PearlVille Secondary School: Admissions, Academics, Tuition

If you plan to enroll your child in the best private secondary school in Imo State, Nigeria, then Pearville Secondary School is the answer. This is because the school offers great opportunities to its students in preparation for College/University.

Here is a little overview of Pearville Secondary School.

PearVille Secondary School is one of the best co-educational institutions in Imo State, Nigeria established in 2012.

The school size is about 31 acres and consists of Grades 7-12 ( JSS 1- SSS 3), each with a maximum class size of 12-16.

In addition, the school has the following facilities; Academic Block, Administration Block, Library, IT/Media center, Auditorium, Hostels, Dining Hall, Football Pitch (FIFA sized), Volleyball court, Track & Race field.  

That’s not all, the school has the following upcoming facilities; Swimming Pool, Chapel, Detached Apartment Blocks for Staff, School Tower, and Service Block.

All of these are strategically put in place to give your child the best secondary school experience. Little wonder why it’s one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria.

There’s a lot you’ll get to know about PearlVille Secondary School as you read through this article.

The table of contents below will guide you.

Why PearlVille Secondary School?

PearVille Secondary School is a private-owned secondary school founded in 2012 in South-Eastern Nigeria, Imo State.

Its campus is in an urban setting with a total enrollment of about 1000 students. The school includes grades 7-12 and operates a boarding program.

PearVille Secondary School offers its students the best of contemporary school education that is according to International standards. Hence, it is open to both indigeneous and international students.

The school focuses on developing its students for University life. Thus, it offers a close-knit educational community where children are admitted, treated with love, and nurtured into young men and women of intellect.

Also, it offers a conducive learning and living environment for its students. The classes are air-conditioned and well-equipped to make learning seamless.

In addition, PearVIlle School challenges its students to develop their particular analytic and creative capabilities by inspiring their academic and moral curiosity and kindling their passion for discovery.  

PearVille School has a long-established history of academic excellence since its inception in 2014. Hence, all of its students pass the WAEC, Junior School Certificate Examination, SAT, NECO, and IGCSE.

One hundred percent of PearVille School graduates are accepted by universities every year. So you can be assured that your child is getting the best of secondary education in one of the best private schools in Nigeria.

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PearlVille Secondary School Awards

After a long and tough process, PearlVille Secondary School won the 2019 President’s Teachers’ and Schools’  Excellence Award for the Best Private Secondary School in Nigeria.

PearlVille Secondary School Accreditation

PearlVille Secondary School is duly recognized locally with approval to operate as an educational establishment in Nigeria, by both the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Imo State Ministry of Education.

In addition, PearlVille Secondary School is also a member of the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AIPEN) and the Nigerian International Schools Association (NISA). 

These educational bodies are very important, as they meet regularly to ensure and maintain high standards of learning.

Pearlville School Boarding Program

Pearlville School offers full boarding for all students. The school has modified its boarding program such that the students don’t just see it as hostels, but as second homes.

The hostels are the students space outside of their homes where they live independently.

The boarding program gives the students the opportunity to:

  • Socially interact
  • Solve problems
  • Learn from one another outside the classroom

All rooms in the hostel have their individual convenience, closets, and shelves.  Each hostel has a student lounge for socializing, equipped with couches, TV, recreational equipment, and a music system.

The dining program is just perfect. The school provides well-balanced meals in a comfortable atmosphere for its students.

Even better, intermediate healthy fruits and snacks are provided in-between meals.

The individual hostels are supervised by live-in staff members called the house parents. These house parents live in residence and are available to support the social and emotional well-being of the students at any time of day.

Additionally, parents are always able to reach a member of the staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Student sign-ins and sign-outs are done at 7:00 a.m and 9:00 p.m every day.  By 9:30 p.m, all rooms are checked and all students are signed off for the night in their rooms.

Students are expected to keep their rooms regularly clean and safe.  Rooms are inspected three times a week and appropriate disciplinary action is taken against students whose rooms consistently fail the inspection criteria.

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Highlights of Pearville School You Should Know

  • Campus Size: 31 Acres 
  • Graduation Exams: SAT, NECO, WAEC, IGCSE 
  • Academic Year: September to July 
  • Requirements for Graduation: 2.50 GPA (C-average)
  • School Mascot: Panther 
  • School Colours: Blue & Gray 
  • Extracurricular: Literary and Debate Club, Band and Music Club, JETS Club, Art Club, Press Club,  Young Farmers Club, Interact Club, Drama Club.
  • Sports: Soccer, Track, and Field, Basketball, Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton.

PearlVille Secondary School Student Community

PearlVille Secondary School is a collaborative community of teachers and students committed to educating, empowering, and preparing students for university life.

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As a student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, clubs, athletics, and professional organizations.

Whether your hobbies include outdoor recreation, the arts, history, or culture, you won’t be lacking for places to explore.

Clubs at PearlVille School are student-directed organizations, sponsored by the faculty, that have been established to explore shared interests.

Also, the schools’ health center is managed by the school nurse and a visiting doctor. The Centre provides a range of support and services including assessing illnesses, injuries, and psychological issues, providing care during illnesses, and coordinating with outside healthcare professionals. 

Additionally, the school offers counseling to its students to help them make choices for their future. The Guidance Counsellor ensures that students are properly matched to their courses of potential, ability, and interest as well as universities of choice. 

So, you can be rest assured that your child is receiving the best of education and treatment.

Pearlville Secondary School Address

Pearlville Secondary School is located at #1 Pearlville Avenue, Avu-Owerri West, Imo, Nigeria 460106.

Phone: +234-814-663-8468

Pearlville Secondary School Academics

Pearlville Secondary School offers high quality, comprehensive education for students from grade 7-12.

They offer academic programs,  facilities and robust curricula that provide an unmatched educational experience that is tailored to your child’s fields of interest.

Below is the Academic schedule for students at Pearlville Secondary School.

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Below are the course offered by students at Pearlville Secondary School based on their classes.

#1. Grades 7-9 (JSS 1-3)

Core Subjects: Maths, English Language & Literature, Integrated Science, Social studies.

Foundation Subjects: Igbo, French, Music, Art, Health/Physical Education, Home Economics, Computer Studies, Religious studies, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Civic Education

Trade Subjects: Entrepreneurship Education and  Security Education

#2. Grades 10-12 ( SSS 1- SSS 3)

All courses offered;

  • Math
  • English & Literature,
  • Civic Education,
  • Government,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Further Maths
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Information Technology
  • Economics
  • French
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Agricultural Studies.


Pearlville Secondary School uses both the American National Common Core Standards and Nigerian National Curriculum for instructional delivery and assessment.

The curriculum is standards-based, university-preparatory and focuses on Mathematics, English & Literature, Integrated Science, Social Studies & Civic Education, Computer Studies, French, Art, Music, Home Economics, Agricultural Studies, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Security Education, Igbo,  Christian Religious Studies for grade 7 through grade 8.

Additionally, for grades 9 through grade 12, the curriculum concentrates on Integrated Math; Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics; History; Geography, Social Sciences; Languages; The Arts (visual and performing arts, music) and Information Technology.

Conversely, some parts of the curriculum are modified to suit the needs of students within the school locality.  

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Students can choose to sit for the IGCSE/NECO/SSCE/WAEC and other accredited exams of choice. While the American SAT exam will be taken in grade 12. 

Generally, the versatile tests enable students to continue higher education in any part of the world of interest.

What is the Cost of Tuition at Pearlville Secondary School?

Tuition fees at Pearlville Secondary School vary from grade to grade. Understanding the fees throughout every age group will help you manage your finances long-term.

Regardless, the exact school fees at Pearlville Secondary School is unknown, however, we estimate that the fees would cost about N300,000 – N500, 000 per term.

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Pearlville Secondary School Admission

Pearlville Secondary School’s admission process is pretty simple and straightforward. Hence, to be considered for admission, follow the admission process below.

1. Application Form

Application forms are N10,000. To obtain application forms, pay into Pearlville School account in Zenith Bank (1013600162). 

Or you can choose any of the options:

  • Present payment teller at the exam venue and collect the application form.
  • Download forms from the school’s official website, fill and send them with a payment teller to
  • Print the form from the website, fill and bring it with the teller on the exam day.
  • Pay and obtain the form at the form collection centers.
  • Buy the form on the exam day, fill it and sit for the exam.

Click the button below to see the examination dates.

2. Written assessment (March-April) 

After you have obtained the application form, you’d be required to write an exam.

3. Oral interview (March-April)

The next stage of admission is the oral interview.  

4. Offer of admission (April ) 

Students who passed the screening exercise will be given an offer of admission.

5. Acceptance of admission (May 1) 

Students who received their admission offers are required to accept the admission on or before May 1.

6. School resumes (September) ​ 

Admission Requirements

Below are the document required to complete your child’s admission process.

  • Completed Application Form with a non-refundable deposit fee of N10,000 
  • Completed written test and oral interview 
  • Copy of Birth certificate or International passport 
  • Last report card 
  • Transfer/Leaving Certificate from the previous school 
  • Completed Pearlville School Medical form
  • Completed Physical exam/medical fitness form from a Doctor
  • Copy of Immunization record
  • Emergency contact form

Admission Deadline

Families seeking admission for the 2022 school year should apply before the deadline of April 30.

For more information, visit the school’s official website by clicking the button below.


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