21 Cheapest Online Schools in Virginia, 2022

Gaining a university degree is one of the best ways to advance your career. Online Schools have made higher education more accessible than ever, especially with the 21 cheapest online schools in Virginia.

Some world’s best academic and professional programs are now within reach. You can now find a balance between the competing demands of life, such as work and childcare while completing your education online.

Of the nearly 50 different four-year colleges and universities in Virginia, only a dozen have set up strong educational courses for remote students. Of those online schools in Virginia, we have listed the 21 cheapest online schools in Virginia.

Why Choose Virginia for Online Higher Education?

While Virginia students have access to many on-campus programs, many students need flexible schedules are not in traditional environments.

In Virginia, over 83,000 students complete their degree only online.

Virginia’s most affordable and accredited universities allow disadvantaged student populations and other unconventional students to graduate and increase their earning capacity.

What can I benefit from studying in online schools in Virginia?

Online Schools in Virginia enable students to take courses through an online learning management system.

Online courses offer flexibility for non-traditional students who have obligations outside of school, such as starting a family or working full time.

Although a major advantage of an online university is the fact that you can take courses anywhere in the world, most online students take classes from a school within 100 miles of where they live.

Online programs offer great flexibility, but registering with an online study program close to home can offer major benefits.

If you sign up for an online program close to home, you can save money with in-state education, easy access to campus resources such as libraries, gyms, or personal office hours with professors, and you can access hybrid programs for which you spend campus for some time besides the online curriculum.

Low tuition fees and time flexibility are the most important advantages of a distance bachelor. It is the perfect way for students to reduce their expenses.

Online bachelor’s programs include the ability to teach in the evenings and at the weekend, ideal for adults looking for a career change or for high school graduates looking for an early start.

Whether it is completely online or requires regular campus meetings, most online bachelor courses offer virtual classrooms, teacher support, and student study groups.

What does it cost to attend an Online College in Virginia?

The best online universities in Virginia offer worldwide access to quality education. However, foreign and international students usually pay more.

On average, non-residents pay $9,670 more than residents of four-year public schools in Virginia, while institutions of two-year non-state students charge an additional $6,000 on average.

Students should also note that programs at schools with traditional campuses usually charge outside-state tuition fees, while 100% of online schools can charge flat-rate rates for all students.

Non-state students can, however, qualify for a discount on tuition through regional exchange agreements with Virginia. Students may consider applying for a residence permit to be eligible for in-state tuition.

The tuition fees at the best online institutions in Virginia exceed the national average for all students attending public and private four-year schools. The rates for two-year quality programs also exceed the national averages.

Collegiate degrees vary per learning format. For example, tuition rates for students attending classes on campus pay for housing, parking meal plans, and lab costs.

Online students often pay for software or technical costs for online courses.

Young students and experienced professionals can benefit from attending Online Schools in Virginia. Whether you are looking for a higher income, more expertise, or a more rewarding career, an online program can help you realize your academic interests and professional ambitions.

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List Of Cheapest Online Colleges In Virginia

Today, with so many online options available, it is important that future distance students consider both their educational goals and their budget to help them find the right program.

For students in Virginia, there are plenty of options to find an affordable program locally. Although distance learning offers more flexibility than an exclusive residential curriculum, there are still many benefits associated with a local online college, including access to lower tuition fees and local scholarships.

Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

Tuition Cost: $16,478/year

Regent University and Liberty University are very similar in many respects. They are Christian schools with a strong online quota. Both also offer tens of degrees in the arts and sciences that are accessible almost everywhere in the country.

But no discussion about ‘best value’ lectures is complete without taking the price into account. Regent is the best in that category with tuition about $5,000 lower than its 2nd place competitor.

This combination of qualities has earned Regent awards, not only on this top online ranking of universities in Virginia but also of publications such as US News.

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Tuition Cost: $10,952/year

George Mason University’s 69% graduation rate makes it one of the best online schools in Virginia for producing graduate graduates. But does this figure reflect strong education, more motivated students, or both?

With GMU, it is a bit of both.

GMU’s range of online bachelor’s programs and high-quality education rightly attracts some of the smartest students in the state.

But it is undeniable that GMU’s powerful support services, including academic counseling and remote career guidance, play an important role in guiding these students on the path to graduation.

Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Roanoke, VA

Tuition Cost: $24,400/year

As the name suggests, Jefferson College of Health Sciences is not really a liberal art college. But while it may not have the greatest appeal of affordable online schools in Virginia, Jefferson nevertheless plays a crucial role in contributing to the success of healthcare professionals in the state.

To this end, Jefferson offers four completely online training courses that deal with nursing and management. In addition to traditional bachelor’s programs for new students, the college also offers advanced training for current RNs who want to improve their login details.

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Tuition Cost: $9,480/year

Old Dominion University’s combination of low in-state tuition and high graduation rates make it a worthy choice for every student. Add to that the high concentration (about 30%) of remote students and

ODU is a top online university in Virginia.

To be sure, ODU’s selection of fully online bachelor’s programs does a lot to attract distance students. Individuals who want to start their college education can choose from more than a dozen online programs in subjects such as Finance, Computer Science and Psychology.

But no doubt as many, if not more students choose this university for their programs. That’s because applicants with an associate’s degree or transfer credits can choose from nearly 50 completion programs in almost every field.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Tuition Cost: $12,772/year

Admittedly, Virginia Commonwealth University does not offer the widest selection of affordable online degrees in Virginia. Fortunately, it compensates for this lack of width with exceptional depth and accuracy.

The Bachelor’s degree programs at VCU Online are intended for students who are working in healthcare or who want to do it. One of the more popular options for distance learning is the online RN to BSN completion program, which uses a traditional online format.

The other option, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, uses live video conferencing to give lectures from experts at VCU’s School of Allied Health Professions.

Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA

Tuition Cost: $8,366/year

Norfolk State University is probably best known for its ‘cut-rate in-state’ tuition, which dips all the way under $9,000 to offer the most affordable online college degrees in Virginia, without a doubt.
It is therefore easy to understand why this school is so attractive to many professionals and adults.

But the price would be meaningless if it wasn’t for Norfolk’s broad list of practical degrees.
With unique Bachelor’s degrees in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Health Services Management, Norfolk helps students get the training they need for the price they want.

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Hampton University, Hampton, VA

Tuition Cost: $23,112/year

Unlike UVA-Wise, Hampton University would probably not be on the list of the most affordable online schools in Virginia. But while Hampton’s relatively high tuition fees may seem unaffordable compared to its competitors who charge half the price, Hampton students certainly get their money’s worth.

In addition to the fantastic 65% graduation rate, Hampton University offers an extensive range of online bachelor’s programs that deal with business, technology, legislation, criminal law, religion and more.

Hampton also accepts students from all 50 states, making it a top choice for working adults across the country.

University-Virginia’s College-Wise, Wise, VA

Tuition Cost: $9,220/year

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise’s stunningly low in-state tuition of nearly $9,000 a year makes it the second most affordable online university in Virginia on our list.

Combined with a seamless process for financial assistance requests and personalized, flexible planning for online courses, this UVA-Wise makes one of the most convenient ways to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the state.

Although only a quarter of current UVA Wise students actually use the distance learning program, the increasing prestige and recognition of this educational opportunity will only make it more popular in the coming years.

Bluefield College, Bluefield, VA

Tuition Cost: $923,296/year

51% of the students are registered for online courses. Bluefield College is a school that takes distance learning seriously. But despite the significant number of students who qualify as distance learning, Bluefield can still maintain an impressive 11: 1 student-faculty ratio; give students in every class and every program the opportunity to receive the individualized attention they need to learn, grow and succeed.

As a result of these and other promising attributes, Bluefield regularly has the best online rankings of universities in Virginia, from OnlineColleges.net to the Affordable College Foundation.

Shenandoah University

Tuition Cost: $31,920/year

Shenandoah University offers a dozen online degrees and certificates. The dual M.P.H. and Physician’s Associate program trains students to work with rural communities and people with few tasks.

The M.S. in Nurse-Midwifery focuses on the birth treatment of women. Some programs require intensive residency sessions on campus. Shenandoah has seven different colleges and each sets its own classes. The R.N. to B.S.N. program is $910 per credit.

Eastern Mennonite University

Tuition Cost: $35,000/year

Eastern Mennonite University offers four online courses and a variety of certificates and non-credit courses. Due to the strong association of EMU with the Baptist Church, courses emphasize leadership for the common good.

An innovative new program is the joint M.B.A., offered in collaboration with other Baptist colleges. The M.S. in Nursing takes over the concept of the covenant, which states that the relationship between nurse and patient is both medical and spiritual.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice, offered in collaboration with Goshen College, can be completed in 22 months. Tuition fees vary per program and are very affordable.

Averett University

Tuition Cost: $10,800/year

Founded in 1859, Averett University offers flexible online training opportunities for distance learning. In Averett’s IDEAL program (Individually designed adult education), students work closely with a consultant who evaluates historical experiences for academic credit.

In this program, students can design a diploma based on six subject areas, including business administration and sociology. Averett’s traditional online diplomas include a Bachelor of Business Administration and an M.Ed. with four numbers to choose from.

Two of their newer graduate programs are an M.S. in Applied Data Analytics and an M.S. in Criminal Justice. The tuition fee is $480 as credits for bachelor’s programs, including the IDEAL program. M.Ed. tuition is $ 497 per credit and the M.B.A. program is $655 per credit.

Virginia Baptist College

Tuition Cost: $5,160/year

Virginia Baptist College offers online undergraduate degrees for education and Christian education. Accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Universities (TRACS), VBC’s online Bachelor of Ministry contains concentrations in the Bible, ecclesiastical ministries, church affairs, youth work, and pastoral studies.

Courses are at your own pace and give students access to weekly recorded lectures online if they wish. No minimum GPA is required, but those with a 2.0 GPA or lower can be accepted on an academic trial.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Tuition Cost: $18,398/year

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When it comes to Virginia educational institutions, few are more iconic than the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – better known as Virginia Tech.

The Virginia Institute of Distance and Distributed Learning, abbreviated IDDL, offers special distance education to a wide variety of students under the umbrella of the VT.

Through these online educational efforts, Virginia Tech is expanding its campus to communities around the world, providing an open environment for students who can learn at any time and anywhere and apply their efforts to a wide range of programs.

Lynchburg College

Tuition Cost: $21,997/year

Lynchburg College also offers students online classes and complete online courses to complement campus requirements.

The online courses at Lynchburg College are all graduate level, consisting of an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.

Students are offered online classes as an addition to on-campus classes, but students who want to attend Lynchburg College at the undergraduate level are completely online because of disappointments: Lynchburg College actually requires that all undergraduate students reach their final year live on campus.

Longwood University

Tuition Cost: $17,020/year

The online offer of Longwood University is somewhat more limited, but if you are a student looking for an online program in communication disorders and speech and language pathology, Longwood offers an online master’s degree in this field.

Students who have a bachelor’s degree or who are currently part of a bachelor’s degree and want to continue their studies in speech and language pathology will find a welcome home at Longwood.

Marymount University

Tuition Cost: $25,008/year

Online education at Marymount reflects the Catholic University’s commitment to exceptional education, with an emphasis on intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, service to others and the importance of a global perspective.

All online programs are masters, but the subject areas are unique in online courses, which justifies their inclusion on this list, as well as Marymount University’s commitment to academic excellence and student-centered learning experiences.

Radford University

Tuition Cost: $6,911 year

For those who graduate, Radford University offers 16 online or hybrid certificate and master programs. Subject areas include criminal law, art design, cybersecurity, RN-BSN, and educational leadership.

Mary Baldwin University

Tuition Cost: $30,240year

Mary Baldwin University offers 27 online certificates and courses. Environment-based learning, healthcare administration, and sustainable business management are just a few of the available curricula.

The courses are conducted and implemented at their own pace via the Blackboard Learn web platform, which combines lectures and discussion forms to create a sense of community.
Students can transfer a maximum of 90 credit hours and opt for a half or full workload.

Virginia International University

Tuition Cost: $6,911year

Virginia International University is a private, non-profit school that was founded in 1998 and is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).
The online education program of VIU offers 2 bachelors: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Each degree requires 120 credit hours of courses. The lessons can be taken 100% online without obligation on campus.


Online schools in Virginia offer many career development opportunities. The fully online study at its own pace offers working students the time flexibility to keep work and studies in balance.

With the help of the current developments in communication technology, online masters are opening the way to new business opportunities by building student networks with common goals.
Online studies offer lower tuition fees, while they maintain the quality of the content and the involvement of the teachers as campus master’s programs.

You can also use the scholarships for US students by clicking on the link.


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