Nucamp Coding Bootcamp 2023 | How to Join & Criteria

Learn software engineering online and on your schedule with the #1 rated coding bootcamp in the US, without breaking the bank, and with the help of passionate instructors and a heartful community of peers.

Join the online bootcamp that’s right for You!

Whether you’re just starting or have experience, launch your web development career at the level that fits you.

This article explains all you need to know about nucamp coding BootCamp. Read to the end!

About Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

Nucamp is the only affordable coding bootcamp. Their mission is to help people not in the digital economy receive a high-quality, debt-free education.

Nucamp was founded in 2017 by ex-Microsoft Ludovic Fourrage.

Fourrage has direct experience with the lack of diversity in the workforce for software development after spending 18 years leading the development of digital learning at Microsoft.

 He believed that coding bootcamps would be the answer, but he quickly discovered that there were significant disparities in cost and accessibility, especially for those without college degrees, without previous job experience in technology, or who are underemployed even while working full-time.

In order to change how people can access rewarding careers in software development without the need for a college degree or expensive debt in the form of income-sharing agreements, he left Microsoft and launched Nucamp in his hometown of Bellevue, Washington.

About 40 miles south of Seattle in Tacoma, Washington, Nucamp inaugurated its first coding bootcamp. There, Fourrage met many talented and ambitious developers who felt shut out of the digital economy because of where they lived or their financial situation. 

He thought this was unfair and committed to providing Nucamp with a superior nationwide coding experience with unmatched value.

Later, Fourage brought exceptional people with a common passion for assisting others to the team.

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What Can I Learn at Nucamp Coding Bootcamp?

The school advises completing this test to establish your level if you are unclear about where to start. Let’s examine each course separately to have a better grasp of them and determine which is a suitable match for you:

These are the main training from the Nucamp coding bootcamp:

  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • Front End Web and Mobile Development (with Google Cloud)
  • Full Stack Web and Mobile Development 
  • Back end, SQL, and DevOps with Python 
  • The Complete Software engineer

1. Web Development Fundamentals

Cost: $458

Duration: 4 weeks

Through this four-week course, students will get a foundation in the three pillars of the Internet—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

This course is ideal for complete novices since it will walk you through each step, from setting up a code editor to understanding JavaScript’s more complex features. 

Students must complete four distinct projects before the conclusion of the course, including creating an HTML page, games, and even a dating website!


  • Four weeks of commitment
  • A working laptop that you can use to continue coding
  • No previous HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is required, but it is helpful if you have some programming experience.

Here is a breakdown of the weekly course content of the nucamp bootcamp;

Week 1: Tech week

You will be introduced to your classmates and instructor and the tools you’ll need for the bootcamp. Students will need to install a code editor and a collaboration tool and write their first HTML PAGE.

Week 2: HTML and CSS

This week, you will learn the Introduction to the fundamental elements of HTML and CSS. The tutors will expand on the main technologies used to construct web pages.

You will learn to build forms and validate them.

The assignment will be to set up a dating website.

Week 3: Introduction to JavaScript

You’ll learn about JavaScript. This includes the fundamental components of programming languages, such as variables, arrays, making decisions, loops, events, and functions.

It also involves the generation of random numbers.

Week 4: Advanced JavaScript

This is the last week of the course, and you will learn the advanced components of JavaScript. 

You’ll understand techniques such as loops, arrays, events, and add functions. You will also learn new topics like DOM concepts and manipulation.

The nucamp coding bootcamp will teach these technologies and their application;

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2. Front End Web and Mobile Development (with Google Cloud)

Cost: $1,372 (or 4 payments of $343)

Duration: 17 weeks

In only 17 weeks, this course will advance you from a beginner to a job-ready level. Get ready to design cutting-edge online experiences by combining your creativity and technical knowledge. 

You’ll discover how to use the Bootstrap toolkit to create websites that can be optimized for all screen sizes.

You will be required to finish 12 distinct projects that showcase your mastery of React and Bootstrap, among other things, during the course. 

The course requires between 6 and 14 hours per week of online lectures and exercises and 4 hours per week of workshops and assignments.

During the nucamp coding bootcamp, you will learn the front-end framework using Bootstrap. There is a course on front-end javascript library, React.

You’ll also learn about multiplatform mobile app development with React native.

Look up their rates on the website.

3. Full Stack Web and Mobile Development (Advanced)

Cost: $1,765 (or 5 payments of $353)

Duration: 22 weeks

This course is in partnership with Google cloud. For this course, in addition to a working laptop and commitment to the 22 weeks of drilling, you also need to have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

They offer 4 weeks courses to help if you don’t have this knowledge.

You will stand out as a job candidate with a solid grasp of both the front and back ends of web and mobile development. 

You will learn how to utilize the MongoDB database and access it using Node.js throughout this comprehensive 22-week course, web development with React and React Native, packaging and compilation with npm, responsive web with Bootstrap, and backend with Node JS, among other things. 

Students need between 6 and 14 hours per week of online lectures and exercises, as well as 4 hours per week of workshops and assignments.

The course is divided into sections. The first section will teach Front-End Web UI Framework, Bootstrap. This will last for 5 weeks.

Second section commences and lasts for 5 weeks, and you will learn Front End JavaScript Library, React.

The third section lasts for 4 weeks and teaches Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native.

The last section also lasts for 4 weeks, and you will be taught Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB. All the sections come with projects, so brace up to be thoroughly drilled.

4. Back end, SQL, and DevOps with Python 

This program is for 16 weeks. For this program, you will need windows or macOS computer that you can bring to workshops and classes.

You also need to have some knowledge of computers.

Students of this course learn python, data structure, algorithms, Postgres SQL, docker, flask and Django, SDLC, CI/CD, DevOps, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud/firestone.

The course is divided into 3 sections. The first section runs for 5 weeks and concludes with a project. You will commit 8 hours per week to online lectures and 4 hours per week to live online workshops and assignments.

You will learn python fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms.

For the second section, you’ll learn SQL and python over 4 weeks.

The third section teaches Modern Software Engineering with DevOps.

The fee for this nucamp coding bootcamp is $1,925. There are various payment options where you can pay in installments.

There are also scholarships for up to 25% off for the nucamp coding bootcamp. Recipients also receive a laptop if they qualify for Reskill America.

5. The Complete Software engineer

This is another nucamp coding bootcamp. As the name applies, you learn all round.

In this, 1,400+ hour curriculum spread over 11 months, learn the whole set of abilities that employers seek the most—the ideal order for the four distinct bootcamps. 

The top two programming languages are Python and JavaScript. NoSQL and SQL. 3 Clouds Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.

This is the singular best way to break into coding without a Computer Science degree.

  • Learn the most job-relevant languages: JavaScript & Python.
  • Get full experience with the top front-end and back-end technologies.
  • Store and retrieve data using MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • Be valued as a developer by your future team. You will become an Agile developer and train in DevOps, CI/CD, and how to test code.
  • Deploy to the top 3 Cloud Providers: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS.

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How to Pay for Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

There are different payment options for the nucamp coding bootcamp.

We will use the first Web Development Fundamentals course to show how the payment options work. This is how it works;

Students can apply for a fair student agreement which involves an interest-free deal from nucamp and loans from climb credit or ascent.

The best deal from nucamp offers just the 4-week bootcamp at $458 total cost with 2 payment packages of $229. 

There is no registration fee.

Deferred payment is for the 4+22 weeks with full stack bootcamp. The fee is broken down into 18 monthly payments of $156 to $177 or 12 monthly payments of $231 to $255. The registration fee is $100.

The package called faster payment provides access for 4+22 weeks with full-stack bootcamp

The registration fee is $100.

You can make payments from the first day of the class. Additionally, 18 monthly payments of $152 to $158 or 12 monthly payments of $225 to $233 are available.

Another payment option is called faster repayment.

This involves 4+22 weeks with full-stack bootcamp access.

The registration fee is $100. You pay 24 monthly payments of $124 or 12 monthly payments of $233. Ascent administers this.

The last is called Most Flexible. It gives access for 4+22 weeks with full-stack bootcamp.

The registration fee is $100. You’ll enjoy 6 monthly payments of $15 to $30. 18 monthly payments of $152 to $158 and 12 monthly payments of $225 to $233 are also options for payment.

Are there Scholarships at Nucamp Coding Bootcamp?

There is a scholarship for everyone needing economic support.

Get up to 25% off towards a Nucamp bootcamp from one of our scholarships, and students who qualify for Reskill America will receive a laptop.

Some of the scholarships available at the moment are;

  • Women in Tech – $50,000 fund. This scholarship is from Google Cloud.
  • High School Graduates – $50,000 fund. For recent high school graduates.
  • Natives in Tech – $50,000 fund. For members of a federally recognized tribal nation.
  • Nu You – $100,000 fund. For those who were recently denied a student loan.
  • Reskill America. $50,000 fund. For those economically impacted by COVID-19.
  • Warriors Rising- $100,000 fund. For military veterans and active duty members.

Can I get a job after studying at nucamp coding bootcamp

Yes, there is a job website by nucamp. Get a jo here. There are several openings available at the moment.

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Join the Online Bootcamp that’s Right for You!

Whether you’re just starting or have experience, launch your web development career at the level that fits you.

We hope this has answered all the questions you have about the nucamp coding bootcamp. If you have any questions, please use the comment section. 

FAQs on Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

Is a Coding Bootcamp really what I need?

You’re not alone in wondering this: students spend 1 to 4 months on average researching that question. There are many options available to you to help with the process of selecting the right bootcamp.  

How is Nucamp different from other bootcamps?

Our bootcamps are the most affordable ones available in the market. We offer 4 to 22-week bootcamps, delivered online during the week, with the support of an instructor, and videoconference during the weekend, with a 4-hour workshop on Saturday morning, in small groups of 15 students maximum.
The early-bird price for our longest, 22-week Full Stack program is only $2,328, with a monthly payment plan.

Do you offer online-only bootcamps?

Yes, we now offer online-only bootcamps, with Saturday workshops held via videoconference. Everything else is the same. Same content, the same class structure, the same schedule and weekly progression, the same obligation to complete your assignments on time, and the same support from your instructor.

How do I join the nucamp coding bootcamp?

Click the login/register button.
The registration options are from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, GitHub, yahoo mail, and Twitter. This has simplified the process.



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