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You might have arrived here while searching for tuition-free Grade 8 schools in the United States or around Ohio. Well, it is not every day that one comes across a tuition-free school that also maintains high academic standards. That is why are we putting the spotlight on Miami Valley Academies.

Our writeup today will chronicle around all you need to know about Miami valley school calendar, Miami valley high school, Miami valley school tuition as well as requirements.

Miami Valley Academies is located in Dayton Ohio. and boasts of well over 150 students. It serves mostly residents in Miami Valley in Ohio. The school has a small female population compared to males.

About Miami Valley Academics?

Like we said earlier, Miami Valley academies is a K-8 school serving mostly residents in the Dayton suburb area of Ohio.

It is a free-tuition school which makes it rely mostly on public funding and individual donations. The school serves mostly families with little financial strength in Ohio.

Miami school calendar has a rich module of subjects and extra-curricular activities that present it as a high-performing K-8 school in the United States.

It might also interest you to know that Miami Valley Academy has partnerships that ensure children are well taken care of in the school.

Why Attend Miami Valley Academies?

Apart from the lesser number of students, which makes it easier for student management, there are a couple of other factors that make Miami Valley school a top choice. The school, since its establishment, has maintained a clean sheet of excellence in children’s management and sound academic achievement.

Among, the many things that should make you consider Miami Valley Academies are.

  • Improved and quality education
  • A STEAM-based Curriculum.
  • Individualized Instructions.
  • Project-based learning.
  • Deep parental involvement
  • Sound certified and qualified teachers.

Furthermore, Miami Valley Academies also offer free lunches and breakfasts to children. It currently ranks 520th out of 812 ranked schools in Ohio, for total students on lunch assistance. Through the backing of many partners, the school has continued to excel in learning and character. The Miami Valley school calendar covers a wide range of rich academic and extra-curricular activities.

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What Are The Requirements For Miami Valley Academies?

Entry into the school is open to all K-8 pupils in the United States. Under the guidance of parents or a guardian, below is what they expect of children before enrollment.

  • An Identification issued by the state.
  • A birth certificate.
  • Proof of address which includes a current utility bill, Current lease bank statement, e.t.c.
  • Proof of Income
  • Record of vaccination.
  • Official transcripts of the student.
  • Consent of withdrawal from the previous school.

Who Can Attend Miami Valley Academies?

Miami Valley Academies is for K-8 level students. A good number of the students reside in Dayton, Ohio. Entry into the school is said to be for children from low-income households. However, admission remains open to all eligible students in the United States.

What Should I Expect In Miami Valley Academies?

Though it is tuition-free, In Miami Valley the best in classroom technology is deployed. There is a career week that is channeled towards aiding the students to make life career choices. The small class sizes aids in communication and better interaction between the students and teachers.

Additionally, the school also provides free transportation to eligible students. While also helping in other aides for their education. Expect world-class teaching and improved education for your children at Miami Valley Academies.

How Do I Apply To The Miami Valley Academies?

You can apply for Miami Valley Academies online or offline through a form submission. The online process requires parents/guardians to create a profile account with SchoolMint, which is currently the platform the school uses to create profiles for admission. Then proceed to fill in the required details and create a personal password.

After you will fill in all mandatory and necessary details. Parents/Guardians can then proceed and apply.

The paper application can be done on the application form which can you download from the website. Then filled and submitted at the school administration office. (Zolpidem)

Download the Application form here or create an account for an online application here

Ensure you follow the guide as outlined below to apply for Miami Valley Academies. The Miami Valley school calendar can be obtained on the website and its mission statement.

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Miami Valley Academies facilities

Miami Valley Academies might not be as large as the expensive private schools in Ohio. However, they boast of facilities that are considered standard and convenient for teaching and learning.

The school has a well and safely-equipped playground where children play under the close supervision of teachers. A mini-cafeteria for lunch, restrooms, an art and drawing room, as well as other standard K-8 school structures put in place to aid learning.

Miami Valley tuition, as we said earlier, is free and open for all mostly children from low-income households

Inquiries including the mission statement of the school can be found on the website


Miami Valley remains one of the free tuition-free K-8 grade schools with good educational ratings. It is therefore important that guardians and parents ensure children and wards eligibility before enrolling them.

This aims to ensure the school is accessed by those that need it most based on financial ability. We also wish to state that Miami Valley High School is not the same as Miami Valley Academies. Miami Valley High School comprises both those in pre-K and 12th grade.

While Miami Valley Academies concentrates on K-8 grade. However, both share the same geographic location.


The school is open to all children, irrespective of social class.

Miami Valley Academics is a free-tuition school.

Miami Valley has well about 150 students.

Application into Miami Valley is open all year round. However, it is subject to the availability of space.

Yes, Miami Valley offers after-school tutoring provided teachers are available for it.



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