Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in North Carolina NC | 2022

North Carolina offers amazing job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. However, only students who graduate from a mechanical engineering program can harness this opportunity. This article compiles a list of accredited mechanical engineering schools in North Carolina to aid you to choose the best program for you.

Choosing a program to attend can sometimes pose a challenge. However, students should be more concerned with the reputation of the school they wish to attend as well as its accreditation.

Mechanical Engineering is one versatile course that allows its graduate to fit into any sector of the economy. Innovating, designing, building and testing machines requires a certain level of artistry.

And, getting this artistry and skillfulness simply means getting a degree from an accredited institution. In this light, the World Scholarship Forum Team provides in-depth knowledge on the four best mechanical engineering schools in NC.

Taking a quick glance at the Table of contents below will give an overview of all the information embedded in this article.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Engineers who analyze their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force and ensure that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably all at a competitive cost are called mechanical engineers.

So, mechanical engineering is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical engineering is an indispensable course as engineers who graduate from this course continuously create technologies to meet human needs.

Their impact makes a big difference, in fact, virtually every product or service in recent times have been touched in some way by mech engineers to meet human needs.

Why a Mechanical Engineering School at NC North Carolina?

Concurrently, North Carolina ranks top for institutions with great public schools. Basically, schools in NC are known to for their exceptional act of keeping track of things like student test scores, teacher demographics and school accountability data.

Mechanical Engineering programs offered in NC are delivered under conducive state of arts facility. Most mechanical engineering schools offer more than one mechanical engineering program.

This allows students to settle for the one that best suits their needs. In fact, students can further their education after obtaining an undergraduate degree until they get to the doctorate level.

Also, studying mechanical engineering in an institution in North Carolina, open you up to the numerous job opportunities that exist for mechanical engineers. Subsequently, this article will analyze the job outlook for mechanical engineers as well as how much salary mechanical engineers at North Carolina earn.

This will aid you understand why you should choose to study at North Carolina.

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What is the Job Outlook for Mechanical Engineers in North Carolina?

Becoming a mechanical engineer is quite hard. A recent study released by one of the IVY league schools reveals it as one of the top ten most difficult courses to study. In fact, mechanical engineering involves a long time in school, learning in patience, how to design, develop, build, and test machines.

according to career, a 2016 study shows that there will be a 1.48 (moderate growth) in mechanical engineers’ career prospects between the time of study and 2026. In fact, during the time of study there were 7,210 licensed mechanical engineers.

The study suggested that there will be a slight increase of these workers to 8,280. This brings the annual openings for this position at 590. While this may not be so much, getting a four year degree in mechanical engineering allows you to compete for one of the 590 slots available.

Basically, a minimum of a bachelor of science degree is required to practice as a mechanical engineer in North Carolina.

Where do North Carolina Mechanical Engineers work?

Interestingly, mechanical engineering avails students the opportunity to work in any field. In fact, their services are usually required by every sector of the economy. Hence, mechanical engineers can work in hospitals, car factories, entertainment outlets, or food manufacturing companies.

With a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, graduates can easily work as maintenance staff for any company in North Carolina. They can also, design, create, build, test, and maintain machines for their employers.

Some notable companies that largely recruit mechanical engineers in North Carolina are:

  • Jobot
  • Formlabs
  • CyberCoders
  • The Perillo Group
  • Craft Recruiting
  • Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC
  • Plexus
  • MillenniumSoft Inc

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers in NC Make?

How much salary a mechanical engineer takes home in North Carolina depends largely on the company they work for and years of experience. Also, a great determinant of mechanical engineers’ salary is the position they occupy and the level of education.

Obviously, a doctorate degree manager’s salary will be more than that of a bachelor of science degree holder entry-level engineer in same company.

However, a study released by Bureau Labour of Statistics, shows that on an annual basis, mechanical engineers in North Carolina take home an average of $86, 260. on the other hand, posits that mechanical engineers in NC take home an average of $66,288.

What is the Cost of a Mechanical Engineering Program in NC?

In North Carolina, tuition for mechanical engineering programs are left mainly to the jurisdiction of the institution. A couple of factors that may greatly influence how much students pay is usually the degree level.

Also, the wide variety of classes offered on campus and online alongside the curriculum for the mechanical engineering program may influence the tuition fee of students.

On average, students pay a tuition of $12,400 to earn a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, scholarship opportunities to aid you to pay off academic expenses exist.

How Long is a Mechanical Engineering Program in North Carolina?

How long you spend in a mechanical engineering school in NC is determined by the level of education alongside if the student is studying on a full-time basis or part-time. Generally, part-time students tend to spend more years in school that full time.

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In NC, students enrolling for a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering should expect to spend a minimum of four years in accredited mechanical engineering school.

On the other hand, a master’s degree or doctorate mechanical engineering program in NC requires students to spend anywhere from one year to two years in school.

What are the Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in North Carolina

It is very important for students to understand that the university they attend can greatly influence the job opportunities they can quickly harness upon graduation.

In North Carolina, best mechanical engineering schools refer to schools that offer at least two mechanical engineering programs and is fully accredited.

Also, the WSF team put into consideration, the general reputation of the school and its student to faculty ratio alongside how much graduates from each university earn in their early careers.

1. Duke University

Number of Programs: 4

Student to Faculty Ratio: 7:1

Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

Duke University is a large private university in a mid-sized city. With a very low acceptance rate of 10%, mechanical engineering programs at Duke offers students the best learning experience.

In fact, students get more attention from their teachers as the student to faculty ratio is 7:1. Interestingly, 86% of students graduate ate the right time. This makes it possible for students to complete mechanical engineering programs within stipulated time.

Graduates from Duke University earn about $84, 400 annually in their early careers as mechanical engineers in NC. And, the cost of earning a degree from Duke is about $19,785/ year.

Duke mechanical engineering programs are designed to offer students engineering expertise as part of a world-class university community. In fact, the school ranks 1 in Best Colleges in North Carolina.

This NC best mechanical engineering schools offer the following mechanical engineering programs through its Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEMS)college:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering

2. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Number of Programs: 3

Student to Faculty Ratio: 19: 1

Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

UNCC ranks 11 in the best colleges in North Carolina. It is a large public university in a large school. By 2015, it had graduated over 190 students from its mechanical engineering program. It has awarded over 140 bachelors of science degrees, 35 masters, and 8 doctoral degrees.

With an acceptance rate of 67% and a graduation rate of 26%, it is right to posit that it is easier to gain admission into UNCC mechanical engineering faculty though it requires hard work to graduate on time.

It costs about $14,987/ year to earn a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering at UNCC. However, graduates from this institution graduate to earn approximately $44, 000 in the early years of their career.

UNCC mechanical engineering faculty are experts in their fields and internationally known. In fact, the mechanical engineering in NC’ main aim is to give graduates the fundamentals they need to apply their mechanical engineering knowledge to succeed in the application of their choice.

3. North Carolina State University

NC state university is a large public university in Raleigh. By 2015, the mechanical engineering college had graduated over 267 students from its department.

This accredited North Carolina State University offers mechanical engineering through its mechanical and aerospace engineering at three levels:


With an acceptance rate of 47% and a graduation rate of 96% students are sure to graduate on time if they complete their coursework. Earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina costs about $14,771/ year.

The North Carolina State University is designed to cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Propulsion and Space Exploration System
  • Dynamics, Vibrations, Controls, and System Design
  • Structural Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems
  • Biomedical and Biological Systems
  • Nanoscale Science and Engineering

4. North Carolina A & T State University

Number of Programs: 3

Student to Faculty Ratio: 18:1

Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

This is one of the mechanical colleges in North Carolina. This accredited mechanical engineering degree is one of the best in the state. In fact, it ranks 29 in the best colleges in NC.

Through its college of engineering offers mechanical engineering programs at three levels. By 2015, it had awarded over 20 bachelor of science degree, 8 masters, and 8 doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering.

The N.C. A&T College of Engineering is the number 1 producer of African American graduates in engineering. Its mechanical engineering degree program is designed to prepare students for employment as faculty members in universities and researchers in the public and private sector.

basically, students who intend to earn a mechanical engineering degree from this university will pay about $9,378/ year. However, its graduate students earn on average $34, 400 yearly in the early years of their career.

With an acceptance rate of 76% and graduation rate of 20%, students may need to work extra hard to graduate from North Carolina A&T mechanical engineering faculty.

Mechanical Engineering Schools in Carolina FAQs


Settling for a program can be so indecisive. Especially, when all your options are great schools. However, it is time to be critical enough. Being critical will definitely, aid put the small details into consideration.

Hence, this compilation of great mechanical engineering schools in NC to aid students choose the best mechanical engineering programs in the society. The article anlyzess the mechanical engineering programs available, how long it takes to graduate from each.

In addition, it also Xrays the tuition of each mechanical engineering program and the graduation rate of students who are offered admission. So, slowly go through this article to choose the best option



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