15 Online Colleges in Iowa for International Students | 2023 

If you need more flexibility in your educational schedule, look into Iowa online schools. You may also take community college classes online. The number of students taking online courses at Iowa’s colleges and universities is steadily increasing. According to gazette, over 53% did so between 2016 and 2018.

Students may now enrol in online courses at more schools, and some colleges specialize in online education. 

Students in Iowa may pursue online education as undergraduates or graduates, allowing them to focus on academics and professions. 

This article covers the best online colleges in Iowa for international students. 

15 Online Colleges in Iowa for International Students | 2022 

These are the 15 Online Colleges in Iowa for International Students. They are;

  • Mount Mercy University
  • Iowa State University 
  • University of Iowa
  • St. Luke’s University
  • Iowa Northwestern College
  • Graceland University
  • Allen University 
  • Saint Ambrose University
  • Buena Vista University
  • Mercy College of Health Sciences 
  • Clarke University 
  • Upper Iowa University 
  • Grand View University
  • Iowa Wesleyan University 
  • Briar Cliff College

1. Mount Mercy University

HLC accreditation.

Mount Mercy University, a private, four-year Catholic liberal arts college, has its campus in Cedar Rapids, a city in central eastern Iowa. It is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students.

Mount Mercy offers ten bachelor’s degrees, including applied management, business, health care administration, human resource management, management, marketing, nursing (RN to BSN), and religious studies, that may be done online. 

Mount Mercy’s online degrees’ accelerated course format and asynchronous access options enable students to complete their studies whenever they choose.

The online bachelor of business administration in business requires coursework in accounting, administration, economics, English, management, and marketing. Accounting principles, regulation, corporate statistics, and financial management are a few of the most significant topics you will encounter. 

The online bachelor of applied science in applied management program may be completed in as little as two years and includes courses in marketing principles, human resource management, and business technology and communication

Masters degrees are available in business administration and criminal justice. 

Students should discuss their selected program with program counsellors to check entrance standards, curriculum specifics, and other degree information.

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2. Iowa State University 

Annual Tuition: $10,080 HLC Accreditation

Except for three degrees, Iowa State University’s online and remote learning programs offer more than 50 degrees and certificates, which may all be completed online.

Iowa State University offers online undergraduate degrees in early childhood education, programming, and liberal studies.

There are other graduate programs in engineering, education, philosophy, family and consumer sciences, agronomy, plant breeding, seed technology, business, community development, and veterinary preventive medicine.

Among the resources offered to students are the Iowa State Library, tutoring and writing centres, supplementary courses, an academic success centre, and Iowa State Information Technology Services (ITS), which provides on-demand technical support, web conferencing, and online training.

Registration, financial aid, career services, class schedules, admissions, and other student-related issues are also addressed by ISU services for online students.

Tuition and fees may vary depending on the program and semester of course offerings. On average, undergraduate students at Iowa State spend $323 per credit hour for an online course, while graduate students pay $517. 

Many programs, such as the online master’s degree in education, provide in-state tuition to all participants, regardless of residency.

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3. University of Iowa

Tuition per year is $30,036. HLC certification

The University of Iowa is the state’s second-largest university and one of the top public research schools in the nation. It is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students.

The University of Iowa provides a range of online degrees in addition to master’s degrees in health administration, business administration, educational leadership, educational assessment, strategic communication, business analytics, nursing, STEM education, social work, and teaching. 

Bachelor’s degrees in applied studies, business leadership, political science, liberal studies, sports and recreation administration, nursing, and radiation sciences are among them.

A PhD in nursing practice is also accessible to students.

The university’s website includes various student success stories as well as a list of the 617 distance and online courses that are presently available.

Technical assistance, test proctoring, and scholarships are all accessible to online students.

Students may access their assignments at any time, but they must also fulfil stringent deadlines and attend planned online virtual classroom sessions.

4. St. Luke’s University

Tuition is $17,550 per year. HLC certification

St. Luke’s College students may earn online bachelor’s degrees in health science and nursing (RN-BSN). Links to resources and other relevant academic material are provided throughout the course to ensure that online learners get the same benefits as their in-person counterparts. 

The same services that are provided to on-campus students are accessible to online students as well.

Net learning, the school’s online learning platform, enables students to study individually or in groups based on the demands of their courses. 

Currently, over 2,800 St. Luke’s alumni work in healthcare roles nationwide.

5. Iowa Northwestern College

Tuition is $5,025 per year. HLC certification

This is another of the online colleges in Iowa for international students.

Northwestern College-Iowa offers online bachelor’s degrees in early childhood and nursing (RN-BSN) and master’s degrees in education with specializations in early childhood, educational administration, master teaching, special education, and teacher leadership.

The Master of Education program has seven endorsement track options and is designed to be completed in two years or less.

They offer two entirely online certifications in addition to numerous education endorsements (teacher leadership graduate and coaching permission). 

Furthermore, Northwestern Iowa offers a coaching license and four education endorsements that may be achieved online.

A virtual and interactive campus tour, an online bookstore, a school blog, a school podcast, and admission counsellors are among the online student services available.

NWC, a Christian organization, is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. NWC graduates over 90% of students in four years or fewer, and the school boasts a 98% job placement record.

6. Graceland University

Tuition: $10,950. HLC accreditation

Graceland University, a private liberal arts institution with campuses in Lamoni, Iowa, and Independence, Missouri, is affiliated with the Church of Christ.

Graceland University offers online undergraduate degrees in various subjects, including business administration, organizational leadership, and nursing (RN to BSN).

Online students may also pursue a dual major in organizational leadership and business administration. Online master’s degrees in nursing (RN to MSN with FNP & AGACNP specialities), religion (or seminary), and education (with concentrations in literacy teaching, special education, and instructional leadership) are also available.

While graduate students seeking nursing and seminary degrees must attend on-campus classes at certain times, undergraduate students are not.

Graceland, which uses the Brightspace learning platform, offers students round-the-clock technical help.

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7. Allen University 

Tuition: $16,983. HLC certification

Allen College offers online degrees in medical imaging, medical laboratory science (blended), public health (healthcare leadership), and nursing. A PhD in education and a master’s degree in nursing are other choices. 

Distance learners living outside Iowa may need special authorization to enrol in online courses and participate in practicals or clinical. Allen College’s online learning platform is Blackboard. 

Students may use Blackboard to seek help with time management, study methods, test-taking strategies, and other subjects. Students may also use the library, which has many online journals and other electronic resources. 

Individualized attention, critical to the college’s reputation, keeps student enrollment at or around 500.

This is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students with an arranged learning system.

8. Saint Ambrose University

Tuition: $12,352 per year. HLC accreditation

Saint Ambrose Institution, a private Catholic university, offers various undergraduate and online graduate programs. 

Bachelor’s degrees are available in applied science, business administration (general), business administration (accounting), and nursing (RN-BSN).

Graduate degrees are available in public health, business administration, and criminal justice. 

Saint Ambrose’s benefits include:

  • 12 to 1 class ratios.
  • Customizable online programs.
  • Low tuition.
  • A collaborative online learning environment that resembles an in-person learning atmosphere.

Students have access to the school library, its online database, and the institution’s online learning platform, Blackboard.

The online IT department is available to both academics and students. 

According to the college, Six months after graduation, 90% of the university’s undergraduate students from the 2016-2017 academic year were either employed, enrolled in graduate school, or giving back to their communities.

9. Buena Vista University

HLC accreditation. Tuition: $14,432.

BVU’s online program offers 18 undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Buena Vista University offers online majors in accounting, applied studies, BASc applied management, and business (with a concentration in financial decision-making, marketing, or sports business). 

They also offer courses on criminology and criminal justice, general – distributive major, health services leadership, human services, and organizational leadership. 

Students may also get a master’s degree in organizational leadership or teaching online (with a concentration in special education or teacher leadership, curriculum, and instruction). 

Eight-week sessions that begin six times a year provide students with the flexibility they need to get their degrees faster. All credits from a community college connected with one of BVU’s partner institutions are transferable.

Furthermore, a collaboration between BVU and the Iowa Community College Online Consortium allows students to earn an associate degree at one of the consortium’s seven affiliated community colleges before completing their bachelor’s degrees online at BVU.

10. Mercy College of Health Sciences 

Tuition is $18,150 per year. HLC certification

Mercy College of Health Sciences students may pursue degrees in nursing (RN to BSN) or healthcare administration, which can be accomplished online.

Desire2Learn (D2L), an online learning management system, is utilized at MCHS. Students are encouraged to study at their own pace since lecturers have the choice of making all course materials available at once or giving weekly assignments.

The Learning Object Repository provided by D2L has a large collection of content for students. While preceptorships, which require students to meet with and watch a licensed healthcare practitioner in person, are occasionally necessary, they are usually planned near the student’s home.

This is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students.

11. Clarke University 

Tuition: $33,600. HLC accreditation.

Through online courses, Clarke University offers students the ability to obtain both a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in teaching. 

They have created the Grow Your Own Leadership Design (GOLD) Pathways program for local K-12 teachers, which leads to a Master of Arts in education with a concentration on instructional leadership. 

This curriculum combines courses from the local education system with that from CU. Students may also enrol in hybrid programs combining in-person teaching with online education for various degrees. 

This is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students.

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12. Upper Iowa University 

Tuition is $14,130. HLC accreditation

Upper Iowa University has a residential campus in Fayette, a hamlet in northeast Iowa.

At Upper Iowa University, nearly 40 online degree programs are available. 

Students can earn associate degrees in criminal justice, general business, and information systems in addition to bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, liberal arts, sociology, and accounting

There are also business administration (with multiple concentrations), communication (with multiple concentrations), criminal justice, and emergency and disaster management degrees available online. 

Additionally, Financial management, health services administration, human resources management, human services, information systems, and information technology (all of which allow for multiple concentrations) are courses from this online college in Iowa for international students.

Academic support services include:

  • Online reading and writing aid.
  • Tutoring through Zoom and NetTutor.
  • Online library resources.
  • Counselling services.

13. Grand View University

Tuition: $12,462. HLC accreditation.

Grand View University offers several degree concentrations, allowing students to tailor their degrees to their interests and career goals. 

Bachelor’s degrees are available in business, criminal justice, liberal arts, marketing, and nursing (RN-BSN). 

You will also get courses on organizational studies, paralegal studies (paralegal studies, public administration, and business & human resource management), political studies, psychology, theology, and undecided through their online degree program. 

Students may also pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership. 

Online students can access academic counselling, arithmetic and writing aid, math placement tests, and book buybacks at the school bookstore. 

Grand View has a variety of social media platforms for alumni and current students to interact with the school and one another.

14. Iowa Wesleyan University 

Annual Tuition: $13,050. HLC accreditation

Iowa Wesleyan University offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration which comprises accounting, applied science, criminal justice, health care management, human resource management, human services, logistics and supply chain management.

There are degrees in criminal justice (general, cybersecurity, and homeland security), human services, and nursing online (RN-BSN). 

Students may also pursue master’s degrees in curricular education or managerial leadership. 

The school offers six terms of eight weeks each, allowing students to begin at any time convenient. The courses are taught by professors who have practical experience. Tuition reductions are also available to military personnel and staff of partner universities. 

Technical support, writing assistance from the online tutoring centre, and online academic counselling are the services provided. Canvas is the name of the school’s online learning system.

15. Briar Cliff College

Tuition: $6,225. HLC accreditation.

Briar Cliff University is one of the best online colleges in Iowa for international students.

It provides online degree completion programs in six different professions, including accounting, business administration, health sciences, nursing (RN-BSN), operations management, and social work. 

Enrolling in the Franciscan Life Online course, which covers the history of the institution and its origins, allows students to learn more about the school’s traditions. The Catholic Franciscan Learning Place is the name of the institution. 

Briar Cliff University also offers a variety of online and mobile options for students, including writing centres, career development, and counselling services. The school’s staff works with students to blend past learning and courses into their degrees, lowering tuition expenses and shortening the time it takes to finish.

Tuition is $415 per credit hour, with expenditures of $38 per credit. 

At a discounted rate, employees at select healthcare organizations with whom Briar Cliff has collaborated may participate in the RN-to-BSN degree completion program.

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Graduates of Iowa’s online colleges have access to various potential career opportunities, especially in the state’s key industries. Advanced manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, renewable energy and fuels, information and communications technology, value-added agriculture and food production are among these industries.

The fact that Iowa is the second-largest producer of red meat in the United States and the top producer of soybeans, maize, eggs, and pigs generates job possibilities in the agricultural and food production industries. 

Even though advanced manufacturing is the state’s largest business, accounting for $31.2 billion in yearly economic output, Iowa is also a national pioneer in renewable energy.

Graduates may find employment in various fields, including management, healthcare support, manufacturing, and personal care and service sectors. Depending on their employment sector, professionals in Iowa may make more than $200,000 per year. In September 2018, Iowa had a 2.5% unemployment rate.

Do you now see why you should study in Iowa? And probably check out these online colleges in Iowa for international students. 

FAQs on Online Colleges in Iowa for International Students 2023

Is Iowa good for international students?

Iowa is a top American university with a global reputation. The intent is on innovation and Iowa is a good place for that.

15 best online colleges in Iowa for international students?

Mount Mercy University
Iowa State University 
University of Iowa
St. Luke’s University
Iowa Northwestern College
Graceland University
Allen University 
Saint Ambrose University
Buena Vista University
Mercy College of Health Sciences 
Clarke University 
Upper Iowa University 
Grand View University
Iowa Wesleyan University 
Briar Cliff College



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