Easy Step by Step Procedures to Get Poland Student VISA

Poland has a tradition of education with its Cracow Academy being one of the oldest in the world established in 1364. The country has maintained its excellent academic standard since then.

Over the years, there have been highly significant improvements in academic standards over a range of courses. In addition, the cost of living and studying in Poland for international students is relatively cheaper in comparison with other European countries.

What is more? Denial of Poland student visa is very rare in comparison with other European countries.

The rare occasion of denial of the visa usually results from incomplete application documents, a mistake in the documents or questionable content of the documents or non-verified documents.

However, this should not be a cause for panic as it is a minor issue and can be resolved by the student reapplying for the visa and being careful not to repeat the same mistake that resulted in the denial of the visa. If the reason for denial is unknown, the applicant can appeal for a revision of the visa application.

However, if a visa is denied due to reasons associated with a security threat, crime records, defense capacity or the state security of Poland, the visa will not be granted no matter the number of reapplications. Hence, applicants are advised to ensure that their records are clear and to review their application documents properly before starting the process.

Now mind-blowing! The Poland student visa (D-type national visa) has been giving the student work permit in Poland since 2015! The Poland student visa holder, without any restrictions, can find any jobs in Poland while studying.


Have you been offered admission into any of the prestigious institutions of higher learning in Poland? Congratulations. What is next? Are you worried about your visa? Get a bottle of cold water as we are here to help you through a step by step process in acquiring your Poland Student Visa.

Available visa for Poland student visa:

  • Schengen visa: with this visa, you can travel all around Europe except the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia.
  • National visa: this visa grants entry into only Poland.

The type of visa for studies in Poland is the D-type national visa. This visa is issued for up to one year and the holder can apply for a temporary residence permit to stay longer than one year. It is necessary for the student to process the temporary residence permit once the student enters Poland to avoid residency permit problems. With this D-type national visa, the holder can enter and leave Poland for an unlimited number of times during the validity of the visa.


Before applying for the visa, there are a couple of documents the applicant would need to keep ready. These application documents are the documents usually required for application of the Poland student visa. However, if there are any additional unusually demanded documents required for special occasions, they would be noted to the applicant at the embassy or visa office.

Below is the list of the documents required for the application of the Poland student visa.

  • Application form for the Poland student visa
  • Valid international passport/travel documents with about two empty pages.
  • Two biometric photos (passport size photos in required color)
  • Health insurance acceptable in European countries
  • Proof of financial stability for the duration of stay in Poland covering both the academic fees and living expenses of the visa applicant.
  • Proof of offer of admission by the university to which the applicant has been accepted.
  • Proof of offer of accommodation upon arrival to Poland.
  • Receipt for payment of acceptance of admission and other fees for the first year of study
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Application form and booking of appointment can be done online and can be found at the official website of ‘Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange’ at www.e-konsulat.gov.pl


Tel: +48 22 826 74 34

Fax: +48 22 826 28 23

Email: biuro@nawa.gov.pl


You can visit the Polish embassy in your country.


  • First, the applicant needs to find a Polish consulate that can process their application. The consulate in Nigeria is at Abuja.
  • The applicant is expected to set a visa appointment with the Polish consulate. (This can be done on the website above or follow the direct link to be automatically redirected: https://secure.e-konsulat.gov.pl. You can also apply by visiting the embassy in your country.)
  • The applicant is expected to prepare and have ready the visa application requirements as listed above. The application form is to be printed online and filled and signed.
  • The applicant is expected to submit all the required documents and the visa fee.
  • The visa application process is complete. The visa application takes about 15 days to be reviewed. So, you might want to start the application for your visa earlier than your school is expected to resume.

Please, kindly note that the documents and the visa fee is to be provided at the embassy or visa office and NOT ONLINE and must be submitted by the visa applicant in person.


At the visa offices, it would take from five to ten working days for the Poland student visa to be ready. However, at the consulate, it would take about 15 days before the application is reviewed before the consideration processes start.

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Application for a visa for other countries not in Europe, there is a stipulated application fee used for reviewing application documents. The value of this application fee for Poland Student Visa is 60 euros and is paid at the visa office upon submission of Poland student visa application.

There is included, a service fee of about 15 to 20 euros paid in the national currency at the visa center for their services.

There could be other minor additional charges, being for policies like that of health insurance, photographs, photocopying of documents, SMS alerts or courier services.


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