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With the availability of MBA scholarships in Egypt, you might not fret over the high cost of pursuing an MBA degree. In this article put together by World Scholarship Forum, we’ll list the available MBA scholarships in Egypt.

When it comes to education, Egypt boasts of the best universities in the Middle East and North Africa. For students, the choice of Egypt as a study destination is an all green light.

Before we go on to list the ongoing scholarships, take a quick look at the table of contents below.

If you are looking for MBA students Scholarships for Egyptian Students, African students, and international (Masters in Business Administration), there is always a scholarship opportunity that you can apply and win.

Below is a list of MBA scholarships to study in Egypt and outside Egypt, for MBA Students, in their respective MBA programs, by application closing dates.

Some of these scholarships are offered for the MBA program only, while others are more general, and include MBA as one of the eligible courses of study for candidates who are applying to the scholarship.

These MBA students and other MSc students scholarship programs are offered by a variety of platforms, and scholarship foundations or universities/ colleges/ business schools, etc

Some of the listed scholarships require that you start getting ready early enough to be able to provide all the required documents and papers.  However, there are some MBA students scholarships you can easily apply for within a few days or weeks of coming to the knowledge of it.

This page will be frequently updated with open MBA scholarships opportunities for MBA students that will close application within the next few months, therefore it is expedient to bookmark this page to be updated on the tons of scholarship opportunities can could popup, which you’ll qualify for.


#1 The Zeid Family MBA Fellowship

This MBA Scholarship is in honor of the late Magdy Zeid and his protracted career as the founder and chairman of the  Maridive Group(MG) and MZ Investments. This MBA scholarship is a study in Egypt scholarship, which aids MBA students at the American University in Cairo to complete their MBA studies.

Deadline: The deadline for application is Ist November.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Open to Egyptian nationals in their MBA studies

Level/Field of Study: Only MBA students

Scholarship Worth: This Award covers tuition fees for not less than nine credits per semester, and it covers student services and activities fees.

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Application Link

#2 Pauline Graham Scholarship for African Women

Pauline Avigès Graham offers MSc, and MBA Scholarships for Egyptians and African Female Students in LSE. She was a scholarship beneficiary herself in Egypt where she was born and brought up.

Having had the opportunity to study at LSE, she is now keen to be a postgraduate Scholarship provider herself and has provided a generous endowment study in Egypt and African scholarships to encourage and support academically talented young women from Egypt, and other African countries doing their MBA studies in the London School of Economics.

Deadline: varies

Host/Eligibility Nationality:

Host by Pauline Graham In Egypt, and to MBA students who are Egyptian students(female) and other students doing their MSc program at the London School of Economics.

Level/Field of Study: MBA students, and MSc students in business-related disciplines at the London School of Economics.

Scholarship Worth: £15,000 will be offered per annum.

Application Link

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#3 TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for African Students

This MBA Scholarship is for Egyptian students, and African students to Study at Leading Business Schools in Egypt and Africa. The TY Danjuma Scholarships in MBA aims to help up to seven African students a year. Since launching, scholarships have been awarded to more than 30 students in total attending Top Accredited Business Schools around the world.

Deadline: 30th June.

Host/Eligibility Nationality:

This scholarship was initiated by African communities including Egypt and its open to Egyptian students, and other African students

Level/Field of Study: MBA Students only.

Scholarship Worth: This Scholarship for MBA Students provides financial support to Egyptian students, and African students bridge some of the financial burden attached to taking on MBA programs.

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#4 Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Fully Funded Masters, and MBA Scholarships for African Students.

These Egyptian MSc and MBA scholarships are for non-Egyptian students who want to study in Egypt. International Students doing their MSc or MBA program in Egypt we welcome to apply to these international students’ MBA Scholarships.

Deadline: varies

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Applicant should be a holder of citizenship of Iraq, Jordon, Yemen, or a country in Africa except for Egypt where the MSc and MBA Scholarships will be taken.

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Level/Field of Study: MSc and MBA students

Scholarship Worth: Covers tuition fees,


Monthly stipend,

Flight ticket, and

Medical & life insurance.

Application Link

#5 ALU School of Business MBA Scholarship for African Students

MBA program Scholarship applicants must first submit an ALUSB MBA admission application to be eligible to apply for The Chairman’s MBA Scholarship for Excellence in Business Leadership in ALU, this scholarship is aimed at funding Egyptian students, and other African students to study MBA program at ALU.

Deadline: 26th February

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Open to Egyptian students, and other African students to study in ALU.

Level/Field of Study: MBA Programme

Scholarship Worth: full funding until the end of the MBA program

Application Link

#6 Boren Graduate Fellowships

This postgraduate scholarship which includes MSc and MBA programs requires the same program criteria for the scholarship. These MSc, an MBA Scholarship provide up to $30,000 for two years of study to those students who display the highest academic exploits and potential to meet the needs of their chosen MSc or MBA students program to study in Egypt.

Deadline: Varies

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Hosted in Egypt, and open to Egyptian students, African students, and other international students who want to study in Egypt.

Level/Field of Study: postgraduate programs in any accredited field, including MBA program

Scholarship Worth: $30,000

Application Link

#7 The Pharco MBA Fellowship Program

This is to announce the continuous availability of the Pharco Scholarships for outstanding Egyptian students interested in furthering their studies in the business field.  The MBA students Scholarship is designed to be used to study in Egypt, and to support financially needy Egyptian students who do well academically.

The Pharco MBA Scholarships will equip future industry leaders with stiff business management and decision-making abilities.

Deadline: April 15 for the fall semester

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Egyptian students, to study in Egypt.

Level/Field of Study: MBA Programme

Scholarship Worth: Tuition fees

Student services and activities fees

Application Link

#8 ESLSCA Business School MBA Scholarships in Egypt

ESLSCA offers a range of merit-based scholarships to reduce the tuition cost for Egyptian students doing their MBA program. To be considered for ESLSCA scholarships you’re encouraged to apply as early as possible and provide all the necessary papers.

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Study-in-Egypt MBA Scholarships are made only to accepted MBA students who meet the necessary criteria, usually reflecting their individual, including academic achievements.

Deadline: available in the first semesters.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Study in Egypt MBA students Scholarships Hosted in ESLSCA Branch in Egypt.

Level/Field of Study: MBA students

Scholarship Worth: 50% tuition waiver.

Application Link

#9 IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships for Students in Africa

This scholarship aims to encourage high achievers from around the globe who don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply but do have the potential, drive, and passion to study MBA. If you have the desire and ability to join the best group of 90, this opportunity is yours to own.

Candidates who have already applied to the IMD MBA program and who are citizens of Egypt, and other African students, but not necessarily current residents in Egypt and African Countries of the above geographical areas are eligible to apply for these MBA scholarships. Before applying to this scholarship, you should be accepted into the IMD MBA Programme.

The MBA program scholarship is both based on financial needs and academic achievements.

Deadline: 30th September,

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Hosted by African Countries including Egypt, to find Egyptian students, and other African students to complete their MBA program.

Level/Field of Study: MBA program

Scholarship Worth: CHF 30,000

Application Link

#10 Fulbright Egyptian Student Program – MSc, and MBA

These Egyptian students MSc MBA Scholarships provide fully-funded MSc, and MBA students scholarships for university graduates, to study in the US.

Deadline: Closes by the end of February.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Study in the US, and open to only Egyptian students.

Level/Field of Study: MBA programs or MSc

Scholarship Worth: Full funding for two years of MBA program.

To Apply Contact:


Email: student@bfce.eun.eg

Tel : (202) 33359717 / 33365300 / 33357978 ext. 140 and 150

Mobile: 01003380228


Is there MBA Full-time Scholarship For Female Students?

The MBA Full-time Scholarship is available for female students. it is a Partial Funding scholarship for international students offered by the University of Strathclyde. The scholarship is open to applicants from Asia/Africa.


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