PPCC Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living [UPDATED]

If you are interested in Colorado Springs for your college studies and desire an effective and quality education, Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) might be a great choice. It is one of the longstanding and top-notch colleges in the United States.

This writing should explore PPCC Tuition, Scholarships, and Costs Of Living. This might be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the richness of the Colorado Springs community.

About Pikes Peak Community College    

Pikes Peak Community College is a community college in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. It is the largest institution of higher education in the Pikes Peak region.

Her mission is to provide high-quality educational opportunities accessible to all, with a focus on student success and community needs, including occupational programs for youth and adults in career and technical fields, two-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities, and a broad range of personal, career, and technical education for adults.

The college offers more than 150 programs in liberal arts and sciences transfer and career technical education. The college’s 60+60 Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Program guarantees the transfer of the PPCC Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees to any public institution of higher education in Colorado.

Students take two years of study at PPCC, then transfer as a junior to their chosen four-year college or university. In addition to transfer programs, the college offers a broad range of degrees and certificates in Allied Health, High Tech, Business, and Career Tech areas.

Pikes Peak Community College has three full-service campuses, three military satellite locations, and an extensive distance education program.

The Centennial Campus’s largest campus is located in southern Colorado Springs near the Fort Carson Army post. The Downtown Studio Campus is located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs; the Rampart Range Campus is in the city’s north end.

The Pikes Peak Community College is not as young as many people, including undergraduates, think. This particular college was established in 1968 and has evolved through the years, including setting campuses across the United States of America.

PPCC Acceptance Rate

One of the fantastic things about this college is its acceptance rate. Applicants from various parts of the world stand an equal chance of gaining admission into this college without being racially classified.

Considering the number of students admitted each year and comparing the number with the number of applicants, it would show that this college has a 100% acceptance rate, which is rare amongst United States of America colleges.

PPCC Ranking

Based on 65 evaluation criteria, Pikes Peak Community College education program ranks #1,714 Education Schools (out of 2410; top 75%) in the USA and #29 Education Schools in Colorado.

Major competitors for this college are the University of Denver and the University of Colorado Boulder.

PPCC Undergraduate Tuition Costs

Pikes Peak Community College tuition is $3,469 per year for in-state residents. This is 2% cheaper than the national average public two-year tuition of $3,532. The cost is 49% cheaper than the average Colorado tuition of $6,740 for 2-year colleges.

Tuition ranks 4th in Colorado amongst 2-year colleges for affordability and is the 19th most expensive 2-year college in the state. If attending from out-of-state, the tuition is $14,234, representing a 310% premium.

The school charges an additional fee of $257, bringing the total practical in-state tuition to $3,726.

Books and Supplies

The estimated annual cost for books and supplies is $1,800.

Other Living Expenses

Off-campus students should budget for $5,454 in other miscellaneous living expenses.

Total Budget Costs

The total tuition and living expense budget for in-state Colorado residents attending PPCC is $21,312 for the 2023 academic year. Out-of-state students who don’t have Colorado residence can expect a one-year cost of $32,077. Students residing at home with parents providing food and housing should budget a total cost of $10,827.

PPCC Accommodation

Housing Costs

Pikes Peak Community College doesn’t offer on-campus housing. If you’re not living with a family, you must budget for food and housing in the Colorado Springs area just like you would for a college with dorms. The estimated rent and meal expense per academic year for off-campus housing is $10,332.

Pikes Peak College has yet to solve the accommodation problem for its students.

It has been recorded that most students are homeless and have yet to find a place to rest their heads after the day’s study. And the management of the school has put it into consideration and has promised the students to come up with a good plan.

PPCC is building and leading efforts to end housing insecurity in their community. By promoting affordable housing and creating more stable neighborhoods, they will improve the host communities and bring people out of homelessness.

Pursuing a degree at PPCC can be one of the most significant challenges PPCC students undertake. Students who contend with homelessness, or the risk of homelessness, face additional challenges that can make finding success difficult.

PPCC management is committed to fighting housing insecurity by being thought leaders and advocates. Students succeed at PPCC regardless of their housing status.

Housing insecurity can lessen a student’s potential to succeed. PPCC is committed to working to allow its students to reach their full potential. As a steward of their community, it has an obligation to act against housing insecurity.

To serve the students and community, they will partner with local, state, federal, business, and non-profit partners to make community housing secure and affordable.

Apartments Near PPCC  


4380 Loomis Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

0.6 miles from campus

2 BR $900

Click on the link for more information


4008 Westmeadow Drive, Colorado Springs, CO,80906

1.3 miles from campus

1 BR

2 BR

Click on the link for more information


640 Wycliffe Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

1.4 miles from campus

1 BR

2 BR

Click on the link for more information 


420 E. Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

2.1 miles from campus

2 BR $995

Click on the link for more information

Devonshire Square

2770 E Uintah St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80909

5.4 miles from campus

2 BR: $864

3 BR: $1,053

Click on the link for more information 

PPCC Scholarship Programs

There are four types of financial aid: Scholarships are generally based on school grades, needs, or accomplishments in a particular study area. Grants are federal and state programs based on demonstrated financial need.

Loans provide funds while students are attending school but must be repaid. Work-study agreements allow students to work for the College while enrolled. Scholarships and grants do not need to be repaid.

The Student Financial Aid Handbook is available in the Student Services Centers or online at www.ppcc.edu for each program.

Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation for Pikes office/financial aid forms Peak Community College provides scholarship support to many PPCC students each year.

Go to www.ppcc.edu/scholarships/ for more information about available scholarships and how to apply. Questions can be directed to [email protected].


Colorado Student Grants (CSG), Federal Pell Grants (PELL), Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), and Federal Direct Stafford Student Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized)


Federal Direct Parent Loans (PLUS) studentloans.gov allows students and parents to meet federal eligibility requirements to apply for a Stafford loan online.

Employment Opportunities

Federal College Work Colorado Work-Study Employment Study Employment VA Work for Study Employment (See Military & Veterans Programs for more information

PPCC Address

5675 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, USA

how to apply for Pikes Peak Community College scholarship

To apply for scholarships at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), follow these steps:

  1. Complete the admission application: Before applying for scholarships, you must complete the application to PPCC.
  2. Create an account with PPCC’s scholarship portal: Visit PPCC’s scholarship webpage and click the “Apply Now” button to create an account. You must provide basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, and student ID number.
  3. Complete the scholarship application: Once you have created an account, log in and complete the scholarship application. The application will ask you for information about your academic achievements, financial need, and extracurricular activities.
  4. Submit supporting documents: In addition to the scholarship application, you may need to submit supporting documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. Read the application instructions carefully to see which documents are required.
  5. Apply: Once you have completed the scholarship application and submitted all required documents, click the “Submit” button to finalize your application.
  6. Wait for notification: After the application deadline, PPCC’s scholarship committee will review all applications and notify selected candidates of their decision. If selected, you will be asked to provide additional documentation and information.

It’s important to note that the application process and scholarship deadlines at PPCC may vary depending on the scholarship program. Check PPCC’s scholarship webpage for the most up-to-date information, deadlines, and application requirements.


What is Pikes Peak Community College tuition?

Pikes Peak Community College tuition is $3,469 per year for in-state residents.

What is PPCC Address?

PPCC Address is 5675 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, USA

In conclusion

Pikes Peak Community College tuition is an affordable and accessible option for many students seeking higher education. Not only do students benefit from lower tuition prices, but they also have the opportunity to take advantage of resources such as academic counseling and tutoring services provided by PPCC. Additionally, the college is committed to offering financial aid packages that can make tuition even more affordable. With its commitment to providing quality education at a reasonable cost, PPCC is an excellent choice for those seeking higher education.


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