List of Paid Civil Engineering Internships for International Students 2022

One major challenge that most civil engineering graduates face today is the inability to handle fieldwork as a fresher simply because they don’t really have first-hand experience. This is where internships can be of help. Choosing from the list of Paid Civil Engineering Internships for International Students in this post, you can scale through this challenge.

Civil Engineering Internships programs can help you get that experience that can help you do well in your first job even though you have never worked before. I can say that it gives civil engineering inexperienced students the advantage of getting work experience related to their future careers.  

More so, it can provide you with valuable industry connections and a chance to try out the different areas of civil engineering work.

I tell you are lots and more going for either unpaid or paid Civil Engineering Internships program can put on the career table that can help make you become exceptional.

Having said that, I will advise you to carefully read this post because in this post I have put down information about civil engineering internships, a comprehensive List of Paid Civil Engineering Internships for International Students, and a lot more.

The table of contents below will help you get an overview of all that this post, so do well to navigate through.

What are Internships?

Internships can mean those career-based learning experiences that expose someone to the real-world work environment and standard workplace expectations.

Wikipedia said….

“An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. It is used for a wide range of placements in businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies”.

Basically, students that go for internships are students that want to get skills and experience in the field they want to build a career on.

Internships can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months. They can be paid, partially paid, or unpaid internships depending on the providers. However, before you start an internship, it’s important to know your rights regarding getting paid.

Moreso, there are different internships programs that are based on the profession. Like architectural, medical, engineering, law, and accounting internships. You choose the program you want to be based on the profession you want to build.

This leads us to the question, What is an Intern and how can he make choice?

Who is an Intern?

An intern is called a trainee. He or she is someone who has signed on with an organization for a brief period. The major goal of an intern is to gain work experience, occasionally some university credit, and always an overall feel for the industry they’re interning in. 

Like I said earlier, an intern chooses an internship program based on the profession he wants to build a career in. That means if you are a medical student, you can go for medical internships, if you are an engineering student in any field, you go for an internship program in that particular field.

It will be a waste of resources if you go for a law internship when you want to build a career as a civil engineer.

Civil Engineering Internships

Just like there are several professional internship programs, civil engineering also has internship programs.

What then is civil engineering internship?

A civil engineering internship can be a short- or long-term work experience offered by civil engineering organizations to civil engineering students who want to get experience in the field.

During the period, the engineers known as interns spend their time working on relevant projects, learning about the field, making industry connections, and developing both hard and soft skills. Internships sometimes even lead to full-time job offers.

Some of the interns in civil engineering fieldwork during a summer break or during the academic year.

Civil engineering interns help in performing some engineering tasks. They also gain valuable experience and knowledge that can assist them in their education and prepare them for employment.

However, many engineering companies use the Internet as a testing ground and seek to hire world-class employees once students have obtained the required degrees and certifications.

What does a Civil Engineering Intern Do?

The role of civil engineering interns or what they do depends solely on the organization that employs them, but majorly their core role has always been to assist the organization’s engineers to achieve their goals.

In some cases, they are allowed to use computer-aided design (CAD) software to model various aspects of the project.

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Aside from the above-mentioned functions, other of their functions include;

  • Assist in entering, cleaning, updating, and maintaining data and associated databases.
  • Draft designs according to specifications.
  • Maintain and update records about suppliers, materials, customers, and others.
  • Produce calculations and make suggestions to improve designs.
  • Review and comment upon designs, materials, and other documentation.

One thing about civil engineering interns is that their works are been reviewed by civil engineers on the team, and feedback and adjustments are made as the project moves forward.

Why Should a Student go for Civil Engineering Internships?

The engineering field especially the civil engineering field is one competitive field that if you are no good or have in-depth knowledge, advanced skills, and experience, you might not survive in the field.

And this is the basic reason civil engineering internships are very relevant and essential. Aside from that going for Civil Engineering Internships will help you gain hands-on civil engineering experience.

Also, it will provide you with the opportunity to work directly with other engineers and professionals in a team environment and see how the organization’s staffs work together as a team to deliver success.

In addition, becoming a civil engineering intern will help you decide on whether to pursue a graduate program in a specific field of study.

Furthermore, with an internship program, you can explore job opportunities with many civil engineering companies.

How Long will it take you to complete Civil engineering Internships?

The Time Frame for civil engineering Internships depends largely on the company. As a civil engineering intern, you can work for a period of three to six months. 

On the other hand, you can go for a part-time internship working which can take you a few days or hours per week.

Some internships can take place at any time of the year—including over the summer—and during the regular quarter, trimester, or semester. 

What are the different Types of Civil Engineering Internships?

Talking about civil engineering Internships, they are different types of them. It exists in a wide variety of industries and settings.

A civil engineering internship can be either paid, unpaid, or partially paid, part-time or full-time. Let’s take a brief look at them one after the other;

Civil engineering paid internships are more common today. The aim of these internships is to expand an intern’s knowledge both in their school studies and also at the company.

Here as an intern, you will be expected to bring your ideas and knowledge from school into the company.

Unpaid internships in the civil engineering field are typically through non-profit charities and think tanks which often have unpaid or volunteer positions.

In this type of internship, students are paid in the form of a stipend. Usually, interns that are paid with stipends are paid on a set schedule associated with the organization.

In these types of internships, the student or intern works remotely and is not physically present at the job location.

Here, the intern gets the opportunity to gain job experience without the conventional requirement of being physically present in an office.

Note, the internship is conducted via virtual means, such as phone, email, and web communication.

How can an Intern Apply for Civil Engineering Internships?

In applying for any civil engineering internships, you must be very careful and follow the least instruction to the latter. You might miss the opportunity if you are not careful because the application process for a civil engineering or any other engineering internship can be rigorous and detailed.

If you really want to apply for any internships, I will advise you to start looking out for one on time. Talking about the criteria and requirements, it will depend largely on the organization.

Some organizations will ask you to complete an online application, while others will recruit in the same way as they would appoint someone for a permanent job.

Also, some organizations may expect you to take an assessment center, complete a psychometric test, or participate in an interview. Others will decide based on a CV and cover letter.

Note, there are two basic ways that you can apply for a civil engineering internship. Either you go through advertisements, or you can send out speculative applications to companies of interest.

List of Paid civil engineering internships for International Students

  • Civil Engineer 1 – Sewer
  • Civil Engineer VI (SR-28)
  • Transportation Engineer 1 
  • GE Renewable Energy Engineering Internship (EID, EEDP) – Summer 2022
  • CEMEX Intern
  • Civil Engineer
  • Undergraduate Internship/Co-op Program – Information and Data Management Officer
  • Civil Engineer, Land Development (2+ Years) | Charlotte
  • Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern
  • Microbial Corrosion and 2D Materials

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#1. Civil Engineer 1 – Sewer

Salary: $36.89 – $46.49 an hour

Providers: Pierce County Washington

This type of internship is can give you the opportunity as a civil engineering student to join a stellar team that works on sewer system improvement and preservation projects from conception through design and construction management.

Basically, this internship program will help you on how to create a top-notch design and

This is a great entry-level engineering position. Engineering students in their last quarter/semester of education prior to receiving their bachelor’s degree will be considered. Internships paid and unpaid will be considered as experience.

This position provides the opportunity to join a stellar team of project engineers that work on sewer system improvement and preservation projects from conception through design and creative engineering solutions in a variety of areas of the Sewer Division’s sanitary sewer system.

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To qualify, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Registered as an Engineer-In-Training, or have four years of progressively responsible broad-based civil engineering experience.

#2. Civil Engineer VI (SR-28)

Salary: $90,360 a year –  Full-time, Part-time

Providers: County of Kauai

This is another internship in our list of Paid civil engineering internships for International Students.

The aim of this internship is to Provide administrative, technical and responsible professional engineering direction over a variety of complex engineering programs.

You will be able to work as a team with some major engineering division in supervising the preparation of designs, plans, specifications, estimates, and reports; and performs other related duties as required.

To qualify for this internship program, you must have 4 years of professional civil engineering work experience may be substituted for the education requirement.

Also, either you have an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering or a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited college or university.

#3. Transportation Engineer 1 

Location: New Haven, CT

Salary: $73,423 – $90,297 a year

Providers: State of Connecticut – Department of Transportation

Are you a civil engineering student and you want to build a team of professional engineers even as a student? Then consider applying for this paid internship.

This is one of the Civil Engineering Internships for International Students that can help you connect to construction professionals. Working with these professionals can help shape your career.

Actually, it’s a full-time job that you will give at least 40 hours per week and are in the P-4 (Engineering and Scientific) bargaining unit.

There are lots of packages that come with this internship job. First, you will have a competitive starting salary and excellent State benefits like health/dental insurance, generous paid time off, retirement plan, alternate work schedule options, and a multitude of other benefits.

To be eligible for this internship application, you must have a Land Surveyor (LS) licensure or Professional Engineer (PE) licensure, Land Surveyor-In-Training (LSIT) licensure or Engineer-In-Training (EIT) licensure.

Moreso, you must have at least Level III certification.

#4.GE Renewable Energy Engineering Internship (EID, EEDP) – Summer

Location: GE Renewable Energy Greenville, SC 29607

Salary: $36.89 – $46.49 an hour

Provider: GE Renewable Energy

This is also one of the paid civil engineering internships provided as a pipeline for GE Renewable Energy’s Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP).

This is a 2-year rotational program designed for engineers who are technology-driven. As an engineer, this program can help you to accelerate your professional development through intense technical training and a variety of business-critical assignments.

I tell you, if you love technology, sustainability, and want a career in engineering, GE Renewable Energy Engineering Internship is just right for you! 

To enroll for this internship program you must be enrolled in any of the ABET-accredited university full-time undergraduate or graduate programs in engineering.

Also, you must be interested in building a career in civil engineering or any engineering field. Then you must have a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0/4.0 overall.

#5. CEMEX Intern

Location; Miami, FL

Salary: $36,000 – $52,000 a year

Providers: CEMEX

This is a 10-week Summer internship that combines on-the-job training with structured learning opportunities.

Here as an intern, you will be opportune to join the project team is working on projects which are designed to provide valuable, firsthand experience in the construction industry and excellent opportunities for networking and professional growth.

The packages which serve as benefits that come with these internships include Health Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Vision Insurance, Retirement Plan, and Dental Insurance.

To qualify for this civil engineering paid internship, you must have advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel. Then have a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering or any engineering field, be able to read, comprehend, and analyze Collective Bargaining Agreements.

In addition, you must have skills like analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills including Strong attention to detail.

#6. Undergraduate Internship/Co-op Program – Information and Data Management Officer


Salary: $20.75 – $26.43 an hour

Providers: Central Intelligence Agency

As an Information and Data Management Undergraduate Intern for the CIA, you will work side-by-side with other Information and Data Management officers and mission partners to focus on the management of data, information, and knowledge across all Agency equities.

You will gain experience working in business areas covering every aspect of the information life cycle, including classification, cataloging, storing, maintaining records and information assets, declassification review, public release, privacy, and civil liberties protections, and archiving.

Information and Data Management work is the backbone of mission-critical information delivery throughout the CIA.

#7. Civial Engineer

Location: Laughlin AFB, TX

Salary: $35,000 – $83,000 a year

Providers: US Department of the Air Force

This is also one of the paid civil engineering internships for International Students who are passionate about building a career in civil engineering.

However, enrolling in this program will provide you with the skills and abilities sufficient to perform progressively more responsible work in the occupation.

Therefore, the creditable experience should have shown similarly appropriate skills or abilities needed to perform the work of the occupation.

To qualify for this internship program, you must have completed a 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree.

15 Types of Internships for International Students (Detailed Guide)

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#8. Civil Engineer, Land Development (2+ Years) | Charlotte

Location: Charlotte, NC

Salary: $65,000 – $88,000 a year

Providers: LandDesign Inc

Hiring passionate people. Fostering good relationships. Dedication to great work. These are just three of the values that have carried us over the past 40+ years and will continue to carry us into the future.

To apply for this internship program you must have completed an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or a related field, be good in communication, have an in-depth understanding of grading, drainage, water, and sewer design.

Also, you will be more advantageous when you have 2+ years of related internship and/or job experience and are competent in using AutoCAD Civil 3D.

This internship comes with a lot of packages that serve as an enormous benefit. Some benefits include a 401K retirement program and paid holidays, health, life, dental, vision, and disability insurances.

#9. Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern

Asides from the requirements of interning at Flatiron Construction Calgray, Canada, which include beginner knowledge of CAD applications and an undergraduate of civil engineering, there are many interesting benefits to this offer. They include,

  • Comprehensive compensation package and paid time off program
  • Industry-leading 401(k)/RRSP
  • Medical/Extended Health Care, Dental, Vison and/or Provincial Medical
  • Wellness benefits & Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to apply your academic training and skills in a real-world setting on some of the most exciting and technically challenging construction projects in North America.

#10. Microbial Corrosion and 2D Materials

Location: South Dakota

Salary: $65,000 – $88,000 a year

Providers: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Are you good in handling microbiologically influenced corrosion experiments, DC and AC electrochemistry tests, and 2D material synthesis? This internship is for you.

This internship is provided by South Dakota School of Mines & Technology with the aim of getting Research Scientists II.

However, this civil engineering internship deals with exploring the molecular basis of the response of biofilms of sulfate-reducing bacteria to precisely engineered 2D coatings by applying omics tools.

As a researcher, you will provide expert guidance to the juniors. And collaborate with peers in the team, and contribute to journal publications and grant proposals.

To be eligible for this internship you must have Spectroscopy, a Doctoral Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering.

Interestingly, apart from the salary, there are other benefits this internship comes with which I know that you will love. Some of the benefits include; Health, Life, Dental, Vision Insurances, and Retirement plans.



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