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Mohawk Scholarships  [Updated]

The Mohawk Institute for Applied Health Sciences is currently offering scholarship awards to its students to pursue their study in 2022.

This is a public college of applied arts and technology and is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This institution has three main campuses include the following; the Stoney Creek Campus in Stoney Creek, the Fennell Campus on the Hamilton Mountain, and the Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster University.

As of 2014, the following statistics have been recorded: more than 1000 faculty instructs full-time students, roughly 12,500 in number, 4,000 apprentices, 46,000 registrants continuing education.

And 1,800 international students studying in over 130 programs in post-secondary and apprenticeship. Since 1966, when this institution was founded, more than 115,000 students have graduated from Mohawk College.

History of Mohawk College

This College, Mohawk, was established during the formation of the college system of Ontario in 1966.

The school was founded in 1967 as part of a provincial initiative to aid the creation of many such institutions aimed at providing career-oriented and certificate diploma courses, as well as programs for continuing education to communities in Ontario.


Three national Yves Landry Foundation awards have been given to Mohawk. Recognition was given to The Mohawk and McMaster University Bachelor of Technology Partnership with the Yves Landry 2006 Innovative Manufacturing Technology Program Award: University Level.

Mohawk’s Modern Foundry Technologies Institute and its Integrated Technician Apprenticeship Program also received Yves Landry Awards in 2001 and 2004 respectively.

International Scholarships and Bursaries

Note: Application for the International Awards for the winter 2022 semester will open December 14th at noon. Acceptance of applications for this scholarship will be on until February 11th, 4:30 pm.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:      

  • Meeting eligibility criteria during the Fall and/or Winter semesters.
  • Being full-time International Student at Mohawk College.
  • Showing academic progression and being in good academic standing.
  • Not having a record of any academic offenses.

Students applying for the Winter 2022 semester are to prepare their application prior to submission. All packages of application are submitted via electronic means through an upload during the submission of the online application.

Applicants are kindly required to review the list of awards below for the 2022 academic year.

  • Entrance Awards– This award is available for new post-secondary students in their 1st semester for Fall 2021. Entrance award and opens December 14th Semester 2 or Higher Awards
  • Semester2or Higher Awards– Students in semester 2 or above, that have achieved success in completing at least 1 semester in a program in post-secondary can receive this award

Applicants are to assemble their submission package on the basis of criteria guidelines. After the completion of the award, applicants will be asked to upload their submission package.

Student Awards’ Program

Mohawk College has students at the heart of all they do. They are aimed at ensuring that all students have the financial avenue to complete their journey in academics.  Forgiving this success facilitation, the Foundation works with community partners to offer student awards in the form of bursaries and scholarships.

How to Apply for Mohawk Scholarships

Before now, the Mohawk Financial Assistance Profile was known as the Financial Need Assessment Profile (FNAP).

In applying for this scholarship and bursaries, it is important to complete the online MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile in each semester one will be attending full-time is pertinent.

  • Applicants, in completing this application every semester, will be included in reviews for award reviews and financial assistance and will be included in the Campus Student Employment Program (CSEP).

Prior to the beginning of every semester, the MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile is accessible and will continue until the add/drop date 10 days after the start of the semester.

For applicants to be included in reviews, they must have gone through the application process in a full-time course load, have demonstrated success in academics in their last semester or be a student new to the college (prior academic records may be requested to be submitted by students)

Before You Begin

A budget and a letter will be requested for applicants MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile. Preparation of budget and letter prior to starting one’s submission will assist in the completion of the application.

Applicants are to use the Budget Form of this scholarship provider to prepare their budget.

The letter to be submitted by applicants should include the following: (Click to access Letter Helpful Tips on completing your Letter)

  • Introduction – Wherein one’s self, program name, and goals are introduced.
  • The body of the letter –Here, applicants are to make known the reason why they think they qualify for an award. They are to tell about themselves.
  • Conclusion –Applicants are to show their appreciation for being considered and are to include how receiving this assistance will help them in achieving educational goals.

As a part of the application, applicants will be requested to submit the letter electronically. The necessary guidelines on preparing and saving of applicants’ letters are available in the Letter Helpful Tips.

  • Failure to submit a letter with one’s online application will restrict an applicant’s eligibility to be included in reviews for awards and other funding.

What Happens Once You Submit the Mohawk Scholarships?

After the completion of the online application, one can preview the submission and then save or print a copy for their records. Once after the submission of the application, an email confirmation will be sent to applicants.

It will be sent to the email provided by the applicants in the submission. The confirmation is to be kept for record purposes.

If we require Supporting Documentation:

Specific criteria determine awards and financial assistance. The need for additional documentation or information may arise for the purpose of determining if one meets the required criteria.

Applicants are not to forget that the MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile will include them in all available reviews. If there’s a need for more information, a request will be sent by Financial Assistance/Awards at the applicant’s MyMohawk email only.

  • It is the responsibility of applicants to check their MyMohawk email address for notifications about supporting documentation they are required to submit.
  • The supporting documentation requested MUST be provided by the deadline of the requested submission. Applicants are to follow the instructions in the email they received.
  • Peradventure one fails to submit supporting documentation; it will result in elimination from further review.

Throughout the semester, reviews will be ongoing. After the completion of a review, students will receive a notification.

If an applicant has not received an email, such a fellow is still in the process of being included in reviews. After the finalization of all review, applicants will receive a notification.

Note: Applicants are to note that The MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile has been upgraded so for the best user experience, applicants are to use Google Chrome when completing their application.

Eligibility Requirements for the Mohawk Scholarships

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following requirements: Applicant must;

  • Be a citizen of Canada, Permanent Resident, Protected Person
  • Have resided in Canada for the past 12 consecutive months from the time of application
  • Have lived in Ontario for the past 12 consecutive months
  • Register for a full-time course load for the semester he/she is applying to be considered for funding.

In addition to all these, returning students to Mohawk must have a successful previous record academically.

Important Guidelines for the Mohawk Scholarships:

  • Second Career students are not eligible to receive Tuition Set Aside funding. Donor-based awards are available for Second Career students as they can apply for and be considered for the award. Students sponsored via Second Career should inquire with Second Career for the determination of how receiving an award may impact their Second Career funding.
  • International Students are not reviewed for scholarship funding from the MyMohawk Financial Assistance Profile application. For information on International Awards, applicants are to refer to International Education Services.
  • Continuing Education Students are not eligible to apply. Financial Assistance for CE Students is to be referred to here.
  • At Mohawk and when requested, all new first-time students should be prepared for the submission of a copy of their past academic record. In failing to submit, one may limit his/her access to specific reviews.
  • BScN and RPN-to-BScN students should be prepared for the submission of a copy of their Registration and Academic Report when requested. One’s access to specific reviews may be limited in failing to submit.

What funding will the reviews include?

  • To be considered for the following financial assistance, applicants are to submit once every semester (where there is an availability of funding):
  • Applicants could be reviewed for available financial assistance including Tuition Bursary Indigenous Bursary, 1st Generation, etc.
  • Award funding (this is determined with specific criteria)

To be included for an ‘Award Review’, the applicant must provide a letter with an explanation of why he/she should be considered for being an award recipient. Letters must be uploaded in the profile of MyMohawk Financial Assessment. Hard copy or email submissions of letters will not be accepted.

Scholarships at Mohawk College

6 scholarships are available at Mohawk College.

For these 6 scholarships listed below, applicants are to please contact the provider and college website or further details on application and value respectively

Scholarship for a GAS-EAP Student

Study level: Career based/Vocational, Postgraduate.

Eligibility requirements

  • Being in good academic standing is a must for students.
  • The student must have successfully completed the GAS-EAP Program and be registered in semester 1 of a full-time Post-Secondary program at Mohawk College.

Supporting Documentation is required of students. In this letter, they are to explain why they should be considered for this award.

English Assessment Entrance Scholarship

Study level: Career based/Vocational, Postgraduate

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants are to achieve the Highest IELTS /TOEFL score prior to being admitted into Mohawk College.
  • This scholarship is available to students whose first language is not English.

A letter explaining why students should be considered for this award must be submitted and they must include a copy of their TOEFL or IELTS used for Mohawk College English entrance requirement.

In a situation wherein IELTS/TOEFL is not available for Mohawk College pre-admission, English Assessment results would also be accepted.

Academic Entrance Scholarship

Study level: Career based/Vocational, Postgraduate.

Eligibility requirements

  • For the English entrance requirement for Mohawk College, Highest GPA on documentation used.
  • Students who are residents of a country where English is the first language can apply.

Supporting Documentation:

The student is mandated to submit a letter explaining why he/she should be considered for this award. To this letter, they are to include a copy of the documentation used for Mohawk College English entrance requirement.

Examples include Mohawk College pre-admission English Assessment results, high-school transcript, and language proficiency examinations. Postsecondary or Post Graduate Certificate Scholarship

Study level: Career based/Vocational, Postgraduate

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants are to be in possession of at least a 75% GPA based on the most recently completed academic term at the College of Mohawk.
  • Students must have been participants in activities that have contributed to other students, the Hamilton community or the College community.

A letter explaining why students should be considered for this award must be submitted by students and must include a copy of their MAP (available on MyMohawk) to show current GPA and academic progress.

In addition, letters of recognition or documentation to support that students meet the award criteria must be submitted.

International Student Leadership Scholarship

Study level: Career based/Vocational, Postgraduate

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants must have a minimum of 70% GPA on the basis of the most recent academic year at Mohawk College.
  • The student must demonstrate the behavior of a good citizen of Mohawk College (these include the provision of support for fellow students, class leadership, and been a volunteer offering assistance in the Mohawk College community i.e. peer tutor, international mentor, MoCrew, and etc.)

Supporting Documentation:

Submission of a letter by students, with an explanation of why they should be considered for this award, is necessary and they are to include a copy of their MAP (available on MyMohawk) to show their progress academically and current Grade Point Average.

In addition to this, students must submit a copy of their co-curricular record and any documentation or letters of recognition to support that they meet the award criteria.

Good Citizen Scholarship

Study level: Postgraduate, Career based/Vocational

Eligibility requirements

  • The student must have a good stand academically, with a GPA of at least 60%.
  • The student must show involvement in social activities organized through recognized student bodies (student government or activities internally related); Academic activities (tutoring, study groups, etc.); Athletic events (intercollegiate or intramural).

Supporting Documentation:

A letter explaining why students should be considered for this award should be submitted by students and they are to include a copy of their MAP (available on MyMohawk) to show progress academically and current GPA.

Scholarship link:


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