One award:  $30,000 per year (CAD) – to a maximum of $120,000 CAD over 4 years.
  • Two awards: $17,000 per year (CAD) – to a maximum of $68,000 CAD over 4 years.

How To Apply for St. Mary’s Year 7 Scholarships

  • Firstly applicants need to complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. The registration form can easily be gotten online by following the link below or through the back of the school prospectus.

Registration Link

  • Secondly by completing the scholarship application form. This can be gotten by following the link below or through the back of the Year 7 scholarships booklet.

Registration Link

  • Thirdly by returning the completed scholarship application form to the registrar by the expected deadline.

Registration Link

  • Fourthly by attending the scholarship assessment day and if invited bring along any requested information or evidence.

St. Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University is an excellent place to registrars graduate studies. This university also offers a wide variety of scholarships as stated above which rewards academic excellence with over $6.3 million dedicated to student scholarships annually.

The award-winning faculty members of this prestigious are renowned experts and prolific researchers. You’ll benefit from the opportunity to work closely with them on original projects in an environment that supports and encourages student research which is a good edge for researchers. This University is small enough to provide close interaction and sense of community, yet its resources and facilities are state-of-the-art.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) oversees Saint Mary’s graduate programs and supports the university’s research endeavors. The Faculty also offers a wealth of information and resources on graduate studies and research activities within the university.

This University also awards several St. Mary’s scholarships which are listed below

St. Mary’s University Encourages Excellence

St. Mary’s University welcomes Scholarship applications from prospective Year 7 students who can demonstrate potential in Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Performance in the Entrance Assessment determines which students are offered St Mary’s Academic Scholarships, while Miss Comrie Scholars are chosen following their meeting with the director and an independent committee.

In all cases, students are expected to show enthusiasm, commitment and level of success, as well as a promise. There is no financial assessment of St. Mary Scholarships, and all scholarships are awarded on merit and open competition only.

St. Mary’s University Recognising Scholars

The Scholars take the lead in their field of expertise throughout their time at the school. St. Mary’s University supports their skills, time and ideas, to achieve school life and motivate other pupils to bring their own presence. After St. Mary’s, the scholars recognized the “Badge” and recognized the school.

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They are mentored and advised to provide you with special possibilities to develop their skills and experience. The grants also have a loss, at the recognition of the director.

Moreso St. Mary’s University scholarships have a list of scholarships for its applicant with a known name as St. Mary’s Year 7 scholarships.

St. Mary’s Year 7 Scholarships

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Art Scholarship
  • Drama Scholarship
  • Music Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Miss Comrie Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

St Mary’s University has one of the best records of academic achievement in the country. Its most able students are identified, tracked and individually monitored to ensure that they are given all the support and extension they need to fly high and realise their academic potential.

Academic students are encourage and expected to benefit from the opportunities to expand their learning through St Mary’s Outstanding Potential Accelerated Learners (OPAL) programme, which provides seminars, workshops and educational visits designed to extend its most capable students.

Students take a leading role in the school’s academic activities, including student-led debates, student-led seminars and educational challenges. Correspondindly, they represent the school in local, regional and national competitions and events.Also, academic researchers wear the badge of fine scientists and are recognized throughout their school days. Scientists receive remission of fees, according to the director.

St. Mary’s Colledge scholarships are chosen to lead in school academic activities and to represent the school in the wider world and it is expected that they show effort, commitment and enthusiasm in doing so. They should at all times set an example to other students, upholding the school’s academic standards and ethos.

St. Mary’s scholarships can be awarded to prospective year 7 student who demonstrates a high level of academic potential and capabilities. You can not apply for an academic scholarship these are offered on the basis of achievement in the St Mary’s high school scholarships, which is designed to ascertain aptitude rather than experience.

There is no limit to the number of St. Mary’s scholarships that can be offered within the year of admission.

Art Scholarship

The Art department at St Mary’s University is a professional-style creative and conducive environment where its most talented artists flourish, inspired by visits to galleries and the high-quality teaching, which is recognised by the Arts Council of England with the ‘Gold Artsmark’.

The art scientists develop as independent learners and fantasy thinkers, who formulate their personal answers to set topics and themes.

Scientists play a prominent role in arts activities throughout the school and are part of the St. Mary’s university scholarships Art Council, which influences the impacts of the arts throughout the school.

The Students serves as ambassadors for the school at local and regional art events and exhibitions, and their artwork is displayed outside the school as an example of the high quality of art in St Mary’s University.

Fine art scientists wear the Badge of fine scientists and are recognized throughout their school days.

The scientists receive the referral of fees, according to the director.

Art scientists contribute to the spirit of art throughout the school. They have a positive attitude by showing their commitment to the lessons, artistic activities and supporting others. Scientists assume a leadership role in school fairs, attend on open days and at all times serve as ambassadors of the school and as an example for their peers.

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The Mary’s Scholarships may be awarded to prospective Year 7 students who submit a portfolio of work by the deadline.

Those invited to the short list are invited to the interview to discuss their work with the Head of Art and participate in the art evaluation. There is no limit to the number of technical scholarships that can be offered in one year of enrollment; together with all St. Mary’s scholarships, they are only awarded on merit. All scholarships are awarded a place of an exhibition in St. Mary’s University.

Drama Scholarship

The busy, lively and creative Drama department presents Scholars with many opportunities to take the spotlight, developing their dramatic techniques, confidence and performance skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The drama scientists really take the lead in a school production and theatre workshops. They are also inspired by the main pictures directed by the St. Mary’s University resident representative and other professional artists of the school, as well as visits to professional theatre performances locally and in London.

The drama scientists wear the badge of good scientists and are recognized during their stay at the school. The scientists receive the referral of fees, according to the direction of the director.

Researches contribute to school-wide ethics of drama, takes a positive approach to drama lessons, and supports others in lessons and rehearsals. They also take leading roles in the school production. Scientists are expected to choose to take a GCSE drama.

Candidates for a 10-minute drama scholarship may evaluate scholarships to offer short performances or read and demonstrate evidence of participation in drama outside of school (eg, programs, certificates and photographs).

There is no limit to the number of drama scholarships that can be presented in a year of acceptance, with all Granting of the St. Mary’s Scholarship, granted solely by merit. All scholarships are awarded a place of the exhibition in St Mary’s scholarship.

Music Scholarships

It enables musicians provide the soundtrack to school life. Whether playing or singing solo or as part of an ensemble, the choir or the impressive school orchestra, they develop their performance techniques and their musicianship as well as their love of music.

The Music scholars play a prominent role in the St. Mary’s school of music by participating in orchestras, choirs, choirs, as appropriate, and concerts. They also perform solo singles and/or as part of a band when necessary at concerts and school events.

They can benefit from excursions to inspiring concerts and productions. Researchers can access the well-equipped music department, highly qualified teaching staff and itinerant teachers.

Music Scholars wear the beautiful Scholars’ Badge and are recognised throughout their time at the school. Scholars receive a fee remission, at the discretion of the directors.

The Music Scholars are expected to take a lead role in the school orchestra, choir and ensembles. They must contribute to the whole-school Music ethos and have a positive approach to Music and instrumental lessons, supporting others.

It is also expected to be candidates for music scholarships that have received at least the third degree or equivalent, ideally in two or one tools and voice. Music bonus evaluate lasts about 15 minutes and asks for the execution of a piece or two pieces of music (either sung or using the selected tool) and try a small reading of the view, as well as supporting the collection of tests.

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Candidates must provide any degree of accompaniment before the evaluation. There is no limit to the number of scholarships for musical scholarships that can be presented in a single year of entry – in collaboration with all St. Marys concessions, which are only granted on the basis of merit. All St. Mary’s scholarships are awarded a place of the exhibition in St Mary’s University.

Sports Scholarships

The Sports Scholars represent the St. Mary’s University locally and regionally and inspire the teams and individuals. Sports scientists represent the school in local and regional matches, develop their training and leadership skills and are inspired to watch professional sports competitions.

Scientists wear the badge of excellent scientists and are recognized during their stay at the St. Mary’s school. These scientists receive the referral of fees, according to the director.

Sports scientists must show their commitment to play for school teams in at least two important sports, and be prepared to attend team and team training, matches, good behaviour, preparation, participation and progress at all times.

St. Mary’s University sports scholarships can be awarded to candidates who can demonstrate achievements and/or potential in two or more sports. They must be able to demonstrate a high level of performance in at least two sports and good leadership skills. Candidates must provide proof of their sporting achievements to date (eg, certificates, press clippings, programs, photographs, etc.) in the first place.

Attendees are invited to participate in the evaluation of sports scholarships in a series of team activities along with other candidates. They must show the ability to respond to the guidelines and work well as part of the team.

Miss Comrie Scholarships

The Miss Comrie’s scientists, who have been honoured for the name of one of St. Mary’s University first influential principals, are ambassadors of the school and make a significant contribution to school life.

The appropriate candidates are selected on the basis of their meeting with the Director and are included in the list of candidates for the interview by an independent committee. The scientists of Miss Comrie assume the responsibility, wear the badge of the fine scientists and obtain forgiveness for the drawings, according to the director’s assessment.

St mary’s tuition

The Universities Tuition is of two categories. We have the:

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FAQs on St. Mary’s University Scholarship

What is St. Mary's scholarship worth?

St. Mary’s scholarship is worth $1,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable every year and awarded to incoming first-year students who make an official campus visit during their senior year of high school and are admitted to Saint Mary’s.

What are the eligibility criteria for St. Mary's scholarship?

St. Mary’s will award qualified first-time freshmen students with a minimum 3.0 transfer GPA and at least 15 college hours who apply by December 15 who are admitted to the St. Mary’s University’s Class of 2024, and who enroll as full-time students.

When is the deadline for St. Mary's scholarship?

Candidates must submit all Saint Mary’s application materials, including their high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, ACT or SAT scores by the admissions application deadline of January 15th.

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