Pharmacy Technician 6-month Program with Certificates in 2022

It takes at least 4 years to become a Pharmacist. But, in as little as 6 months, you can become a Pharmacy Technician and kickstart that career.

That’s way easier if you’d ask.

If you wish to become a Pharmacist one day, starting up as a pharmacy technician is not a bad idea. Or, if helping the sick feel better is your dream, then, you should enroll in a Pharmacy technician program.

Interestingly, there are Pharmacy Technician 6 Month programs for you to explore.

This simply means if you enroll now, in six months, you will become certified start earning as a pharmacy technician.

Basically, you will work under the supervision of a Pharmacist to prescribe medicines to patients, whether on prescription or over the counter. You will also assemble medicines for prescriptions and provide information to patients and other healthcare professionals.

With this, when you are ready to study Pharmacy properly, it will be an esy beit.

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Who is a Certified Pharmacy Technician?

A certified pharmacy technician is a licensed health care worker. Such an individual performs critical roles in any retail pharmacy or drug store.

Majorly, a pharmacy technician performs pharmacy-related functions under the close supervision of a licensed Pharmacist. First, in a drug store, a pharmacy technician fills prescriptions that customers bring in from doctors.

Also, the instruct customers on how to use each prescription or medical device. recently, a pharmacy tech can now review a doctor’s prescription after speaking to the patient. in addition, pharmacy tech may combine these roles with the administration. This simply means he/she can take calls from customers and enter their complaints.

They will also make efforts to answer correctly all customers questions regarding drugs bought from their drug store. Hence, he /she must be educated enough to avoid giving wrong information.

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Why Should I start a Pharmacy Technician Program?

There are quite a number f reasons why you should start a Pharmacy Technician Program. But, the most important of them all is you must start one to become a certified pharmacy tech.

If you nurse the idea of becoming a pharmacy technician, then you should start a a pharmacy tech program immediately.

This is practically because you must complete a program to stand get a licence to practice in any pharmacy or drug store. However, other reasons why you should start a pharmacy tech program include:

  1. A strong Job Market: In the coming years, the pharmacy tech market is expected to grow by 12%. that is a tremendous increase and starting a program now positions you to benefit from this opportunity.
  2. Variety Of Job Opportunities: If you start and complete a program for pharmacy technician, you will have a variety of job options to choose from. You can work in a hospital, nursing home compounding pharmacies and even retail drug stores.
  3. You get to help people: The driving motion behind becoming a pharmacy technician is usually to help the sick get better. If this is your heart desire, then you should start a pharmacy technician program immediately.
  4. Advancement options; If you start a program for pharmacy techs and eventually become one, there are plenty of advanced options for you in the future. You may decide to further and become a pharmacist or even enroll in a medical school later on and become a physician
  5. Certification is Flexible: You can become one with at least a six months program. However, to grow in the field you may need some certifications. you should start a program now because these certifications are easy to get and quite flexible.

How long Is Pharmacy Technician Program?

How long you spend acquiring a pharmacy tech certificate depends on where you decide to enroll. Aspiring pharmacy techs can complete a one-year diploma or certification program at a pharmacy technician school or a two-year associate degree program.

However,  Pharmacy technicians are sometimes trained on-the-job, and this job experience can also be used to obtain certification under certain circumstances.

Also, there are pharmacy tech programs available for just six months. So, you may either take on the job training which may take a longer time or enroll for an associate degree.

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What Does a Pharmacy Technician Program Teach?

Generally, pharmacy technician programs teach you how to become a pharmacy technician. Many vocational schools offer pharmacy tech programs that are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ASHP. 

Well, depending on the type of program, you will be taught courses that cover the nitty gritty of pharmacy, which includes pharmacy operation and protocol, drug dispensation ethical standards.

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Hence, a typical Pharmacy tech program will teach you the following:

  • Pharmacy law
  • Pharmacy ethics
  • Healthcare systems
  • medical terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations

What is the Requirement For pharmacy Technician Program?

While there are strict requirements for a pharmacy degree, pharmacy technician programs require less. All you need to enroll for a pharmacy technician program is a high school diploma, passion and determination to become a pharmacy tech.

Within a few months or at least a year, you complete the program to land yourself a job. However, not that the requirement for a pharmacy technician program varies depending on the school you are applying to.

If you are going for a diploma program, there may be fewer requirements than if you are enrolling for an associate degree.

It is important to confirm from the vocational school or body their exact GPA requirements before applying as this differs from college to college.

What Equipment Do I need for Pharmacy Technician Program?

Pharmacy Techs are pharmaceutical experts who control and maintain the drugs in the pharmacy, and also act as customer service representatives for anyone who has questions.

So, if you wish to enroll in a program for pharmacy techs, it is important you bear in mind that you will need some equipment. While most of them are found in the training lab, you must, however, be conversant with them before you can be certified as a pharmacy technician. Some of the equipment are:

  1. Lab balances
  2. Lab blenders and emulsifiers
  3. Automatic bottle filling machines
  4. Computer-based dispensing equipment

How much does a Pharmacy Technician Program cost?

Pharmacy technician programs can range from $3,000 to $11,000. A number of factors affect the cost, such as: Whether you are paying tuition fees in Germany or abroad and how long it will take to complete the program.

Most pharmacy technician certification programs cost between $500 and $5,000. Associate degrees priced at $10,000-25,000 are also available locally. However, unless you have any plans to become a pharmacist, an associate degree is likely not required.

How much can I earn as a certified Pharmacy Technician?

Earning an associate degree in pharmacy technician or a certificate in pharmacy technician can qualify you for a job as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians in the US earn an average annual salary of $32,700. In some states and metropolitan areas, pharmacy technicians can make $40,000 or more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow 7% from 2018 to 2023 – faster than the growth rate of the average employee.

Are There Pharmacy Technician 6 Months Program?

Earlier, we established a fact that you may decide to earn a diploma or an associate degree to become a pharmacy technician. While an associate degree may last for at least 2 years, diplomas may be completed within a year.

Hence, there are pharmacy tech 6 months programs for you. Some of them will be listed below. However, most of them will either be diplomas or on the job training available in big pharmacies, or drug stores across the country.

By six months program, you should be able to begin a pharmacy tech program and complete your course work to the satisfaction of the examination council. Only on this premise, will you qualify as a pharmacy technician.

Below are some 6 months Pharmacy Tech Programs:

#1. AshWorth College Online Pharmacy Tech Program

Ashworth College offers an online pharmacy tech program for students who intend to become pharmacy technicians. It is an online flexible and affordable diploma. It focuses on the real-world skills demanded by pharmacy employers and includes an externship opportunity with our partners Walgreens and CVS/Pharmacy.

This simply means upon completion, you may seek an externship to get an associate degree which qualifies you for some certifications in the industry. The program prepares you for one or the following certifications: The National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA’s) ExCPT Pharmacy Technician certification exam and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB’s) Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

It will cost you about $600 dollars if you pay at once to get a pharmacy tech certificate from Ashworth. However, a monthly payment of $40 is available for students who can afford the full tuition at once. but you will pay a total of $1, 009.

#2. MIPB Pharmacy Tech Program

The Medical Institute of Palm Beach offers a pharmacy tech program for a period of six months. It is an affordable diploma with the sole objective to churn out graduates that possess the skills and hands-on experience needed to become entry-level Pharmacy Technicians. They will learn to dispense and provide pharmacy support to pharmacists and clients in:

  • Pharmacies and drug stores
  • Hospitals; state, local, and private
  • General merchandise stores
  • Food and beverage stores + more
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It offers a class of just fifteen people. This allows students to learn at a faster rate and be able to compare with their mates across the globe. The 6-month pharmacy technician program cost at MIPB costs about $8,900.00.

#3. New York City College of technology Pharmacy Tech program

New York City Tech offers a 6 months pharmacy technician program that comes with a lot of benefits. It is basically an online class with numerous benefits like:

  • Convenient once a week class meeting
  • Online lessons mean you can learn from the comfort of home
  • Free tutoring, resume preparation and interview skill coaching
  • Externship opportunities available for real job experience in the community and in hospital settings
  • Extensive employer network and help with job placement
  • Career guidance after completion of the course

This program costs a total of $995 with a registration cost of $20. To enroll for classes immediately, click the button below.

#4. Manhattan Institute Pharmacy Technician Program

The institute posits that its pharmacy tech program is for organized and meticulous students. In fact, they opine that with their 6 weeks pharmacy technician program which is less than 6 months, students are sure of enjoying all the benefits that accrue to those with a certificate in pharmacy technician.

With a diploma in hand from our Manhattan pharmacy technician schools, you will feel confident working in retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies or any pharmacy within a medical facility.

Once you send in a request form through the link below, you will get a mail containing your tuition fee.

#5. Molly College Pharmacy Technician Program

Molloy College, Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development offers a pharmacy technician program. It is basically a 160-hour program and is made up of 80 hours of theory and 80 hours of externship at an institution and at a local retail community pharmacy.

The ability to integrate theory into real situations within the pharmacy setting will take place during the externship. The program is offered at both our Rockville Centre and Suffolk Center campuses.

Students can schedule the externship after successful completion of the classroom component. The externship session is 80 hours total, completed in eight (8) hours per day for a total of ten (10) days. The program’s Clinical Coordinator will arrange the 80 hour externship (40 hours retail / 40 hours institution) with the student.

The program prepares you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). And, only students who have a high school diploma can apply. Generally, this program costs $1,800.

#6. Columbus State Community College Pharm tech Program

The Pharmacy Technician Program is an entry-level certification program that prepares students for knowledge as well as skills necessary for a career as a pharmacy technician.

The program is a diploma course completed under 26 to 32 weeks of instruction for full-time students, which are taught over a period of 2 semesters. Above all, the program is divided into didactic, simulated and experimental components.

Including an external internship period of 140 hours required for ASHP accreditation.

 #7. Cleveland Clinic’s School of Pharmacy Technology

This is one of the only accredited hospital-based technician schools in the country. It is actually paving way for new technician leaders.

Cleveland Clinic’s School of Pharmacy Technology has been designed to accomplish what no other pharmacy technician program has done before: Combining both didactic pieces of training with real, hands-on training – from day one.

Basically, the Cleveland Clinic shows its trust in the number of students they churn out as graduates yearly. They posit that graduates of Cleveland Clinic’s School of Pharmacy Technology are well prepared to meet the needs of expanding pharmacy practice.

Hence, students graduating from the Cleveland Clinic School of Pharmacy Technology may be considered for employment within the Cleveland Clinic Health System.

Cleveland Clinic’s School of Pharmacy Technology is currently accepting applications for online classes. Interested candidates must submit applications at least 60 days prior to the scheduled program start date.

So, to begin classess soonest, click the button below now.

#8. Pima Medical Institute Pharmacy Tech program

With accredited institutions in the western part of the United States, PMI offers a full program of pharmacy technicians to students from Arizona, California, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado.

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At 840 credit hours, plus a clinical internship, students will be ready to write the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (CPhT) of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

To earn complete a pharmacy technician program at Pima medical institute cost about  $16,679 or less. This depends on the campus you choose to attend. To Enroll immediately, click the button below.

#9. Lehman College Pharm Tech Program

Lehman College offers a comprehensive 50-hour program that prepares students to work as a pharmacy technician in a retail or another pharmacy setting. The course also prepares you for your CPhT certification.

The less than 6 months pharm tech program prepares students to enter the pharmacy field and to pursue certification including the preparation to take CPhT certification from PTCB and NHA.

There is also an on the job training which is quite practical. Hence, technicians work in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, community pharmacies, and other health care settings – working under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.

In a nutshell, Lehman College offers 50 hrs. + 80 hrs of clinical externship that allows students to cover the following areas for just $1,274.00.

  • Dosage calculations
  • Drug classifications
  • The “top 200 drugs”
  • Sterile compounding
  • Dose conversions
  • Aseptic technique
  • The handling of sterile products
  • Total parental nutrition (TPN)
  • Dispensing of prescriptions
  • Inventory control and billing and reimbursement.

#10. Cerritos College Pharmacy Technician Program

Pharmacy technicians are crucial to keeping a pharmacy running smoothly, and their role is evolving due to the rapidly growing healthcare industry.

As the duties of a pharmacist expand—taking a more active role with patient consultations and offering flu shots in some pharmacies—pharmacy technicians are also taking on more responsibilities.

Hence, careersteps online school offers the knowledge you need to be a good pharmacy technician. This is an excellent start for further training required for a variety of other healthcare careers.

It is accredited by ASHP/ACPE. Hence, it prepares you to excel in the PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) exam.

In partnerships with Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies, the Careerstep offers the chance for learners to gain experience in pharmacy tech. This, in turn, makes them more employable.

The program costs about $2,999. To take this online program, click the button below.


This article on 6 months pharmacy tech programs is basically, written to enable you to begin a career. However, you must have the passion and desire to help people get well by working in a pharmacy.

The most interesting part of this profession is that you will be working in close contact with a licensed pharmacist. That is probably enough daily motivation to pursue your dreams. Programs in the article help you make money as an aid to a pharmacist without a degree.

It is really good if you stop procrastinating, choose any of these programs and begin classes immediately.

The good news is that within 6 months, you can start earning money while doing what you are passionate about. Fortunately, most of them are online courses, hence, you can get a certificate from the comfort of your home.

Start earning now, choose a program as soon as possible.

Pharmacy Tech Program FAQS

What Does a Pharmacy technician do?

The general job responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician include counting and measuring doses of prescribed medications, packaging and labeling medications maintaining patient records, and compounding medications.

What can you do with a pharmacy tech certificate?

With a pharmacy tech certificate, you may work in a retail pharmacy, closed-door pharmacy, compound pharmacy or even a hospital pharmacy.

Can you become a pharmacy technician without going to school?

Well, if by school you mean a degree, then yes. you can become a pharmacy technician without going to the university.
However, you must get a diploma certificate or associate degree in line with state training requirements and a license to practice as a pharmacy technician.

What is a Pharmacy technician training program?

These are diploma or associate degree programs that teaches you how to become a pharmacy tech. It prepares you for assessing prescription orders for authenticity, managing inventory, processing insurance, and tracking controlled substances. It also teaches legal and ethical practices as well as pharmaceutical computing

How do you become a certified Pharmacy tech?

To become a pharmacy tech, you should first hold a high school diploma or have earned your GED.
Make full disclosure of all criminal and State Board of Pharmacy registration or licensure actions.
Be compliant with all PTCB certification policies.
Earn a passing score on the certification exam.



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