Types Of Mechanical Engineering Jobs: Full Career Guide

It is difficult to think of the recent development that has made our activities much easier without thinking of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering is a good career but it will make a lot of sense if you have a mental picture of the various types of mechanical engineering jobs you can do with your degree and how much you can earn.

All of those mentioned up will be very detailed in the latter part of this article. Read on!

This article will serve as a complete career guide on the jobs available to you as a mechanical engineer and what the job outlook looks like in recent times.

See the table of contents below to have an overview of the topics discussed below.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is that branch of Engineering that majorly deals with the design, construction and maintenance of mechanical sysytems.

It involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the operation of machines and tools.

In other words, a mechanical engineer is one who deisgns and develops these machines and makes sure they carry out their functions effectively.

What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do?

The common duties of a mechanical engineer include:

  • Systems Management: A mechanical engineer oversees the operation of a facility or a plant that brings power.
  • Product Design: This is basically the process involved in transforming biomedical devices into engines that could serve as motors to appliances and vehicles.
  • Research and Development: Here, the mechanical engineer carries out new researches on ideas and seeks solutions that meet up with societal demand and also implement them.

Most often than not, mechanical engineers concern themselves with the production of tangible things that they are able to make decisions on the size, shape and the specific material needed to actualize that product.

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How Much Does a Mechanical Engineer Earn?

Graduates from the mechanical engineering field are open to lots of career opportunities and earning potential.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that an average mechanical engineer earns between $67,876 to $88,430.

Factors like your work experience, specialization, and educational background can affect your salary and if you are just a fresh man engineer, your starting salary ranges between $60, 000 to $65,000.

However, a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience stand the chance to earn well up to $100,000 annually.

What are the Skills a Mechanical Engineer Should Possess?

Below are the basic skills needed to scale through the mechanical engineering course.

  • Expressiveness: The ingenuity of the mechanical engineer is the basic component needed to design and assemble complex pieces of equipment together into something more significant and useful.
  • Listening Skill: Because a mechanical engineer comes works with a team, you must be able to listen and draw proper analytics for the completion of your tasks.
  • Mechanical Skill: This skill will aid you to apply basic engineering ideas and utilize them in the production of new designs.
  • Problem-solving skill: You must be good at solving problems.

Outlook for Mechanical Engineering Jobs

The job outlook for mechanical engineers is projected to grow by 4% in the next ten years. This is as fast as the average for all occupations.

Interestingly, mechanical engineers can fit into several industries thereby, impacting the job increase.

As the days go by, mechanical engineers will continually be instrumental to the production industries all around the world.

How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

Starting out a career in mechanical engineering requires that you earn a bachelor’s degree the least.

This is where you are introduced to both the theoretical and practical aspect of the career path that you have chosen.

However, you can choose to obtain an associate degree.

We have outlined a guideline you can follow to become a mechanical engineer.

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

This is about the basic requirement you need to go for an entry-level position in this field.

However, you may prefer to complete a two-year pre-engineering degree after which you can transfer to a four-year college to meet up with the baccalaureate requirements.

The coursework you need to cover include the intermediate and advanced mathematics, physical sciences, engineering and design.

In some schools, you may have the option of combining the coursework for a bachelor’s degree program and that of a master’s program to form a 5-year course.

This step will gain you easy access to employment market.

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Earn an Engineering License

To be a practicing mechanical enineer, it is expedient that you obtain a state license. You can apply for a license upon completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Also, you must passs the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam to become licensed.

In cases where your licensing requirements are greater than that of the state you reside or choose to practise in, you will have no need to sit for another round of exam for licensure.

Acquire Certifications

This step is rather optional except you wish to have a back up recognition from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Such certification shows your conscious competency in specific fields of mechanical engineering.

More so, it can give you an edge over other competitors as well as water the grounds for your career advancement.

What Type of Job Can I do with an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technician

This job requires you to assist the mechanical engineer in every way possible to provide accurate calculations, data analysis, design drafting and preparation of reports.

Type of Jobs I Can do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer, your job is to make use of computer-aided software to design products that solves a particular problem.

These products include air conditioning systems, elevators, etc.

The average salary for a mechanical engineer is about $88,430.

Biomedical Engineer

Although this is an entirely different major from mechanical engineering but as a biomedical engineer, you get involved in the production process of surgical instruments and other medical devices.

You can also help medical experts understand how these devices can work better.

You will earn $91,410 as a biomedical engineer.

Mechanical Designer

The job description of a mechanical designer entails planning and collaborating with other professionals from the conception of an ides through the building process and to the testing process.

You will be required to build samples and make improvements where necessary.

The mechanical designer earns an average salary of $60,300.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HAVC) Engineer

The quality of air and environmental temperature is basically the concern of this mechanical engineer. You will work to improve the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refriferation systems.

Industrial Engineer

As an industrial engineer, you can work in several niches but your expertise will mostly be needed to solve problems that may come up in the production process.

While mechanical engineering can be an ideal major for this job role, you can also consider industrial engineering as an option.

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What Type of Jobs Can I do with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

To complete a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, you will complete about 30-60 credits in 2 years. The coursework you will cover include: advanced aeronautics, CAD, and fluid mechanics.

Below are some mechanical engineering jobs you can do with a master’s degree.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

As a senior mechanical engineer, you will actively take pasrt in the research and development stage of products and working to enhance the systems.

For an effective job role, you must possess a strong computer skill. Your basic salary here is about $98,410 annually.

Mechanical Engineering Manager

You can function as everything in one here. It is either you are a team leader, project manager, lead engineer whose job role requires that you oversee the day-to-day work of your team members.

Note that the more qualification you obtain, the higher amount you take home as your basic salary.

So, as a mechanical engineer, you should expect an average salary of $111,790.

What Jobs Can I do with a Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

If you are interested in acquiring a doctoral degree, you may either use it for the purpose of teaching and research where you are likely to graduate within 5-7 years into the doctoral program or, to complement a career option.

Here are some mechanical engineering jobs you can do having a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering.

Research Engineer

A research engineer prides so much in the quality of analytical skill he possesses. So, you shouldn’t be an exception.

Your expertise in tackling research projects andgiving situation reports to the management are majorly your job roles.

Also, your technical skill will be put to test in your relationship with other professionals.

Principal Mechanical Engineer

When technical faults are detected, it is you who proffers mechanical solutions to your work environment.

You will have need to work closely with the research and development team to ensure everything works perfectly.

your average salary is $119,690.


The importance of mechanical engineers cannot be overflogged.

In many ways possible, their craftmanship have made easy so many things for us and it is a lucrative career path to follow.

A careful implementation of this career guide will be beneficial to you in the long run.


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