Plagiarism in SOP Can Lead to Application Rejection

No one under the sun can deny the significance of writing, no matter what his profession is. In the world of business, most communication occurs through writing. Newsletters, emails, flyers, company profiles, copywriting, blogs, Job descriptions, product descriptions, and the like are, in one way or the other, business pieces of writing.

In the internet age, most of the content mentioned above is uploaded daily, and fast and reliable devices identify the copied content called plagiarism checkers in no time. Those who pick content from other online platforms spoil their worth and credibility and can’t stay long-term in business, whether online or offline.

This is why much attention is paid to creating any content, whether it is written for educational or admission purposes or as a guideline for the audience visiting your sites. Academic writers and students are also very conscious when preparing their thesis, assignment, essay, research paper, report, or SOP.

Any percentage in these writing pieces can lead to the rejection of an assignment, report, or application. Plagiarism is a matter of great concern for businessmen and, more importantly, students. How could they eliminate plagiarism if it is recognized in their writing tasks?

Well, students and entrepreneurs must remember that modern technology has several solutions for every problem; plagiarism is no exception. The students can rely on this AI (artificial intelligence) device to check for plagiarism!

In the present article, we will discuss the significance of SOPs in student life, how copying or plagiarism reduces content reliability, and how students can turn their SOP into appealing and inspiring with zero plagiarism and spelling errors.

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What is an SOP?

SOP (Statement of Purpose), as the name indicates, is the outline or synopsis of the purpose of the student for which he wants to enroll in a particular program.

To write an SOP, the students are supposed to follow the format of an essay with certain parts. As hundreds to thousands of students submit SOPs annually for admission purposes, the university authorities compulsorily scan SOPs through a university plagiarism checker to assess the quality, clarity, conciseness, and credibility (regarding plagiarism) of the content.

SOP is the most important thing for the admission process. By choosing a specific academic course, students express their thoughts and the aim they want to achieve. The paragraphs should be written cohesively, focusing on the main purpose. It would be better if you go through the standard SOP format before you pen it down. The students need to write the Statement of Purpose, which is indeed a comprehensive essay, to get admission to foreign universities’ undergraduate or graduate courses.

A well-composed SOP that better reflects the student’s academic background is crucial for admission to the chosen course of study.

Copying Reduces Credibility

To write anything, whether it is an essay, research paper, report, article, blog, or thesis, you need to do keen research; an SOP is no exception. Browsing the relevant content is not an issue but don’t disfigure your name and worth by copy/pasting the required information from samples. Today, every content is passed through a plagiarism checker, revealing its quality in just a few seconds.

There is no issue in browsing the SOP samples to understand the format but remember, the risk of application rejection lies in copying. No two SOPs can be the same, as no two persons can think and write in exactly similar words. However, there may be chances of similar topics and programs.

So, before submitting your application, pass it through a plagiarism checker (, and if there is any plagiarism in the content, you can remove it by citing the source. So you may submit your application confidently and hope for a confirmed call for admission. You can also try this tool to check plagiarism https:/

Get Help from Citation Styles & Format

 Whether you are to write an essay, compose a thesis, or create an SOP, you must be familiar with citation styles and formats. The students can use quotations in SOPs to explain their perspectives. However, the quotations are always enclosed within quotation marks.

In SOPs, using references to highlight the individual point of view is acceptable. In almost all the written assignments (essays, research papers, thesis SOPs, etc.), citing the sources is essential. Generally, quoting someone else’s work to express your idea is offensive. In such a case, seek help from plagiarism-checking tools and turn your SOP essay free of errors.

Significance of SOPs in the Admission Process

After completing their high school education, the students have to logically choose their career path and get admission to graduate courses in some suitable universities. The universities offer multiple courses and usually receive countless admission applications from around the globe. SOP is a crucial source of revealing the applicants’ intentions and determination.

The students should write an SOP in a convincing style and clearly show the authorities their goals and ambitions behind seeking admission to a particular program. Even if the university website doesn’t inform clearly about an SOP requirement with the admission application, it would be sensible to attach a well-written SOP with the admission request. An SOP is helpful for a student in every way. It plays a key role in charting the plan and guiding him to the track!

Things to Remember While Writing an SOP

A well-written, convincing, and quality SOP cannot serve its purpose until it is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Never submit your SOP essay without keen proofreading. An SOP containing spelling or grammatical mistakes considerably lessens the chances of application approval. So, before submitting, ensure that your SOP is error-free!

Write the SOP carefully. Make a draft of key points you intend to include in the SOP. SOP is a good chance to showcase your creativity, but it should only be limited to the written matter instead of colorful images or fonts.

Never copy the SOP content from your senior’s applications, and try to keep the essay simple and consistent with the application. Remember, copying the content shows your lack of confidence. You are the only person who can express your intentions and mission statement more fluently and confidently than anyone else. Convey your struggles and efforts clearly and reveal the reason for joining the selected institute in a creative and personal manner.


After following the instructions mentioned above, you can pen down an inspiring and appealing SOP for confirmed admission to the chosen university. Text matching in the SOP is not surprising. Having composed your SOP, pass it through a reliable plagiarism checker and make sure that your SOP is 100% original, with zero spelling or sentence mistakes.

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